Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 40

Chapter 40: New Commission

I teleport to my room and that’s where I lost consiousness.
Next thing I know is I woke up on the bed. Cathy was next to me.
It seems that my life has been saved.

「Sorry, I was beaten badly」
「No, don’t mind it. It’s good that you lived, let’s think of that for now」

Today’s Cathy is unusually gentle. When I looked at my own body, my wounds were treated and had bandaged applied.

「My wounds…」
「Master came and cured it. However, please take a rest tonight」
「Master… What did he say?」
「He said that you lost just according to the schedule」
「…Dammit, everyone is just toying with me!」

I swung my fist down to the bed.
Even Matifa, Even master, just what do they think of me?
Matifa absolutely enjoyed that situation. Though I don’t know what she’s thinking nor her plans, there’s no doubt that she exposed me for her own entertainment.

Master is being Master. Knowing that this will happen, he sent me to guard Seria. Nevertheless, he drove his disciple to death without any warning. I wonder if he thinks I’m better off dead.

「You seem to be quite angry. Could you tell me what happened?」

Cathy only asked me calmly. Thanks to that, my brain cooled off a little.

「ーーGot it」

Then, I told Cathy the daytime events. What Felix reported in the capital. The leaders of the country and strong men gathered together in a place, then Matifa’s betrayal. Then, taking an all-out attack, and having barely run away.

「If Master didn’t go all out at you fromt he beginning, you might’ve died. It seems that it’s not Lion’s full power, as expected it’s useless to fight someone with that class」
「Well, that’s true. If you can do that, you’ll be a Hero」

HeroーーA person who can get over any hardships and rescue many people. If someone can force to hold down that situation, it’s not impossible for him to destroy or rescue a country.

「You must be joking. I’m not a hero but the one being beaten by the hero. Rather than that, what’s the current situation?」

Just how long was it after I fainted? What happened after the meeting? What’s the state of the castle? Is Seria safe? What about Lululie? Did Misha betray me too? Various question runs through my head.

「It’s been half a day since you passed out. The date is about to change soon. I took over the guard duty you received from Lululie. She was surprised when I went to the castle gate to meet her, but that’s probably okay. Elves hate and are wary of dark elves, but she was convinced when I said I’m an acquaintance of Ren. I told her that you’re injured and is taking care of something」
「I see, sorry about that」
「No, I’m your assistant after all」

It’s seems Cathy had dealt with Lululie. She may be useless in some places but she’s much more experienced than me. There’s no need to worry.
She’s really a reliable elder sister.

「You know Misha’s state?」
「It’s that cat girl beast right? She seem to have noticed me but she didn’t take any strange behavior. But, we must be cautious」
「You’re right. Should I check on that?」

If it was decided, she can’t enter. The wound still hurts but I didn’t mind it. I can’t say so sure that Seria, Lululie, and Lilith are safe. I must move.
However, Cathy holds me down.

「Please take some rest」
「Like hell I can. After seeing Misha’s state, I will check Seria’s safety. Then, I’ll interogate Matifa. I’ll leave you to guard Lululie. Please keep watch whether Misha is doing bad」

Matifa is already an enemy. I don’t think I will win but it’s clear that she had betrayed me. I could destroy the research building at minimum. If it comes to this, then it’s do or die resistance.
Cathy looked at me angrily and sighed. It seems that persuasion is impossible already.

「Even if I told you you won’t listen. Then, Ren, there’s an additional commission from Master」

Then, Cathy took out the parchment and parcel which is rolled on the nearby stand.

「Additional commission is the assasination of Matifa Lau Ell Pito. Master gave this as this is necessary」

A pair of dagger was taken out from the package. It’s a cursed black sword with ancient characters carved into it.
It’s different from the fake the three idiots1 have. The magical power dwelling on it is the real thing.

「This is…」
「It’s a cursed sword that absorbs magic. Though it’s a top class cursed sword that sucks up the magical power of the owner, it doesn’t matter to you. It’s an order that you will use that and kill the witch of supreme time」

Cathy described it cool-headedly.
Basically, master’s orders are absolute. If you declined. you’ll go through a fearful experience. Still, it’s better than dying.
This has an entirely different reason from guarding Seria. The reason why I risk my life is because I want to protect Seria.
But, what’s the meaning of this commission.
No, is it possible in the first place?

「…Do you seriously think I can?」
「At least Master thinks you will」

Cathy answered my question in an instant. I think it’s not just master but Cathy as well think it’s possible.

Can I kill Matifa? That’s difficult in two meaning.
First, the difference in overwhelming pwoer. She has a vast amount of magical power and botomless magic. It’s impossible to break up in front.
She probably has some measures against surprise attack kills. I can’t go in using teleportation. And, I have no chance of winning in direct combat.
Next would be my feelings. The woman who slept with me betrayed me. I became attached to her. Can I possibly kill her?

Thinking what to do, Cathy talked to me, pressing for answers.

「It seems you’re worried. However, your body is in danger if you don’t do it. I honestly don’t know what the witch called Matifa can do. If this escalates just like that, you’ll die the following day. Isn’t it wise to kill her as master said before it’s too late?」
「…That’s true」

The talk ended with that. Though I didn’t make a clear answer, I received the cursed sword.
I felt the cursed sword handed to me awfully heavy.

After talking to Cathy, I turned up to Lululie’s house to see how Misha is before going to the castle.
I entered quietly to not wake someone but Lululie is already awake in the middle of the night.
Lululie noticed me and called out to me with a surprised voice.

「Ah, Ren-san, you were safe!!」
「Were you up and waiting for me?」
「Yes, I feel uneasy. Lilith and Misha-chan were awake until now, as one would expect, they’re put to sleep」

Lululie stares at my body intently. Then, she noticed the bandage wound on my arm and she touched it gently.

「You really are hurt. Are you all right?」
「I’ll get better as soon as the treatment ends. Sorry I wasn’t able to pick you up today」
7「No, please don’t mind it. I’m relieved that you’re safe more than anything else」

Lululie felt relieved. Though she heard from Cathy that I can’t come, she waited for me specially.

「Sorry to worry you. But, are you fine without sleep?」
「I’m so uneasy that I can’t sleep. As I mentioned yesterday, my father died when he was attacked by a demon…」
「You did say that. But, be relieved as I’m alive」

It seems that Cathy pretended that I was attacked by a demon. If that’s the case, Lululie’s worry is understandable.
That time, my stomach grumbled. Come to think of it, I hadn’t eaten anything after breakfast.
Lululie giggled silly.

「Ren-san, have you eaten dinner yet? Should I make a light midnight snack?」
「No, you should sleep already. You have work tomorrow right?」
「It’s fine. The injured person should take a rest」

Leaving that unsaid, Lululie disappeared to the kitchen. I confirmed Misha’s state meanwihle.

Misha is lying down on the bed with Lilith. The blanket was off and her belly is exposed. Seeing her sleeping face, I can’t see her plotting something.
If I kill Matifa, what would Misha think? Will she get angry? Or sad? She might even come for me as revenge.
What about if I got killed? I think she’ll be sad but the possibility of her being glad as he was freed from being a slave isn’t zero.
What should I do?

Lululie returned to the living room with the midnight snack she made for me.
Lululie seeing me threw out a question.

「You look gloomy. Are you worrying about something?」
「…Does it really come out of my face?」
「Yes, a face that’s facing hardships. You can consult me if you’re okay with it」

Lululie sits down, looked straight to my eye and asked. Words naturally leave my mouth.

「Just a bit, I was betrayed by someone I thought is a companion」
「Betrayal is it? Then you were injured with that. Do you know the reason?」
「She2 probably means no harm It’s like a child prank. But, it’s not a prank on a permissible level. Depending on the case I will…」

Kill. I didn’t say it. When I said that, it will be denied certainly. If that happens, I won’t be able to put my hand on Matifa anymore
It’s easier to run that way. But, what’s most important isn’t Matifa. I mustn’t make a mistake on my priorities.
Lululie listened to me then pondered. Then, she began to speak slowly.

「Is it a child’s prank? Lilith often plays prank at me too. I do scold her but it does not heal easily. After Ren-san came she became docile but she’s originally lively. But, that person isn’t a child but an adult isn’t it? I think an adult must atone properly」

Lululie express her honest opinion.
Certainly, that’s correct as an adult. Even if Matifa has a form of a child, her inside is still a splendid adult. If it’s her, I have to draw the line properly.
However, Lululie continued to speak.

「But if Ren-san suffers from it, then you don’t have to do the impossible, right? For example, I think the best method would be to cut all your ties with her」

Lululie was worried about me till the end. A way for my fear to escape my body was presented.
Cut off relations with Matifa. But that means giving up on Seria and not entering the castle at all. I can’t do that.
At the point where I got related to person called Matifa, I can no longer prepare an escape.
However, What Lululie said isn’t meaningless. She’s an outsider who knows nothing. Therefore, I will receive her sentiment for now.

「That’s right. There’s also that method」
「Yes, that’s why, please don’t force yourself too much. You can always consult me anytime, I’ll even hear your grumbles」

Then, the talk ended. I took over the cleaning of dishes and I forced Lululie to sleep.
I decided to do nothing about Misha for now. I tidy up while she’s sleeping, Misha doesn’t seem to be a hindrance.


  1. Aal izz Well!
  2. It’s a pronoun game, he doesn’t mention the gender