Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Matifa Epilogue.
Matifa P.O.V.

When did I refer to myself with boku?
When I swam into the sea of deep deep memory, it was found immediately. It’s natural. It was carved into my heart so it won’t disappear.

It was when I crossed 150 years old, I went and set foot from human to a inhuman area.
I was a person that’s proud of my magic up to that time. I am the old woman named Matifa who cheated life-span by using magic on my own body, that’s the me that time. Just afraid to die, it was a foolish woman who wanted to be saved by somebody.
That wish was granted.
At that time, there’s a man who was a princes that spoke gently to the wrinkled me.

「Matifa , I will save you. That’s why you mustn’t die in a place like this」

I feel in love with a man thoughtless of my age. I want to be with that man, I completed magic that doesn’t just prolong life but rejuvenate it too.
The finished magic returned me to my beautiful appearance.
That prince was greatly pleased seeing my former peerless beauty.
Then for a while, I was at cloud nine.
I became the prince’s concubine due to the difference in status but, the prince loved me. We walk the streets together, kissed at secret locations, together at the same bed at night.
However, that happiness came to an end before long.
The cause is my magic. I who overcame the absolute life span as a person had my magic rose abnormally and it made a big distortion. It’s not a usual magical power. It’s magic that’s based on negative emotions, such as hatred and envy.
The voice of resentment rings on my head all the time.
That’s envious. Envious. Why only her? It’s unfair. Even I. Even I. That’s too unfair. I want to mess with her. I want to tear of the skin of her face. I’m going to gouge her eyeballs. I’ll replace her. Because of her, he. That girl should just dieー.
When I’m researching, when eating, even at sleep, there’s not a moment where I feel relaxed. And the one who had it grew the biggest is the prince1
I asked for the prince’s help. It’s painful, I want him to comfort me. The prince was positive about me and said:

「You don’t need to think about pain alone. I’ll shoulder it the same as you. That’s why, teach that rejuvenation magic to me」

Of course I thought that magic. But, the prince was unable to learn that magic. The prince’s first degree ability in this country isn’t enough.
At that time, I finally noticed the true nature of the burden I’m shouldering. It’s my eternal beauty. I was carrying that fate since birth. That’s why I was able to learn the rejuvenation magic. Thus, I’m the only one who can practice this magic.
The prince was furious when he found that out. The prince didn’t want me but the eternal life. That’s why he spoke sweetly to the old woman me who completed that magic. Then, I became beautiful as a bonus. That’s right, I was just an extra.
The prince was mad with jealousy. He’s already mad since long ago.
The prince tried to kill me when I wasn’t useful anymore. It was scary. It was very scary. I was afraid that I would die.
That’s why, I turned the tables against the prince. That’s utterly disappointing. If I who lived for 150 years get serious on the people on the area, the prince of the country could’ve died easily.
Thus, I killed my own beloved by my own hand.

That time, I suddenly changed.
The abnormally high magic sublimated to the incarnation of jealousy.
The glossy black hair dyed with a pigment then it became white.
I stopped being a sorcerer and became a witch.
That’s when I began to call myself with ‘boku’
That was the birth of the witch of supreme time, Matifa.

After that, I lived for years.
Sometimes, a special existence like me is found and I called out to them. The betrayal of my faint hope of someone saving me continued.
I’m aware that I’m the cause.
After I killed the prince that time, I wasn’t able to trust anyone. The more I love or not love the partner, I succumb to the insecurity that they might betray me someday. Then, I tried such a behavior. But, no matter how I try I can’t feel relieved, it gets extremely radical. Before long, the party won’t be able to endure and run away from me. It repeated over and over again.

Then, I found him.
When I saw him, he was able to fly abnormally like I’ve never seen before. He doesn’t have a magical power at all. In short, he’s an existence without any distortion.
He’s a completed existence.
I was longing for him. I want to be like him.
But, I don’t understand what to do, in the end, I meddled like usual.

He was wonderful.
He has an ability that’s not understood. That’s why I thought he would run away if I use him just like the others. But, he didn’t run away.
He took down Misha who’s better than him, he opposed against my magical power in fear.
Even I injured him, threatened him, raped him, he never surrendered to me.
Then, when I’m with him, I noticed that the voice in my head doesn’t sound. The voice of envy that drove me crazy for many years became weak near him. It’s perhaps because of his constitution. He already became an irreplaceable existence to me at once.

But, he doesn’t look at me. Seria is always first for him.
The princess of Rasahairu Kingdom. A cute, pure, gentle and genuine princess that’s different from me.
This time, I’m the one who’s envious. I who was always on the other side felt envious.
I always yearned to be a princess since I was a child. The prince always helped the princess in the story. I dreamed to be like that.
Seria has everything I dreamed of.
A genuine princess, she was saved by him on the time of crisis. It seems to be forced but from the outsider’s point of view, it was clear that Seria liked him. Furthermore, they share a secret, and he’s protecting it. Even though she received so much affection, she wished for even more honestly.
It’s impossible for me to not get envious after that.

That’s why I no longer asked. I can’t forgive him to have Seria’s panties so I embarrassingly passed down my panties. When Seria pushed him down like a thieving cat, I bound him on a contract where I would get his secrets. Every time I hear his tales, my heart dances excitedly.

Then, today, I had touched his imperial wrath at last.
He knows that he’s weak. However, I’m expecting him to be above by all means. It can’t be helped that I thought that he’s a special man that can overcome any kind of crisis. And in fact, he made the most influential person of this country and the same time, was able to run away.
‘He’s really the real thing’, the moment I was rejoicing, he stabbed me. I was off guard. He can never run away from me. However, he also doesn’t accept me. Though I understood that this would happen someday, I haven’t considered that It would come.
I remembered the fear of death for the first time after a long while. I remembered the moment when I was betrayed by the prince. …No, because his blade never reached my body, you can call this as a first time experience. I lost sight of myself as the anger and fear mixed. I left in fury, kidnapped Seria and waited for him. When I think of it, Seria had never done anything wrong.

He spoke about something to Misha while being nursed.
Misha looks at others carefully. She can easily read other’s minds. Misha is the one who understands me the most. That’s why I had her near me, and gave her to him as a present because she’s important.
Misha perfectly saw through the weak me. He was persuaded by that insight. Misha exposed my true nature. It was expected from Misha who’s my hope.

However, it didn’t end there. The two of them started to have sex for some reason. Furthermore, in the ass.
Why do you have room to do such things? Why aren’t you coming to me immediately? The princess is waiting for help you know? And yet, why they can’t leave it like that?

My consciousness returned as there’s no need to look at those two flirting.
The ones occupying the throne room is Me and Seria. Since there’s a barrier around, no one would be aware if something unusual happened.
Seria is confused as she doesn’t understand.
Looking at her made the words of resentment echoed in my head. Why I can’t get my hands on the only thing I want? Why does everyone blame me? Even though she’s the one that should be blamed. I stopped thinking about it. I only involved and disgraced her.
Then, I waited for him.

He was with Misha. Then, he was out of my expectations again this time.
Thinking that he made a declaration of victory with his improvised combination with Misha, I easily made clones of me to turn the tables. I can’t catch up processing the speed of Misha’s bullshit movement. Even if all of them attacked, Misha would just use substitution. If so, I’m going to take the chance when she’s tired. With that said, even if I use full forced attack, the contract will obstruct it. The curse of moving around isn’t applied. I showered attack at every direction not giving a room. His prophecy is taking reality.
I only associated with him for several days. Yet, he easily saw through my true nature. He exceeded me. Although he was given advise by Misha, it can’t be done normally. He seriously faced me.
And he found me. His fist fell, it hurts much more than the stab earlier. But the pain isn’t unpleasant. It’s a happy pain that blew away my anger.
I was rejoicing that time. I’m glad that he understands me, I’m glad that he wants to be with me, I was helplessly happy. That’s right, I didn’t notice his true character up to that moment.

After finishing the contract, he showed his true nature. Of all things, he laughed and ridiculed a person’s age. The betrayal was formidable. There’s no human that drops after raising this far. Even if there’s a little conscience none can do that. He kept speaking happily.
I was furious when I noticed his nature. The incarnation manifested with the intention to kill. But, that resistance was meaningless. My soul was bound by the contract.
Furthermore, he overcame the incarnation of jealousy with the worst method.
He covered his face with panties.
I can’t understand it at all. How did you reach that conclusion!? Why can you neutralize the incarnation with that!?
The incarnation of jealousy that tormented me for more than 1000 years doesn’t run through him at all. On the contrary, it began to help him.
The incarnation has an ego. However, it never deviated from my control up until now. There’s a limit for the bullshit obedience. Is he really a human? Isn’t he an actual devil or something?

I don’t want to remember what’s next.
He dropped me to a slave and he declared his victory. His penis is already erect as the panties is on his head, he made a bad pose of arching his back open stride. It’s similar to a pose of a brilliant researcher I guess? Anyway, it’s indecent. He’s a pervert, no doubt.
Then, I was insulted by that pervert. Forcibly putting his large penis inside my throat, then enema was put on.
I reached climax from the stimulus amplified by magic even though I don’t want to.
His penis is too big for my body. Then, each time he stabs my uterus, my urge to cum raise. The vaginal walls are so hot that I might get burned. ‘He’s sucking my breast so hard that breast milk might come out’, I thought as I the violent numbness. Even though I hadn’t done it in my ass, it feels so good that I might ascend to heaven.
I can’t endure it. Things like grudge or incarnations are nothing compared to this pleasure. My body is no longer mine. I became his.

My body and heart is violated by this pervert.
I hate him definitely. However, I can’t go against him anymore. My waist shakes even though I don’t want it.
He sits on the throne and made the three girls attend on him.
One person in front of him is being pierced by him to satisfy himself, that’s me. The second is kissing him as her breast is being fondled, that’s Seria. The third person is Misha who’s having her ass played with. All of them are beauties and all of them are his.
Those three people had large amount of semen injected into their front hole and back holes, we came endlessly. Even I and Misha are safe considering the flesh age, it won’t be strange if Seria gets pregnant. The princess of the country can’t get pregnant selfishly but no one can stop him anymore.
That man talked to me.

「Matifa, how’s it? Is the incarnation of jealousy still annoying you?」

The incarnation of jealousy has fallen silent. The moment he buried his hot and robust penis, she became silent inside me. I can feel that it still exists. But, her envy isn’t turned to me anymore. There’s no woman who would be envious of a woman who became a pervert’s plaything. She was envious of the prideful and beautiful witch. This was according to his prediction. It’s frustrating that I was saved from that many years of pain.

「Aaaaan! It’s already quiet! But, I still don’t understand it!」

When I lived for a thousand year, I was unable to do anything against the incarnation, but he was able to put it away somehow.
However, I can’t help but think that there must be another method.
For instance, his cursed sword. It’s an item that has a power that I never saw before. Can this cursed sword absorb the incarnation’s magic completely?
Anyway, that cursed sword might be prepared for that damn woman. If so, his real aim isn’t that.

However, it’s too late to think about it.
His penis trembles. It ejaculated again. He impregnates my womb with his semen that stinks.
Thinking that, I reached my limit. My body is aching. My womb and vagina pulsates.

「Ora, I’m cumming again!」
「No way! Please stop already!」
「Haha, you’re saying that while shaking your hips happily. Look, it’s your bonus」

His fingers stimulates my clitoris. It’s completely erect and sensitive, I was brought into pleasure unable to resist. My body jumped regardless of my will. A wave of violent climax surge from the bottom of my body, my 1500 years was washed away.


*Doku Doku*, his semen poured in. The empty gap in my heart has his heat flowing in.
That thoughts boils up. It’s not just animal passion. It’s passion that burns life easily. He threw away all his life and pride for a woman, the battle with no hopes of winning was tackled. Then, it resulted to a victory for some reason.
He’s clumsy and a helpless man. I guess I’ll never be able to understand him at any circumstances. I lived for 1500 years.
However, that’s it.
My master is a helpless fool.


  1. No, it’s not the penis