Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Farewell

I finally arrived at Matifa’s research building. Should’ve noticed that I have come. I opened the door to Matifa’s room while being careful if there are traps or barrier.

「Hi, welcome. For you to be able to move with that wound, you seem to have an excellent healer as an acquaintance」

Matifa didn’t receive me timidly, instead she welcomed me in her usual tone. Her appearance is the adult woman. Although her nice chest is boldly exposed, I’m not in that mood today.

「Matifa、what do you plan to do during daytime, Depending on your reply, you might not get out of this unscathed.」

I threw my words with bloodlust included in it. Matifa parried it calmly.

「Oh? Are you angry? I was just playing around. I want to brag about you that it slipped out of my mouth. That’s because they doubted your ability. I can’t forgive that. Isn’t it natural for me as your woman to think that you should receive recognition? Also, you won’t die with just that. Actually, you lived and visited me even」

There’s no change in Matifa’s attitude as expected. If Ortiz didn’t stop them that time, or if Cathy and master didn’t treat me, I would’ve died without fail. But, despite that, this fellow only think that it’s a small degree.

「Matifa, you’re not willing to repent?」
「Of course, I’m reflecting on it. When I thought that you would be killed by Radom, my heart’s beating stopped. I overdid it. It was my bad」

Though she said that she’s sorry, there’s no signs of remorse in her attitude at all. This fellow will surely do the same thing again.
I fear that it’s likely true up until now. When she likes a a man, she probably play around and beat them until they die or run away.
This is the true color of the Witch named Matifa. If left alone, I would also be lead to the road of destruction. I must stop right here right now.

「Are you really sorry?」
「I think so. Also, even if Ortiz didn’t stop them that time, I would not let you die no matter what. That’s because I can’t think of losing you. That’s why, don’t worry. As long as you’re in this castle, you’ll never die」

Matifa’s hand wrapped in black gloves extends to my cheek. Then, she stroke it gently like admiring a treasure.
But, I don’t think I would be entangled by this snake. Unable to bear it, I removed her hand.
Still, Matifa’s attitude didn’t change.

「Were you able to be close to death? Also, when you revealed my identity, I’ll definitely be captured and killed. Yet, you think that you can convince me with those words?」
「Of course, I understand. I even thought of running you away that time. 1 I’ll defend you without fail」

Matifa is making a plea while spreading both her hands. Of course, I won’t yield to that temptation.

「You’re just cornering people. Are you disregarding my will?」
「I respect your will at most. That’s why I didn’t obstruct your date with Seria, aren’t you managing inside the castle freely? If you’d like, I can protect you along with Seria. You two can just flirt at a safe place until the internal matters settle down. Even if Lion came, I can do something about it」

I moved and Matifa approached me. She embraced me and pressed into her soft chest. It seems that a poison of seduction is loaded to her every action and gesture, I raised my vigilance.

「What do you want to do?」
「What do I want to do? Didn’t I just say it? I want to learn everything about you. I got a considerable amount of data of your ability from today’s battle. It was meaningful and I found out something new. For instance, you can’t use two abilities at the same time」
「I didn’t hear that. Why are you here? For what are you living for?」
「My purpose on living? That’s quite a philosophical question. Let’s see…nothing in particular, maybe? Although I do like magic research, that’s not my purpose for living. It’s merely killing time. When there’s nothing to do, I often just sleep through the years」

Matifa seems lonesome in some respect. Living for such a long time, she doesn’t have a purpose for living. Then just what is supporting Matifa for her to put up with the hundreds of years up until now?

「But, I’m having fun right now. Because you’re here right now」

Matifa whispered in my ears. Her hand coils my back and her legs entwine. If this goes on, I’ll be eaten by this witch.

「I can’t understand. You’re living because you don’t want to die? Or is it that you can’t die?」
「There’s no such thing. Although I overcame my life span, I’d die if I get killed.2 But because I’m afraid to die, I don’t think I can kill myself. Also, there was no one who was able to kill me in the past. That’s why I am still living to this date. But, I’m able to feel you this way because I’m living. I love you. 3 ーーAh, I see. I’m sure I was born to meet you」

Then, the embracing Matifa moved to the bed.
I don’t understand what Matifa is thinking. But, I do know that she wants me earnestly, but I don’t understand what makes Matifa attracted so much.
She’s like this from the beginning. Appearing suddenly, demands me one-sidedly, then exhaust me. The exchange of words keeps escalating more and more.
Matifa surely doesn’t look at me. She’s only feeling the me who has an unknown ability, true colors, just man who came from the other world with a unique history and special nature.
She’s not seeing me as a sole person but a sign of a special existence. Otherwise she won’t like someone like me.

「Matifa, why do you want me?」
「That’s quite an ambiguous question. I wonder if you want to make love right now. Although I saw your body fall down today, it hurts but it can’t be helped. It’s been a while since I had an adult form and I thought that this body would delight you. It seems that you like those who have big breasts」

Then, Matifa threw me in the bed then pressed her indecent breast. The elastic chest changed shape when it was squashed.
I still can’t comprehend her words. The things I and Matifa see are too different. I do not know hat she seek. She surely has gone crazy.

「That’s not it, Matifa. What are you expecting from me?」
「Expectation? Let’s see, I expect from you… But, I’m hesitating whether I should say it to you. You are fine as your own. There’s no need to worry about what I say」

Saying that, she kissed me. The sticky saliva and tongue were sucked in. The soul seems to be sucked together with the saliva, fear boils up. The groin was groped at the same time. If this continues, I’ll be squeezed and wither just like usual.
I separate my lips from Matifa then made a last question.

「Matifa, could you stop it? I’m not in the mood right now」
「What? Even though it’s rare for me to take an adult form, you’re so cold. If there’s an injury I can back-it up so there’s no need to worry. Or are you still angry on about earlier? If so you can vent it out on my body. It’s okay, I’ll accept it all」

Then, Matifa stuck her mouth again.
I convicted myself as my mouth is being violated. It’s already too late for Matifa. She’s already broken and mad. Even if I associate myself with her, I can’t accompany her as I’m only a human. Even if she thinks that I’m a special, I’m just a nobody. Also the lowest class that raped a woman.

There’s only one thing I can do for Matifa. I will bring an end to her long life.
This is for mine and for her sake.

I pulled out quietly the dagger I received from Master.
If this dagger negates magical power, then it won’t have a problem against Matifa’s absurd magical power.
I turn my hand and hugged Matifa like a lover.
Matifa who’s absorbed in the kiss doesn’t notice at all.

I can kill her right now.
There’s no time but now.

I’ll do it if it’s me.
There’s no one who can do it but me.

I swing the dagger I’m holding backhand.
There’s the feeling of the blade piercing soft meat.
Without the resistance of the dense magical power, the point of the blade sank deeply.
Before long, I damaged the lungs and reached the heartー

「You can’t do that Master!!」

My hand was held down by Misha who appeared suddenly. The blade stopped half buried. But, there should be a fatal woundー

「…You, I wonder what this is?」

Matifa who separated her mouth had her voice echoing from the bottom of the earth.
The red blood dripping from her mouth stained my lips. Though it should’ve been a considerable critical hit, Matifa doesn’t mind the wound and glared at me with pupils dyed in darkness.


I tried to swing down my dagger while swearing but my body doesn’t move. Matifa dominated my body in an instant.
Matifa’s hand extends to my neck.

「I want to hear what you’re doing. I wonder why you attacked me. I do love you. I even gave Misha as a present, I also lent you my power. I gave you my body. Yet, why can’t you respond to my love?」
「Wait, Matifa-sama! Master too!」

Ignoring Misha’s precense, Matifa lifts up my body. It’s impossible to resist. The assassination is a complete failure.

「T-The first one who betrayed was you! If I associate with you any further I would die! It’s already impossible!」
「Didn’t I tell you not to worry? Also, if It’s you, that degree shouldn’t matter」
「Where are you getting that confidence! What do you know about me!? You aren’t seeing a single bit in me! You’re pushing your own ideals selfishly!」

Matifa is only seeing her ideal in me. She’s imagining me as a perfect person, she’s convinced that I’m that kind of person. She trusts that I’m a hero-like existence that an overcome no matter what kind of problem there is.
But, I’m not that sort of human. I’m just an ordinary person who lives filthily. I’m not a splendid human who stands up no matter what kind of wound is inflicted. I can’t endure the trial Matifa imposes.

「That’s not true. You’re obviously a special human. If you’d like, should we prove it?」

Saying that, Matifa smiled wickedly.

「What do you intend to do」
「It’s simple. I’ll be keeping your most important thing. You will show that you can recapture her back splendidly from me. What? If it’s you, you can do it. Just like I told you, you’re a special person」
「Wha! You, Seria is unrelated!」
「The limit is until daybreak. You will cure your body and take Seria from my hand. If you can’t, Seria’s safety isn’t guaranteed. Even if you did it, lecture is waiting for you」

Matifa threw me to the bed and went out of the room without hearing my response. It’s possible to go ahead with teleportation but it’s useless to get ahead because my body can’t move. Even if Seria was freed, I can’t go out of the castle. It’s the worst situation.
While I was grinding my teeth, Misha moved instead.

「Master, are you okay?」
「Dammit! What do you think you’re doing! Also, what happened to Cathy!」
「Since Master is acting strangely, I followed secretly. The dark-elf onee-chan is okay since I just ran away」

Misha answered indifferently.
I felt disturbed as Misha got up and followed me unnoticed.

「Why did you stop me!? You’re Matifa’s ally after all?」
「No. I stopped Master because he’s mistaken. This is the medicine」

Misha took out the magic purification medicine and shoved it in my mouth. With this, I should be able to move after a while. But, that alone won’t make it easy to take back Seria from Matifa.
Continuing, Misha looks after my body. Then, she noticed the bandage wound on my body.

「Master, you’re injured」
「I was close to death earlier because of Matifa!」
「Un, then I’ll cure it」

This time, she took a black cloth from the pouch. It’s Matifa’s panties that also has some healing effect. Misha covered my face with it without hesitation.

「Stop! Don’t cover me with that thing!」
「No, treatment is a priority」

Misha defied my order, her face distorts as the slave contract brought pain.
There’s no power left for me to resist now.


  1. そのときはボクのところに逃げてくるといい。
  2. Yes, that’s Emiya Shirou
  3. キミを愛せる。