Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 4

Chapter 4: National Idolー Princess Seria

Haa…it’s the worst.
I still don’t know how to live in this world. Even if it has a three meals with a nap, I don’t want to go to the jail.

I walked until the hoodlums can’t see me, used invisibility, then wandered around the town.
I’m attacked by a sense that I will disappear.

My hand’s weigh disappeared,
My foot disappeared from the earth,
The head disappeared from my body,
The beating of my heart disappears

My consciousness is fading immediately. I don’t even know where I am.
Am I alive or dead? I feel like I no longer exist.

Where is this?
Was the school time over?
Did the bus come yet?
When will I arrive at my house?
Huh? Where’s my house?

As I absentmindedly stand up, a silver light came into my view.
A silver light was flickering.

ーーWhat’s this? Should I go closer?

My scattering consciousness concentrated on the silver. An outline be came clearer.

Is this…a human?
Human, probably a girl.
Silver hair…still innocent…a superiour Bishoujo!!

I woke up suddenly at the moment


At the same time, the bishoujo was surprised then screamed. Her feet got tangled, and was going to collapse

「Oops, that was dangerous」

I caught her midair. A girl not yet on her fifth grade. There’s no way I won’t catch her.
My hand casually touched her chest, then rubbed her swelling breast.
Yup, this child is the type that’s thinner in clothes. It’s considerably big on her age.
This one has a promising future…No, she already have one?

「U-uhm, uhm, Awawawa…」

The bisoujo tries to say something, her face was bright red Her eyes was fixed on one point. It’s my free crotch. (TN: reminder that he’s still naked)

While I was enjoying the unexpectedly big chest of hers, my crotch was expanding gradually, it was in attack mode. It’s around half-size right now.

Yup, What am I doing?


I finally woke up. I released my hand from the silver haired bishoujo, then proceed to kneel on the ground immediately. At the same time, a strong headache attacked me. I was somehow able to keep my consciousness and was able to speak words.

「I didn’t mean harm! The thing is, hoodlums stripped me off, I’m at loss, that a while ago…that is, I become engrossed in it…I’m really sorry!!」

I speak an explanation too fast that that doesn’t sound as an excuse.
The idea wasn’t unified due to my confusion and headache, but when they they thought that I’m a suspicious person and caught, I realized that my life would really end. Even if I get caught, it’s possible for me to run with my super powers, but I don’t want to be a criminal suddenly.

My top priority is to ask for this girl’s forgiveness.
As I rub my forehead on the ground, I heard a voice from above.

「Uhm, I’m also sorry. I was just surprised all of a sudden. You even helped me when I was about to fall down」

Ah, this child is easy.

「No, it’s my fault for wandering around like this. You didn’t do anything wrong. Please blame me somehow. And if you do, please forgive me!」
「That’s, you were troubled because you were attacked right? If so, then you’re not bad. Please look up」

What a good child. All of my possessions were stripped off, but I didn’t think that she would believe a naked man easily. I even fondled her breasts. I’m worried that this child would be tricked by a bad guy.

「Thank you very much. I’m really sorry for having such an appearance」

While saying so, I looked up and saw the appearance of the girl.
She has blue eyes and sparkling silver hair. Her features still has some innocence, but I’m sure that she will be a beauty if she grew up. She wore a lovely robe, the fabrics from the gap are likely to be expensiveー I see some frills or something.
She’s certainly a young lady. She might even be called princess by the people.

「You don’t have clothes right? I may have women’s but please wait and put this on. I will have it prepared」

The girl took of her robe and put it over my shoulders. Then, she run with her expensive dress fluttering.

「…It worked somehow」

It is said that when one door shuts, another opens. It seems like the god that sent me on the other world abandoned me, but my luck wasn’t done yet. A bishoujo picked me up from misery, I’m not thrown away!

Still, the headache was terrible. If I’m alone, even if I don’t use my ability, my consciousness is fading again.
Is this headache the recoil of the invisibility? My consciousness began to fly, it’s quite a dangerous ability.

I sat down while taking the robe to my hand. The warmth of the girl that stayed can be felt, I can feel my body coming back.
Then, I remembered the feel of the breast I massaged earlier. It was certainly filed with firm elasticity. Her size was B, no, it was C. I think that she’s still in the middle of growth, just how enjoyable it would be in the future?
Would she continue to grow and become a graceful beautiful woman? I think she didn’t want to grow so much, but with that chest, she should give up on the possibility.
As I was imagining her future figure while sniffing her robe, My son was rising up, it regained it’s vigor.
I grasped the hem of her robe, then rubbed it on my standing dick. The feeling of the fabric was smooth, and the sweet fragrance tickles my brain. The image of that girl in my arms, breathing rough in agony floated in my head. And I reached it immediately.

「!!…What am I doing?」

My sanity returned with headache. It’s strange, my mental state isn’t normal. The proof is the white liquid sticking on the hem of her robe.

「It’s bad… This is bad」

First, let’s remove the evidence. I rubbed my semen on the edge of the wall. Not all of the sperm came off, what should I do?

The girl came back with a big cloth.

「I’m sorry, I was late because I didn’t know your size. Please wear this」

She passed me a gray robe, and I returned her robe in exchange.
The new robe that has been passed to me was of the perfect size that my whole body was hidden.
When I put it on, the girl’s eyes were sparkling, but I decided to not notice for her honor. My cheeks dyed red on her secret service. Are you in the age of curiosity?
The girl put on her robe too. She touched and noticed the dirt on the hem, but she ignored it. I’m relieved.

「You’re okay for the time being. Then, could you tell me what happened in detail?」
「Err, Okay. From where should I start talking…?」

From where should I really start talking? Should I start from coming to an unknown world? I think I should keep silent about my abilities. I don’t remember the location of the hoodlum, I can’t tell her much. Probably. this is the most important.

「You can start anywhere you like. If you’re in trouble, I will help you!」

For some reason, it seems that I’ve fired up her sense of justice. It’s as if she picked up a kitten that has been abandoned. Though, it’s a naked male high school student.
I don’t want to be spoiled so much, but let’s rely on her. After all, I’m just an ordinary flasher.

「First, my name is…」

After that, I spoke what happened in detail. However, I hid about my ability Since this is a trump card, I can’t talk about it carelessly.
The girl was nodding as she listens on my story with great interest.

「Other world is it?… That’s the first time I’ve heard of it. But, certainly I can’t feel any magical power from you…it’s most likely」
「Magical power? There’s magic here?」
「Yes, it’s magic. You never saw it before?」

Saying so, the girl turned her palm to top. Then, a silver colored aura went to her palm, then a fire ball was born from nothingness.

「Oh, seriously?…」(TN: he said Oh in romanji)

It seems that I’ve really come to a swords and magic fantasy world.

「However, I can’t feel any magical power from you, you probably can’t use it. That’s why I was interested…」
「Eh? What do you mean?」

To summarize the story of the girl, all of the residents of this world seems to have innate magical power. Strong or weak, there’s no one with zero.
However, apparently it seems that I have perfect zero magical power using the girl’s sense.
Body can become strong because of magic, I heard that magic is a supernatural phenomenon that can manipulate the mysterious energy.
An otherworlder may believe those immediately, thinking that there’s a lot of abnormality everywhere, magic should be likely possible.
However, I’m weak in this world as I have no magic, living would be difficult. It would be strange if I can live for a month.

As expected, I was abandoned by the gods. I guess it was bad to be greedy and ask for the three superpower…

I get depressed when it was proclaimed that I will only have a month to live, but the girl took my hand and gave me words of encouragement.

「Rest assured. We can address to that」
「Really!? You’re really a lifesaver!」
「That’s exaggerating. But, I’m glad I’m able to help you」

When I looked up, the girl smiled. She’s really happy. I see her smiling broadly.

「That’s right, can you tell me your name? I don’t know when, but I want to express my gratitude.」
「That reminds me, I didn’t tell you yet. I’m the first princess of Rasuhairu Kingdom, Seria. Your words of gratitude is fine already. It’s my duty as a royalty to help those who are in trouble」

This was the event when I came in this world three years ago. And, that was my first encounter with princess Seria.

After that, Seria introduced me to a teacher, then I have obtained the way to live in this world through hell training.
I’m hopeless when it comes to magic, but I’m able to oppose to some degree as I forged my physical strength. Then, I polished my three super power, learned various combat techniques, I established my own fighting style.
And now, under my master’s guidance, and me performing my super power secretly, I can now live in this world. Other than that, since Humans with no magic power can’t live on the surface of this world, I inevitably went out of sight.

Since I don’t have any magic power, it becomes a tremendous handicap.
My body is weaker compared to ordinary people, just a slight incident would injure me, and my body is weak against diseases. In this world, even virus and bacteria are strengthened by magic. (TN: Holy shit, fire attribute ebola!)
Therefore I can’t accept any normal work, I’m struggling to find a job.
I can now understand why the hoodlums at that time were gentle with me. He’s really a nice guy. To not injure me, he dropped me on a place that’s well ordered.

Currently, my work is to sneak in the houses of aristocrats and gather information, Sometimes I take dangerous contracts such as assassination, or raiding a VIP.
During practice I was close to death a lot of times, my daily life is close to death again, my heart that was rough grew rougher.
This world is filled with enemies. There’s no trustworthy humans here.
They can say anything with their mouth, but no one knows what they think deep inside.
Because I have half-hearted strange abilities, I can use it to make up for comrades. Since I can use it to kill, there are a lot of those guys.
Whenever I got conscious that I’m receding from normalcy, I pray to return to Japan a lot. However, even if I struggle, the way to return isn’t found.

But, there’s still one method I haven’t tried.

『You can travel the world as you like. 』

That one sentence that was the trigger to come to this world. If I read this coercively, it would read as: if I do as I wish I’ll be able to return. The contents of the letter was so forcibly broad in interpretation that there’s no definite promise, but I reached out my hand wanting to rely on it.
What I wished that time was to go to different world and violate pure and innocent beauties.

I imagined the wide smile of princess Seria. It’s a smile that I can’t forget for this three years. She’s a one of my few benefactors in this other world, she’s truly a realizable person.
She was the oasis on this rough world.
I’ve come across the city several times before, but it grew even more beautiful and much more refined than before.
She’s like an angel that smiles to everybody, roaming around the city wanting to help something.
She often plays with the young children, then helping those handicapped old people and they thank her for it.
The crooks can’t reach their hands on princess Seria as she finished the laws in the town. At most, they can’t run away if they start a fight.
That girl is the Idol of the town.

I’m also one of her fan. You could say I’m a enthusiastic fan.
I’m willing to throw my life for her. It’s cheap as long as I can defend her smile.
If I violate someone like her that smiles like an angel recklessly and mate with herーno, it’s different.

「It’s no god, me. Aren’t you grateful of princess Seria?」
「Is that so? If so, I have the right job」

Someone responded to my soliloquy. This was my work room. Unknown people can’t enter.
In other words, the one who answered is someone I permitted to enter.

「Cathy? You have a new job?」

Suddenly, a tall beautiful woman with black hair and black suit gushed out from the shadow. Her brown skin and her sharp ears are the proof that she’s a dark elf. A sharp glint in eye can be seen on the darkness.
The visitor were my Ane’s apprentice, My senpai in life, and currently my assistant, she’s the dark elf Cathy.