Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Cathy and the chamber of secrets1 ##

Five days later, I finally recovered from my cold.
During that time, Lululie energetically nursed me and I was saved. I thought that it’s just fine for me to stay as a sick person forever.
As expected I feel depressed as my body feels weaker, I feel spoilt from being treated kindly. Then, Lululie has come to pamper me further this time.
At first she goes ‘Aaahn’, she clasp my hand when I have nightmares now, she even sticks to me to the restroom. As if that all I say is her mission.2 If I asked her, she might sleep together with me.
It’s me who fawns over too much but I can’t defy the desire to corruption. If this continues I’d be a useless man.

Furthermore, I’m not always depending on Lululie. I manage to make an effort to remove the curse Seria put.
But, I’ve tried various stuffs to remove Seria’s curse, but I wasn’t able to.
Misha, Lilith, and Cathy pulled it but it doesn’t come undone. I took expensive holy water, but it was merely purified.
And now, I’m trying hardcore measures.

「Master, are you sure?」
「Yeah, do it instantly」
「Then, here I go」

Misha’s mysterious claws has a reputation of cutting anything. I thought that the ribbon might be cut if it’s that.
Misha slowly swings.
What’s ahead as she swing down is my partner that’s being wrapped in a pink ribbon.
The ribbon was not scratched even a bit, Misha said that there’s some resistance. If so, she’d have to cut it with full power.
However, if she slips even for a bit, I’d be the one cut. The margin of error isn’t even a millimeter.
But Misha is confident. I can do it myself. 3 ‘I’ll free Master’s penis and we can go and do naughty stuff again’ That’s why I decided to believe in Misha.
The, right now, she swings her claws downwardーー

「Wa-! Wait a moment! It’s impossible! This shit is impossible!」

Misha’s claws stopped suddenly. It’s position is 1cm above my penis. Several curly hairs fall down.
The claw draw a small track digging on my skin. If she swings it downward, blood will spout. This is no good at all. This method is too dangerous. Even if body can be healed with magic, the wounds in my heart won’t.

「Muー, master’s a loser」
「Nonono, it’s impossible for anyone. I might lose this suddenly!」

I put away my dick and this strategy failed. There must be a peaceful method.

「Mi-chan, what would you do if it’s impossible? Onii-san would just suffer if this continues」

Lilith spoke anxiously. She tiptoed and patted my head gently. What a cute girl.
This curse forces the hallucination even if I don’t look, it makes noise even if I plug my ears.
Seria, damn this curse you put on me. Thanks to you, my sexual life is on the verge of crisis.

「Haa, let’s think a bit more」

I can creep into Master’s place and steal the cursed sword, or should I torment Seria forcibly till she reached her limit. ……It’s the later. Since my body has recovered already, I’ll sexually harass Seria the whole day and have her remove the ribbon on her own.

「But, that person’s so cruel to do this to Onii-san. Also, isn’t cursing a crime? Let’s report that Seria and arrest her」
「R-right. That’s good too」

What’s with the criminal, Lilith?

After sending off Misha and Lilith to the orphanage, I waited for Cathy at the town’s plaza.
When I was down, Cathy was guarding Lululie and collected information in the town. I asked her what she wants to do as my thanks then she told me to wait here.
The same time the bell rang with our ptomised time, the person I was waiting for appeared in the plaze

「Ren, sorry to keep you waiting」
「Oh, I just came here」

Cathy’s wearing a grown up long skirt right now. It suits Cathy’s tall proportion well.
Forgetting work, she intends to behave as my sister.

「Your clothes suits you well. As expected」
「Is that so? It’s good to wear this comfortable clothes once in a while」

Cathy makes a model pose. The chest that’s always constricted is now free, it’s shaking under her clothes. It’s irresistible honestly.
‘Gueheheguehehe’, As I admire Cathy, Cathy held my hands.

「Then, shall we go?」
「Oh right, I haven’t heard it yet. Where are we going?」
「Ufufu, S-e-c-r-e-t」4

Cathy starts walking cheerfully, Being pulled, I followed her.

「You seem to be in an awfully good mood today. What happened?」
「Because Ren granted my request? So It’s impossible to not be happy」
「I-I see. Please ask in moderation. Don’t make some impossible requests」

Like marriage.

「I know. I’m not that elf, I’m not thinking of restraining you so don’t worry」

Well, I know that Cathy doesn’t have those kind of wishes but nevertheless, I can’t feel at ease. There’s the possibility of requesting expensive jewel. I don’t have money problems so it’s fine but.
As I think of what she’s wants, we pass by through the street vendors. Eating food here and there, but she doesn’t look for coffee shops that’s popular on couples. ‘Just what does she intend to do’, I thought, Cathy entered the back alley.
This is a familiar place for us but our current clothes aren’t suited. Making a strange glance at times, Cathy advanced without care. Then, she stopped in front of one door.

「What’s this place?」
「Fufufu, that’s for you to enjoy after entering. Now, here we go」

Cathy took out a key and opened the door. There’s a long descending staircase leading underground. I feel something bad will happen.

「Hey, Cathy. What’s this place?」
「It’s my secret base. Ren is the first one I told about this place」

Cathy’s secret base? I have several hideouts I prepared too so I know but why now?
Despite my anxiety, Cathy descends the stairs with light steps. Then when we got down there’s a iron door there. My anxiety increased. I shouldn’t open this. This is definitely connected into something bad. My instincts tell me that I should return.
However, Cathy doesn’t release my hand. It’s impossible to get away from the explosive breasts pressing against my arm.
Then, the door opened.

It was a torture room.
It’s a room for torturing criminals.
I thought for a moment that master would torture me but when I saw what’s there I noticed that I have the wrong Idea.

What’s there is a restraining stand and chair, wooden horse5 lined up, on the wall are torture tools lined up. Looking at the shelves on the wall side, there are a lot of SM good lined up. Various kinds of candle and dildo are gathered and arranged, you can use whatever suit your taste. Chains are hanging from the ceiling and it has handcuffs at the end. Then, at the back of the room is a prison.
This is a very ‘Evil Hobby’ SM room. Bringing me into this room, what does Cathy want to say?

「Hey, Cathy. Can I go back?」
「It’s obvious that you can’t. Ren will be with me until I get satisfied for today」

What are you talking about.
I’ll be with you?
In this room?
Spare me from that. The level is a bit too high for me.

「Ah, by the way I have an errand to doー. We I have to hurry up andー…」
「It’s useless, Ren. If you run away, I’ll bring you back no matter how many times it will take. Also, can you endure that?」

Cathy tempts me with her prided body.
I can’t have sex with anyone recently, my horny body reacted with just that. The feeling of her no bra explosive breasts, the pleasure of the hands that grope my fingers. If it’s Cathy, I should be able to have sex with her regardless of the curse Seria has put.

「Hey, Ren. Isn’t it fine? I was told to endure it so I endured all this time. You embraced women one after another but I endured being alone. I’m glad with that but I’m about to reach my limit. Even you can’t have sex and it’s getting accumulated? Then, you’re okay even with just today!?」

Cathy’s bloodshot eyes complains her frustration. Certainly, since I started my guard duty with Seria, Cathy had endured since then while I did as I please. I can’t refuse if she say that.

「……Argh, Geez, I get it already. I’ll bully you thoroughly today so prepare yourself you swine!」
「Aaaaa! More, abuse me more!」

Cathy switched to M mode right away. She writhes as she embrace her own body.
I’m surprised that she made a torture room to satisfy her huge Masochism. I’ll train her thoroughly today.

Then let’s begin training this swine Cathy.
Right now Cathy’s body is bound nude and she’s suspended in the ceiling.
The rope torments the plump brown meat of hers. Whenever Cathy moves, her emphasized explosive tits shakes, it’s a nice view.
Since she’d be shouting some noisy jargon so I installed a ball gag on her mouth so she won’t be able to talk. Still the ‘Hiii’ is noisy.

「Cathy looks so happy. Does being bound really feel that good? If you like being bound so much should I boil you and make you a boneless ham?」
「Haha, could it be that you’re pleased?」

She’s saying something as her droll spills, I can’t understand it at all so I ignored it. Anyway, I imagine that she’s just being excited being attacked by boiling water.
I triangular wooden horse is placed under Cathy. It’s a women torture instrument with sharp bearing to rip the meat off. I wanted to try using it once. Sitting down feels painful but that said, she’s shaking her waist and imagining makes her aroused.

「Then I’ll lower you. Good luck enduring it. If you can endure it for thirty minutes I’ll give you a reward」

The same time I flipped over the hourglass, the chain hanging Cathy makes a jingling sound. Cathy’s bare lower half is pressed against the sharp surface. The triangle rips and divides her mons veneris. Cathy screamed gladly to that pain.


Her vagina got wet, her love nectar immediately runs through the triangle. I weakened the force by lifting her a bit then put weight on her pubis a bit. Seeing Cathy’s soft-looking flirty meat getting crushed is somehow making me excited.
Cathy feeling excessive pleasure opened her eyes wide. Her nipples are erect and her breathing get rough from arousal. It seems that she’s used to this degree of pain. Really, what a complete pervert.

As I admire Cathy, she finally swung her own waist. Sandwiching the slope on her thighs skillfully, even she’s bound she wriggled her body to rub her erect clitoris against the wooden horse. Since the wooden horse has a slime liquid instead of lotion applied beforehand, it shouldn’t be able to graze nor peel off her skin. In exchange a medicine that strengthens stimulation was mixed in there. Every time it’s rubbed the mucous membrane would itch.
Shaking her waist because it’s itch, it’s getting itchy because she shake her waist, it’s an endless torture. But, It’s just enough for Cathy.

「You like the wooden horse? Of you rub it that much you’d get tired immediately」
「Hihohiiifuo! Fuaaaaua!!」

Ignoring my advice, Cathy is devoted to shaking her waist. They audacious way of using her waist is indecent and is extremely interesting.
But, it’s boring if I just watch, I should try other toys then. Looking at the shelf, I picked up a huge clip. A string is attached and there’s a small iron ball dangling on the other end. I took two and returned to Cathy.
Seeing what I have in my hand, Cathy’s face distorts happily.

「Okay, next would be this. Do your best」

I clipped both of Cathy’s nipples. It made a snapping sound, Cathy raised a cry. Releasing the iron balls that seem to be heavy, Cathy’s brown breast hangs down, pulled by the gravity. Still, the wonderful tension and elasticity resists the weight.
Every time she shake her waist, pain runs through Cathy’s nipples. But Cathy converts it to pleasure instead and she began to shake her upper body violently.
Boing boing, her explosive breasts shakes and her ass meat is bring smashed by the wooden horse. It must’ve been painful but Cathy doesn’t stop as she feels good.

「Haha, you’re really a perverted masochist. If you move so much, your nipples would stretch」
「Fuiiii! Hifufui! Iifuooo!! Fuaa! Aaa!! Aaaaa!!」

Cathy shakes her waist while sweating. It hasn’t been five minutes since we started but it seems that she’s close to climaxing.

「Hey, Hey, Cathy, if you came your beloved penis would be postponed, are you okay with that?」
「Fuaaahehefu! Ehfuo! Hifuohiihoo!!」
「I don’t get what you’re talking about. Hey, say it again」

I removed the ball gag and made her mouth free.

「I want your penis! But, My pussy is so itchy I can’t stooop!! My nipples getting pulled feels really good!! Even though I shouldn’t! I’m moving without permission!!」

Cathy keeps on moving while shouting. The place bound and rubbed by the ropes reddened but Cathy doesn’t stop.
She can’t do anything but cum, it would happen no matter what. Her body trembles bit by bit, she’s close.

「Aaaaa!! Noo~ I’m at my limit! Cumming! Cumming! Cummiiiiiiiiiiiiing!」

Cathy reached climax before long. Her back curved, the nipple weights jumped up greatly. Then, her usual explosive breast swung greater than usual. Her nipples seems to be in great pain.

「Aaaaaaa!! Amaziiiing! Naaaaaa!!」

But, Cathy accepted it as pleasure. She’s really quite a pervert.
After confirming that Cathy came, I looked at the hourglass.

「It’s not even half. Cathy, I’m sad to say but the penis has to wait. Ah, that’s regrettable」
「Fuee? Posponed?…Wait, wait! Have mercy! I’ll do anything, please give me your affection!!」

Cathy that desires my penis shakes her waist like always. Seeing that appearance, not doing the real thing is not a choice but I’d like to bully her more.
Looking around finding what punishment is good, the whip from the triangle wooden horse caught my eye.

「Then, orgasm 10 times from 10 whips. I’ll forgive you then」
「Whipping! Aaa!!」

Cathy had an ecstatic look when she heard about whipping. As expected it’s still a reward. Well, if it’s a play then it’s fine I guess.

「Okay, then I’ll begin immediately. Are you prepared?」
「Yes! Please! Master!!」

Cathy’s extremely eager. I guess I don’t need to hold back. I swung the whip that looks like a horse’s, then I whip it to Cathy’s big ass.


Paaan! A child like sound echoed though the underground torture room. Then, Cathy’s sweat splashed at the same time. A swelling line appeared on Cathy’s brown skin. It’s not to the extent that it bleed but it’s still painful. However, the person in question seems to be happy.

「More! Beat me up more!」
「It can’t be helped. Next!」

I swing the whip down again while going around Cathy. This time, it’s her back and I made another shot.

「Aaaa! Hyaaa!!」

Cathy is trembling. She thrust her tongue out and drooled, the pain is bringing pleasure into her. I know that my beating of Cathy’s body won’t shake her at all but I fail to understand why she’s feeling good. But, if that’s what my partner whishes, I’ll go along with it. While we’re at it, I also throw out my anger from I accumulated recently, I imagined Seria’s face as I wield the whip.6

「This is for Seria! For putting me such a strange curse」

Paan, the sentiments echoed.

「You’ll see! I’ll definitely make you regret it!」

I hit her on the fifth time. The red stripes on Cathy’s glossy brown skin increased. Then Cathy’s arousal increased at the same time. The endless flow of her love nectar made the triangle profusely wet , her bound body keeps twitching. It seems that she’s about to cum for the second time.

「Cathy, don’t cum until I finish my 10 whips. If you do, I’ll hit you 10 more times」
「Haa, hahii…Aaaa!!」

I don’t know whether Cathy can still hear me, I did the remaining whips.

「Matifa too, Matifa. Even though you’re my slave you still made the curse!」
「I’ll also give her lots of punishment!!」

I made the 6th and 7th on her left and right ass, Cathy is finally reaching her limit. It’s obvious that she won’t be able to endure the next whip. I was thinking where to go to make her cum for the second time, I reached conclusion immediately.
I throw in a hit on the erect nipples that’s in between the clip mercilessly.

「I’ll make it so that they can’t defy me anymore!!」

The moment I hit her, Cathy’s explosive breasts made a big wave and sent extreme pain into her. At the same time, Cathy bent her back greatly and reached climax violently. *Pushaaaa*, water blew out from her crotch, the horse and the floor is wet.
She had her second climax with two remaining hits. The remaining would be 12 then.

「Hey Hey, Cathy, It will never end if you’re like that. The penis will be postponed forever」

Cathy only leaked out a broken voice. Her consciousness had completely trip.

「Well, fine」

It can’t be helped, I decided to keep beating her until 30 minutes pass.

However, after thirty minutes, I hit Cathy times and she came 8 times. It seems that she doesn’t understand what I’m saying anymore.

I lift the bound Cathy again and released her from the wooden horse.
It continue to rub Cathy’s pussy for thirty minutes so it’s swollen red. But, it’s not split nor bleeding internally. As one would expect from putting weight on one point.
Her flattery meat is wet, it’s opening and closing, desiring for a penis. I should be hitting her 18 more times but to be honest, I’m tired. Also, I want to do it soon. This seeping out ripe pussy would definitely feel good. I want to thrust in sooner.

「Cathy, can you hear me? If you can then answer」
「That’s no good」

Cathy’s consciousness has flown completely. It can’t be helped.

「Okay, Cathy. It’s your punishment for being unable to endure. I will use you only for the purpose of making me feel good. I’m going to thrust in your beloved penis so be thankful」

I lowered Cathy and removed the ropes. Removed the clip on her nipples.
I freely let Cathy lie down on the restraining stand face up, I opened her legs and entered between her thighs. I put my glans on the vagina of almost unconscious Cathy.
I’m vigilant whether Seria’s curse would activate, but nothing odd happened in particular. It seems that it determined that there’s consent even in such a state.
Then I don’t need to hold back. I mercilessly and angrily thrust into Cathy’s ripe pussy.


My penis getting wrapped in a meat jar after a while trembles in joy. Cathy’s pussy flesh is wet till the interior, the balance of soft flesh and the tightening muscles is exquisite, It might be the best sexual feeling. The feeling of convulsions and the sticky pole is pleasurable. Sex is wonderful as expected.
While rejoicing on the pleasure, I shake my waist selfishly. Cathy’s swollen red pussy feels pain but every time I rub, her vagina seems to be shutting happily. Lewd voice leaks out from her mouth, she seems to feel good. Just how masochistic are you?
While I violently push up Cathy’s womb, I allowed myself to enjoy the taste of her body. Since I’ve been keeping company with children recently, I want to enjoy the charm of a woman from time to time.
When I bury my face on her scruff, a intense smell of sweat drifts. It’s because I bullied her a while ago. I made my tongue crawl and it tasted salty sweat. Then when I move my face below, there are two big hills. The violent lump of meat is filled with content. It spills on the space even if I grasped it by hand. I rubbed, pushed , and played with it. I sucked the tip wondering if breast milk would come out, but it doesn’t come out as expected. Her vagina tightens instead. It feels too good that I might ejaculate immediately.

「Cathy, how’s it? Are you awake?」
「Naaa! Haaaaa! hyaaaa!」
「Not at all. But, about to release my first shot」

To pour semen on the gasping Cathy as her pussy open up getting pierced, I made my piston faster. Cathy’s vagina shuts moderately in this situation and it sucks my penis. I kept poking her twitching womb violently, I played with her breasts, knocking it down.

「Ah! Aaah! Hyaaaaaa! Ah, Cumming! I’m cumming again!!」

Then, while I thrust, Cathy finally woke up. She’s flustered from the piercing pleasure, unknowingly her body convulses.

「You finally woke up. Right now I’m going to pour in the semen you love so much」
「Ah! Seeemen! Master’s seemen!! Give me! Please spurt on this meat toilet’s pussy!」

Cathy asked like it’s a conditioned reflex. I moved my waist wildly in response.
The plump and thick resistance wrap up from Cathy’s vagina7 As I enjoy the adult charm I can’t savor from the other children, I reached out to Cathy’s clitoris to make her cum.
I rubbed it a while ago, the clitoris is redder than ever. I’m sure that touching it would be stimulating. I pinched it with my finger, stir it up, roll it, and pulled it.

「Hiiiiiiiii! That’s gooood! AH! Cumming!! Something big is comiiiiiiing!!」

Cathy’s waist is convulsing. I attack her womb and clitoris at the same time, she already reached her limit.
Her vaginal wall pulses, it’s stroking my penis violently.

「Uoo, cumming! cummiiing!」
「Hyaaaaaaa! I’m cumming! Cummmiiiiing!!」

ーDopyu, byururu, byururu!
My glans pressed in her uterus and the 5 day’s condensed semen is released inside her vagina. I spout out my semen vigorously and filled in Cathy’s womb.
Cathy reached climax at the same time, her whole body convulsed. Her waist mad a hold of my waist and her womb is drinking down my semen.
Her expression seems to be extremely happy.

「Haa…Haa…, Ah it feels good. As expected this things are good once in a while」
「Nu, Ren’s semen… A lot of semen」

Cathy muttered with empty eyes. But, since she felt good, it should be fine.
Afterwards, we started second round without breaks, and we ended after the fifth time. Cathy was tormented well, she accepted lots of semen with great delight in her expression.


  1. Secret room is the literal translation but I figured out that I want to make a harry potter reference
  2. まるでそうするのが自分の使命だとでも言わんばかりだ。
  3. 自分ならやれる。
  4. GO EE-SAMA!
  5. donmai.us/posts?utf8=✓&tags=wooden_horse , let me remind you that Cathy is a Masochist
  6. Yes, Punishment time for Seria!
  7.  重量感のある膣肉の抵抗とむっちりと包み込むような感触はCathyならではだ。