Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 33

Chapter 33: The witch plays ##

Matifa took off her goth loli dress and her appearance changed to just black underwear. The unbalance of the girl wearing a sexy black underwear brings a dangerous charm. An untouched jewel, the immorality stirs up the excitement.

「Look well Seria. This is an adult relationship. You may participate if you like」
「Matifa-sama!? You can’t do that easily!」

Seria tries to stop Matifa in panic. But, she was repelled away in an empty space.

「You can’t, Seria. If you disturb my pleasure I won’t forgive you. In this world, there are some values you don’t know. If you don’t know it then you shouldn’t deny it. Or could it be that you want to say that he’s your man? If so then I’ll draw back obediently」
「You’re wrong!」

Seria denied strongly. I thought she would be acting dere but it seems to be my imagination.

「Then just be quiet. I’ll be showing gratitude for you letting me borrow your place so be relieved」
「That’s not the problem…」

Seria still wants to say something but she can’t make a sound argument against Matifa so she had no choice but to stay silent.
Upon Matifa confirming that Seria became silent, I extend my hand on the top of my waist.

「You did like this with Seria a while ago. Then, should I teach you the difference in technique?」

The feeling of her flesh is being pressed against my dick over the lace underwear. The half erect penis is inserted in her slit, she slowly moves her waist back and forth to rub the sensitive parts.
She doesn’t move her upper body, only her waist is dancing lewdly. Sandwiched between the genital area and the abdomen, even though I don’t want it, my penis regained it’s hardness.

「It became hard. Did you get excited at me?」
「There’s no man who wouldn’t excited seeing you naked. You know that and you said it already」

I slowly move my waist, then extend my own hands on Matifa’s chest slowly. Matifa’s chest are too small for my hand. I extend both of my hands, I rub her plump erect nipples in the center with my thumb and index finger.

「Nnn…You can move already?」
「I’m overworking myself. It’s not my hobby being the attacked」
「Fufu, that’s conceited. But don’t move too much. It’s not your imagination that your body is screaming」

Matifa made a finger crawl over my body. From abdomen to my chest, to my upper arm. Then she took both of my arms and kissed the back of the hand. That time, an acute pain attacked my whole body.

「See? You’re overdoing it. You fought so much these past several days right? Just how much magical power you bathed in? How many times you almost died? Now matter how much you recover with magic, that’s just half baked phony. There’s a limit to the effect. I poured just a bit magical power in your body and you’re hypersensitive right now. If it’s a healthy body, there won’t be any impact, but it will clearly come out in the surface if you have an abnormality in your body. The reason you can’t move is because the damage accumulated. Leave this to me and rest for now」

My body no longer listens to me at all. Even if I try to lift my arm, just putting a small amount of power sends pain in my body.
Despite that, my crotch is getting hot and excited from the stimulation. Matifa rubs the texture of the hot lace, the stimulation was more than enough.
It’s yearning from hypersensitivity, isn’t this 10 times more sensitive!?
Does Matifa want me to go crazy!?

「N, Haa… Fufufu, it seems to be working. Your place’s pulsating is being transmitted. You want to shoot it out?」

Matifa seems to be saying something, but I can’t hear it well. All of my concentration is placed in my crotch1 I want more stimulation. I wants unleash its desire. I want to shoot it out!
My waist shakes every time Matifa rubs her waist. The sensitive penis is conveying unbearable pleasure.
And, I came immediately. Together with the feeling of ejaculation coming from the depths, suddenly the feeling disappeared from my penis.
My sense wasn’t paralyzed. Matifa stopped stroking it.
I’m troubled. This is bad. This is half-kill.
I looked under absentmindedly, I saw Matifa showing a smile on her face.
The penis freed is filled with worldly desires and is pulsating.

「You can’t shoot it out. You have to release it in the vagina properly, okay? Fufu, don’t look at me wistfully. I want to bully you more」

Matifa smiled bewitchingly as she licks her lips while looking at me suffering.
Removing her underwear on one leg, her white skin and pink genitals displayed when she opened her legs wide. Furthermore, when she opened her flirty meat with both hands, transparent liquid pours down on my dick .

「Can you see it? Just by rubbing it on your penis it got like this already」

Matifa reported it obscenely as if she’s drunk.
Then, Matifa slowly sits down on the reddish brown penis that’s shining with pre-cum and love nectar.

「Haaa! As expected, your penis is big! Naaaaa!」

Matifa’s small pussy hole *Rip Rip* opens wide as she lower her waist. The penis that’s on the verge of ejaculation had it’s tip pressed hard, a voice leaked from my mouth.
Matifa adjusted the angle of her small waist, the penis is swallowed inside little by little. Shaking the waist back and forth, the friction is too strong because the waist moves around, the adult penis is swallowed to the interior of the vagina.
Every time Matifa makes a small move, random stimulation runs to the penis. It could fire anytime however, the tight opening of Matifa’s vagina doesn’t allow it. Is she using some magic to not let it out?

「Fufu, you’re drooling as if you want to release it already. But, not yet. We have to insert it to the innermost precisely」

Then, Matifa’s violating starts. She moves her waist clockwise, then counterclockwise. Every time Matifa moves her intravaginal walls rage, it’s pressing hard on an organ somewhere. It’s a hard bone, a soft sea of folds, rough meat wall. Every single stimulation urges him to ejaculate, but it’s blocked on the root.
It feels like heaven and hell at the same time.

「Kuoooooo…」 Matifa, I can’t anymore. Let me shoot it out…」
「Not yet, haaannn~! Not yet. It hadn’t reached the deepest part yet. Nnn!! I won’t let you ejaculate until all of me is savored」

Matifa goes down as she shake her waist little by little. She doesn’t do an up-down piston but waving back and forth stiring her vagina.

「Haaaan! Nfuuuuu…. Hauun! Haa. Aaaaaa!」

Matifa eats my penis with her mouth below and enjoys herself. Her beautiful face is warped with lewdness. The connecting part is shut closed but leaks love nectar, the interior is sloppy and boiling, it’s telling that it’s about to climax soon.

「Haa! Aaahn! Just a bit more. Me too, I’m about to!!」

Matifa is passionately moving. Dancing lasciviously wildly looking as if urging to climax, her small body swallows my penis even deeper. It’s believed that the penis won’t be able to fit in definitely, yet it swallowed it completely.

「Haaaa, See, all of you ins inside. Ah, Me too, in my deepest place, Nhaa! Let out a lot!!」

The glans is stuck in her uterus, *GuiGui*, the inside of her pussy is raging. Then, the time came at last.

「Haaaaaaaa!! Cumming! Gonna cum! Cum, Cum, Cumiiiiiiiiiiing!!」

Matifa’s vagina shut tight at the same time of her ejaculation, the piled up semen gushed out. The glans was half buried inside her womb, *Byurururururu*! The sperm spouted vigorously.

「Aaaaaa! Inside, your hot sperm, It’s coming! It’s pulsating, inside my womb, it’s flowing!!」

Matifa bent her back and came to finish on top of me. A dangerous dance of a dangerous girl, the playing and trampling finally finished. It was really dangerous.

I can finally relax after I ejaculate, we already forgot the existence of Seria who’s watching us.
Seria looked at me and Matifa dumbfounded. Her right hand extends to her crotch, *Kuchu Kuchu*, it’s making wet sounds. White liquid drips from there, it’s probably the semen I let out a while ago.

「You, even though I’m here you’re looking at another woman, don’t you think that’s rude?」

I inadvertently looked at Seria, the connected Matifa raised a complaint.

「No, that’s the end right? Your technique was the best. It was considerably hard」
「Fun. That was my intention but I changed my mind. You, when you looked at Seria you got hard a bit. You can still go on. Then, just get it on till the end」
「Ha? Hey, Stop. It’s already impossibleー」
「There’s no use arguing!」

Matifa began to move her waist again to make the soft me hard again.
My too obedient son got got hard from the stimulation, Matifa violated me once again.
In the end, she squeezed me six times before she released me. She squeezed out my semen with different attacks every time. The last shots were already watery. The humiliation.

「Fuu. Let’s leave it like that today」
「Haahaahaahaa…It finally ended…」

I who became mentally whited out, covered my own face, trembling in shame. In the end, I wasn’t able to resist and was toyed by Matifa.

「Uhm, are you okay?」
「I’m not okay」

Seria anxiously looked at me. My small son, and me shaking like a virgin would be very funny.
But, Seria. She relaxed her guard.

「Then it’s Seria’s turn next. It’s all right. Since you lent me the place I will give you my gratitude」

Matifa’s demon hands extends to Seria. Then, unable to escape, Seria was pinned down next to me.

「Matifa-sama, What are you doing!」
「”What?” you say, it’s pleasure. You’re not satisfied after looking right? But he collapsed already, it may be audacious but I’ll be your partner」

Matifa began to lesbian rape my neighbor. However, I can’t interfere with that.
I was able to move somehow and left the bed and readied my clothes. Matifa peeled Seria nude and attacked her.

「Hua! Haa…Hyau! Ua,n! Nn! Ah, ah, aaaaaaaaaaa!!」

She came immediately.

「Yup, you’re really sensitive. There’s no doubt that you’re weak on the breasts, other than that you can feel it just anywhere. It’s a developed sensation, but I’m a bit jealous that you’re so sensitive. Still, what did you eat to make this breasts this big? I think I have quite the thing but it didn’t become this big」
「Nope, You don’t have breasts」

Matifa was trying to compete while lifting Seria’s breasts, I inserted a tsukkomi. That’s not even a competetion. It’s not even 1-0 but 100-0, it’s clear who’s 0.

「You’re really rude! Even I don’t have now it’s still growing! Have some bit of delicacy」
「Yan~! Matifa-sama, Wait, pleash wait!!」

Matifa fiddles with Seria’s nipples, venting out her anger. This fellow is really a tyrant. Even if her partner is a royalty she has no mercy.

「Sorry for being insensitive. I’ll come back later so I’ll leave it to you. Be sure to educate her properly」
「Leave it to me. Look forward to your next meeting」
「Please wait a moment! he-help meeeee!」
「Study well」

I exit the window while ignoring the screams of Seria that became Matifa’s doll.
Sorry Seria. I can’t have an erection anymore.2


  1. He’s literally thinking with his dick
  2. No it’s not Ludeus syndrome, He means that he can’t join the fun for today