Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Matifa’s betrayal

I left Lilith who caught a cold to Misha and I walked around the outer wall alone. Felix should be arriving soon.
When I finished my deliberate preparations and stand watch the west of the town, a horse rider appeared raising a cloud of dust. It’s a big black horse instead of the usual horse, aa middle aged man is straddling over it. It’s the head of the Will Gantt marquis family, Felix. It’s just a single horseman as the other can’t follow him.
It’s appearance has an air of a dignified character. He’s the manly commander who repeatedly tries to aggress the Misumunto Kingdom army on the frontlines His ability is assumed to be just lower than A-class, he’s the strongest knight before Lion appeared.
The sword is as manly as the user, it was said that when he swung the sword against the troll it was smashed to pieces.

At the entrance of the town, several horse carriages had been prepared, waiting for the aristocrats. Felix transferred to the carriage as soon as he arrived and he went straight to the castle. A confidential talk will be carried out.
The carriage arrived at the castle before long, Felix went to the throne immediately.
The conference room isn’t used as it shows importance of the king. Felix giving in to the pressure for a bit has some ulterior motive I guess.

I became invisible and sneaked in with Felix.
The throne, in a nutshell is luxurious and gorgeous. There are some glittering decorations and flags lined up on the wall. A huge chandelier dangles overhead, on my feet is a red carpet spread over the marble pavement.

The leaders of the country are gathered in here.
King Ortiz sits down on the throne magnificently. From the back, the seats lined up against the wall have the royal family, Queen Angela, first prince Radom, second prince Desire sitting on it. The vacant seat on the edge seems to be Seria’s/
Getting down, standing on the track of the carpet is the prime minister Pienta and several cabinet members.
Among the cabinet, there is the head of the Mark Newt marquis house, Trovas. Though he has a figure of a pig, but if you turn your head around, he’s a man with a first class magic skill. Despite that, his appearance is sore to the eye. If you removed the magic skill of Matifa, who’s holding both a cabinet position and the imperial court mage, it is said that the imperial court mag would be a bright person. 1
In addition, there are several knights not less than Lion as guards. The beautiful grey haired woman wearing a black mantle and a three-cornered hat is standing still. Her appearance is different the magical power is without a doubt, Matifa. Why having an adult appearance?

I moved to a blind-spot and removed my invisibility, Matifa sent her eyes over here for an instant. As expected, she noticed me.2

Then, the meeting started immediately. The communication sticks with the formalities to moderation, then, it was Felix’s turn to report. A considerable lie should be mixed by my expectations.

「I will begin to report the investigation about the attack, when the first princess Seria went to the the neighboring country, Misumunto Kingdom the other day. The time of attack was estimated to be the afternoon of the fourth day, All of the 20 assailants were dead. The situation of the attackー」

Felix indifferently briefed. The assailant’s figure is uncertain but they speculated that it’s a bandit based from the equipment There were traces of fights with the knights, the corpse were scattered on the road. They seemed to have tried to escape to the fort but the road was blocked by the landslide. All of the remainder corpse was confirmed at that place.

「Though it’s thought that the corpse died in the fight along the way, it seems that on the landslide site, the death of the 5 knights and 16 bandits were done by a different person」
「Then, who is that person?」

Felix’s way of speaking is assuming importance, Ortiz urged him as he’s unable to wait.

「Assassin 『Beheader』」
「Wha! Beheader!?」

The audience in the throne room became noisy. Apparently, the first report was received by Will Gantt house earlier in secret. I heard some disturbed voice here and there.

「Did he kill 21 people alone?」
「No, it should be impossible as expected. Assuming that Beheader is a B-class, but his battle power is C-class right?」
「That’s right. There’s no way to win against 5 imperial guard knights」
「Then, Seria-sama’s scream is…」
「It’s probably that. Pitiful child」

The cabinet had their own selfish expectations and delusions inflating.
Only Radom fell silent calmly. But, his eyes is burning with anger, it’s as if he’s cursing someone that’s not here to death. Surely, he’s angry at me who disrupted his plan. The offender being angry at the victim.
Only Matifa is the one laughing happily. She seems to be scheming something not good and it makes me uneasy.

But, the participation of the Beheader was recognized by the superior of this country.
In truth, it’s supposed to not be known by anyone, but it can’t be helped if it turned out this way. They don’t know that I’m related to the beaheader, Master won’t say anything so I’m okay.


Silence returned in an instant when Ortiz scold the noisy leaders. It seems that it’s the first time they saw Ortiz like that.

「Felix, Continue」
「Yes. The wagon Seria-sama used was burned on the site. Seria-sama’s steps after that were unclear. We had investigated the it even before leaving the territory, we still don’t know how she came back to the castle」

After Felix’s report ends, Ortiz asked to confirm.

「Then, the Beheader broke in during the fight of the bandits and knights and killed all of them? Then, you say that he sent Seria back the capital afterwards」
「Or perhaps, the Beheader captured Seria-sama and brought her to the capital, then she escaped by herself?」

Ortiz closed his eyes and pondered.
Felix’s report makes no sense at all, it’s impossible to be satisfied with just this. But, I guess that’s the difference in authority as he doesn’t blame him on public.
Trovas broke into silence. A noisy voice was raised from the bottom of the huge belly.

「Felix-dono. Isn’t your attitude to his Majesty impolite? What is that report? Though Seria-sama was attacked in your territory, you don’t understand anything? In the first place, bandits can’t attack a carriage guarded with knights. There’s a rumor that the assailants were your own troops. Someone rescued Seria-sama? Aren’t you just putting the blame on some invisible assassin? Your Majesty, Leaving this matter to marquis Will Gantt and his knight troop is dangerous. Us, Mark Newt House will investigate it!」

One sided denunciation and claiming of non-existent right. But, only Mark Newt house is the only one who can oppose Will Gantt, It’s a natural flow that they will join the investigation. Afterwards, the fabricated evidence of Will Gantt house was diminished, Will Gantt house screamed to hinder the investigation. If things go well, no one will be able to steal the credit for my plan for performing meritorious deeds by saving Seria

Also, it would be implied that they are more dominant in performance than the Will Gantt house.
They really are in bad terms.

Felix completely disregarded Trovas’ provocation. He just waited for Ortiz’s word silently. The surrounding noble were a bit noisy, but they fell silent immediately and watched Ortiz.

Ortiz wrinkle up his forehead, he’s thinking about something patiently. At a glance, it looks like they surround and overpower the from the throne, but I can only think of it as the defendant’s seat. Because the pressure given off by the two noble is quite strong. It’s like a subordinate being blamed by the boss, I sympathize a bit. \
Before long, Ortiz opened his mouth.

「I want to ask Matifa-dono. Is it possible to transport Seria from the border to here in half a day?」

Matifa who was called stepped forward and expressed her opinion aimlessly.

「You asked the same thing the other day. My answer won’t change. It’s possible for me. Also, the flying dragon party of Misumunto and the fast footed tamed monster would be able to. However, it’s difficult to do it without anyone finding out. Even if I use magic seriously, the person near me would notice immediately, you would also be alarmed immediately if it’s a flying dragon. It will be witnessed in the highway if it’s a beast. If Felix investigated, the possibility would be low. That Beheader surely has an amazing secret transportation skill. ーーPerhaps, he might even be here?」

Matifa ended her talk happily. She’s definitely thinking of something no good. Does she intend to sell me out!?

「!! Matifa-dono, do you have a basis for that?」

Felix reacted to Matifa’s words immediately. Only this fellow knows the truth. Namely, the beheader that slaughtered the 21 people to hinder kidnapping, bringing Seria for half a day. That’s why, he can’t ignore Matifa’s words.
Matifa answered proudly.

「Of course. Actually, there’s an intruder in the castle for these past several days, he easily escaped the barrier that I have put. I throw in a familiar but the tables were turned on her too. Even I don’t understand what his ability is. He’s really amazing. It’s a first time for me too. If it’s him, he can surely bring back Seria」

Matifa told it like it’s nothing.

Oi, don’t joke with me!
What an ill-natured woman!
I feel really irritated on her grinning face!
She knows that I can’t meddle in so she’s doing it on purpose!
This what Master probably told about!!

It won’t change no matter how much I curse her. It keeps turning worse instead.
Next, It was Lion who reacted. The moment that she said ‘intruder’, his hand was already on the holy sword on his waist.

「Matifa-dono, can you see where he is!?」
「Of course. It’s that shadow of that pillar」

Matifa didn’t hesitate and spoke my location. Lion began to run the next moment.
TeleportーToo late!
I used the boost of flight and jumped out of the shade with all my power.


After a moment, the sword cuts the space where I was into two. Does this fellow intend to kill me!?

「!! You avoided it? Then!」

Lion continued to pursue. His speed is a bit faster or equal than Misha.
If it comes to this, I can’t make a grudge on the ability. I concentrated on evasion with all my might.
Lion calmly jumped horizontally, rising up almost touching my feet. A slash was fired from that shining blade and the thick pillar was cut into two.
I push out a dagger to Lion while sweating cold, he bent his face and avoided skillfully. But, that’s within my calculations. I controlled my altitude with flight ability, I let out a back kick from an impossible posture. The blade sticking out from the heel approaches the back of the head of Lion.


Lion who caught the attack from the blind spot didn’t even flinch. The damage hadn’t reached his skin but it’s only to a degree where it cut his beautiful long blonde hair. His defensive power isn’t normal.
I fell as my flight ability is cancelled because I touched Lion’s back.
Lion turned back and mowed his sword. I stuck to Lion’s back to evade the blade part, but his arm hit and blew me off. The arm I used to guard hurts terribly.

「Majesty, permission to use magic!」
「Permitted. Catch him alive!」

Ortiz surrendered his life to Trovas’ shout. Meanwhile, I become desperate and continue dodging Lion’s pursuit.
When I was hit, I wrapped around a wire in Lion’s arm and I throw the other out the chandelier. Lion regains his balance after cutting the wire.
I want to use teleportation but there’s no chance to concentrate. I can run away with invisibility, but I was damaged with a even if I’m not seen, furthermore, it’s no good if my judgement becomes dull.
A small injury is all right, but it’s fatal in this situation to become stale even for a moment.

Lion switched tactics from big swings to fast movement. A two-consecutive attack was lunch instantly, I wasn’t able to dodge it so my right arm and left thigh were significantly cut.
Blood spouts out vigorously from the cut the arteries. I’m already helpless when I lose mobility. I was unable to endure and ran away in the air.

「Flame Arrow」

Magic rushes on me who flew up. Trovas fired out 48 flaming arrows A magic that will become a fatal injury if you got hit with one. I fly around at full speed on the pillars lined up as shield. The pursuing arrow hit the pillar and ceiling and were scattered in pieces. The speed is equal. Just a small mistake in the course and it would catch up.
Sometimes, the fire arrows have Lion’s slash mixed with it. I dodged everything with a paper-thin difference while going to the escape hatch. But, when I approached my path of retreat, Matifa summoned many low-class demons.

「Matifa you Traitor!」3
「That’s upsetting. This much is nothing for you right? Please show me more of your power」

Matifa twist her mouth happily.
It’s difficult to convince Matifa in this situation. I gave up escaping on the window and turned around.
From the back, Lion chases after using the wall and stone pillar as foothold. Just letting off guard for a bit, his slash flies immediately. Furthermore, Trova’s fire arrows and Matifa’s summoned demons hinder me. I can’t lose my spirit for a moment. My field of vision grows hazy because I loose too much blood, my concentration has declined too. There’s no more room for tricks anymore.

Furthermore, more enemy joined.
The moment I avoided Lion’s slash, Radom appeared in front of me. He raised his fist and strike at me.

「Diee! Beheader!!!」

I made the dagger intersect, it wasn’t enough to receive it and was broken. Though I was able to evade a direct hit in the body, Radom’s fist crushed my right arm bone. I fall to the hard floor while spinning.

「This is the end!」

Radom raised his fist with the look of anger. In addition, the fire arrow floats surrounding me, and Lion is waiting with his sword on the outside. I can no longer escape. It was the moment I thought I died.


Ortiz’s roar rang between the throne.
Radom, Lion, and Trovas stopped moving. I quickly throw a smoke ball and used teleportation.


  1. 現在は大臣職と宮廷魔導士を兼任しており、Matifaを除けば魔法の腕は宮廷魔導士で一番だと言われている秀才でもある。
  2. Matifa isn’t qualified to be a Senpai
  3. Traitor!