Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 48

Chapter 48: The lowermost worst winner #

「Wha! Are you joking with me!?」
「Wait, what are you wearing!」

The three women raised their voices in astonishment.
Is me wearing panties so surprising? Misha and Matifa had already seen me do this already though.

「I’m not joking. Matifa, I’m going to teach the foolish you how to deal with envy. It’ll be clownish. Envy is so absurdly foolish that you became an idiot. So I’ll solve it」

Human doesn’t envy someone lower than human. Instead, they pity them.
That’s a part of it, still, there’s some that human envies but most of it is normal hostility. That sort of feeling isn’t called envy, and it’s not suitable for the incarnation of jealousy.
But, Matifa doesn’t understand.

「There’s no such thing! I was hurt and I hid my face up until now. But, it doesn’t change at all!」
「Well that’s true. A blessed person harms himself to attracts someone’s attention. Do you think your partner would feel better?」

Matifa surely is likely to do it. Hurting herself, then she’ll say ‘I’m pitiful’ I hate that needless thing.
I walked through her magical power to prove my words. The envy’s magical power eats spirit. It made me feel weak. In face I feel that I’m avoided.

「Why!? Why are you still fine!?」

Matifa shouted. I guess the manifestation of incarnation by magical power is something a human can’t stand. Even I am not fine.
If this is a pure hatred and aggressive magical power, I won’t be able to hold it. But it’s easier for me to endure this magical power as the direction of envy is fixed.
There’s nothing in me to be envious about. Also, I originally acted by putting my life on the line. No matter how much envy I received, I won’t lose my mind.

「Matifa, it was also like this when we first met, right? You showed of unreasonably and we fooled around. That’s fine」

Matifa can’t do anything to me who approaches her. Though it’s possible for her to manipulate and blow me away on the degree where I won’t die, but she can’t do it.
She’s not just tied by the contract.
Because I who doesn’t have magical power endures the magic of envy, she can’t help but feel uneasy. Can you really do nothing about this magical power? Expect that there will be.
I will live up to that expectations.
I reached Matifa’s front at last, then I made my last verdict to Matifa.

「Then, should Matifa be happy too?」
「W-what are you going to do!?」
「Become my slave」

Then, I put the choker I removed from Misha a while ago. This has a slave contract. Under normal circumstances, Matifa is only tied by a contract. If I add the slave contract, Matifa would be my cute servant that no longer needs to pay the compensation. She’ll be a perverted servant.
Thinking what’s after this my face naturally grinned. The magic influenced and made my groin hot.
Ah, I want to rape her soon. I want to enjoy this cute face distorted in shame1

「D-Don’t come!」

Matifa tries to run away from me but the incarnation from her behind blocks her. Matifa was restricted by a dead branch from her back.
It seems that this guy also wants Matifa to fall. Women’s envy is fearful as expected.

「Why!? Why are you obstructing me!!」

Matifa is confused2 Being betrayed by her own magic, Matifa has no more cards to play.
Them, I’ll be doing it without reserve.


I wrapped the choker around the pure white neck of Matifa who can no longer move. A crest erode Matifa’s body and rose up, then it disappeared right after. In response to that, the incarnation on her back disappeared along with the clone and the low class demons.
The contract is completed. That Matifa is now really mine.

「Okay! You now belong to the fool’s group! How’s it? Becoming a slave of a pervert that is covered in panties?」
「It’s the worst! Misha, stop this fool!」

Matifa didn’t care about her appearance and asked help from Misha. Misha’s ears fell flat then she apologized.

「I’m sorry, Matifa-sama. You’re mistaken about Misha」

It seems that Misha didn’t think of me making Matifa my slave too. But, she doesn’t intend to be Matifa’s ally. Rather than that, if Matifa is freed, the monster might come out again so she doesn’t meddle. Matifa is out of cards already.

The fight is concluded. I certainly won against Matifa. That cheat class Matifa.
My laughter naturally welled up. My body trembles in delight. I shout to my hearts content.

「Fufufu, fuahahahaha! How’s it, Matifa!? You became mine just like I predicted! This is my victory! This is my win! Haahahaha!!」

I put both of my hands up high and declared my perfect victory.
If I add Matifa on my subordinates, there’s no more person I need to be afraid of in this castle. Even Lion, Matifa can deal with him in one way or another. From this moment, the hidden ruler of this Rasuhairu kingdom’s castle changes from Matifa to me, Kirishima Ren! I don’t need to act prudent! I’ll build my harem here!

「Congratulations Master」
「Ou, I also thank you Misha」

The joy of victory is shared with Misha. Misha really did well. I won because Misha is here.

「Then, what happens next?」
「Isn’t that obvious? Feast. Idiots! Shall we begin the feast!?!」

Looking at me laughing in ecstasy, Seria asked anxiously.

「W-what are you going to do?」

Matifa is still tied in chains. It’s figure is similar when I took Seria’s virginity. Showing such an appearance, then you’re going to ask me what I’m going to do?

「Isn’t it obvious? It’s orgy, Orgy! Rejoice women! I’m inexhaustible today!!」

I can now do Matifa freely. If I put on this perverted panties, if I run out of magical power, I would be supplied with it again. Scars and fatigue of my body doesn’t matter. I’m going to fuck you three until I can’t move anymore!
Misha who heard my declaration, murmured in amazement.

「Misha is really mistaken. Master isn’t just a fool, he’s a big fool」
「Misha calmly butt-in the situtation! I don’t want to be embraced by this man by all means!」

Then, Matifa refused. She finally understood the man called me it seems. Although she fucked me by herself up until now, what a great change happened. This happens if you don’t look at your partner properly.

「Ha, too late! Matifa, first order! Suck!」

I took out my rock hard penis and thrust it into Matifa’s small mouth. She was sucking my semen by herself previously but right now, Matifa refuses me and tries to run away with all her power. But, the contract doesn’t allow her to escape.

「N~~~~!! Ngu!! Nooo!!」

Holding the teary-eyed Matifa, I forcibly moved her back and forth. Something like a scream leaks out whenever the glans hit the throat but I ignored it anyway. Matifa secreted saliva regardless of her will, it became slippery gradually. Matifa’s small throat tightening my glans up feels good.

「What’s wrong, Matifa? You sucked it before right? If you do it like before, you’ll be able to drink semen immediately, Hora hora」

My grudge on Matifa accumulated. I’m angry when she dried me up on Seria’s room that time. Matifa will never understand my feelings around that time. I’m going to avenge myself right now!
When I violated Matifa’s mouth, Seria got angry this time.

「What are you doing!! That’s the worst! Please stop that!!」
「I’ll do you soon so don’t worry. Misha, since you’re free, play with Seria. That’s right, teach her anal pleasure too」
「Un, got it」

Misha reacted with the word anal. I took out the enema that I took from Matifa’s room and sidle it up to Seria.

「Y-You’re called Misha-chan? What are you going to do with that?」
「It’s fine. It’s a pleasurable thing」
「Please wait a moment. Can you remove the chains before that? Hey, please?」
「But. Master, what to do?」

Misha asked me. When I made Matifa my slave, Misha is already freed but she still intends to be my slave. Then my answer is decided.

「Of course, let her stay like that. Other than that, Misha can do what she likes. When it gets dirty, Matifa can clean it」
「Un, got it」

Misha set up the syringe-like tool and turned back to Seria.

「Wait, what are you going to do with that? Hey, can you stop? You shouldn’t listen to that kind of person. Hey, wait, hey!? Where are you touching!? That place! Hyaaaaaaa!!」

Misha thrust it in Seria’s ass like a child crushing a bug. Seria’s screamed a the same time.

「Stop! Something’s entering!! Noo! Stoop!!」
「It’s Matifa-sama’s special magical colorless and odorless liquid so it’s fine. There’s no need to be ashamed!」
「I don’t understand!! What’s this!! What are you doingー!!」

Seria doesn’t understand the meaning of enema. Her appearance went past pitiable and it’s funny. Misha hums as she pour the mysterious liquid inside Seria’s ass, she pulled out the syringe happily.

「Endure it. Do your best!」
「Ya, wait, my stomach!」

Gyururururu~ Seria’s stomach sounded. Seria tightens up her anus and desperately endured the urge to defecate3.
Misha threw away the contents of the vase that’s between the wall from the window, she brought it along with the flag. It seems she’s going to use it for disposal.

「Look at it Matifa. That form of Seria. It would be your turn next」
「Nn! Naa! Fuaa, fuaawawofuufuaa!!」
「I don’t get what you’re talking about」

Every time Matifa tries to say something my penis is tightened up and it feels good. I feel my semen accumulating. There’s no need to endure it today. In fact, since there’s three people, I have to pound and release it.
I piston Matifa’s mouth with the intention of ejaculating from the beginning. Though Matifa doesn’t like it, she’s made to serve forcibly by the contract. Her throat’s interior shuts tight the penis too big for her body, jurururu, she sucked it.

「Very well, Matifa. I’m going to pour it inside your throat directly」
「Oo, coming out!!」

I forcibly made her mouth hold my base at the end then ejaculated in her esophagus. Dopyu, byururu, the semen increased by magic overflows.
The veteran Matifa endured the violent blowjob, she drank a large amount of semen. However, her face is bright red in suffocation, her breath had fallen in disorder.

「Okay, Matifa. Should we go for another round then?」

With the penis that doesn’t wither4, I continued Matifa’s blowjob.
Matifa’s beautiful face is soiled with tears, she was forced to serve me. It’s possible that it’s her first time crying. I’m going to cum on that face.
Meanwhile, the condition of Seria’s stomach is getting worse. Her tone turned desperate as she asks for help.

「M-Misha-chan. Please. Please cut this chains. My stomach is…」
「Not yet. A bit more」
「I-I’m at my limit already… I beg you, let me go to the toilet」

It’s about to climax there. Misha counts the time while hitting the floor. Seria rubs her feet together desperately. Then, the long waited time came.

「N, it’s time. Seria-sama, it’s okay」
「It’s not okay!! Please cut the chains!」

Misha sets up the vase on the Seria who dislikes it. It’s degree of difficulty is too high for the princess who leaked in public. Misha is incredible as she happily force it. As I thought before, this girl is definitely a sadist.

「Seria, take it out. Don’t worry, I’ll be looking at you properly」
「Please stop it!! Do you think I’ll permit such things!?」
「It’s fine. I’m an unforgivable guy that rapes thoroughly. Just like her」
「Fugu! Igiiiiii!!」

Seeing Matifa having her throat stabbed, Seria raised her voice in protest.

「Stop that! Are you still a human!?」
「Haha. It’s not time to worry if I’m a human. Misha, do it」
「Got it」

When I ordered her, Misha began to attack Seria’s anus without mercy. Holding the vase on her one hand, her other hand is grinding against and fiddles Seria’s groin.

「Hyawaa! Aaaaa! Ma, hiie, don’t! Don’t do it!! Aaaaaaaaa!!」

Seria surrendered to Misha’s anal attack. It’s really a magical liquid, colorless water spilled from her ass. Processing it is easy.

「Higu…This…can’t be…eguu… I can’t be a bride anymore! Uwaaaaaaan!!」

Seria cries. It seems the shock is greater than rape.
Matifa behind her is having a satisfied expression. When Misha finished processing it skillfully, she came here this time. Of course, she’s holding the enema. It would look interesting if she wore nurse clothes.

「Next would be Matifa-sama. Let’s feel good together」
「Hafuee! Hahihaafuee!!」
「Ou, calm down Matifa」

Matifa tried to resist but, she can’t do it anymore as I ordered her. Misha took off Matifa’s panties and she thrust in the syringe-type enema on her cute ass.


While her mouth is being violated, Misha violate Matifa’s ass.
Misha is doing it perfectly with good intentions. This is the outcome of Matifa’s distortion education.

「Very well Matifa. I’m going to cum my second time」
「Hafuue! Uguu!!」

Byururu, my semen entered Matifa’s mouth again. Matifa pulls out her face in rejection but I hold her down with both of my hands. When I let out everything, I pinched the nose of the refusing Matifa and made her drink it by force.

「Keho, Keho5! You!! Stop this shit!! Misha too!!」
「Don’t mind it Misha. Clean it immediately」

Though Matifa disagrees, she can’t do anything against the power of the enema. Without being able to resist, Misha injected the enema.

「Ugu, you guys, remember this. I’ll definitely curse and kill you!」

Crawling on all fours, Matifa is bravely holding her stomach. There’s also the sound of gyurururu heard in her stomach.
Seria that’s a bit far away is crying, Misha began to take off her clothes as it’s her turn to enjoy next. I also stripped and the panties on my head remained.
It’s a chaotic situatiuon. There’s no decent human being here. Although I just put my life on the line a while ago, right now I’m only a wild beast filled with sexual desire.
I reduced the most noble place in this country, disgraced the audience, there’s no longer a fragment of solemnity.
I, as the winner of this fight has decided to exhaust myself and overrun this chaotic place.


  1. That’s my boy!
  2. Matifa hurts herself in confusion
  3. It means shitting
  4. The great tree!!
  5. Cough