Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Lululie’s worry.

It seems that Lion is the cause of Lululie’s worries.
What does this mean?
Lululie sees Lion as the same as those knights that betrayed her, he’s a man that restrained me earlier for long without reason, he’s a colleague in a sense because he’s been entrusted as Seria’s escort. I wonder if Lion did something1

「If you ask me, he’s a foolishly strong handsome knight that has a delicate features. However, he’s too upright that he’s not flexible and it’s annoying. He didn’t send us back earlier after all」

While were at it, he also tried to kill me and I’m still not forgetting the grudge from the injury. Should I let Matifa step on him? Of course, while wearing shoes.2

「Annoying? …Do you think you can trust him?」
「Can’t he be trusted? It doesn’t seem he’d do the wrong thing」

Seria said that, not actually wrong thing. He made the best judgement to kill me, he doubted me and restrained me, well, it’s not that I don’t know.
But, he had the chance but it’s foolish for him to let me go away. It’s to the extend that he didn’t notice whenI was raping Seria on the other side of the door. He really isn’t useful. There’s no problem if I just dismiss it?
But, Lululie looks like she’s not convinced. There maybe something that made her unable to trust him anymore.

「What’s wrong with Lion?」
「Yes, I feel a bit uneasy…」
「Are you worried?」

I said that Lululie should speak out her worries. It’s probably something in the castle. Did Lion do something while I was down with a cold?
After Lululie hesitated for a bit, she then began to speak in a serious face.

「Please keep this an absolute secret. It would be a problem if someone else would know this」
「Yeah, got it. I’ll definitely make it a secret」
「Actually, recently Lion and the princess seems a bit strange. The two of them are keeping secrets from me… I examined it by myself but there’s a limit to what I can do… But, I’m perhaps those two are doing something no good so I’m worried, I’m worried…」
「No good!?」

I stood up vigorously.
You just said that no good? If it’s a man and a woman then it would be ‘that’!?
Damn Seria, she put a curse on my dick and go to other men, I won’t let that! If it comes to this, I’d use aphrodisiac and I’ll make sure to train her so she won’t go against me anymore.
Then, I’ll kill Lion3
But, I won’t end it by just murdering him. I’ll peel of his skin one by one and rub it with salt and burn him on the brazier, when he weakens, I’d make him use healing magic again and again to make him taste the pain. I’d scrape it off using a file that’d he’d writhe and die in pain!


Lululie called out to me scared, ‘Haa’ I came to my senses. Shit. I suddenly leaked out my bloodthirst.

「Oops, sorry. I was disturbed a bit」

Wait, calm down. Seria knows that I would try to kill Lion. That’s why Seria won’t go to Lion. Seria thinks that I’m much more dangerous than Lion.
But what about Lion? When I was speaking to Lululie earlier, it was an awfully weak attitude? Isn’t it strange that he tried to come to Lululie’s house?
No, it’s in to make sure that the house is really safe, or because I’m here. But, I think that it’s strange he didn’t strongly argue with Lululie. Did he hold back? or is he guilty about something?…

「Lion earlier was a bit suspicious. Do you have an idea?」
「Idea… Yes, probably」

Lululie nodded at my question confidently. I seen, you have an idea.

「It might be that Lion noticed that I’m aware of his secret?」

Secret? I wonder what’s the secret of the strongest knight.4 Is this related to Seria? Could it be that he’s the same as me?

「Can I hear the specifics?」
「That…I’m sorry, I can’t」

Lululie evades her glance and refused to expose the secret. Her cheeks turned red, it looks like she’s embarrassed. Embarrassing secret…Is it sexual?
In that case, it’s difficult to get it out by force. There’s no need to rush. Instead of hurrying up, I’ll get it little by little.

「I see. If you can’t then I won’t force you. Let’s put aside Lion for now then I want to understand about princess Seria a bit」
「Princess Seria keeping a secret from Lululie, I’m sure that it’s for Lululie. Since she’s a royalty, there are a lot. For example, if Lululie would know then Lululie would be in danger」

My true colors.

「Information that’s dangerous to know…」
「That’s right. Or something that might surprise you, or it might be that she’s hiding her guilt, at those times, they’d take action. Something uneasy that makes you surprised, or feeling guilty that she can’t say it while looking at your eyes. Is it something like that?」
「No, that’s not how it is」

Lululie shook her head.

「Then, it’s something that she can’t talk about. Her attitude about Lululie isn’t different then you shouldn’t worry about it that much」

In fact, I want you not to worry. If you are, then I’d be found out. But, I have to check more about Lion.
Having worried about something else, Lululie has been pondering on what I said right now.

「Certainly, it’s easy to face emotions, she’s getting energetic recently too. Then, it might not be a bad thing… But, that’s…」

Lululie’s monologue is mixed with that. I’m worried about my true color.

「Ah, no, nothing. Please forget what I said right now」

Lululie waved her hand to conceal it. It seems that it’s pretty important.

「What ‘that’? Is it something important?」
「No, if you ask for importance, it’s not that important, I’m just afraid what others might think, I can’t say it…」

Lululie rejects it badly. It’s clear that her eyes are swimming around. Just what the hell is ‘that’?

「Lululie, tell me. Just what the hell is ‘that’? Is that related to princess Seria and Lion?」
「Errr, yes. Quite…」
「In what manner?」
「That’s…I can’t say as expected」

Lululie doesn’t say anything. I must know this somehow.
Is threatening effective to Lululie? Or should I trade?
No, that’s not it. Sentiment. Lululie is weak at Sentiment. A man she relies on feigns to appeal for sentiment, it’s the best hand.

「Lululie, I think that’s the key to all. I’m sure that princess Seria is suffering, that’s what Lululie is about right? I won’t understand it if you don’t tell me. I want to help the two of you. I can’t return my debts on the two of you. Princess Seri helped me three years ago, Lululie overstrained herself and nursed me even if you’re busy, you’re important to me. That’s why I want to be able to help you. Lululie, there’s no need to handle the problem alone. Even if the enemy is Lion, I can give you at least an advice. What I heard from you will be kept as a secret. That’s why, won’t you tell me?」

I looked Lululie straight into her eyes and asked. Must not let the eyes go away. Blinking is forbidden. I stared at Lululie’s eyes earnestly.
Lululie turns red in a moment. Before long, she averted her eyes bashfully.

「U-Understood. Please keep it a secret by all means」
「Of course. I’ll definitely keep it as a secret. 」

While hesitating, Lululie told me about ‘that’

「That, it was attached into princess’ sheets」

Attached to the sheets. Sheets… Sheets…n?

「Sheets? what?」

Lululie turned down her red face.
Semen, you mean Semen right? It’s sticking into Seria’s sheets.
…It’s something that I know very much. Because I’m the one who put it there. ーーHuh? Could it be that Lululie misunderstood it as Lion’s act?5

「Err, when did it happen?」
「I found it 4 days ago」
「Then, it only happened once?」
「Yes. Only once…」

Yup, there’s no doubt. That’s the semen of my anger and humiliation. Misunderstanding that it’s Lion’s, then she relate it with Seria’s suspicious behavior? I see, it’s interpreted strangely.

「Anything else?」
「Also…that, inside Princess’ room, an indecent book is a bit…」

That’s Matifa’s book. The full scale dildo I gave as a present might be seen too. Seria, could you hide it better?

「Then, you didn’t see it directly?
「Yes, that’s all…」

Umu . It seems that Lion looks white.
Ah, I’m glad. I believed you, Seria and Lion. You guys are honest human beings.

But, I see. This opportunity came at last. ーThe time to reveal everything to Lululie.

The elf sisters persuasion plan finally reached it’s climax.
I didn’t know whether I should resign from the persuasion recently but thanks to that I think I build up a good influence. Honestly, I don’t want to break our current relationship. This house is warm and comfortable. I don’t want to lose it as much as possible.

But that’s a lie.

My true colors, nor Lululie and Lilith’s tranquility, all of it are lies.
Seria is hired Lululie using her power as royalty. Capo sells his medicine below the cost even though it’s business. I’m protecting her from foreign enemies without telling her the truth. All of this are distorted dangerous situations.
If not for Seria, a demi-human like Lululie won’t be able to work in the castle. If Capo goes bankrupt, she won’t be able to get inexpensive medicine. If I didn’t protect them, Lululie and Lilith might’ve been kidnapped and used already.
If I keep quiet, the bomb will just grow bigger. The heart of this plan is to dispose the bomb. I must dispose this bomb with my own weapon. If I do so, this bomb would be the last resort of Seria and Lululie. 6 I might be able to have her remove this damn curse.
The moment to dispose the bomb came at last.

「Got it. Lululie, this definitely has to be kept. If I do then princess Seria is the one who would be troubled the most.」
「Yes, I know. That’s why I didn’t tell anyone」
「It’s quite a painful thought. It must be hard to hold it by yourself」
「No, when I thought of the princess, it’s not a big deal…」

The person herself must’ve been in much greater pain, Lululie said. It’s true but, leaving out the most intimate person is quite painful.

「Princess Seria didn’t talk to Lululie, it’s like as I said earlier, it’s to protect Lululie. She hid it from Lululie so she won’t be involved in the trouble」
「Yes, that’s what I think too」
「But, that’s hard isn’t it?」

Tears swell on Lululie’s eye. It seems that she’s quite worried.
I feel sorry but I can’t go back anymore. I must not turn back.
I gripped Lululie’s small shoulder.

「Then, Lululie must decide what to do. Would you step in the secret of princess Seria? Or you’d pretend that you never saw it? That’s for Lululie to decide. If you pretend that you never saw it, your relationship would just continue like before. But, if you stepped in, I don’t know what will happen. You might even lose everything in some case」
「That’s right, everything. Not just your life. If you’re not prepared to lose everything around you, then don’t step in. ーーHowever, if you really want to learn about what’s happening on princess Seria’s body…then you must confirm it with your own eyes」
「My own eyes?」
「Yes. The soiled sheets are too weak as evidence. If you want to persuade princess Seria and catch the partner, you must first catch them in the act unless you won’t know what’s happening. Then you must make a settlement, if so, then Lululie would be joining in the person concerned. At least you’d be able to know Princess Seria’s secret. …But, think hard and make a choice. This is a choice for Lululie that will influence her life greatly. Even if you turned a blind eye to it, Lululie would never be able to blame who holds Princess Seria. I think that’s the smart choice actually. If you want to learn thenーprepare yourself.」

Lululie closed her eyes and was lost in thought. She went deeper and deeper into her heart.
I can’t know what is it. I patiently waited for Lululie’s thought to settle.

Before long, Lululie opened her eyes quietly. A strong light dwells in her eye. I understood what’s the choice Lululie made.

「Ren-san, I want to know. If princess is in trouble,7 it’s my turn this time to help her」
「Are you sure with that? Are you sure that you won’t regret it?」
「Yes, I don’t mind. …If something happened to me, I’ll leave Lilith to you
「Don’t worry. I’ll take care of Lilith until I die. I’ll also protect Lululie」

I held Lululie’s small body in my chest. Lululie turns her arms on my back and buried her face on my chest.
Lululie’s body is trembling with fear.
After embracing for a while, Lululie’s body felt relieved and slept. She’s considerably tired. It’s no wonder, she’s worried, nursed me and joined in battle.
Thus, the calm has come to end.


  1. Hahaha, that’s cute, Ren, it’s the semen that you smeared on Seria’s sheets she’s worried about
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  6. そうすれば、この爆弾はSeriaやLululieに対する切り札となってくれる。
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