Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Lilith and Misha 3P ##

Coming to her senses, Lilith shook her head. Then, she met my eyes.

「How was your first cum?」
「Ah, err, it’s somehow fluffy, it felt really good」

It seems that Lilith remembers the feeling well. Then, her eyes looks like she wants more.

「Master, hurry up and make Lilith-chi an adult. Then Misha’s next」

Misha raised her impatient voice. I seem to have made her wait when I played with Lilith. This person is just horny.

「I know. Lilith, are you okay?」
「Un, Please, Onii-san. Please make me an adult」
「Leave it to me」

Lilith opened her own pussy with her fingers and begged., Pink folds on the side, the nectar pot is dripping saliva from it’s open mouth.
I quietly held my penis there.

「Hauu! Wawa, Onii-san’s, entering!」

My penis is pushing through the soft meat, it’s pushing in deeper. When I broke the small resistance of her hymen, it was naturally buried.
Lilith’s vagina gently wrap up the penis, it’s being sucked deeper inside.
It was swallowed up to the base just like that, the point bumped against the mouth of her womb. Her vagina shuts hard and tightens the whole penis.
Liliht’s pussy is a deep gentle pussy. My thing is wrapped in a pleasant sensation.

「Lilith, did it hurt?」
「Eh, Un, it doesn’t hurt that much, I guess …Hey, Onii-san, did I become an adult?」

Lilith asked anxiously. Don’t worry Lilith, you became an adult. The evidence is the small amount of blood flowing out from the part where we’re connected. That’s why, I answered to reassure her.

「Yeah, you’re already a splendid lady」
「I see, I became an adult… Hiku」

Then, Lilith starts to shed tears as she was overcome with emotion.

「Lilith, what’s wrong?」
「You see, I was anxious that I won’t be an adult before I died because of my constitution. That’s why I’m glad that I became an adult」

Her constitution? It’s probably her magic deficiency disease. Children without any magical power die early with just a slight sickness. That’s why existence such as me and Lilith are always having fear of death.
Then, Lilith began to tell me her feelings. Misha and I silently listened to her story.

「Everyone things of me as pitiful. Especially onee-chan. I hold everything by myself, I don’t take anything. I’m not good at anything, I’m always ill, I thought that I would just die as I’m a nuisance to everyone」

Lilith felt helpless from her powerlessness.
That’s true. Lilith right now is similar to me when I just came to this world.
I have no power, the weakest existence that can’t do anything but to depend on other person for living. I have my superabilities, but Lilith doesn’t. That’s why she’s weak even now, if not for Lululie and Capo and for the granny director on the orphanage, she might be unable to live.

「But you see, when I met Onii-san, I thought that I could do something too. Onii-san is the same as me and beaten those bad people and is now protecting me. I don’t want to separate with someone like Onii-san, I thought of how can I be useful to Onii-san with all my might」

Lilith seems to like me seriously. I induced her to be like that but, it seems that Lilith thinks of me as a wonderful person more than I thought.
There’s no such thing but, if Lilith is glad with that, then shouldn’t continue lying altogether at her.

「And you see, Mi-chan and onii-san decided to take care of me. And because I heard that the man loves naughty things, I have to do my best. But, my breast isn’t big, so I thought that I may be useless but, I want to give it to Onii-san. We kissed, then I became an adult. …Onii-san, thank you. I love you!」

Lilith confesses with a smile on her face, she clings to me demanding a kiss. Of course, I accepted it.
I hold Lilith’s knee while kissing. With our skin touching, LIlith’s temperature is transmitted. I slowly shake the body while feeling the pleasurable warmth.
Though her body writhes in agony at first, she never tries to separate her mouth. We separate to breath occasionally, but we stick back immediately.
Then, her lower mouth was the same too. Lilith’s honey pot sticks to my penis and never tries to separate. It’s wrapping up warmly to the base and the whole vagina strokes it gently.
The positive girl heals me warmly, that is LIlith.

「N…puha, Onii-san, it feels good?」
「Yeah, it feels good. How about Lilith? It doesn’t hurt anymore?」
「Un, I’m okay. The connecting part with Onii-san feels so good I’m about to fly」
「I see, then I’ll make you feel even better」
「Un, I’ll do my best too. Nn」

While being slowly shook as it is, Lilith’s voice begin to be colored sweet. I never attacked her intensely, we took time to raise our feeling to each other.

「N, Master, Misha too」

Lilith stealing me, had Misha raise her dissatisfied bored voice. I beckoned Misha and gripped her tail which is her weak point.

「Nya! Master! That’s no good, myaaaaa…」

Misha lost all of her strength. She fell and rested her back on Lilith. Catching that, I made love with the two.
I hold Lilith with my right hand, and massages Misha’s ass with my left hand.

「Myaaa… Master is unfair」
「Sorry Misha. But Lilith is my priority right now」
「Mu, it can’t be helped」

Misha gave up and started to grope Lilith’s small chest. Then, staring at Lilith’s elf ears shaking, Misha bit it. Biting sweetly, she made her tongue crawl inside the ear.

「Hyowa! Mi-chan, thatsh!」

Lilith’s body lose it’s strength. Placed in between of me and Misha, unable to do anything but receive pleasure with her body.

「Ah, ah, ah, ah! You can’t, Onii-san, Mi-chan, I’m flying! My head’s going blank! Ah, Ah, Aaaaah!」

Lilith is approaching her limit, her vagina is winding up as if squeezing semen out. The stimulation is too vigorous like masturbating, her waist began to move selfishly.

「oooooo! Amazing! Lilith, it feels really good!」
「Un! Onii-san, I’ll make you feel better!」
「Sorry but i can’t stop my waist. isn’t it hard?」
「Uun1, It feels really good! Onii-san, move as you like! Aah!」

LIlith gives my pleasure a priority. I thrust even deeper inside Lilith’s vagina and began the last spurt.

「Ah, I’m about to cum! Misha, support Lilith!」
「Got it!」
「Hyowa! Hawaaaaa! Aaaaaa! Aaa! Aaaaa!」

Lilith can no longer utter a word entrusted herself to Misha. Then, slipping under Lilith, I pointed my penis to Lilith’s mouth before I ejaculate.

「Lilith, it’s the end. Kiss my penis!」
「N, Un! Chu…Churururu…」

Though Lilith was afraid earlier, she didn’t resist this time. My intention was understood immediately, the grotesque penis smeared with blood and sexual fluids is tasted. Then, after learning the adult kiss, she licked the glans clean.

「Gu, Coming!」

I ejaculated inside Lilith’s mouth.
Lilith doesn’t separate her mouth and her cheeks puffed with semen. She believes Misha’s lie that if she drinks semen her breast will grow.
I pulled out my penis when I finished ejaculating.

「Lilith-chi, don’t worry」

Misha’s guidance entered immediately. Lilith opened her mouth just as she was told and showed the semen inside. In spite that this was the second time this day, the sticky and syrupy semen forcibly dirtied the mouth of the loli elf.
When I told her that it’s good, Lilith tries to swallow it but she couldn’t swallow it well. Then, she was choked. The semen she wasn’t able to swallow drips out of her mouth and falls to her thigh.

「Lilith are you okay?」
「I’m, okay. *Cough*… But, I spilled it」

Lilith looked at the semen she wasted, Misha licked it.

「Hyawa! Mi-chan, that tickles!」
「Picha…it’s not wasteful」

The semen is licked by the two nude women. The scene was too lewd that it stirs up my excitement.

「The two of you, stand up. Thrust your hand on the bathtub and put face your ass here」

The two stick out their asses just like I said. Lilith’s soft pure ass and Misha’s tailed loli ass is lined up. Lilith spills blood from the deflowering, Misha’s used pussy spills semen. Thinking that both of these asses are mine, I’m unable to endure it. I inserted the penis that just came inside Lilith’s pussy.

「Hyawaaaa! Onii-san’s thing entered again!」
「Lilith didn’t came earlier right? I’ll make you cum this time」
「Un, Onii-san, do as you like!」

I stood and penetrate Lilith’s ass with a big stroke. The deep soft vagina hole won’t be expected as a loli virgin just a while ago, the adult penis was gently accepted. A sense of security is felt when the penis is wrapped pleasantly.
Lilith’s back bend as she’s enduring the pleasure given. I had endured it to the limit earlier. It’s not strange anymore if it ended.

「Ah! ah! Ah! Aaa! Onii-san, you’re gentler than earlier」
「Isn’t it hard?」
「Naa! I’m okay. it feels really good!」

Lilith saying that it’s okay, pushes out her pure ass while tiptoeing.
While nailing my waist there, I play with Misha’s ass at the same time. Rubbing the perfectly round ass, I stimulate her fully exposed anus with my finger.

「Myoooo! Master, that place!!」

*Piin*, Misha’s tail extends. Misha seems to be sensitive in anal. Though she doesn’t like it, I continued to do the surrounding of the entrance.

「Myo! Myowa! Nyowaaaaa!!」

Misha’s body writhed intensely. It seems she feels quite comfortable.
The two’s voice echoes in the bathroom is a delight on my ears.
As expected, loli is obedient and pretty. My scar from the fake Loli Misha is healed. My lost confidence is regained.
Showing my gratitude, I instill pleasure to the two of them.

「Hyawa! Ah! Aaah! Onii-san, I’m, Uu!! Hyowaaa!! Don’t! Cumming!!」

Lilith seems to be reaching the limit. Clinging to the bathtub, her body is twitching.

「Very well, Lilith. Cum just like that」

The walls of her vagina is rubbed by my glans, Lilith is about to climax. Then, Lilith reached her limit immediately.

「Unnn~! I’m cumming! Cumming! Nnnnn~~~!!!!!」

Lilith’s body jumped greatly. My violent penis enjoys the pleasure of her vagina, I stopped moving my waist and patter her head gently.
Lilith’s expression looks enchanted and seeks a kiss. I answered it in the end and pulled out my penis.

Lilith falls to her knees. It seems that her waist lost power.
She sat on the floor and ‘Hawa~’, she’s befuddled. It seems that she’s satisfied.

Satisfying one pussy, I thrust in to the other.

「Nyaaaaaa! Master, violent!」
「Isn’t it the usual? Also, you’re about to cum. Endure it」

Misha’s pussy is tight as always.
*Pan Pan Pan Pan*, the piston repeats. Misha was somehow or another spoke, she’s pleased that I’m thrusting as she sticks out her ass.
Though slow sex with Lilith is nice but, this violent one is good as expected.
Seeing that intense sex, Lilith asked Misha.

「Mi-chan, does it feel good?」
「Nya, Un, Master’s thurst feels good. What about Lilith-chi?」
「Un, I love it. It felt really good」

Lilith’s ecstatic expression floats. It seems she likes sex.
I also like Lilith’s pussy. It’s deep and soft and very comfortable. When I got bullied by Matifa again, I’ll have Lilith heal me again.
But before that, I have to say it properly to Lilith first.

「Lilith, just like this, don’t reach your hand on anyone. Don’t regret this now」

Lilith said that she likes me. But I don’t intend to focus down on one person. It’s already entered a so-called harem state, and I intend to increase it in the future. Normally, one wouldn’t permit.
But, Lilith accepted it and removed my worry.

「It’s fine. Onii-san is cool so everyone will come for you. Also, I’ll definitely die early so Onii-san should take a lot of women so you won’t be lonely」

For Lilith, it’s a natural thing. She’s not useful to anyone so far, so she wants to be useful for me. LIlith is really a cute and convenient girl for me.

「I see, then, best regards Lilith」

I draw Lilith’s mouth and kissed her again. With this, Lilith is mine. She’ll never part with me.

「Nya! Master got bigger again! It hurts a bit, Nya, nyaa!」
「I’m about to cum so endure it」
「Myaaaa! Mashter, cumming?」
「Look, it’s the finish. Cum too!」
「Myaaaaaaa! Master! Intense!!」

I put my hands on Misha’s waist and did a high speed piston. A solid object shaves Misha’s vaginal wall, love nectar is scraped out from the inside. Misha secrets love nectar to defend herself, the sliding improves steadily. And, I increased the speed even further2

「Myaaaaa! Mashter, wait! thish ish amazhing! Cuming, cumming, cumiiiing! Nyaaaaaaaa!」
「Ooo, Misha, I’m cumming!!」

*Dopyu*! *Byururu*! I threw my semen inside Misha again. At the same time, Misha bend her back and reached climax.
When I pulled out my penis, semen from the two shots come out from her small ass.
Lilith watches is shyly.

「Waa, Mi-chan is too naughty. Are you okay being released inside?」
「Well, since I don’t menstruate yet it’s fine I guess」

Misha’s not on the age where she can get pregnant so it’s okay. I’m free to creampie her.

「Onii-san, what about me?」
「It’s dangerous for you as your body is growing」

Lilith already had menstruated. If she gets pregnant while she’s normally weak, I don’t know what will happen. Since I don’t want her to die, unfortunately but I strictly prohibit creampie. Elves has long safe day so I won’t hold back at that time.
However, Lilith seems dissatisfied with the answer.

「Eh? I’m already an adult aren’t I? Also, I want Onii-san’s child!」
「Breast becomes big if you get pregnant. If you do, you’ll win against Lululie?」
「Au, that’s no good. Definitely no. …Got it. My breast will be bigger than Onee-chan!」
「That’s the spirit. Hey, lick this」
「Ah, Un. 」

When I showed Misha’s ass, Lilith showed hesitation. However, she made up her mind and licked it, *Perori*, she licked the semen.

「Nyaaa! Lilith-chi?」
「Picha… It tastes Mi-chan and Onii-san」

*Picha Picha*, Lilith licks Misha’s crotch. Because she licked me and swallowed up my semen, her resistance disappeared.

Then *Kushun*! A sneeze echoed.
The source of the sound is Lilith. It seems that her body had gone cold as she was naked the whole time.
This is bad, we ended our naughty time and washed off our body in a hurry.
I and Misha hurriedly wiped Lilith’s body, when she put a change of clothes, Lilith became hot.

Since Lilith’s futon can’t be used, I laid her down on Lululie’s futon. Though I’m worried if she could sleep well on that demonic field, it seems that Lilith is accustomed to it.
The doctor came immediately after I called him, it was diagnosed as cold.
I and Misha reflects on our lack of consideration and swore to ourselves not to do naughty stuff in the bath.


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