Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Feast ##

The four of us continued the frenzy.
I forbid Matifa who kept on cursing to use magic and made her endure to the limit.
Still, she doesn’t give up, she glared at me with angry eyes. But, that’s trivial resistance. Just toying with her a bit and she breaks easily.
Then, I issued an order to the broken Matifa.

「Matifa, can you make a dildo?」
「Is it something like your thing?」
「Guessing it right saves time. That’s right, make three」

Matifa still tries to resist but the slave contract tortures her body every time she does. Her urge to defecate already reached the limit. Any more resistance is impossible.

「That’s right, also the magic that makes my body sensitive. Use that too」
「Are you a demon?」
「That’s right. Just do it」
「Kuh, remember this!」

Matifa used debris marble as material and made a dildo that’s not different from my thing. It’s delicate finish is artistic.

「Good job. Misha, ease it up」
「Got it」
「Wait, I can handle my own! That’s why let me use my magic!」
「Matifa-sama, get refreshed」
「No wayーー!!」

Matifa screams as Misha made her pee mercilessly. Seria and Matifa’s scream reverbs between the audience.

「Good job Misha. Come here, it’s your reward. Then do Seria after」
「Got it」

I passed the two dildos to Misha.

「Ah, don’t put it inside her anus yet. I’ll be the one taking her anal virginity」
「Mu, can’t be helped. Then, Master, Misha will insert it」

Saying that, Misha put it in her anus. ‘Yare Yare’, he thought, the dildo was screwed in there.

「Myooooo! This is amazing, it’s ripping!」
「It had such magic. Now go」

Misha held the dildo and returned to Seria. She’s jumping up and down, squealing because the dildo would stick in her ass I guess. Misha in high tension is unstoppable. Seria’s hardship continues.

I want to do Seria too but today’s main dish is Matifa. Although Misha made her leak out, the appearance is completely water. The perfectly clean Matifa lies down on the floor miserably.
I lift one of Matifa’s foot and confirmed the condition of her pussy. Not wet nor loose at all. The small young pussy is tightly closed, refusing everyone. As expected, Matifa’s obscene part is beautiful.

「Don’t look! I don’t want to have sex with you anymore!!」
「I don’t care. I’m going to do what I want」

Ignoring the teary Matifa’s rejection, without reserve, I thrust in my erect penis inside her vagina.
It’s the vagina that squeezed semen out of me multiple times up until now, but today’s hole is different. Her completely not loose vagina tightens up my double. It stiffens so hard to refuse me, but the resistance was squeezing it instead.

「Haha, what’s wrong? If you don’t resist even more, all of it will go in!」

Forcibly inserting my penis on the beautiful girl who doesn’t want is absurdly arousing. Not to mention my partner is that Matifa. Making a fucking cheat class beautiful girl is the best.
I thought of it before but she’s really suited with me in sex. I love the conquest sense by violating a beautiful girl that dislikes it. In that sense, Seria and Matifa fits my taste.

「Guuuu! Stop this! I have no intention to have sex with you!」
「Resist more if you don’t want it. Though you can’t!」

I ripped off Matifa’s goth loli dress roughly. I didn’t take it off politely like before.
While sucking on her exposed thin chest, I accelerate the penetration of my hips bit by bit. The vagina that refused me is attacked mercilessly. The resistance makes me fired up instead. I forced my glans to the refusing Matifa’s soft flesh and made it slip through inside. Rubbing up her vaginal walls, even she hates it she’s getting wet.

「Fuaaa! You, stop, stop this!!」
「Nooope. I’m going even further」
「Haaunn! Ah, Ahn! Aaaa!!」

Matifa’s beautiful doll-like face distorts as she endure it desperately. Right now, pain wins against pleasure. But, I don’t mind. This witch needs to experience a bit of pain. This is her training as a slave.
I pursuit Matifa further. I pressed the dildo she made a while ago in her small anus and made it slip forcibly.

「Fugiiiiiiii! It hurts! You, wait! You can’t do that! That thing won’t go in!!」
「It entered Misha so it should be fine. Look, I’m going even faster」
「Stooop! Ouch! Uaaaaaaaa!!」

Ignoring Matifa’s screams, the anus at the center of her snow-white ass is forcibly opened. It wasn’t loosened with a lubricant but it should be all right. She would also experience the pleasure I taught Misha.
Thinking that I made the dildo dig her anus but it doesn’t go in easily. The glans part was buried halfway, Matifa’s anus is likely to split.

「Uguuuu!! Any further than that is impossible. Give up」

Matifa spun those words in pain.
But, I don’t have that character where I would give up at this level. If pushing is impossible then I’ll pull it. I weakened the pushing force of the dildo. Matifa felt relieved for a moment. That moment, I forcibly pushed it in one stroke.

「Igtaaaaaaaaaaa!! Uaaaaaaaaaaaa!!」

Matifa faints in agony from too much stimulation. The dildo is buried to the root. But her anus isn’t spit apart so it’s fine.

「Ah, sorry sorry. My hand slipped」
「Y-You. I won’t forgive you. I’ll never forgive you!!」
「Ah, well that’s fine. Aside from that, how’s it? Getting your ass violated feels good right?」
「There’s no way I’d feel good! This is just torture!」
「Is that so? But your vagina is already wet though」

Her body is being honest. With the sensitivity increase magic embedded on the dildo, Matifa’s vagina began to secrete love nectar. Her countless folds swell and twines around my penis. When I pierce even further, her uterus sticks to it wishing for semen.

「Fuaa! Aaa! Ah, you can’t! For me to! It’s wrong! For me to feel it!! Naaaaa!!!」

Both of Matifa’s holes is being attacked. I know the power of this magic well. The pleasure is amplified multipole times that it’s like a drug that dissolves your brain. No matter how much you resist, the successive pleasure surging in doesn’t allow that.
Even for Matifa, receiving this assault makes her helpless. Her vagina became completely loose, it completely changed to a honey pot that obediently accepts a man’s thing. The large amount of love nectar overflows that the dildo and her anus is smeared at the same time.

「Hawaaa! I can’t! Don’t scrape me so hard!」

Matifa’s body twitched. She probably orgasmed lightly.

「You like it with both holes? You want more?」
「No way! This thing! I! Don’t know! This makes me strange!! Fuaaaaaa」

Matifa trembled continuously. She’s likely to fall in this situation sooner. But, before that…

「I’m going to release my first shot then. Squeeze it tightly」
「Uaaah! Ah! Aaaaaaaa!!」

The two sides of Matifa’s small body wears quite a burden. Her vagina with her ass having a dildo being pushed inside feels narrower than usual. I pistoned mercilessly on that tight vagina.
Matifa can no longer resist. Trained to only accept pleasure, Matifa’s uterus is being slammed by my glans.


Matifa’s back curved as she climaxed. ‘Gyuuu’, her small vagina tightens my penis pleasantly.


Pushing my glans against her uterus, I released semen on her small womb. Thanks to the peerless panties my semen shows no decline, I vigorously spout it out inside Matifa’s womb.

「Aaaaa! It’s coming! This man’s semen is inside me!! Nooo! Uwaaaaaaa!!」

Matifa repeatedly climax even though she doesn’t like it. Her figure fallilng in disorder is beautiful. To be able to violate this kind of woman as much as I like, it was worth the hardwork.
Releasing all inside, I pulled out my rock hard penis out of Matifa. I plugged the dildo to stop the overflowing semen. Then, I moved my way to the throne and saw Misha completely exhausted.

「What’s wrong?」
「Umyaaaa. I was too enthusiactic」
「Haa, Haa, M-Misha-chan, bullied me… Uu…」

It seems that Misha was too frolic. Misha who was sensitive in her ass just became even more sensitive and approached Seria in super high tension. She ignored Seria’s protests and thrust it inside her pussy, her breast in front of her shook hard. She rubbed, sucked and massaged the ample breast, she fiddled with her until she was knocked down.
Then, Misha began to pick Seria’s anus as she’s unable to leave it alone. She also turn up the dildo that’s stuck in her anus to pleasure herself, Misha was finally unable to stand and collapsed by herself.

「Misha should rest then. Pull that out from your ass and play with Matifa」
「Nyuu, got it」

Matifa who’s gasping and can’t move well is on the throne.
Misha took out the dildo from her own ass and inserted it inside Matifa’s ass. This girl is really a sadist, she has the same thought circuit as me. Matifa who thought it’s finally over had her body jump with the attack on her two holes again.

「Wait, you can’t do that! Stop that! 」
「Seria, should you really be worried about other people?」

This girl has a pervert with panties covering his face in front of her but she’s still worried about others.

「Because that child aims for the anus so it’s dangerous!! If she did that to Matifa-sama, she’ll die!! 」
「She won’t die. Rather than that, you should worry about yourself」

Seria still remains hung naked. She’s now a completely no good princess as she’s already accustomed to be seen naked and raped.

「D-Don’t come here! I-I won’t let you do as you please for today!」

Seria further threatens with magic. But the dildo is still sticking in her crotch.

「I know that’s just a bluff. Anyway, you can’t move in that state」

Her sensitive body will react if she moves. Doing that makes her magical power scatter easily. The only road left for Seria is to be played by me.

「No way! Why are you doing such a thing!」
「Didn’t I tell you before? It’s because I want to do it! I can no longer be stopped as I already took down Matifa! I’ll also violate you along with Matifa!」
「You’re the worst! Are you crazy!?」
「Yeah, that’s right. I’m a genius pervert! I’m being envied by Matifa because I’m cool!」
「That’s a lie! Matifa-sama is unrelated, you’re just a pervert!!」

Seria trembles as I laugh loudly. I know that Seria is trembling not just because she’s frightened. She’s trembling as she’s enduring the stimulation of the dildo poking her. Sure enough, Seria would forgive me for doing nothing.


She made a cute scream when I rubbed her breast. Seria can no longer do anything with this. I whispered to her while playing with her completely erect nipples.

「Seria, should we try both sides?」
「Eh? Both? Both you mean, my ass!? Hyaaaaa!!」

When I checked, Seria’s anus is loosened well. It’s probably because Misha played with it. She’s not paying attention and did exploit her anus by herself.
But oh well, I’ll forgive her for the thought that she prepared it for me.
I lift one of her foot, I pushed my penis to her anus that had no problem with finger getting in. It’s fairly tight but not to the extent where you can’t break through. After passing through her hard anus, her inside is flabby and warm. I’m going to go further in just like that.

「Aaa!! Stop, please stop this!! That’s the wrong hole!! Naaa!!」
「What’s wrong? Does it feel good?」
「I-I don’t know. This sense is first time for me, yaaaaa!!」

Though I tried to surge in violently Seria’s anus, it served as a stimulation instead and it became a stimulus.
I repeated the piston selfishly. Shaking my dildo and striking her with the dildo, Seria’s vagina is stimulated.
Seria’s face is sloppy with embarrassment, pain, and pleasure. Dealing with the amplified sensation it seems she doesn’t know what’s happening anymore.
But, even though her brain can’t process it, her body reacts selfishly. It began to convulse immediately.

「Hyaaa! Aaah! Aa! Aah aaaah! Hyoaaaaa!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!」

She can’t speak anymore. She’s a princess cumming like crazy from the penis thrusting in her anus. I showed that appearance to Matifa.

「Matifa, look at this. This is the partner you envied. How’s it? You want to be like this?」

Matifa who’s gasping from Misha’s play answered.

「I-I don’t know that! I, don’t, want to be a, princess! I no longer want it ! Please stop this already!」

Matifa screamed in grief. Her pride, fantasy and hopes are shattered, what’s left is just a girl that was raped. That’s the current Matifa. Even if there’s someone who would sympathize with her, she’d no longer be envied.
Seria can somehow deal with the heartbroken Matifa. This fellow has a personality where she can’t leave anyone alone. Doing that, Seria herself would be safe too.

The villain me will take all the responsibility.
It’s too late for me anyway. No matter how many sins I pile up, it won’t matter anymore.
Incidentally, I raped a beautiful girl in addition to that. It’s the highest side benefit. There’s no way I’d let them go.

This is my solution. This is the worst method made by me.
There’s no more need for assassination. I cancel master’s request. He might get angry but I won’t get killed.
I have a companion named Misha. The number of toys increased to two. The result can’t go above this. Tears seems to flow from the sense of achievement.

I thrust inside Seria’s anus to express my delight. The urge to ejaculate welled up. I didn’t endure it. There’s no need to.

「Here I come, Seria! Catch it with your asspussy!」

Dopyu! Dopyu! Byurururu!
I throw it out inside Seria’s anus. Seria who’s mad from cumming can’t scream in the end. It seems she already fainted.
When I pulled out my penis, white semen flowed out from her anus that’s open loosely. With this, Seria’s anal conquest is complete.
I ordered Misha to cut Seria’s chains. The released Seria thought she can rest for a bit and took out the dildo and lied down on the floor.
But wait, there’s more1 It has just started. Relentless lovely voices of women reverb inside the castle of Rasuhairu Kingdom tonight.


  1. Lit: But, the feast doesn’t end