FIT Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Worry

After Lululie slept, I went to the castle alone.
I thought that I might not be able to pass through the barrier of the castle anymore, but I passed through without problems. It seems that Matifa still intends to welcome me.
I go around the nights yawning in the castle. The uproar during daytime is probably the reason of the increase of personnel. I won’t make a mess to be caught in this degree, but it doesn’t chance that it’s a troublesome thing.

Then, I reached Seria’s room slightly later than usual.
There’s no changes here in particular.
I thought that she’s already asleep but she’s lying in the bed idling.
I used a key to open and check the window. Entering while paying attention to traps, Seria noticed me and turned over.

「So you were alive!」

Seria talked to me vigorously in surprise. In addition, she jumped out the bed with an angry look.

「I heard it from father. It was you who sneaked in the audience, right!? And you were injured greatly. When you didn’t come in the evening, I thought you have died!」
「What? You’re worried? It should’ve been convenient for you if I died」
「I-I’m not worried at all! …Then? Is your injury already fine?」

For some reason Seria is showing tsun-tsun. It seems that Seria is worried about me.

「Yeah, the treatment already ended, I’m fine. But, since I can’t do extreme movements, let’s postpone for the other day」
「You seem to be energetic enough to make a joke. Geez, it became hard for you to evade because you came here in succession」

Seria turned away while speaking in an angry tone.
I stubbornly asked what happened after the audience was over. Ortiz have questioned the two brothers and Lion. Still, Seria doesn’t know what passed through.

「If you’ve got a complain, tell that to Matifa. It’s all her fault」
「I heard about it. I don’t know the reason but it was unfortunate. However, it’s no good if you do something bad. I was deserted the day before yesterday, and only cruel things ahead of that. Additionally, you sneaked during the audience, you can’t complain if you got killed」

As expected, Seria being my foremost victim won’t be on my side. I reap what I saw so it can’t be helped.

「Also, weren’t you the Assassin named Beheader who’s making a ruckus in the streets, aren’t you? Just how many people have you killed? Just how many bad things you’ll do before you get satisfied?」

Far from being an ally, Seria has started to sermon suddenly. Why am I being scolded by a younger girl?

「No, that’s…」
「I didn’t think of you to be that kind of person. Somehow or another, I thought of that because you saved me. But, I was wrong. I was disillusioned as you’re an assassin who killed many innocent people. Is it right in your world to kill a person? IS the peaceful country you talked about three years ago a lie? Hey, what is it?」

Seria kept talking without hearing my excuse. She began to mind my wrongdoings after knowing my safety. It seems she’s really angry. Or rather, isn’t the change in her attitude from the other day too fast? Where did Seria’s fear of me go?

「Calm down a bit. My story doesn’t matter anyway」
「It’s not! I decided! I will absolutely reform you. Then, I’ll make you say sorry!」

Seria thrust her finger out. Her heavy breast shakes at the same time.
There won’t be a problem if I just apologized but Seria seems to be serious. Her way of thinking that’s sweeter than sugar is one of her qualities.

「This won’t finish the story with just a sorry I guess…」
「Still. You should apologize properly and make up for your crimes. First of all, Apologize to me. But still I won’t forgive what you did to me」
「No, don’t forgive me. Also, I won’t be able to play with you if I apologized, right? I’ll never apologize」
「Then I won’t forgive you either. I might expose you just like what Matifa-sama did」
「You’re different from Matifa. You can’t do that」
「You don’t know that」
「No, you can’t. I can ascertain that」

That’s right, that’s the decisive difference between Matifa and Seria.
Seria dislikes to hurt others. That’s why, she can’t imitate actions which exposes others to danger. She’d rather sacrifice her own instead of doing that sort of thing. I don’t know what will happen if she’s really cornered but, normally, it’s unlikely for her to expose me.
But, Matifa didn’t think that far. She’s an egoistic person that does what she wants and doesn’t consider the danger for others. The result, the surroundings display various suffering. I almost died this time. Perhaps, she might’ve damaged a lot of humans until now. Then, if I leave her alone she won’t stop with me as a victim.
Even Seria the other day, had been played by Matifa after she dried me out. Though I didn’t see it because I returned, she still had some hard time.

「Hey, from your point, how do you see Matifa?」
「Yeah, I see her as dangerous, but how do you see her?」
「Let’s see…」

‘Uun’, Seria put her elbow against her hand and pondered.

「I’m a bit envious of Matifa-sama. Matifa-sama is strong, beautiful and a free person. I often think if I have that strength. Especially, recently it’s large」

Seria stared at me. Don’t stare at me so much

「Also, Matifa-sama is my teacher in magic. She teaches me strange magic occasionally but she’s usually a good teacher who teaches thoroughly」

Could it be that magic is Matifa’s work? She’s really good.
But, Misha is also good, so I guess she’s good at taking care of someone. I guess it’s the elderly-grandchild precious theory I guess.

「But, there’s a place I couldn’t think about. Though she’s talkative and is speaking on us royalty casually, she never spoke her real feelings. However, it was slightly different when she was with you」
「In what way?」
「It’s the first time I saw Matifa-sama getting so emotional. Normally, she’s cold. Also, did you notice it to? When your interest is directed at me, Matifa-sama is really angry. Her anger looks cute but she’s serious. I know that as a woman」1

Seria confirmed that it’s certain.
Certainly, she was dissatisfied but I didn’t think she’s angry to that extent. But, I guess it’s different for Seria.

「She’s angry? I only see her acting playfully with me」
「Yes, she’s angry. Although I can’t understand it in the slightest, Matifa-sama seriously love you. Yet, you lust over this and that… Do you intend to make a harem? If you do that you’ll be stabbed by someone like Matifa. Though she said that she’s fine being a mistress, I can’t possibly think she’s satisfied with that」

Seria began to say something incredibly horrible. Certainly, she might’ve squeezed me dry because I made angered her. But, being dried out is merely a result ?
Seeing me shudder, Seria continued to talk.

「Also, there’s something that still bothers me」
「Matifa-sama’s magical power. It’s not of a human’s. She seemed to have lived for a long time, she might’ve been burdened with such a big thing. She showed it to you, she wants you to know」
「She wants me to know?」
「Yes, she did. It’s said that when a woman shows her ugly self it has a big meaning. It might be a test to make you feel relieved but I can’t think of anything else other than that. I don’t know it’s meaning but, surely this must be connected to today」

What does Matifa want me to know? If I can know it, can she be understood?
But, I can’t understand it at all. I can’t come to understand.
Matifa doesn’t say the important thing, so I can’t guess it well.
Then, Matifa doesn’t speak to me who can’t understand, the same thing repeats. One day, I’ll seriously die.

「Hey, who do you think would win if I and Matifa fought?」
「…What are you saying so suddenly? Do you intend to fight Matifa-sama?」
「Just answer」
「Geez. Please don’t fight no matter what. One of you will definitely die. I don’t want to see that. You should become Matifa-sama’s pet rather than fighting her. I’ll be at peace if you do so, and it would solve everything」

Seria judges that I would seem to win against Lion, and I’m equally matched against Matifa.
Also, being Matifa’s pet is rejected.2 It’ll be insufficient no matter what.

In the end, I left Seria’s room without doing anything. I’m alone right now, staring at the starry sky from the castle’s roof
The starry sky seen here is different from Earth. There’s no Orion belt, Scorpio nor the Dipper. However, only the milkly way flowed through the starry sky of this world.
While immersing in a nostalgic mood, I remembered what everyone said.

Master ordered to kill Matifa. I don’t understand the reason but it’s Master. He’s probably thinking about a foolish thing like world peace.
Cathy also agreed. In her case, it’s because she’s worried about me. In other words, Cathy judged Matifa to be dangerous.
Lululie said that I should cut our relationship. I agree with that, I think that’s the best method. Matifa is the type that get’s conceited if you let her do more. But the real situation, there’s no effective way to break off our relations.
Seria told me to become Matifa’s pet3 That’s bullshit.

Also, I didn’t hear anything from Misha who knows Matifa the most. Though there’s the possibility that Matifa has a hidden reason, in the end I ran away because I was too scared to hear the answer. If I got betrayed by Misha, I would be hard for me to know what to do. Therefore, It’s necessary to conclude it tonight while Misha is asleep.

「What’s up with that…」

This is the first time I got worried about killing someone. It’s natural for a human to die, I grant death for granted.
But, what about Matifa?
She betrayed me, I almost died. That’s enough reason for me.
It’s to dangerous to keep her company any longer. What that girl can do can escalate further. If that happens, I clearly won’t be safe. If I think rationally, I should take care of her before it’s too late.

But, she cooperated with me. Making me pass through the castle’s barrier helped me very much.

It’s fortunate that her interest is poured into me. She shows no behavior of attacking anyone other than me for the moment.
Normally you would attack Seria who’s a rival in love. If Seria had died in an accident and she treat me kindly, I’m confident that I would easily be deceived. She’s really a sick person to the core. But, I didn’t see that behavior from her. Does she really love me?

I remembered my first time meeting Matifa. She was lonely. She’s seeking a person’s warmth after living for a long time alone. Her figure is artificial but her content is a human.
However, I wonder if she’s looking at me? Did she just see me because I and my ability were special?

My doubts are endless.
In the end, I know nothing about Matifa4 Thus, I can’t come into conclusion no matter how I think.

「I don’t think about these things before…」

I headed to Matifa’s place without reaching conclusion.


  1. Woman instincts, scary
  2. Thank you. I don’t want to drop this just because you submitted to Matifa
  3. Dammit Seria!
  4. Ren Snow