Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Nursing

After my victory against Matifa yesterday, I enjoyed it until I was satisfied. I experienced my dream of sitting down the throne and violating beautiful girls alternately. It was not a crown that was on my head but panties instead.
And today, I fell exhausted.
Even Matifa’s panties isn’t omnipotent.
I can recover my strength with magic but the treatment of injuries has a strong makeshift. You can fool it with magic if it’s the usual, the body still needs to recover though. But, I ignored that principle yesterday. Therefore, my body had a heavy backlash after that act.

I returned back to my home to change my clothes and returned to Lululie’s house at night, I explained the details to Cathy and made her guard outside.
Because the fatigue surged in one go, I left the night guard to Cathey and lied down on the sofa.
Then the next morning, my body generated intense heat, I can’t get up.

It was Lululie who noticed the unusual event first.
I was breathing rough and a chilly feeling arose. When I opened my eyes thin to wander around, I saw Lululie’s eyes too close and her long eyelashes as she jumped out. She placed her forehead to mine and checked my temperature.
Her shallow breathing is audible. If I moved my face a bit we would already kiss. I thought of doing it but my body doesn’t move.

「What a fever… This is no good. Please take a rest in my room」1

After saying that, Lululie invoked some sort of magic. However, something odd happened. Thinking of failure lightly in my head, countless ivies grow from the other side of the door of the living room and reached out to me.2 My whole body was tied up and lifted.
Then, I was brought to Lululie’s room while swinging. I never thought that in this would I would be invited by some disgusting plant, but then, I was lay down on Lululie’s bed.

My vision shakes. A tangled ivy. The suspicious stinking smellー.
I feel like I’ve strayed to a forest somewhere I don’t know. It’s a dreamlike sensation. But even I said dream, this is a nightmare.
The fairy dances on the edge of my view. A cry of mysterious bird from somewhere resound. Countless spiders crawled on my body when I noticed.
Anxiety and fear welled up from deep inside my body. However, I can’t shout.
Poisonous petals are dancing. Someone’s scream and horse’s footsteps. When I looked the other way it was just a red mist.
Something’s coming. There’s something in this world where it’s unthinkable nature isn’t known.
Someone’s calling me. Humid. I can’t breath. The world is distorting. My body is falling. The floor is hard. Severe pain…

「Ren-san, are you okay?」

When I noticed, Lululie is helping me sit up. I’m beside Lululie’s bed right now, on top of the wooden floor. It seems that I fell of the bed.

「Ah, Sorry」
「No, please take rest. I’ve called the doctor」

It seems that I’ve fainted. Because of the heat and the hideous plants, I seem to have nightmares.
Lululie easily lifted my body with her thin arms. She put me on the bed once again and put a wet towel on my forehead.
Lululie nursed me like she’s used to it. I’m really grateful.
When I put the futon on top of my mouth, Lululie’s smell drifted. I felt a bit calm. I can sleep calmly with this…

I feel my body is being shaken.

「…Sama, wake up」

Who’s it?

「Master, wake up」
「Un, Master, you awake?」

I’m awake but my body can’t move. When I turned my face to Misha, she’s wearing a nostalgic clothing.
A pale pink colored nurse clothes. She has a syringe in her hand.
Why are you dressed like that?…

「Master, injection time」

Green liquid spouts from the syringe Misha is holding.
What’s with that color?
Is that thing safe to enter a human body?
In the first place, can Misha do injection?
Or rather, why a nurse outfit?

「Then, Master, take out your ass」
「Hurry up hurry up. This injection feels good」

I was rolled by Misha and made me face down forcefully. When I tried to escape, My hands and feets were tied to the bed before I noticed.
Misha’s hand reached out for my trousers. Then it was lowered just like that. My ass is exposed3 Misha’s hand is coming. I’ll lose my anal virginity in three seconds. 3, 2, 1…

「Wait a moment! WaiーーAaaaaaaaa!!!」

A sensation of something sticking into my ass, I woke up along with that.

I checked my surroundings and my ass’ safety. It’s the same otherworld like Lululie’s room when I slept. There’s nothing stuck in my ass.
It seems that it’s impossible to sleep in this room. I wonder if my nightmares are shown by this plant. There might be a rotten apple like guy from the window, or maybe something like a skeleton on the side of the bed.
It doesn’t matter but I now plan to make Misha to wear a nurse outfit.
‘Haa’, I exhaled, then a person’s presence was nearby.

「Yes. It seems that you’re not fine. Please take a rest」

Even if you don’t tell me that, I can’t move. I’m just a sick person. Severe dizziness and palpitation and getting short on breath. Even talking is hard.

「About the witch, this is master’s message」

Matifa’s case is something that needs to be immediately reported to master. What criticism waits, just thinking about it is making me afraid.

「Master withdraws the requests. And it’s not necessary to aim in the witch in the future. However, since you didn’t achieve the request, there’s no reward」

It seems that they know it. There’s no penalty in particular. Perhaps I should say that I risked my life so it’s enough as a penalty.

「Also, the cursed sword will be collected」

That’s obvious. The cursed sword is a national treasure class so it’s not something that an individual should have. If work ended, the lending period will also end.

「Another one. Master said 『Don’t get carried away』」

Shit. Just how far can he see though? I haven’t known that it extends to the castle but he’s able to guess from the degree of the report. Though I didn’t say it, It seems that it was reported that I made Matifa my slave and they noticed my misdeeds.
I’m afraid to meet Master next time.
Thinking that, the door opened and Lululie with a tray came in.

「Good morning. How’s your condition?」
「Sorry for being troublesome. I feel better thanks to you」

I don’t feel better at all but as a Japanese, there are some things I must do. There’s no way I could tell her I had nightmares.

「Is that so? But, please still take a rest. Cathy-san too, please don’t overwork the sick too much」

Lululie said it with a smile. I feel that there’s some darkness oozing out but I guess it’s my imagination. I’m sure that it’s because of this room. It must be.

「By the way, what about Lululie’s work?」

Seeing the height of the day, it should be noon already. Lululie should be inside the castle usually.

「Yes, the break time was a bit longer so don’t worry」

There’s no way I wouldn’t worry. They would understand if you went out if a child had cold, but a man catching a cold isn’t heard that much. Isn’t she too overprotective?

「Are you really okay? You can just leave me alone」
「Just be a sick person and rest properly」

Lululie doesn’t accept no. I should just get nursed quietly. I’m glad about it.

「I brought meal. Are you going to eat?」
「Yeah, I guess. I’ll take it」

I don’t have the appetite but I haven’t eaten anything today. It would be better if I force myself to eat.
I tried to move my body while thinking about that but power can’t enter my body. I was finally able to raise my upper body with the help of Cathy, just sitting feels painful already. Though My arm is being held by Cathy’s explosive breast, I can’t afford to enjoy it.
Still, when I was about to eat, my arm was trembling.
Seeing that, Lululie scooped the soup slowly and carried it to my mouth.

「Open your mouth. Okay, aaan」

When I opened my mouth, Lululie poured the warm soup.
There’s no taste because of the fever but my heart warms up.
I recalled my memory from childhood.
The parents I can’t come back to.
My mother that I can’t meet again.
I have a fever and being nursed just like back when I was a child.
Is it okay to cry?
It’s okay to cry, right?

「W-what’s wrong? Was it too hot?」
「Wait, Ren, Are you okay? Did you eat something strange!?」

Lululie and Cathy began to panic as they see me cry. But, It can’t be helped. My tears don’t stop.

「No. Don’t mind it」

The two looked at each other. The two knows my past so they seem to have guessed indirectly.
After the two people made me eat, I slept again.

It was night when I noticed. I was able to sleep without nightmares this time.
My body’s condition hadn’t changed but I feel refreshed.
When I looked around Lululie’s room again, it’s a room of an ordinary girl with the exception of the strange plant. Her aestetic sense of style is bad. There are some accessories and stuffed animals but none of them have eerie design.
Other than that, it’s an ordinary room, Lululie seems to be slightly off.
Then, the master of the room came in.

「How’s your condition?」
「Yeah, I still feel feverish but it got better」

Lululie devoted to nursing as we talk. She measured my temperature just like this morning and made me eat a meal.
Then, after confirming my condition, my clothes were taken off and I began to wipe of the sweat from my body politely.

「Sorry for making you do this」
「I’m used to this because of Lilith」

The towel that was wet with hot water was stroked in my body. Gently wiping my face, neck, arm to the shoulder, chest and back, Lululie wiped off the sweat.

「You really have an amazing muscle」
「Well yeah. I only have nothing but this」

I have no magical power and also not smart. The only road for me is increasing muscle strength.

「I can’t tell Lilith to make you as an example」
「Well yeah. If Lilith is trained, she’ll be a macho woman and it won’t look good」

I don’t want to see Lilith with abs. I don’t want to see her gaining muscles instead of breast. Even if her bust is improved, no one would be happy.

「…Is Cathy-san really your taste?」

She asked shyly. I guess Cathy’s explosive breast is a shock for her.

「There’s no man who would hate that. But well, since I’m attracted to looks so face is everything. I do like Lulullie and Lilith. But Macho is no good」

Of course. No one else has condensed motherhood in this small chest. I know that it’s impossible but I wish to get married and build a warm home.

「Fufufu, you won’t get anything with your flattery」
「That’s not flattery」

She shows composure but Lululie’s a bit embarrassed. This doesn’t feel bad. Since I already finished capturing Matifa and Lilith, Lululie is the only one left. I want to do it in one go but unfortunately, my body won’t move. Really, why is Lululie coming when I’m like this.

While we’re talking, the body wiping has finished already. Unfortunately, I must do my lower body by myself.
After Lululie left, I cleaned my body cheerfully and changed my underwear. After moving my heavy body to the toilet, I went to sleep again.

Lululie seems to be going to sleep in the sofa at the living room. She wouldn’t accept and made me sleep on the bed.
What I should do right now is to cure my cold as quickly as possible. It’s for Lululie’s sake. I fell asleep while thinking that.
Then next day, My symptoms got worse.

「Your wound is festering. I should make the doctor look at it again」

Lululie said that after checking my condition. The wounds of my arm and thigh were no problem but it worsened during yesterday night This and that, this wounds are Lion’s fault. I’ll never forgive him.

「Master, you’re no good today too?」
「Onii-chan, are you okay?」

Misha and Lilith asked with their faces appearing on the door.

「It seems that it will still take time to recover. Lilith is easy to get sick so don’t get in. Misha-chan, I’ll leave Lilith to you」
「Un, Got it」
「Uu, Onee-chan is sly」

Lilith who’s worrying about me was taken away and Misha went out to play. Misha now has a choker on her neck just like Matifa. Misha became my slave again so I don’t have anything to worry in particular. Though she’s cold-hearted, it’s better than receiving injection on my ass.
This and that, days passed with only Lululie nursing me. Then, on the third day, I made a huge mistake.


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