Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Withered Day

My son doesn’t react even I see Seria’s foolishness. I would just feel miserable if I just say here any longer.
When I stepped outside, not even a sound can be heard at all.

I cancelled the search today as I wont be able to deal with it because of my physical condition.
I jumped from the veranda and cross over the wall in under the cover of the night and returned home.
When I arrived, I changed to my casual clothes quickly and went to Lululie’s house this time. The reason is because I’m currently guarding Lululie’s house.
I sneaked out because of the work that was left today. Since tomorrow would be a daytime mobilization, I’d be late on the on the way back and assume that I fell asleep.1

When I arrived I opened the door with the key Lululie lent me, Misha and Lilith jumped out.

「Master, welcome back」
「Onii-san, welcome back」

The two seems to be sleepy wearing those pajama while rubbing their eyes. Misha is stiff as the size doesn’t fit her, Lilith’s shoulders dropped. Did you get up expressly?

「I’m home. But you guys should still be sleeping」

The time is almost midnight. It’s not a time for children to be up.

「I was talking with Mi-chan. Then, Mi-chan says that Onii-san came back」
「I felt Master’s presence. …Master, did you go to Matifa-sama?」

Misha sniffed my smell. It seems she gets it through smell.

「She’s the one who came to me. Let me rest because I kept her company」
「Onii-san’s sleeping place is here」

Lilith lead me to the sofa she prepared in the living room and I lied down. The cushion’s volume increased than it was in daytime, it’s probably Lilith’s consideration.
Lilith brought a blanket and called me.

「Sorry. We don’t have enough beds」
「It’s fine. Adventurers sleep anywhere and I’m not really going to sleep. Isn’t Lilith’s bed too narrow with Misha?」
「Mi-chan is small and warm so it’s fine. It’s fun to have someone like a little sister」
「I see. Then if you may」
「Yes, leave it to me!」

Then the two people disappeared and I started my guard duty. I rest my body while half awake2 I’m tired today. I must restore my physical strength a little.

I hear birds chirping from the outside of the window. However, peeking out from the gaps on the curtain, it’s not yet dawn.
There’s a sign of a human.
That sign came from the top.
*Gii*, when the door opened, it was Lululie in pajamas.

「Good morning」
「Good morning. So you were awake」

While lightly surprised, Lululie greeted back.

「I’m a guard so I’m up. Aside from that, is your body okay already?」
「Yes, thanks to you I’m completely energized.3 I’ll go to work again today」

Lululie’s complexion improved greatly, it can be seen that fatigue came out. If it’s about condition, I’m quite worse. It’s no problem if it’s like this.

「I see. It’s good that you’re energetic. Sorry but let me rest for a bit more. If you’re going, wake me up so I can go with you」
「Yes. Did you eat breakfast already?」
「Can I ask of you?」
「Then I’ll prepare immediately」

Lululie headed to the kitchen with apron on one of her hand. Immediately after, *Ton Ton Ton*, a rhythmic sound of kitchen knife and fragrant smell of roast meat drifts.
While waiting half-asleep, my shoulder was shook by Lululie.

「I’m done」
「Ah, thanks. I’ll get up」

I removed the blanket and got up. Even though it’s morning, my son is in low-spirits because it was oppressed yesteday. This needs to rest too.
‘Uuun’, while stretching, Lululie stares at my face.

「What’s wrong?」
「Ah, No, you seem to be tired」

I check my condition while turning my shoulder. There’s no hindrance in movement, but my body feels heavy as expected. Matifa had sex with me and polluted me with magical power and made me oversensitive, there’s the effect of magical power purification medicine, but my body still feels heavy burden. I’ll have no choice but to do various health care for myself today.

「Yeah, I worked till late yesterday, I’m still tired. But, if it’s this much, there’s no problem」
「Is that so? Please don’t overwork yourself too much. You’ll get a cold」
「I’ll be careful」

Lululie approached after I finished light stretches. Then, she extends her hand on my casual clothes.
Thinking what she will do, she began to tidy my clothing.

「Don’t worry, It’s my kind of work after all…」

Lululie smoothened the wrinkles of the clothes like she’s used to it. As expected from a pro-maid. He incidentally felt her like a newly married woman. Newly married woman, that sounds nice.

After arranging me beautifully, Lululie sat on the table where she put the breakfast she prepared. I sat on the opposite side and ate Lululie’s handmade breakfast.
It’s an orthodox menu with bacon and eggs on bread and a salad. It’s an ordinary morning scene where you eat normally and speak normally.
But, I wonder why. My mind is being sting over.

「Did it not suit your taste?」
「No way. It’s been a while since I had such a meal so I’m impressed」

Since when this is a normal meal? I have no memory of it after coming into this world at least.
At Master’s place they only have simple meals and value nutrition, furthermore it’s forbidden to talk. When I got out of there I always eat alone, just a bread and it can fill the day. Yesteday I ate lunch that Misha had prepared, she cooked it well and simple, but since she’s a slave that’s disciplined to be attentive, there wasn’t an atmosphere that can be called a fun meal.

「Is the breakfast not enough?」
「No, it’s not like that, I mean that there’s no one who make meals for me after a long time. It’s already been three years where I had no memory of eating like this」
「Three Years?… Though I might not understand even if I hear it, but was it harsh?」
「It was harsh and painful but I can’t do anything about it. Well, I don’t regret it」

There’s no regret. Though I don’t regret, it wasn’t good either.
Lululie showed a complicated face for a moment, then smiled gently.

「Then, please take it easy while you’re here」
「I’ll take your offer」

Thus, Lululie, welcomed me. Yesterday I was just a total stranger.
We chatted for a while after that, I walked Lululie to the castle even before the morning rise.
The market is still crowded with people early in the morning and the distance natually comes near. Lilith and Misha are already on friendly terms, talking about what should they make for dinner today and some silly talk, we had arrived in front of the castle gate before we noticed.

「Good luck on your work」
「Yes, I’ll be going」

Then, I waved my hand to see her off in front of the castle gate.
This is somehow nice. This feels like in exchange for my super abilities, I lost my daily life, I return to Lululie’s house to take a nap while indulging myself in deep emotion.

The two little children that woke up in the morning run around filled with vigor. After eating breakfast, they brushed teeth together and went to the morning market together.
Usually, it’s Lululie that does the shopping, but since Misha is here, the work is assigned to the little kid.
In the end, we’re here because Lululie has the food expense, I handed them money secretly so they would buy more than usual. If that happened, the amount Lululie eats won’t increase but Misha is gluttonous.

Meanwhile I slept for the third time. This time it’s serious sound sleep. The body with fatigue remaining quickly fell asleep.

When I woke up, the two had returned and finished the household briefly.
I awaken my drowsiness with water then took out the two children to the orphanage. It’s the orphanage Seria visited before.
Lilith can’t go to school and the person herself doesn’t like being in house alone, she usually is entrusted to the orphanage. There she plays as the helpful onee-chan, in addition she seems to study together there.
I decided to leave her to Misha since it’s special. The director of the orphanage was a good old woman. When she read Lululie’s letter, she accepted Misha pleasantly.

「Misha, I’ll leave you to guard Lilith」
「Lilith, try to teach Misha various things」
「Got it」

That said, I feel that the two won’t part their hands easily. This is lonely as it is.

I who become alone headed to the Royal Castle Right away. It’s to continue the investigation that wasn’t done yesterday.
I invaded the place one by one and there was one big harvest.
That’s Radom’s motive for being hostile on Misumunto Kingdom.

Radom’s childhood friend that became his fiancé was lost when they went to war against Misumunto Kingdom. It seems to be revenge.
That woman is Will Gantts daughter, the head of the family, Felix who lost his daughter has the same purpose.
In order to obstruct the friendship, they planned to kidnap Seria.
It’s definitely a criminal act but in the first place the army is Felix’s It would be reflected on the strong measures.

Aside from that, there’s not much other harvest. Everyone waits for Felix’s report tomorrow. In exchange, I found evidence of corruption, but will this be useful as expected?

Today, the most suspicious move are the maids hurrying. Apparently, they seem to use the space for the audience for Felix’s return tomorrow, they’re preparing and cleaning the space to the accept the audience which are nobles that will come over tomorrow, considering the sudden increase of work, hands can’t be seen turning.
Lululie was one of them too. Although she collapsed yesterday, she’s tidying up large quantities of laundry alone while putting away her sweat. Even though there’s magic, there’s no change in hard labor. Though I’m worried that she might colapse again, but I can’t help her, I can only watch over her.
Since she will come back tired today, I’ll let her relax slowly that time.

When I look over Seria’s state, she seems to be studying on the desk. When I closed up to check, it wasn’t yesterday’s novel but a politics related book. She’s doing her best in her own way. Since I can’t disturb her when she shows motivation, I didn’t call her out.
As usual, lion stands before the door. But, there’s fewer magical power leaking from there compared to the day before yesterday. It must be thanks to Matifa’s strong barrier. It became easy to do various things.

Because I’m curious about Seria’s guard set-up, It seems that at Lion is at daytime and two female knights at night. Lion is no problem but the night time guard set-up makes me uneasy. I don’t want to rely too much but I can’t do anything but to ask Matifa.
Thinking so, I faced towards Matifa’s location.

「You came. I’m glad that you came for me」

Matifa greeted me with her usual tone. She seems to be researching magic in her workshop today. There are some old books and suspicious liquid bottles scattered everywhere. Against the wall are some specimens of creatures I don’t even know.
After greetings we cut down to business immediately.

「There are some things I want to ask」
「What? Just say it」
「During night, I want you to defend Seria」
「I don’t mind it, but it’s not for free」

Matifa attach her elbow to the desk and grinned. I intend to use yesterday’s contract.

「I know. If you want to know something then listen. I’ll tell you whatever you want on the otherworld」
「Let’s see. Then, why don’t you teach me your world’s magic?」
「I don’t mind, but basically there’s no magic on my world, Are you fine with that?」

Matifa nodded.

「Just the important information. But, there’s a concept about magic right? Even myths and legends are fine. Please let me hear it by all means」
Talking about myth…」

I’m not well informed on myths or legends. I’ve read those manga and anime targeting general public, but it’s not wise to tell her that. I can only tell fairy tales or children’s story at most.

「Anything is nice. I want to know you more. Therefore it doesn’t need to be a accurate myth. I just want you to tell what you see, hear, how you understand, how you feel. Quick. Anything is fine so let me hear it」
「Well, if you say soー」

Then, I told some famous stories.
Interrupting my poor talk, Matifa says「Okay, then?」she nods while listening enthusiastically. Her figure looks like a child listening intently, naturally, my tone gets passionate. So this fellow can make that face, I thought.
Before soon, the prince rescued the princess and the fun time came to an end.

「Un, that was fun. Your world’s people sure have an interesting idea of freedom. After all, it’s the result of having no magic? I did hear a story in this world that resembles it, I liked it but other people don’t model their enemies.4 But the story from your world seems to be overflowing with dreams. …Yup, I’m satisfied. You should be relieved because I will protect Seria like the prince」

Those are Matifa’s impressions. This girl seems to think on her own way. Not with her usual wicked smile, but she smiled innocently like a child.

「I see, if so, then I’m glad. Sorry to interrupt while you’re satisfied, but I have another favor to ask」
「What? Since I’m in a good mood I’ll hear anything」
「Yeah, I want to make something…」

When I left Matifa’s place, the sun already sank. This is probably the only day where Matifa didn’t do ero.
Afterwards, I came to met the two child and the three of us had gone home while joining hands. The two of them happily talked about what they did and the friends they made today.

「And then and then, Mi-chan is amazing! She can do better arithmetic than ! Even the teacher was surprised that she can do two digit multiplication mentally!」
「Master, Misha, amazing?」
「Misha can do anything」

Misha’s tail goes straight upward then sways happily. It seems Misha is clever. I won’t have to worry with this.
The three of us had dinner when we returned, then the two of them entered the bath. Fortunately, water is abundant but neither I, Misha or Lilith can use fire magic. It can’t be helped so I worked as the fire watchman.

「How’s the temperature?」
「It’s just right. Onii-san, thank you」
「I don’t like baths」
「Mi-chan should warm up properly」

Inside were the two children giggling. Peeking from the window, I can see two children with small chest. Their growth phase isn’t over yet. I wasn’t excited because I’m a foolish sage today.


  1. 明日以降は基本的に昼間の行動として、何かあれば帰りを遅くするか寝静まってからとしよう
  2. Agent 47
  3. Thanks to the massage
  4. この世界にも今聞かせてもらったのと似たような物語があるんだけどね、ボクは好きなんだけど、他の人たちには相手にもされてないんだ。