Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Lululie found out.

When the two children got out of the bath, I came to meet Lululie. This is part of the guard duty.

I waited in front of the castle as it gets dark, then after a while, Lululie came out from the side gate. I waved my hand then she walks to me when she noticed.

「You seem to be tired」
「Yes, urgent jobs pressed in」

I received her baggage that seems to be heavy and we walked along the same way as we did this morning in an opposite direction. The lights were thin so Lululie brought a magic light lantern.
Idly, the illuminated appearance of Lululie is somehow faint, I have a feeling that it will disappear without a warning.
Lululie softly smiles and begins to talk.

「Is Lilith a nuisance?」
「No way. Rather, I’m saved as she takes care of Misha. She’s a good little sister」
「That’s true. It’s my prided hardworking little sister」

Lululie is pleased that Lilith is being praised. She really loves her. She might be hot-tempered towards Lilith, but that shows that they’re in good terms.

「But Misha-chan can do anything」
「That girl had some hardships. She became desperate and learned it」

Misha does housework since she was small from the slave house, then she was Matifa’s labcat1 on top of that. It’s not a normal life.
I thought about Misha’s hardships, Lululie threw a question to confirm it.

「That’s why you’re spoiling her?」

Did I spoil her?
How I handle Misha isn’t something that a slave would understand. I want to spoil Misha because she’s cute, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t feel pity on her hardship up until now. But, that’s not the only reason.
The best reason why I spoil Misha is because of Matifa. Now that I’m supported by her, I can’t completely trust Misha Then, I just have to treat Misha to move for my convenience. Therefore, I made her free and made Lilith her friend. But, I shouldn’t say that.

「That’s not true. She’ll have to handle hard work together with me. That’s why I want to build mutual trust」
「Is that so? But isn’t it alright for a slave even if you don’t have mutual trust?」

Since slaves are bound with contract magic, they can’t disobey their masters. But, Matifa is the one who applied the magic to Misha.

「Certainly, she’s bound by the slave contract magic, but that’s not perfect. In case of emergency, I can’t match against Misha. That’s why I have to look like a good master」
「Fufu, so you pretend that it’s like that」

She threw a light laugh She didn’t believe in me.

「Lululie too, aren’t you soft hearted on Lilith and Princess Seria? If you worked till you collapsed, no one would be pleased」
「Yes, the princess told me that today. I’ll take care」
「Please do. It can’t be helped to collapse even if you’re not a guard」

Thus, we continued to talk in the town of the night. We meet a drunkard on the roadside occasionally, but they didn’t pick a fight in particular.
We reached Lululie’s house before long. We passed under the door together while greeting “We’re home”, but the children shows no reaction.
I thought it was strange, but Lilith was sleeping on the sofa. She clings on Misha that she’s troubled because if she moves she’ll come off.

「Welcome back Master」
「I’m back. You seem to be doing well 」
「Un, Lilith-chi is a friend」
「I see. Then, carry her to the bed」
「She doesn’t separate」

Which is better, Matifa or Lilith? Does Misha excrete a pheromone to be liked by girls? If you have, then please give it to me too.
Lululie who can’t stand it any longer shakes Lilith.

「Geez, Lilith… Misha-chan, sorry. Hey, Lilith. Sleep on your own room」
「N~……Mi-chan is warm…」

However, Lilith didn’t wake up. She stayed late yesterday after all. Misha’s eyes seeks for help.

「It can’t be helped」

If this continues, Lilith will catch a cold, I carried the two of them on the room as they seek to be wrapped in blanket.

「I’ll leave this to you Misha」
「Master is mean」
「You have superhuman strength so you can do anything」
「Lilith-chi will wake up」
「Then give it up」

I ignored Misha’s hateful voice and left the room immediately. Misha would manage.

I warm the bath and let Lululie enter ahead afterwards.
While I do fire watch again, a beautiful sound can be heard from the bathroom. She’s probably humming, it doesn’t seem to be clear, I thought. 2 Is this a tune passed to the elves? It feels like an ethnic music from somewhere which transmits soothing effect on your mind when heard. I unconsciously lost in thought.
When Lululie got up, I borrowed the bath to wash of my sweat. A plant was planted here so a natural fragrance drifted on the bathroom. I soaked in the hot water that feels like a hot spring and my fatigue came off.
When I got up from the bath, Lululie is on the sofa.

「How was the bath?」
「Yeah, it was a nice hot water. Sorry to borrow your bath」
「No, it’s fine. Also, I haven’t given thanks when you helped Lilith either」

Saying that, Lululie turned to my back and began to massage my shoulder.

「Ah~It feels good」
「It’s my thanks from yesterday」

Lululie’s delicate hand loosen the shoulder muscle. The gentle hand heals the body.
It feels like it’s a service from the hot spring hotel. Furthermore, it’s a service of a beautiful Elf sister.
If Seria isn’t here, I would propose to her right now.

「Your body is forged wonderfully. I can’t see that much, but your muscles are packed」
「It’s because I lose if I don’t train. Even with this training, I’m still no match against a knight with magical power. Well, I can still do it」
「…Just a bit, can you let me hear your story?」

Hesitating, Lululie asked.
After Matifa, now Lululie?

「I don’t mind but, I’m not as respectable of a human as you think」
「Yes, I know. You’re an otherworlder aren’t you?」

Why does Lululie know?
Am I that famous?
Or did Seria expose me?

「Ah, sorry for surprising you. I’ve heard the story about the otherworlder from the princess. Since the name and features match, I thought that it was you」
「Wait a moment. When did you hear that story?」
「Well, three years and over and over again. She says that she always want to meet him but she can’t. But, I didn’t hear it recently」

Whenever Seria goes to Master’s place does she leak it out to Lululie? Then, she doesn’t know I raped her. That was dangerous.

「I see. If you noticed, then it can’t be helped. That’s right, I’m an otherworlder. But that’s a secret」
「Yes, I know that. The princess spoke to no one but me」
「Thanks. I don’t want to have some eyes set on me」

Like Matifa, or Matifa, or Matifa.

「Yes, therefore, can you talk some story where you can actually tell?」
「Well then」

Most of them are fabricated lies.
Then, Lululie began a barrage of questions.

「Then, where was Ren-san’s birthplace?」
「It’s a country named Japan. It’s a country with no magic but technologically advanced」
「What do you do there?」
「I was a student」
「Student? How old are you?」
「You’re one year younger than me. Since you’re mature, I thought that you’re older」

So Lululie is 20 years old? Her appearance looks like a high school student, it’s probably because she’s an elf.

「Don’t overwork yourself. When you make light of it, something bad might happen」
「Your constitution is dangerous isn’t it? But, aren’t you in marriageable age since you’re 19 years old? Do you have a girlfriend?」
「But do you have someone you like?」
「If it’s that, then there’s one」

There’s a lot. Seria, Lululie, Lilith, Add Matifa and Misha too. As for Cathy?…If anything, it’s like an older sister and a partner. I’m really a man without principles.

「Fufu, you didn’t hide」
「I’ll hide the name」
「Yes, I understand」

*Kusukusu*, I heard Lululie giggling. Now then, should I make fun of her?

「What about Lululie? I don’t know the custom of elves, but in the capital you’re at marriageable age already」
「Elves marriageable age is a bit higher. It’s around 25~100. Though there are those who marries as early as 20, but it seems impossible for me and Lilith for the time being」

I see. In short, Lululie intends to marry if she can.

「But, there’re some nice men in the castle right? If you catch won’t you live easily?」
「The castle doesn’t recognize demi-humans. Since the princess employed me firsthand, The king had recognized it」
「Ahh, this country uses human supremacy principle after all」

Lululie might’ve been harassed too. There are those who aren’t but you can’t trust their sympathy.

「But, you don’t mind it right?」
「That doesn’t matter for me. Even if it’s a human, I hate who I hate, then when it comes to demi-human, I like who I like. I look and decide on the other party thoroughly」

What’s important is that the other party is a beauty. If it’s a beauty, then I will forgive, if not I won’t. My criteria is 50% Face, 20% Body, and 30% Character3

「We’re grateful from just that. Especially since Lilith has that constitution, we’re not wanted even on our elf hometown. If the princess didn’t pick me up that time, I wonder what would happen…」

Lululie’s hand stopped suddenly. When I turned back in worry, Lululie’s eyes gone distant. She’s probably seeing the time she met Seria.

「Lululie, let’s switch. I’ll listen to your story this time」

This time, I let Lululie sit down on the sofa and rub her shoulders.

「N, okay then. What do you want to hear?」
「If you don’t mind, please continue your story. Why did you get out of the elf village? Furthermore only with your little sister」
「No, we were with our parents first. However, we were attacked by demons and they died… When I was at loss, that’s when I met the princess and I became her maid. That’s why I don’t raise my head on the princess. I came to the capital for the medicine and money. That’s because Lilith’s treatment cost a lot of money」

Lululie talks about her harsh past.
Because it’s impossible to live in the elf village if you can’t use spirit magic, her family had gone to the capital five years ago. But, both her parents are elves and didn’t have good work with income, they did dangerous work outside the wall.
The father died first. The father himself is an adventurer that hunted demons with the bow on his arm. But, one day he was the one hunted instead and died. A story commonly heard.
Next was her mother. The mother was helping farming outside the wall, but unfortunately, it seems that the field was attacked by a group of demons of poisonous insect. All the workers were destroyed. Lululie’s mother is no exception.
Losing both parents, Lululie and Lilith were taken to the orphanage. But, unable to buy Lilith’s medicine, Lilith collapsed in fever. Seria appeared there.
Seria wanted some helper, Lululie wanted to work. Seria consulted the King and Lululie was taken to the castle as Seria’s maid. Then, she purchased Lilith’s medicine using the advance payment, the two were saved.

「I’ve been with the princess since then. Princess is really a kind-hearted person」

How Lululie thinks of seria was transmitted from her tone. My heart ached a little.4

「Hey, whay I’m telling such things」
「You must be tired. When you’re tired your complains come out. Didn’t you want someone to hear it?」
「That might be. Somehow, I feel something similar from you…」

That said, Lululie fell silent. Are Lululie and I alike? Both of us were helped by Seria but what we did after has heaven and earth difference. Lululie supported her, I violated her due to my lust. I can hardly say we’re the same. The strange air flows between two people.
Unable to endure the mood, I pushed down Lululie.

「Uhm, what are you」
「Lululie, I’ll massage your whole body today」
「Hey, lie down」

I lied down Lululie on the sofa forcibly, then applied pressure on her back.

「How’s it? does it hurt?」
「N…It’s okay. I’m sorry, I should be the one doing it」
「Don’t mind it. I do it because I want to」

I push her whole back with my palm then firmly massage her waist. When it was done, her neck, shoulder, hand. Lululie relaxes her whole body and accepts it.

「Fuu…It feels good」
「Next would be your lower body. If you don’t want it, just say it」

Continuing I did a top down order from her her ass, thighs, calf, to the sole of her foot. If it’s the usual, I would mix it with my wicket heart, but today I’m different. Completely innocent, I only thought of earnestly healing Lululie’s fatigue. When it ended, Lululie closes her eyes pleasantly.

「Lululie, wake up. If you want to sleep, sleep on your own room」

I shook her shoulder but there’s no sign of her waking up at all. The sister are very much alike in this part. What’s up with that?
It’s easy to wake up5, I felt a bit sorry to see her seemingly happy sleeping face. It can’t be helped so I carried her to the bed. I feel sorry for the sleeping Lululie but don’t complain.

「Lululie, if you won’t wake up, I’ll carry you to the bed. You hear?」

As expected, Lululie didn’t react.6
I held Lululie’s thighs and princess carried her. I carried her like this that time. I remembered her small breast that time but my sex drive isn’t springing. How did I end up like this.
Then, when I began to walk, Lululie’s body suddenly stiffened up.
Shit. She woke up.

「Lululie, you awake? If you want to sleep, then go to your room」

When I thought that Lululie opened her eyes, it was closed immediately again. But, it’s clear that her body has been strained when she woke up.
Lululie feigned sleep. But, for what purpose?
Isn’t that obvious? It’s to accept me. She feels that I have affinity with her that she doesn’t mind being carried like a princess.
My plan to win over the elf sisters was better than I expected.

「Lululie, I’ll carry you to your room. If you’re going to sleep, then sleep there」

As expected Lululie doesn’t get up. No, she’s awake but feigning sleep. I carried Lululie’s thin body to the bed.
Then, when I entered Lululie’s room, I was shocked by the spectacle.

The spirit world was there.
Ivy is crawling on the circumference on the lattice set up on the wall, strange flowers blooming here and there. Disgusting potted plants, indescribable plants were growing, I hesitated to approach.
Did I come to a tropical jungle?
There’s a fragrance drifting on the room I can’t name. It doesn’t stink. It doesn’t stink but the fragrance confuses my mind.
Is this possibly Lululie’s hobby?

I decided not to mind too much for the time being and lay down Lululie on the bed. I put the blanket on her and escaped the room quickly.


  1. Wat da Meow!
  2. 鼻歌なのだろうが、とてもそうとは思えない澄んだ音。
  3. And the winner is miss Colombia!
  4. Poor Seria, she was being used by her brother
  5. Ren doesn’t know the feeling of someone who does his thesis!
  6. Please don’t go here ‘The fine bros’, I don’t have the money if you sue me