Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Seria’s curse #

Seria acted like a kitten and hang into me.
Seria’s plump chest is pressing into me. The soft feeling spreads on top of my belly, my son shows signs of reviving even I caught a cold.
I reached out to Seria’s body. I knead her soft and fluffy marshmallow breast, my cold seems to have flown somewhere. If I’m not careful my consciousness would fly away.

「What request?」
「Nn, you see, please answer my questions honestly」
「Are you okay with that?」
「Yes, please answer without lying. If you don’t want to answer, it’s fine staying silent」
「Got it」

Seria’s hand reached out to my pants while speaking then my half revived son was taken out. I haven’t taken a bath in this past three days so it has a strong stink of a man.
Seria shifted her body and made her delicate hand crawl into it. My feverish feels the little stimulation sensitively. I don’t have the mood to do it today but if Seria wants to do it then it’s different1
It was the usual nursing from Lululie during the day and the lewd nursing is done by Seria at night. It’s the best. I’m glad I caught a cold.

「Then, the question. Lululie’s state is a bit strange recently, you haven’t attacked her did you?」

The first question is about Lululie. She looks strange because she escaped the castle during daytime to nurse me. I’m at fault for sure but I haven’t done anything lewd.

「Of course. I haven’t attacked Lululie」

Seria breathed in relief after hearing me. Are you so worried about Lululie that you’re going to use your body?

「Then, next one. Do you intend to return the panties you stole?」
「An immediate answer… You’re not wearing it right?」
「Well, not Seria’s. If you want, I’ll do it anytime」
「You don’t have to…Ahn~」

Seria breathes a sweet sigh again. Her cheeks blush as her breast is being rubbed, her expression has become lewd too. My son has become energetic suddenly. As expected ero is the best source.

「N, then next question. All the girls you’ve done is, Me, Matifa-sama and Misha chan only right?

She’s now asking my relations with women. Seria is interested about it?
I did Lilith and Cathy but I didn’t tell her yet. I’ll speak ambiguously this time. .

「I did some other girls. I’m popular you know」
「Mu, that’s a nasty way of speaking. It’s an honest relationship?」
「Yeah it is」

Well, I did them after agreement. It’s the most honest relationship.
The moment I answered. I felt a constricting pain on my penis.

「Ouch! Seria, do it gently!」
「You lied didn’t you? That’s not an honest relationship at all! You did attack someone else as expected? Tell me! Who did you put your hands on?!」

Seria got angry suddenly, She grabbed my shoulder and shook me.
Include the headache and dizziness, I suddenly feel nauseated. Crap.

「Wait Seria. I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you!」

I held my mouth to bear it. I really can’t bear to cover Seria with vomit. I’m willing to smear her with semen but vomit is no go.
I desperately endured it, Seria stopped moving me as she might’ve noticed something unusual.

「So, who did you attack?」

Seria questions me with a furious look.

「I haven’t attacked anyone. Rather than that, what does this mean?」
「It doesn’t mean anything. I put a curse so you can’t do lewd things. It activated because you lied」

Seria declared. I don’t know what curse it is but there was a pain in my crotch a while ago. When I looked down, my penis turned into something unthinkable.
Pink ribbon. A cute pink ribbon is wrapped around my penis. My dirty penis is decorated by a beautiful butterfly knot. This seems to be the cause of the pain a while ago.

「Hey, what’s this!? What curse?」
「This is a cursed ribbon I asked Matifa to make. It binds the action of the partner who lied about love. Specifically, it’ll hinder you forcibly attacking a woman, or doing lewd things with children. So, you can’t attack Matifa-sama and I by force nor do lewd things with children like Misha-chan. You deserve it」

Seria showed a triumphant smile.
It seems that this was her aim from the beginning. I try to take off the ribbon but it doesn’t come loose.

「Don’t joke with me! I haven’t heard about this. Remove this. This is against human rights」2
「Who’s violating human rights here! After the recent events, I know that you’re no good if I haven’t done this. I can’t believe you inserted in m-my ass! It was painful to sit down the whole day after that! Do you know the suffering!? That’s why this is your punishment. Until you sign this pledge, I’ll never untie it!」

Saying that, Seria took out a piece of parchment on the bed. What’s written there are unreasonable demands. Never rape again, won’t kill people, won’t trespass, won’t peep, won’t steal, won’t do ass, won’t bind, won’t rub breasts without permission, won’t forcibly kiss, won’t force fellatio, won’t force to drink semen, won’t creampie without permission, etc. It’s all things I can’t think of. 3 If I abide to that, I’d die from frustration.

「Like hell I will! In the first place trespassing is forbidden so there’s no point for that to be here」
「Can’t you just make Misha-chan your messenger. The only one I forbid to go in and out is you. That’s bad luck for you. Please show me your frustration from untying that ribbon. It’s impossible for you though」

Seria took out her tongue to provoke me.

「How do you untie this! My penis is going to come off if I pull it!?」
「Since I installed it, the only ones who can untie that are those who can meet the conditions」

What’s the condition? Since Seria set it up, I think it’s an easy condition.
Seria raised her finger and explained the condition.

「That’s the person who loves you. If they love you, they love you as a person, then the ribbon would come off! I’m not a demon so I won’t bother people who are in love with each other. Of course, that’s only if there’s someone like that」

Seria explained in a triumphant look. Her expression looks like she’s convinced that it’s impossible for me. It makes me angry.
It doesn’t change that it’s an optimistic condition but it’s a difficult condition for me. Should we try Misha for the time being? She does like me, and I like her too. I feel that it’s not enough love through Seria’s standards, other candidates are…

「That’s right. Matifa, remove this curse. You can do it right?」

I asked Matifa who just watched the events from far away. The one who made the cursed ribbon should also be able to remove it.
However, Matifa refused.

「I’m sorry. I’m not a curse expert. That’s why I can’t answer your demand」
「Tsk, useless」

Making this ribbon and not stopping it from being used, what a useless slave. Learn from Misha.
When I cursed her, Matifa rebutted with an angry face.

「Don’t you have that cursed sword with you? If it’s that you can remove a curse of this degree. Or you can just ask your master」
「The cursed sword is already retrieved by master. Also, like hell I can tell master about this! I’ll definitely be killed or castrated」

Master can dispel this easily but that jokes don’t go through her. If she sees this she’ll definitely ask persistently. That’s no good. My life isn’t enough for that.
But I’m troubled. I can’t rape Seria at this rate.

「Fufufu. How’s it? I can do it if I’m serious. Now, give up and sign this pledge!」

She thrust out the pledge. Anyway, it has a magical process in it. If I signed it, I’ll have no choice but to have boring sexual life. Who the hell would accept that.
When it comes to this, I’ll be using force. It’s fine, I’m the one who sealed the incarnation of jealousy. I won’t be defeated by a curse of this extent.

「I won’t yield to this curse! I’ll rape you no matter what!」
「Kya! Wait, release me!」
「I won’t allow it anymore. I’ll rape you even if I throw up!」

This time I pushed down Seria contrary to earlier. I raised her thin negligee revealing her chest that’s well grown.
Seeing it, it’s really a big and lewd breast. Her humble nipple and areola is elegant.
The moment I reached for it, the tightening pained my rod. The ribbon is digging into my erect penis. But, I can endure to this degree.
I removed my pants and put the glans to the slit. Prolonged war is impossible. There’s no foreplay but this is her punishment so it’s all right. I’ll teach her a lesson for doing this to me.
Then, when I was about to push down my glans.

Suddenly, Seria’s figure transformed.
Her beautiful face turned to a black hairy face.
Her charming limbs turned to black haired muscled limbs.
A very wild and sturdy appearance. The strangely handsome face is annoying.
In short, the figure was a gorilla. I throw down the gorilla and inserted to the gorilla’s pussy
My son withers instantly. It was pushed back without opening the slit.
‘This is Seria’, even if I persuade myself that it was Seria, the feeling sex doesn’t come up. The people’s appearance is important. I can’t have sex with the gorilla named Seria. It’s impossible for me at least.

「T-That’s ridiculous…」

I crumbled down.

「It’s an instant effect. After all, that’s the degree of your love!」

Seria returned to her original appearance and declared her victory.

「Ahahahaah! You look ungraceful!」

Matifa laughs, holding her sides.
The battle was concluded…

「What now! You cowards!」
「It’s not cowardly. You won’t reflect unless I do it」

I can’t have sex with someone unless I overcome the hallucination of that gorilla!?
No, not yet. I still have cards!

「Matifa, I order you. Come and service me!」
「Yare Yare. Are you saying that you give up on Seria and will experiment on me. I’m your slave so I have no choice but do your order but I don’t agree to have sex with you」

Matifa came on the top of the bed while complaining. I took the my ultimate weapon, the cursed panties in the mean time.
The panties have a peerless effect so I don’t have a problem when it comes to erection. But, the moment I push down Matifa on the bed and lifted her skirt, Matifa transformed to a gorilla with white hair. Then, my son withered instantlyーー.

「You’re a fool. You think you can win against that curse with doping? pu, ahahaha!」
「Fuck! Is there something else! Something…huh?」

As soon as I throw down the useless ultimate weapon, I was attacked by a strong dizziness. It seems I got too excited. My body has reached the limit already.
I fall down the bed like that.
Seeing that, Seria put her hand on my forehead in a hurry.

「Wawa, it’s so hot. You really want to do lewd things that much?」
「Of course. That’s the only thing I live for」
「That’s an amazing obsession…」

Seria said in a astonished manner.

「Really, your libido has no end. Then I’ll help you in a way. Your order is to serve you after all」

Saying that, Matifa put me down face up and she trampled down my crotch with her small foot wrapped in black kneesocks.

「Ofuu! What are you doing Matifa?」
「What? I’m cancelling your lust. It’s because I’m your gentle slave. When Master is troubled, I want to help」

Saying that, Matifa stimulates my withered penis with the sole of her feet. She’s trampling it like filth.

「Hora hora, How’s my feet? It feels that this one is feeling pleasant」
「You, doing as you please just because I can’t move…」
「But, if I use my hand or mouth, the curse will torment you. That’s why, this is the best I can do. Even I don’t want to do this you know. But you ordered me to serve you. Hora, It’s already hard. Are you feeling good from being stepped on?」

Matifa’s adjusted her weight to the degree it doesn’t hurt. Frankly speaking, this feels good.
Her long tender feet, dazzling thighs. She keeps her crotch on an angle that I can’t see.
Then, the cold eyes like she’s looking at a garbage stirs up the excitement further.

「If you don’t want to then you can just give me an order. Hora, say it. ‘Please stop’ What’s wrong? You can’t say it? Are you really feeling pleasure from being stepped on? ーーYou’re really a pervert」

In addition, she attack using words. Does she not know how to take care of the sick? Or is this how Matifa treat kindly?

「Oh? There’s a transparent soup on the point isn’t it? Are you going to pee? Aaah, My beautiful feet will get dirty. Punishment is necessary for this bad penis」

Saying that, Matifa trampled down the glans dripping the pre-cum. Sandwiching it in her toes, the sensitive glans is being trampled. The feeling of the smooth texture of the cloth and her sole, then the violent pushing movement attacks my penis with stimulation. After three days, the desire to ejaculate from ejaculation rises.

「It’s trembling. Are you going to cum already? You’re really a useless master for being aroused being stepped on by a small girl like me. I’m worried about your future」
「Matifa-sama do it! Step on this person more!」

Seria also took advantage and went to Matifa’s side. They’re getting really cocky.

「Bleeh! It’s your fault. Please sign this pledge if you want help」

Seria sticks out her lovely tongue to provoke me. Who the hell would!

「Hora hora, You’re being obstinate? You’re at limit aren’t you? It’s already bulging」

Matifa moved her feet down and reached for my balls. The three days worth of clogged sperm feels painful. I instinctively escape my waist but Matifa follows with her feet.

「Matifa, why are you so skillful in this?!」
「Yeah, this is the hobby of the first king. I stepped on him while he begs on the ground. Then, I did step on the successive kings after that. Of course, the current king too. It’s on their blood as expected」4
「What are you doing, King…」
「That’s something I don’t want to know. Father…」

Seria was shocked from the exposed fetish of her father. Giving the secret of the King, Matifa intends to take revenge on the teasing a while ago.

「You can’t say that as a person? After doing this much」5

Saying that, Matifa strongly stepped on my erect penis.

「Oouuu, Oo, ooo…」
「Hora, I’ve already eased it up. 」 Cum while being stepped on by me!」

The movement of her feet gets intense. While attacking the glans, her entire sole rubs the pole.
Matifa’s cheeks reddened. Licking her red lips, she torment my penis in high spirits.
For some reason I can understand the feeling of the former king. There’s no man who wouldn’t feel aroused when they’re stepped on by this goth loli witch6 Furthermore, it feels really good.
I can’t stand it anymore. The feeling of ejaculation wells up. The ribbon that obstructs me didn’t react this time. I didn’t resist and threw out my semen.
Byururu, the thick yellowish semen flew out, Matifa’s feet was a bit dirtied, most of it fell on my stomach and on Seria’s bed.

「Oh my, you let out so much. Did being stepped on feel that good? Master」

Matifa looks down on me satisfied. She’s really getting cocky.

「You, remember this. I’ll definitely take my revenge」
「Fun, originally, aren’t you the bad one as you treat a girl like a toy」
「It’s your fault that you lost. The loser’s social standing is to be stepped on by the master!」
「I don’t deny that I lost. But you’re also getting aroused from being stepped on!」

While I continue to quarrel with Matifa, Seria raised her voice.

「Ah! Wait, please don’t dirty my sheets! I won’t be able to sleep!」
「Aren’t you lively! It’s your fault!」
「Because your agonizing look is interesting. It can’t be helped」
「No no, what kind of reason is that!」

Seria starts to speak making fun of me. I guess I won’t let Matifa step on me severely.
I quarrel with Seria about this and that, then Matifa gave a timely help.

「Sorry. I’ll clean it so wait a moment」

Matifa tries to tidy it up with her usual magic. But, I won’t let it.

「Wait a moment, Matifa. You don’t need to clean it. No, don’t clean it. This is Seria’s punishment. I’ll make her realize what happens if you put a curse on me!

I further make the sheets and pillows a mess with my semen. This is revenge.7 It’s a revenge for Seria who put a curse on me so I can’t have sex.

「Kyaー! Hey, don’t spread it! It’s dirty! Filthy!
「You’re going to sleep sniffing the scent of my semen」
「You’re the worst! What are you going to do with this! It won’t dry even if I wash it right now!」
「Like I care. I will continue to harass you until this curse is removed. You’ll definitely open your crotch for me!」
「I’ll never do that! You should be the one apologizing. Apologize and kneel on the ground like when the first time we met! Then I’ll forgive you」
「Ha, I’ll never do that again. You’ll regret making me angry!」

I put on my withered penis inside my pants and walked aiming outside while feeling dizzy. Matifa questioned that.

「I can’t recommend you getting out of the window. I don’t mind if you’re found by the lookout though」
「Oh right, Then, I’ll go home. Remember this」

After saying those parting lines, I teleported to my home.


  1. IT’S A TRAP
  3. Is Seria into femdom?
  4. This means that Ren is the next KING, Yup thanks author for that foreshadowing
  5. 「キミも人のことを言えないだろ? ここをこんなにしちゃってさ」
  6. You can’t fool me