Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Lululie Saw

Six days passed after the man named Ren came to my house.
Until then, Lilith and I were living alone, right now it’s very noisy.
Lilith happily plays with Misha, I and Ren-san were at loss.
That child doesn’t listen to what I say at all but in front of him she’s completely obedient. She’s really easy to understand. Well, she doesn’t seem to hide it.

He stayed in bed because of cold a few days ago.
Just when he returned suffering from serious injuries, he went out somewhere again in the midnight. Perhaps she talked to the person to break up.
Then, next day he caught cold and stayed in bed.
He’s originally fatigued from the injury then he further forced himself repeatedly that’s why his physical condition will definitely break down. He who doesn’t have magical power is less resistant to sickness.
He’s having a high fever that it seems he’s seeing hallucinations.
But, seeing his somewhat refreshed face, I understood that his worries are gone already.

Ren Kirishimaーー He’s a strange person that came from the other world.
He’s the same as Lilith that’s suffering from magical power deficiency disease. I know well how hard it is for Lilith all this time.
Almost all of the tools in this world is driven by magical power. Drawing water, making fire, light and air conditioning are all using magical power.
Even at work. Even simple work of carrying and farm work needs man with magical power, he who has no magical power will not be employed. If he’s a store clerk, there might be a robbery, even if he works behind the scenes his efficiency from using the magic tools will fall.
Having no magical power is like having no right arm. Rather than hiring such a person, they would hire a slave that’s even cheaper, that’s how it is.

However, while he has that handicap, he’s not inferior at all.
He saved Lilith when she was about to be kidnapped, and he’s now being my guard. Although he’s a rogue, he subdued three men flawlessly means he’s not ordinary at all. It’s like a child winning against three adults.
It’s hard to see from his clothes but his body is muscular and trained very much.1 When I rubbed his shoulder before, I was surprised by the feeling of his hard muscle. There’s no useless fat at all.
With that said though, He has a stronger body than my late father. Originally, elves has a constitution of gaining flesh, but I guess it can’t be helped.
Princess said three years ago that the otherworlder was frail and unreliable. He’s evaluated like a younger girl that’s foolish and makes her worry so much three years ago.
That man is now protecting me. Surely, he made an unimaginable effort. He strengthened his body desperately to live.

Tears flow from him whenever he eats. It’s not unusual that he’s impressed by such a breakfast. That speaks how harsh his past three years was.
I understand his feelings a bit. Because I also felt like him too.
I recall my late father in him. I think about my gentle father. Always eating delicious meals, energetically getting to work and coming home hurt, a bit untidy, making mom angry as he spoils me and Lilith.
Their faces are different but his gentleness is like father’s2

When I slept comfortably from his massage, he even carried me to bed. I remember the old days when father did the same and carried me to bed, so I inadvertently pretend to sleep.
What’s worse is he knew. It can’t be helped if I was attacked just like that. But he’s a gentleman and he didn’t do anything lewd to me at all.3 It’s maybe because he has someone else he likes.
Such a sincere and gentle man must have a lover. I’m sure it’s beautiful personー I thought.

Playing with water. The laundry was dropped on the bucket absentmindedly.
Seeing that, the senior maid Dalia called me out.

「Lululie, what’s wrong? Are you feeling bad again?」

She’s a woman with an unusual body for a maid. I’ve been under her care as an apprentice, and she’s a senpai that’s tending to Seria-sama together with me. She was worried when I collapsed before.

「No, I’m fine. I was just lost in thought」

I’m thinking, that’s right, it’s a trivial thing. That day when he was wounded, a dark elf came to pick me up in his place. Her name was Cathy.
Her body is tall and voluptuous that her big breast is about to burst. Her unfamiliar clothes emphasizes the goodness of her style. A sarcastic woman. 4
No matter how hard I try I don’t get big but that dark elf’s body was glamorous without exception. Surely, his lover is that woman. I heard from the story that she’s a elder disciple, but there’s no man who won’t fall in love with that beautiful body. I really hate it.
She didn’t talk that much so her explanation isn’t well. She said that he’s safe but I doubt that he’s fine at all. I want her to tell me about the degree of injury but she told me that I’m unrelated.

When I noticed, I was rubbing the laundry wildly in vexation. Dalia-san shouldn’t have noticed my behavior.

「Yare, Yare, are you worrying about something? …Is it a man?」
「Recently, you’ve been meeting a man right? He’s dropping and picking you up」

It’s definitely Ren-san. But, we’re not in such a relationship. Also, it was just days since we;ve met. For romance and such…

「I-It’s not. There’s nothing about him」

I refused by shaking my head.

「Hee, you’re feeling shaken. Could it be illicit love?」

Dalia-san’s vulgar smile floats. This woman really loves love stories…

「I told you it’s not. I only requested him to be my guard. Since the previous incident, the surroundings are a bit dangerous…」
「So it seems. Then I’ll take that reason. But you still have something in mind, right?」

No good. This person doesn’t believe it at all. I’d be lying if I say I don’t but I haven’t thought to the extent of stealing. However, just for a bit, I feel that my current life is good.
My housekeeping decreased and became a bit easier after he came. I’m worried about inviting a man in a female household but he doesn’t attack us. Rather, I feel save that there’s a man. Lilith is also glad and Misha-chan is also an excellent child.

These past days he’s been sleeping but his care isn’t bad. Like me, he also lost his home and parents. While he’s telling me to rest, it’s obvious that he himself is overworking. That’s why I feel really happy when he’s getting spoiled. Seeing his weak face as he alway strain himself, it tickles my motherly instinct and it might become a habbitー. Not! That’s not it.

「I don’t have something in my mind. But, I want to be alone for a moment, can I be…」
「Yare Yare, that’s a serious illness. Well, you definitely wont cause a ruckus. Do well」
「I told you that’s not it…」

Dalia-san doesn’t listen to whatever I say. I scrapped hard the laundry to fool her…

「This dirt doesn’t seem to get off easily」
「Un? Ah that one. That sheet is Desire-sama right? It can’t be helped then. Men’s semen is persistent after all」

Man’s semen? That’s strange. Because these sheets are from the princess’ room. There shouldn’t be semen on the sheets the princess is sleeping. Furthermore it’s too thick.
But Dalia-san seems to be convinced.
Or rather…What does this mean? Did someone enter the princess’ room and violated her? But who will…

Princess hadn’t changed since that event. She’s a bit distant and doesn’t go out anymore. The correct call might be ‘A person who no longer goes out’ Men, she’s afraid of them especially the knights. Only Lion is the sole exception.
At that time of the day, I also fainted from that fearful experience. I don’t know what happened when I was asleep but the shock princess received that time was abnorma.

There’s a rumor that an assassin was involved. A gag order has been laid out5 but the assassin was related to the incident that happened in the meeting the other day. It’s frightening, but he’s also my benefactor. We were betrayed by the knights, if no one saved us that time, I’ll never be safe. Speaking clearly, he’s clearly much better than the knights who betrayed us.

But, right now the princess is heavily guarded by Lion and the knights. That’s why there’s no way an assassin can be reckless. He wouldn’t bother to take such risk. That’s why, the only one who can do that…who can…Lion?

After I finished the laundry, I came to the room of the princess. As usual, Lion is standing in front of the room. Lion is alone.

「Uhm, Lululie-dono, is there something wrong?」
「No, there’s nothing」

There’s no change in Lion’s state. He’s standing alone at the front of the princess’ room. He doesn’t enter the room because of my complaint before. But, if it’s him, he can enter anytime.

「I-Is there something on my face?」6
「No, there’s nothing」

He has a neutral face and a slender figure. He’s bad at socializing so he’s alone. But his ability is the real thing, he’s the strongest knight. He’s no match against the legendary Matifa but he has the power to do as he like with the princess alone.
Though I hate him, when he courts, most ladies would flutter. Maybe, even the princess…

「Really, what’s wrong?」
「No, there’s nothing」

I entered the room ignoring the doubtful Lion.

「Hey, you, are you really sure with that?」
「It’s fine. He’ll repent a bit with thisー Lululie!?」

Princess and Matifa-sama are talking inside the room. Noticing me, the princess stopped talking and smiled in order to fool me.
Why didn’t Lion hold me back? If Matifa-sama is in here, I shouldn’t be inside this room. He’s really a insensitive man.

「I’m sorry, I came here to clean but I’ll do it later」
「No, it’s fine. It’s not like you’re disturbing us. I’m going out with Matifa-sama for a bit so please clean」

Princess is going out with Matifa-sama. Recently, these two people are getting along. Previously, they only meet when she’s taking magic lessons but they’re often together now. Furthermore, they seem to be keeping a secret from me.
Matifa-sama seems to know something but it seems that it’s the opposite. Either way, Princess got involved with Matifa-sama.
Her appearance is of a small child but she’s way too old on the inside. She probably was consulted about various things.

「Certainly. Take your time」
「Thanks. I can guarantee Seria’s safety so be relieved」

Matifa-sama talks friendly to a demi-human like me. Though I had some difficult impressions, recently, Matifa-sama changed a bit. You can say that she’s calm. I felt abysmal fear before but it became friendly. Did something happen with the princess?

I cleaned the room when I everyone was gone. Doing it is easy. I collected dust with wind magic, I lightly wiped the furniture and kind. For an elf like me it’s easy to carry it out as I’m skilled with magic.
Then, when I made the bed, a found a box I’ve never seen before. It was a box for hiding something but it wasn’t locked.
I mustn’t look. This is the princess’ private property. A maid like me shouldn’t touch it without permission. I thought but I was curious by all means.
I remembered the dirty sheet from a while ago. The box is concealed by the dirty sheets.
I feel unpleasant.
I mustn’t open this box. I won’t be able to go back when I open it.7

I steeled myself and opened the box. What’s inside it is a copy of a book and a marble modeled on something. Something isn’t. What’s this?
A man’s thing. Genital. A man’s genitalia.
My hand trembled. Why is such a thing in the princess’ room?…
I also checked the book. But, I understood it without reading the contents. It’s an erotic book. It’s a erotic book from the title. Furthermore, a bad taste.

My goodness! The princess has awakened to sex.
It’s still too early for the princess. Even I haven’t done it yet.8
These things are something an unmarried woman shouldn’t have. Furthermore, she’s the country’s princess.
It’s obvious what’s the princess is doing using this. She’s comforting herself. I absolutely must stop it.

What should I do?
Err, I must find the criminal who made the princess do such things.
The suspect is Lion.9
I’m sure that he forced the shocked and weakened princess violently But I have no evidence.
Also, Matifa-sama. She also wrote this book, and they’ve been getting along recently., What is she indoctrinating in the princess right now?…

But, even if I know the truth, the enemy is the two of the strongest in this country. What can a mere maid like me do?
I should consult someone. But who?
It would be a large incident if it became public.
I can’t say those things to Dalia-san. Of course, not even my colleagues.
Someone different. Lilith is out of the question.
A much more reliable person…
Then, that man’s face surfaced.

ーーRen-san. 10
If it’s him, he can conceal such a thing.
He seems to have experienced a lot of things so he might have a good advice. When Lilith was almost kidnapped, he immediately found the criminal’s purpose. No, but…


  1. I can imagine her elf ears getting red from this line. hehehehe
  2. Oh Lululie, you just Oni Chichi your little sister with that
  3. That’s because he promised Seria. ahahhaaha
  4. 嫌味な女
  5. This means that the information about the incident should not leak out
  6. Quicknote, Lion refers himself as ‘Watashi’, this might be relevant later so I will tell you now
  7. It’s a pandora’s box
  8. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to taste it soon
  9. Hahahahaha, poor guy, he’s honest with his job and all the suspicion falls under him