Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Dark Elf Assistant Cathy ##

Cathy who appeared in my room nonchalantly, explained the request uninterested.

「This is a personal request from Master to Ren. As for the content. Guard Seria-sama. But, you will protect her from the shadows without anyone knowing」
「Duration and reward?」
「Start as soon as possible, the end is not decided and is ordered separately. Therefore as the reward at piecework payment would be 10 gold coins in advance. It’s a special condition」
「Ten gold coins!?」

With ten gold coins, you can live in a average household comfortably for a year. Assassination requests isn’t as prosperous. If this is the advance alone, this is a job that I might probably die. So they’re saying that I should play before dying.

「What would you do? Are you going to accept it?」

Cathy picks up a rolled parchment. When I skimmed through it, there were no important points written. That’s how great the confidentiality and danger if this work is, at the same time, princess Seria herself is at danger.

「Yeah, tell them I accept」

There’s no room for a choice. After signing the parchment and rounding it, I returned it to Cathy. However, Cathy didn’t take it.

「Ren, are you really going to accept it? You’re going to die you know?」
「I wonder. I might unexpectedly survive using master’s influence? Also, it’s possible for me to escape」
「In spite of you not running away no matter what… I’d be troubled if you die」

She told me some words she spit out somewhere. Are you worrying at me as your sister’s disciple?
Seeing her, Cathy was rubbing her long legs together fidgety.

ーーWhat? So it’s that?

It seems that Cathy’s bad habit came out. I was stupid for expecting that she was worried.
I made a big sigh and looked at Cathy’s damp eyes.

「You just want to be bullied right? After all, you don’t care what happens to me, you’re worried that the one who bullies you might disappear, right? While pretending to worry about me, on the inside you were imagining yourself being violated and you can’t endure it anymore. You perverted girl」

As I shower her with rude remarks, Cathy had an ecstatic expression on her face.

「Aaa…yes. More, abuse me more!」

Where had the cool beauty from a while ago gone? Cathy is now clinging on my waist disregarding her appearance. She took my belt immediately.

「You’re driven mad by a penis, you Masochist woman. Someone younger than you, even the race is different, and your own pupil, still, you became his assistant just for his penis, you lewd woman. You’re lower than livestock you female pig! Don’t be slow and serve your master quickly!」
「Oh! I’m just a horny masochist! I’m a female pig that loves Master’s penis! Please ravish my pussy with your splendid cock!!」

Crap, that was a bit attractive.
A while ago, I just thought of calming my own delusions of raping princess Seria before I begin my work, but today’s Cathy is much more dangerous than I thought. I’ve come to wonder if that was a dangerous quest in the end
While I was in deep thought, my pants were took off and my penis was exposed. Cathy extends her face on my penis with a dreamy face.

「Great penis-sama. I’ll make you energetic」

The delicate fingers of Cathy began to stroke service my rod. The blood gathered in my half erect penis then it gradually raised an angle. Cathy is telling her desires on my dick.

「This grotesque and brutal form is wonderful. The smell is amazing. My horny pussy is itching. Please let out your sperm quickly. Squirt your sperm and splash it over my face!」
「Cathy, open your mouth.」

Her sloppy work was getting annoying, so I hold down Cathy’s head and plunged inside her mouth. Cathy looking joyous opened her charming mouth, then sucks my dark brown dick.

「Move your head, entwine your tongue. Use your throat properly!」

The perverted Cathy was happy on the dom’s words. It can’t be helped that Cathy can’t speak because I’m doing her mouth violently. Actually, it was good even without my order.

With the wet sucking sounds, Cathy frantically sucks the cock. The bold cock was attacking her throat’s interior using a big stroke. My penis is wet with great amounts of saliva and pre-cum, the back of my penis was licked over, and the tip is being constricted by the throat. She squeezed her mouth trying to suck like vacuum out of my rod. My hand is moved to my waist, it’s fixed firmly, not letting me go.
She seem to be sloppy, I reckon that she would give utmost pleasure constantly with fellatio.
Cathy who threw the word shame isn’t going easy. If I got careless, I would cum in no time.

When I turn my eyes down on Cathy while enduring the pleasant sensation, a deep valley was peeping out from her loose neck.

「Show me your useless big breast」

Cathy extend her hand on her dress then tear it away, then it came into view. The breast meat that was forced to squeeze under her shirt found an exit and jumped out forcefully. Her bending big ripe fruit was *burun burun* shaking greatly.
Her beautiful pink nipples was running around under my eyes, you wouldn’t think of it as perverted. It’s throbbing erect that it was eagerly waiting to be touched. I tried to pinched it with my nail, then Cathy’s face sprung up.

「Aaaa! That’s amazing!!! More!! More, harder!! Please!!」
「Who said I’ll stop? I’ll do it more so just move」

I separate my hand from her nipples and forcefully plugged my penis on Cathy’s mouth.
The feeling of ejaculation was rising as I move my waist violently.

「Obo! Juba! Jiruru! Gubo!! Jubobobo!! Mashteeer!! Futofuhyahai!!」

Even though I was piercing her throat roughly and disturbing her breathing, Cathy was asking for more. Even if it’s painful and unpleasant, for Cathy it’s only but pleasure. That’s why I move my hips and bang the back of her throat as I like

「Hey, I’ll let it out. It’s your favorite semen. Receive it with your mouth」
「Gobo!! Yesh!! pleash lhet eet ouut!!!」

Her face seems to be telling me to give her.
Cathy’s vacuum strengthened, encouraging me to ejaculate. Besides, my penis was forcibly pulled in her mouth.

「Uoo, Amazing!」

That final push was enough as the stimulation.
While I pulled out my penis, a huge amount of semen was discharged.
Cathy’s face is dirtied with the syrupy white liquid. It entangled on her glossy black hair, coated her tanned skin, it’s even flowing on the bridge of her nose and her open mouth.
Cathy extended her tongue from her mouth and licked the semen off her face.

「Master’s semen stinks and is delicious」

Cathy tastes the semen messily, then swallowed it. She then licked the semen in between her fingers and on her hair.

「I’ll clean up great penis-sama」

Cathy stick on my penis once again, then sucked on the remaining semen on the tube. She didn’t forget to stimulate the glans with her tongue shrewdly to make it erect once again.
When Cathy separated her mouth, my penis had is completely back to attack mode.

「Master, Please plunge your big penis on this female pig’s pussy!! I can’t endure it anymore!!」

When I gazed down, a big stain had formed on Cathy’s tight pants. You’re really a slutty female pig.

「Put your hand on the desk and point your ass on me」

Cathy put her hand on the desk joyfully and stick out her butt.
I gently took Cathy’s pants and her underwear was dragged along.
A ping pussy showed itself under her plump ass.

「Aren’t you already wet? You felt so much from the fellatio a while ago?」

I already know even if I didn’t ask her, Cathy’s pussy was already messy with her love nectar. Her insides had properly ripened too. Rather it was like there was a toy inside.
Cathy doesn’t need foreplay. It would be troublesome if I do authentic foreplay.
After all, it’s a body that’s endlessly desiring pain. Moreover, if her vagina loosen and the pain decreased, it would be the opposite, she would feel it less and we would fall to a vicious cycle. She can’t cum normally, she seem to prefer to be hurt herself.
Therefore when it comes to Cathy, it’s only limited to thrust it quickly

「Please punish this meat toilet who can’t enduuuuuuuure!! It’s enteriiiiiing!!」

Not even replying to Cathy, I inserted my penis on her drooling pussy meat. Cathy’s vaginal flesh was sticky and it was wrapping up my penis.

「This is what you wanted right!? Then enjoy this to your hearts content!」
「Aaaaaaa!! This, master’s penis!! Penis, it feels good!! This shape!! This hardness!! This heat!! This, this is!!」

*panpan*, I moved my hips violently. I pull out my penis out till the last moment, then struck it to the base quickly after. Cathy moves her waist lewdly to match with my movement. We understand our rhythms. Cathy prefers violent play anyway. That’s why I stir up Cathy’s pussy roughly, violently.

「Aaaaa, your great penis, is inside me~ It’s going wild!! It feels so! Goooood!!」

Cathy’s pussy is my exclusive meat toilet, naturally it remembered the shape completely that when I move it sticks to me and doesn’t let go. It’s squeezing every drop of semen from my penis.

「Aaaahn~!! Penis!! Ren’s penis!! Hiiiiii!!」

I shake the ass of Cathy below me. The feeling of the drilled muscle’s elastic and soft wrapped meat ass is good. The shape of her brown ass changes to my hand, it’s making me excited. I spread her butt, then looked at the anus that’s opening itself and was twitching, it’s greedy. I screwed my thumb in without lotion.

「Higiiiiiii! My ass! Please be more violent!!!」

Cathy reacted intensely. She raised her heel and thrusts her ass further, then moved her waist left and right as if asking for it.

「What do you want to do? If you don’t tell it clearly I won’t know」
「Beat me up!! This female pig’s disgraceful ass!! Slap it!! With all your strength」

The unexpected response was surprising, but I’ll answer her request. I pulled out my finger, then raised my hand.

「Is this good enough?」

*Paaan* there was a loud bang inside the room.

「Aaaaaaaaaahn!! thhaat!! More!!」

Her vagina shuts tightly as I slap her. The impact goes together with the surge of her vagina, my penis was getting numb from pleasure.

「Look! Another one」

I continued to make more slapping sounds. Every time I slap her my cock is numbing. I felt my sperm welling up inside gradually.

「Hiiiiii!!!! Good!! itsh good!! More More More More!!!!!」

I continued spanking just like she said, Cathy’s ass was gradually discoloring to red. To match it, the more I get violent with Cathy, the more her vagina tightens and it feels good. I’m about to cum soon.
Cathy’s play is troublesome but her body is the best. Her plump ass meat is tightening hard, no one else can replicate this eager sexual feeling.
I just inserted it and moved my waist, but I feel that I would cum suddenly. Furthermore, with the beauty like Cathy returns an reaction as I do as I please, all the more I want to do her.

「Ora! I’m about to cum! Where do you want it to be put?」
「Hiiiiin! Inside my vagina!! Inside please!! Pweash splash your semen on this meat toilet’s womb!!!!」

We already shared a lot, that’s my relationship with Cathy. I will let it out without any mercy nor restrain.
As I near ejaculation, *Panpan**Panpan* I hammered my waist with raising speed, I and Cathy reached the limit at once.

「Ahiiii!! A, a, aaaaaaaa!! gumming!! Poke my pussy master!! Hit my ass!! gumming!! cummmiiing!!」
「Kuh, I’ll let it out!!」

I hit Cathy’s ass with my palm at full power on the final moment. *Paaaan* It was the best slapping sound that echoed today, I then thrust my penis on the innermost of Cathy and ejaculated. *Splurt Splurt* my semen was flowing into Cathy’s womb.


Cathy raised her face and screamed. It seems like we both reached it somehow, and *gush* a transparent liquid was flowing out. The workroom was wet with a small pool of water.

「…good~. Now, it was amazingly painful. It was extreme, but pleasant

Cathy spoke like a fool with her face enchanted with her red welling ass. With the exception of her troublesome fetish, this woman is a perfectly good woman.
While I was thinking of that, my withering penis is pulled out.

「Ah, Ren’s done?」
「That’s the end. We still have work to do」

Unfortunately, Seria’s guarding duty is an urgent work. I’d really want to enjoy it to my heart’s content, but I should better hurry.

「This might already be our last you know? Even if we enjoy it to our hearts content master won’t complain you know?」

Cathy crouches down before me and tempts me while doing a clean-up fellatio. So, I didn’t get erect from her cleaning.

「I know. That’s why go with me. Work ends after this」

I cut off Cathy’s temptations, then put on my pants.
Cathy’s face that was filled with desire switched to work face already.

「…That’s right. If so, then I have to support you well. ーーWhat should I do?」

Cathy with the assistant appearance was seeing to support.
She’s trying to show off even with her breast smeared with semen, as expected from from Cathy, the woman with three faces.
Firs is the professional cool beautyー the adult lady. Second is the reliable elder sister. And the third is a lewd masochistic female pig. The last one ruins the disappointing 226 years old single dark elf.

「First, let’s summarize the information until tonight. Then collect information in the town. Since princess Seria frequently goes outside the castle, I should supervise her constantly. Meanwhile, if you see a strange movement in the town, tell me」
「On the proper place isn’t it? Roger that. Bless you」
「Be careful too.」

Then, I left the room. I left the cleaning up of the room to Cathy. Even though I’m the one who said ‘okay’, the one who invited me was Cathy.