Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Morning Recovery ##

Next morning, Lululie woke up before dawn just like yesterday. You might think that yesterday was repeated but, there’s one thing different.
After a full day rest, my son has finally revived.
My son who’s rejoicing on the revival stretches a tent. Lululie who just woke up had her line of sight naturally drawn there.
Lululie gulps her saliva. It’s a physiological phenomenon, I said it as an excuse, she ran to the kitchen after greeting me. Sad.

When my son calms down, it would be the same as yesterday. The two of us walked to the town in the morning and I saw her off on the castle’s front gate.
Then, when I returned to Lululie’s house, an incident1 occurred

「Onii-san, it’s terrible, terrible! Mi-chan wet on the bed!」
「Master, I’m sorry」

When I thought the two children were noisy getting up, those were the first words I heard. Misha was unable to separate from Lilith and go to the toilet last night, it seems she had leaked out this morning. Both of them had their pajamas wet

「For now, go to the bathroom. I’ll bring you hot water」
「Yeees, we’ll wash first okay」
「Lilith-chi, I’m sorry」

Misha who had her cat ears and tail down had been taken by Lilith to the bathroom.
I set fire on the kitchen and heated water by putting the pot on the flame. When it got warm enough, I went to the two people waiting.
The door of the bathroom was open. When I peeped secretly, a dreamlike paradise spread from there

The two girls in their birthday suit plays with bubbles. Holding bubbles on both their hands, they spread it on each other’s body. The important place is hidden behind the bubbles, but their tender ass is completely exposed.
Especially Lilith. I wasn’t interested yesterday but I can easily understand that she’s a child birthing type. Loli’s pure ass is subarashii2!
It seems the bubble is coming out from the soap stuck on the water tub. Laundry were scattered all over the place.
But are they tired of washing? They seem to be crazy on the bubble play.
Misha who had bubble on the tip of her nose takes a stance by scooping the bubble out of the tub.


She wave her hand with a shout then bubble flew to Lilith following the inertia. The bubble jumped into Lilith’s arm, flat chest and her stomach.
But, Lilith didn’t lose.


Lilith threw the bubble this time. Misha hit it with her tail. However, the bubble still hit her, Misha’s eyes were hit directly. Unable to endure, Misha turned her head.

「Wawa, Mi-chan, are you okay?」

Lilith was worried so she approached, Misha replied with a bubble. Both hands has bubbles and are forced to Lilith’s washboard directly.

「Ahahaha, it tickles!」

Lilith twists her body trying to escape Misha’s offense, but Misha moves skillfully so she doesn’t miss. The flat chest were rubbed by both hands, her areola is stimulated by the finger drawing a cirgle.

「ahahahaha! Mi-chan, wait, wait! I said it tickles」

Lilith tries to stop her but Misha doesn’t comply. As expected from someone who was educated by Matifa. She doesn’t hesitate to do naughty things at all. The way she use her hands gradually gets intense.

However, should I only watch? No, it’s not good.
My son finally revived. I’m not a man if I hesitate here.

I took out the item that I got yesterday from my pouch.
It’s a long slender cloth with stripe pattern having a pointed shape. That’s right, it’s a perverted gentleman purveyor item, a necktie.
I manage to persuade Matifa yesterday, it’s a secret item that I got in exchange for the information of my invisibility. It’s name is transparent necktie. It’s loaded with Matifa’s original invisibility magic.

However this magic is different from my ability. In other words, this magic overcame my biggest problem in my invisibility which is 『Unable to touch others』
This also has some faults. Neither smell nor sound is hidden, it also don’t give effect on the clothes you’re wearing. However, Matifa’s cursed panties are exception. Therefore, if I want to be an invisible man, I have no choice but to wear a tie.
When I looked at Seria’s room, Matifa’s clothes disappeared, those had some various hard control, but it was impossible to achieve it by an improvised item.
But, that’s fine, rather, that’s what I want.

I put on the invisible tie and undressed. The necktie hides my groin and also my whole body. What a reassuring necktie.
The preparations are complete with this. Let’s begin the mission immediately.

I invade the bathroom stealthily tiptoeing.
*Piku*. Misha’s ears caught me. *Kun Kun*, her nose moved. As expected, even if I’m not seen, it’s impossible to deceive the sharp senses of a beast-man.
But I have my own invisibility ability too. If I used that, even Misha won’t find me.
I turned on my own ability and sneaked around Misha’s back. If I used it for just 10 seconds, the recoil isn’t that much, one minute and I would be able to use it again.

Misha still fiddles Lilith’s body. She’s tickling her sides right now. I reached out to Misha’s defenseless breasts.


I checked the *Funi Funi* feeling. Misha is really a child. There’s not even a swell, a chipai. Still, it has some soft feeling on it, her future looks promising.

「Mi-chan, what’s wrong?」

Seeing Misha raising a sudden voice, Lilith wondered and tilted her head.

「Just now, something touched. It’s probably master」

Tsk, this one exposed me quickly. But, Lilith looked around her surroundings and didn’t see me anywhere.

「Onii-san? He’s not here?」
「Uuun, He’s hiding」
「I don’t know」

fufufufufu. Isn’t that obvious? No one can find me if I hid Seriously. That would be the same even for Misha.
Meanwhile, I sneaked around Lilith’s back. The next washboard target is this one. I reached out my hand the same way.


The feeling of her rib is transmitted to my hand. …Hold out a bit more.

「No, What’s this? Scary!」

Lilith holds my hand from above. There’s something she can’t see. Lilith feels fear.
Misha reached her hand to protect Lilith who’s afraid. I withdrawn my hand before that, then I used my invisibility ability again.

「!, He escaped」

Misha looks mortified. Fufufu, You won’t catch me.
Now then, my next target is the ass. Lilith’s pure ass should be touched by my hand.
On contrary to her chest, her ass is big and plump. Under the constricted part, her wide backbone draws a gentle curve on her welling ass meat, it has a round shape that never drops. It would be very worth seeing her dance in carnival clothes.
I caught her ass without mercy.

「Hyawa! This time it’s my bottom!?」

There’s nothing to criticize on the touch feeling. Her supple skin sticks to my hand, the elastic ass meat of hers pushes back the finger by a moderate sexual feeling.
Cathy’s ass is the best so far, but this girl has a talent beyond that. Lilith, be relieved. You have a good thing even you have no chest.

「No! Mi-chan, help me!」
「Leave it to me!」

Getting sexually harassed by an invisible man seems scary, Lilith clings to Misha. Misha plunges straight to me. As expected of a remodeled beast man. She seems to be able to grasp my location even she can’t see my body.

「Master, capturedーNya!?」

However, she can’t see my movements. The arm that tries to catch me is twisted and I caught her instead. Misha, you were defeated by me due to the same failure.
I must discipline the rebellious Misha. I hold her down on the floor and stroke her ass.

「Muaaaa! Master, you can’t! Lilith-chi is here」
「!, Mi-chan, is that really onii-san? It’s not a ghost?」

Lilith asks Misha anxiously.

「Un, there’s no doubt. This scent is Master. Also, the only one who can do this is Master」
「Somehow, that’s an amazing reason. But, I see, It was onii-san」

When Misha asserted, Lilith leaked a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, I keep stroking Misha’s ass.
Misha also has a round cute ass like Lilith. This one has a elastic muscle, and erotic flexibility. When I placed my penis, it feels good.

「Mu~ Master is lewd! Hentai! Savage!!」

Misha’s booing feels good.
My son gets even more energetic as I rub it, Lilith asked Misha.

「M-Mi-chan? What’s going on?」
「In my assーnya! Myaaaaa」

Since Misha was about to say something unnecessary, I grasped her weak point, the tail to shut her up. Misha. You already lost to me. Give it up.

「U~ Master, that’s unfair」

I stroke Misha’s tail, she lost strength in a blink of an eye. She can’t suppress it any longer.
When I checked her pussy, it was starting to get wet as expected. I poke my finger and and *Jubo Jubo* stir inside her vagina. Since my finger is transparent, her insides are completely exposed. The pink folds of her vagina squirm, I can see the appearance of her love bubbly love nectar well.
When I see it, I felt like I want to put it in. But, Lilith is here. I won’t hesitate if I wasn’t found out, but Misha exposed me.
Sexual harassment is just as bad as the actual act, but when I looked at Lilith’s state, she’s looking at Misha anxiously.

「M-Mi-chan? Are you okay?」
「Myaaaa… I’m okay, I feel good…」
「You’re not okay at all?」
「Lilith-chi run away. Master is dangerous today」
「I can’t possibly run away Mi-chan!」

What a beautiful friendhip. Did you become like this just after a few days. That’s what I thought but it seems it’s not that much.

「Also, if it’s onii-san…I don’t mind being attacked」

Lilith puts her fingertips together while fidgeting. It’s lewd pink as expected. Are you okay with me attacking you?

However, I’m hesitating.
I can attack anytime without reserve, or rather, I already attacked Misha but, handling Lilith is delicate.
The problem would be my promise to Seria and the guard contract with Lululie. My promise with Seria is to not attack other women including Lululie. Of course, Lilith is included in the subject. But, for Lilith, it can be said as a romantic relationship as she fell in love to the one who saved her in crisis. If she consent, then Seria can’t do anything.
My guard contract is to protect Lilith’s body. It’s absurd for the guard to be the attacker. If there’s such a person, he should die right now.3
However, the guarded wishes for it. I intend to respect the employer’s intention to the maximum.
Therefore, I approved by a unanimous vote. Itadakimasu.

「It’s a secret to Lululie」
「Wa, it’s really onii-san’s voice! Okay, it’s a secret to Onee-chan!」

Lilith gladly answered. It can’t be helped since she’s happy.

「Lilith-chi, sorry. I couldn’t protect…」

Misha seems to be dissatisfied. Lilith seems to be much more important than her master. I have to discipline her.

「Lilith, wait for a bit. I’ll show Misha as an example」
「Okay, but please don’t cover it up if she doesn’t like it」
「Don’t worry. This one loves naughty things」
「Is that so?」
「Mu, I don’t deny it」
「She didn’t…」

If that’s decided, then let’s begin quickly.
I hold up Misha from the back.

「Wa, Mi-chan floated!?」
「Nyaa, it feels new」

Misha seems happy as she doesn’t see the one holding her. I carried Misha on the mirror just like that.
I sit on the chair and adjusted the unseen penis using intuition. Then, without a notice, I dropped Misha.

「Nyaaaaaa! Suddenly!?」

Misha is shocked as she didn’t see the sudden impact, the hair of her tail stands out and her thin foot extends erectly.
Though it expanded from the last time, Misha’s hole is narrow as expected. Still, using Misha’s weight, it’s forced to enter deeper.

「Wa! No way, Mi-chan’s place is spreading!?」

Lilith was agitated with the sudden event. She should be. Thinking that Misha was suddenly raised from the surface, then something unseen penetrated her pussy. Just what kind of person wouldn’t be surprised on it? No, there’s something wrong with my head.
I’ll think about it later, for now I’ll enjoy Misha’s hole.

I turn my hand on Misha’s knee and shake her up and down. Misha’s pussy is excreting love nectar, my penis is wet and the shape surfaced.
Misha reflected on the mirror looks shameful. A long stride opens and discharge love nectar while panting alone in midair. If I adjust the angle a little, the inside is completely exposed.
Her pink vaginal walls shine as it shut and open, that spectacle was absolutely indecent. I was able to confirm the uterus that’s resisting inside Misha. It shuts hard as if trying to refuse the invasion of the transparent penis stubbornly. I was abnormally excited that I thought I might throw semen right now.

「Myaaa! Mashter, wait! Misha’s inside is seen, myaaa!」
「Yeah, it’s a beautiful pussy that’s not rough at all. Well done」
「Umyaaaa. Masthter, hentai!」
「That’s a compliment」

I hit her insides while Misha exchange some foolish impression with me, Lilith spoke from the back.

「Mi-chan, are you okay?」
「Mya, mya, I-I’m okay. But this is embarrassing. Don’t look」
「Waa, Mi-chan is showing a dirty face…」
「Un, my crotch is attack rapidly, it fels good, myaaa…」

Lilith seeing Misha feeling pleasant, she feels relief. She didn’t see it stop in particular.
Misha feels good too. She relaxed her body and faced backwards, I made my tongue crawl on her neck. As expected, even if you can’t see it, you can approximate.
Seeing that, Lilith extends her hand to me.

「Wawa, there’s really something! This is onii-san?」
「Yeah, that’s my back」
「Eeh, I can’t really see anything. How do you do this?」
「That’s a secret」

Lilith repeatedly pressed and touched my body to ascertain. If seen in the mirror, it’s like she’s pantomiming, but I’m there. It’s a strange scene.

「Misha, how does it feel to have an invisible partner?」
「Myaa! It’s a bit scary, but I can smell master so I’m fine」
「It must be nice, Mi-chan. I know how you feel」

Lilith looks at Misha being licked and tells that she’s jealous.
Certainly, Misha’s adaptability is amazingly good. There should be a considerable amount of courage to believe in an invisible partner. Misha is a cute slave as expected being able to accept it easily.
I can’t help but to throw out on that cute pussy.

「Misha, shooting it out. Look firmly」
「Myaaa, okay. Mashter, let it out!」

*Pan Pan*, the sound of two meat banging each other. The breathing of the Misha in midair becomes rougher.
Seeing that, Lilith muttered.

「W-what’s happening?」

It seems that the spectacle is too quick for Lilith. Well, if she understood it correctly, she won’t be able to calm down.
That’s fine as it is, I concentrated to Misha. *Zubo Zubo*, love nectar and white bubble is flowing from her pussy. Seeing the deepest part, it can be seen that her folds are wriggling.
Even if it’s not seen, my penis is penetrating Misha and the feeling goes tight.
Her uterus loosen as I thrust persistently. My invisible glans open the hole. That moment, my excitement reached the climax.


*Dopyu*! *Byururururu*!! Semen is shot inside Misha. The white semen shot out accumulated inside her vagina, it’s being poured inside her womb.
Misha’s small womb is filled with syrupy semen.
I moved my penis for the last time and applied it on her small vagina.

「Myaa! Mashter’s is entering…」

Misha looked at the spectacles with her body twitching as she’s exhausted.




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