Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Spirit Magic

It’s been a while since I’ve come to meet Lululie in front of the castle gate at night.
The state of the town has been dangerous recently.
Armed men walk around the town calmly and caused nothing but incidents everyday. They’re not just making fights, robbery, murder and even rape happens frequently that the knights are becoming tense. A girl can’t walk alone by herself anymore.

The cause of this are the two marquises.
According to Cathy’s report, Radom’s noble faction are planning coup d’etat. The excuse was the audience last time.
Desire’s noble faction began to extremely spread the event that happened during the audience.

It’s said that it’s a failed Assassination of the King.
It’s said that assassin Beheader is an assassin of Will Gantt house.
It’s said that the ones who attacked Princess Seria is Will Gantt House.
It’s said that the court magician Trovas and Knight Lion cornered the assassin but the first prince Radom let him go.
It’s said that the king has decided to make the second prince Desire the next king.

There’s a limit for bullshits. However, the people doesn’t verify it, they can do nothing but make speculation based from rumors. The assassin is thrown by the Misumunto kingdom, or Seria was the aim during the meeting, there are various speculations flying around. I want to plead my innocence with all my power.

That’s why Radom and Will Gantt house are cornered right now. Even if Radom becomes the next king right now, the people’s support won’t be obtained. The matter of Seria’s attack too, aside from the people, Ortiz already knows the truth. Even if that King Ortiz is indecisive, if blamed by public, it won’t be allowed1 If this continues, Desire might really become the next king. It’s impossible to rollback anymore.
Having that suspicious, the nobles at Radom faction began to betray each other. When it happens, it’s too late already. Only strong measures are left for them. Before they weakened, they must steal the throne using their power. Then the coup d’etat was planned.

In fact the betrayal was Mark Newt’s work. Since this is Cathy’s report, there’s no mistake.
After all, everyone is dancing on top of the palm of the pig. I don’t know whether a pig has a palm.

While I was thinking, Lululie came out from the gate.
She looks a bit tired thinking of something. Recently, Lululie is like this. Is she worrying about something?

「Good work. Your face looks dark, are you okay?」
「Yes, I’m okay. Let’s go back then」

Lululie turned bashful to deceive me. It’s like she’s hiding her worry. Then, I decided to begin to be a meddlesome person.

「Is your body okay already? Are you overworking?」
「Thanks to you I recovered completely. Allow me to be your guard again today. You don’t mind?」
「No, it’s reassuring that you’re with me. It’s been dangerous recently… But, Ren-san too, please don’t overwork yourself」
「It’s fine so leave it to me」

We walked in the night city while talking. Lululie’s topic is often concerned with Seria. Recently, the princess has become energetic. She had been complaining today about not being able to go outside. She wants to get out soon. She doesn’t feel at ease in the castle. I see.
Then, while we were talking.

「The princess eats well recently. She even said that her stomach is empty and sneaked snacks todayー」
「Lululie, come here for a moment」
「Kya, what’s wrong?」

I held Lululie on her shoulder and pulled her closer.
I feel signs of magical power of two people from the roof on the left rear. It seems that they’re following us. I hid Lululie and walked.

「Is there someone following us?…」
「You noticed?」
「Yes, ever since that incident, I became able to understand the fearful atmosphere」

Lululie seems to have become sensitive during the disturbing incident. It seems that she’s a bit scared.
We proceed to a relatively bright road. It seems that they don’t intend to attack us when there are people. They might’ve intend to just follow us.

I was wishing for nothing to happen as we pass the houses but it didn’t work.
The pedestrian breaks off and it became just us. Then, the two signs blocked the turning points.
The two men covered in hood approached us from front and back. I don’t see any weapon but I can’t relax just because the enemy are empty-handed. I stopped Lululie who prepares her magic and asked the pursuer.

「Who’re you guys? What do you need from us」

Then, the one approaching from front answered.

「We can’t reveal our Identity. Sorry but you have to go with us. Don’t resist if you don’t want to get hurt」

It seems that they don’t want discussions. Then, when they came near, I understood their identity.
Their presence is almost the same as Misha. The two of them might be remodeled beast men. Then it means that it’s Desire or Mark Newt house. We can settle by talking, but since they’re slaves they can’t disobey orders.
Their aim is Lululie?

「That’s impossible. It’s my job to guard her after all」
「Then, I’ll have to resort to force」

The beast men runs forward. Their hand has the same shining claws like Misha. Their speed is inferior to Misha but it’s still a wonderful speed. Well fine, let’s finish this in a flash.
I pulled out a dagger from my waist and attacked them.
Remodeled beast men mainly use claws. But, compared to Misha, their movements have hesitation, there’s no sharpness either. It’s probably because they have intention of capturing us alive.
They swing down their claws aiming for the arm, I let it pass through like a bullfighter. After kicking it’s running back, I throw him to the second person coming from behind. These two aren’t used to fighting, to the extent that their coordination is in disorder. He retracted his dangerous claws and caught his partner.
I hit the man’s legs through the gap, then pierced it with the dagger at full force. They might’ve the same strength as Misha but that’s not the case.


The blade dig into his feet as planned, it’s depth is just several centimeters, far from a fatal wound. The tendon should’ve been hurt. He could still move but it would be a hindrance if he tried to run.
Aiming at the gap I created, another claw approached. I warded it of at the last minute by turning my dagger to a shield. The dagger is torn like the same time with Misha, I got a laceration on my arm but I can still fight.
I took the arm and was about to fling him against the ground but it didn’t happen because of the muscle strength My arm made a creak on contrary.

「Kuh, do it at the same time」

The one with damaged legs shouted to recover, the two attacked again.

「Lululie, go back」

I pulled out another dagger from my waist and I’ll also fight back.
While diverting the nails coming with my right arm, I dodge the summersault aiming for my legs. When I put a feint towards the face, they stopped to protect their arms. AS expected they’re not used to fighting.
But, even if they’re inexperienced, their physical ability is terrible. I’d lose if this is prolonged. However, it won’t happen.
We have another person here.

「Dance with the wind spirits. Reveal your power according to my covenant. Turn and turn, rampaging violent wind. Swallow everything and send them home whirlwind. Eliminate this rubbish with pure windー. Ren-san, please go back!

Lululie chanted the spirit magic with a voice like a bell, the magical power rises from my rear.
We’ve decided this when we signed the guard contract. If I lack in decisive hit, if something happened that confined me, Lululie would finish it with her spirit magic. If it’s impossible, then the two of us would run away.
Spirit magic chant takes time and the power is also unstable. Especially in urban areas with less spirits, the power weakens. But, even weakened it’s still intermediate class magic, sorry for the living bodies that would be hit by that.

「Dangerous, stop!」

The beasts started running to stop the magic. Just because the one who has instantaneous power is on the other side, you really think that you can easily shake me off? But, even if it’s predicted, it’s not significant.

「Like hell I’d let go」

I grabbed the heads of the two people who tried to go past me then threw them down the ground at full power. Changing the two’s running energy to rotating energy, they fell on the ground while rotating. Their head bumped strongly. Meanwhile, I escaped Lululie’s range.
Then, Lululie’s magic activated.

「Whirling Violent Wind (Vortex)[The furigana is this ウェルテクス]」

Along with her shout, wind swirl around the beasts that fell down. The wind increased in a moment then it extended to the sky while being dyed by the rolling sand. Despite it being a separate location, the storm was to the degree that it carried the bodies hard. The two of them are taken away by the storm, they flew several meters to the sky while revolving intensely.

「Oo~ They flew~」

It’s a very merciless power. They got swallowed up was beaten down by the sand taken together, they hit the ground and lost their sense of balance. I won’t be saved by that at least.2
While thinking that, the beast men that’s blown several meters away fell from the sky. Though there’s the unpleasant sound of meat falling to ground, but it’ll be better than Misha slamming into me.
When we looked at them, the beast men aren’t dead as expected. But their bodies have wounds here and there, they can barely move, let alone fight. I haven’t decided what to do after this, for the time being, let’s bind them properly.

「Ren-san, are you okay?」

After restraining the two people, Lululie ran. As expected having her use this magic would tire her, she’s breathing heavily.

「Yeah, thanks. Nice timing. What about Lululie, Are you okay?」
「Yes, my magical power is already cut, I didn’t move」

It seems that she really used her magic on full force Indeed it was a strong power. Since Matifa’s level is strange as she can paralyze in rapid succession, but this is an excellent one. Even adventurers can’t easily practice magic of this power. Should I say ‘As expected from an elf’?

「If it’s hard then take a rest. I’ll do the cleanup」
「Rather than that, Ren-san, we need to treat your wounds」

Lululie take out a towel from her bag and wrapped the wound on my arm. Treatment is difficult before long.
Meanwhile, the people who heard gathered and began an uproar When I thought it would be troublesome, a familiar face appeared.

「Lululie-dono, are you safe!?」
「Lion, why are you here?」

The blonde handsome knight appeared gallantly. His appearance is shining pointlessly.
With the appearance of a hero’s egg, the onlookers got excited.
I wonder why. Even though he came late, he turned to be the main character in an instant. The atmosphere turned to be a beautiful girl being attacked by thugs was saved by the Hero Lion. The onlookers who just came recognize it like that at least. I’m just a villager a that got involved.
Is this the difference of Lion’s charisma and mine? That’s convenient on it’s way but it’s somewhat frustrating. Damn you.

「I was walking on the streets then I recognized a magic so I ran quickly. What’s this commotion…」

Lululie looked at me asking for help. Tempted, Lion looked at my place and finally noticed my existence. He frowned as if I’m a suspicious person.

「Who’re you?」

Who do you think you are? If he wasn’t aware, I wish that he didn’t notice me eternally. Because seeing you makes my scar hurt.

「I’m Ren. When I was guarding Luluie, this guys attacked us. Then, Lululie cooperated with me to take them down」
「Is that so?」
「Yes, that’s right」

Hey, why did you bother confirming it with Lululie.

「Is that so? You’re injured. I’m going to use recovery magic so don’t move」

Lion casted healing magic and the wound on my body was healed. This knight seems to be good at recovery magic. It’s a guy that has no gaps.

「Will you allow me to hear the circumstances? Lululie-dono too」
「I don’t mind but, here?」
「No, we really can’t do it here, at least on a nearby station…」
「Haa, got it. You’re okay with it Lululie?」
「…Yes, It’s fine」

Then I was interrogated and they began investigating.

In the room of the station, I’m facing Lion.

「Do you have an idea on who else is being targetted?」
「I told you that I don’t know. Ask those guys if you want to know their purpose」
「There’s another person interrogating them but they’re silent. It seems that magic was used to make them unable to」
「Then the more that I don’t know」
「I just thought that you may know something. Really, anything’s fine. Their aim and identity, is there anything coming in your mind?」
「I told you that I don’t」

Lion asks seriously.
It’s already been two hours since the interrogation began. I kept sticking to ‘I don’t know’ but Lion doesn’t seem to give up easily. When I glanced to the poster stuck on the wall, this guy is doubting that I’m a fugitive. That’s right motherfucker.
He must’ve noticed that the hostile during the audience has no magic so it’s no wonder I’m being suspected. Or rather, I’m sure that he’s suspecting me.
He can’t ask directly because he has no evidence. But, if they used a lie detecting magic, I can’t dodge it. Just like what Seria did.

However, I’m troubled. I want to return earlier but this guy doesn’t seem to let me go. Also, if my true colors come to light, I have no choice but to give up Lululie and run away. I don’t want that.
While I was thinking what to do, Lululie and an unknown knight entered knocking the door. Lululie’s mood seems a bit bad.

「Lion, how long are you going to interrogate Ren-san?」

Lululie asked Lion in a slightly stronger tone. She seems to be angry because the investigation is too long.

「Lululie-dono, this is necessary for the investigation…
「Really? we’re the victims you know. We’ve been restrained for a long time at night, what are you thinking?

Lululie pressed angrily. Lion raised his hand as he was overwhelmed.

「This is to prevent you from being attacked again…」
「Then, why do you keep asking Ren-san? Didn’t mine ended already?」
「Errr, you see…」

Lion’s glance swim around. As expected he can’t say that he’s suspecting me being the assassin.
…You can’t say it don’t you?

「He’s my and Lilith’s benefactor. Please release us soon」

Lululie declared flatly. That’s reliable. Let me fawn over that kindness, the girl helped me in trouble. Lululie is really a good girl.
Lion is now wondering what to do. If I’m the assassin, he can’t afford to let me go. But, he needs a reason to restrain me further than this.
Naturally, I won’t give out the reason, I won’t show the tail of the assassin. I can keep talking while picking booger.
However, it’s also pitiful for Lululie to stay longer than this. Let’s put blame and go home.

「Hey, it’s already late at night so can we continue tomorrow? I’m also worried if Lululie’s house is safe」

Misha is there so it’s fine, but I can’t be certain. It’s my real intention to go home sooner and confirm their safety.
Lion turned into me surprised. This guy’s face has been thinking up until now. Don’t joke with me.

「T-That’s right. The house needs to be confirmed safe. Understood. Let’s continue tomorrow」

Lion accepted the demand easily. We’re finally released and went our way back to Lululie’s home. Then, Lion followed from the back.
Feeling unpleasant, Lululie turned back.

「Why are you following us?」
「Because I have to confirm Lululie-dono’s house’s safety」
「No thanks. If there’s something I’ll go on my own so please go back」
「I told you I’m fine. In the first place, I don’t trust you knights. Specially I don’t intend to show my house to a man like you」

Lion wants to say something but he can’t speak back. Still, Lion persisted but, in the end Lululie told him to back down. The strongest knight being defeated by the maid looks pathetic.

When we returned home, the children were in the world of dreams. Their sleeping smiles and squishy cheeks show up in the room.
After Lululie drive Lion away, she’s been thinking about something. It seems that she’s in trouble so much that she forgot to hum like usual on the bath.
I took a breath after stepping out the bath, I sat down the sofa and decided to cut to the chase on Lululie who has an irritated face.

「Lululie, is there something that you’ve been thinking all this time?」

Sitting next to me, Lululie spoke up. Then, Lululie answered me with a serious face.

「…Ren-san, what do you think of Lion?」3


  1. 表立って糾弾はせずともそれを許しはすまい。
  2. 少なくとも俺では助からない。
  3. No, you’re not being NTR’d, don’t worry about it