Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 58

Chapter 58: The answer Lululie gave.

Luluie didn’t come back home the next day.
I said that I’d be on my night duty but I don’t need to hear such a lie. Lululie will break into Seria’s secret. Just like my advice, she’s now watching Seria’s room.

Removing the remodeled beasts look out, she sneaked in Seria’s room. Since there’s a barrier inside the room, Lululie’s presence can’t be felt from the outside. But, I believe in her.
Seria is sleeping on the bed. Seria’s life cycle is sleeping early so she’s probably asleep already. Or was there a sleeping pill on the meal added or is it magic induced sleep. Either way, yesterday and today’s performance is fine.
I invaded from the window that I opened using Matifa’s key.
Matifa strengthened the barrier so others can’t interfere at all. Does she have interest even she’s disgusted? I swear that I won’t bother. 1

I felt Lululie’s presence when I entered the room. It seems that she’s hiding herself in the shadow of the desk.
I pretend to not notice Lululie and approached Seria . Seria’s chest systematically move up and down. Saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth, it’s unlikely that she’s pretending to sleep.
The moment I reached out for the sleeping Seria, a plant ivy grows from the shadow of the desk and tied my body.

「Who are you? You’re not Lion?」

Lululie appeared from the shadow of the desk. Wearing her maid uniform, she’s glaring hard at the intruder me.
It’s still Lion’s time, he’s guarding in front of the door. According to Lululie’s expectations, Lion is supposed to enter from the entrance boldly. I can grasp that she’s trembling as the man entered from the window unexpectedly.

「I’m asking who are you. Are you the rumored assassin?」
「Who do you think?」
「This voice!!」

When I work, all but my eyes are hidden. But, I can’t change my voice. People who know me would notice.

「What’s wrong? You don’t know?」
「No way…why, why are you here?……」

Lululie’s body trembled, she slowly stepped back. Then, she screamed out my name.


I torn the ivy with my training blades and freed my arms. Then, I removed my mask and show my face.

「Yo, Lululie. I came here to meet you」

Lululie’s trembling increased. She can’t believe it, she doesn’t want to believe, she shakes her head while looking straight to me, the reality is shown in front of her. Tears spill from her eye, her beautiful cheek turned wet.

「I told you that you’d definitely regret it. I came here to tell you everything. Since you prepared yourself, I’ll tell you everything」
「Why do you know!? How did you invade here!? What’s with that appearance!?」

Lululie casts her doubt in succession. With the appearance of an unexpected person, she seems to be in extreme confusion.

「Calm down because I’ll tell you in order. Oh right, let me introduce myself once again」

After confirming that Lululie postured herself to listen, I told her my identity once more.

「My name is Kirishima Ren. I’m a human that came from the other world three years ago, right now I’m making the backdoor business as my living. My nickname on public is Assassin 『Beheader』 I recently became an A-class fugitive. Best regards」

All the icy entangling on my body was removed.
Lululie also forgot to restrict me agian, she’s just trembling.

「A-assassin…」 Why are you…?」
「Assassination is just work for me, I don’t like killing people. But, my power is suited for assassinations. I became this way because I’m desperate to live. That’s why I can’t explain even if you ask my reason. I’m not a killer that kills anyone without regard, I haven’t accepted any assassination request now so be relieved on that」

Even if I say to ease up she won’t be able to, but I really have no intention to harm anyone now. I only came here to talk to Lululie.

「Now then, on the question of why do I know. That’s simple. It’s everything that you see and hear. Who do you think saved you when you were betrayed by the knights on the mountain road?」
「According to the rumors it was the assassin… No way!」

Lululie put her hand against her mouth.

「That’s it. I’m the one who killed all the enemy there and saved the two of you. I’m the one who carried the two of you to the capital. After that, I sneaked in the castle and investigated afterwards. I was attacked by Matifa in the process and also slashed by Lion」
「Then, the incident in the audience…」
「It’s me」

Lululie doesn’t want to believe it, she shook her head to reject it.

「That’s, no way, that’s a lie! You shouldn’t be able to use magic!」
「Yeah, that’s right. I can’t use magic. But I have special power. For exampleー」
「He disappeared!?」

I activated invisibility and moved to Lululie’s back. Then, after releasing my ability, I callled out to Lululie from the back.

「It’s this kind of ability」

Lululie jumped in surprise and took distance from me.

「Oh well, with this I can sneak inside various places」
「Well, you won’t believe me immediately. Anyhow, you have no choice but to believe it」
「That’s…Such things…」

OverwhelmedーLululie can’t continue speaking.
Anyone would be shaken if on the few people you trust, the one who you relied the most suddenly tells you that he’s a fiendish criminal. Furthermore, it might’ve harmed their loved ones. I know well the feeling of not wanting to accept it.
However, she came here ignoring the warning. Lululie can’t do anything but listen.

「Then, let’s go back to the story. First, Lululie fainted on the mountain roadー」

Then, forcing myself on the middle, I began to tell Lululie what happened until now.

「You lost consciousness on the mountain road and I exterminated the enemies on the location. The knights that betrayed you, the assailants, all of them. Then, when I returned the sleeping you on the carriage, I pushed down Seria on the spot. Seria doesn’t like it but I forced myself ignoring her. Afterwards, I carried the two of you two to the capital and forbid Seria from speaking」
「You pushed down… Then, the reason why the princess is being strange is…」
「It’s because of me. I’m much more scary than those who died in front of her eyes. I sneaked in the castle and raped Seria」

Lululie stepped back trying to escape from me. As expected she doesn’t want to be close to ‘this beast’

「Why are you doing this…」
「Why? It’s because I’m a trash. I like Seria. I love her. So, this trash wasn’t able to endure and attacked her」

I moved on the side of Sleeping Seria and sat down on the bed. Then, I gently combed her silver hair.

「Three years ago, on the day I was forcibly sent into this world, the only support for my heart is just Seria. That Seria was made a political tool and was involved in a silly conflict. If this continues, she’d be defiled by trash. If so, I’d rather take her away」

Even if we’re noisy, Seria next to me is still asleep. The innocent happiness in her face remains.

「Lululie, if you have escaped to the fort safely, what do you think will happen?」
「If we escaped? Err, we’d be protected by the soldiers on the fort…and we’d be returning compulsorily?」

Lululie doubt’s her confidence and answed. I shook my head.

「No. That day Misumunto Kingdom’s prince McClane was there. I went ahead and examined it, that fellow wants to rape Seria in the evening. Then, the conditions of entering the alliance would be done. Seria was sold for the country」

Lululie was speechless from my words. Before going out to travel, Seria doesn’t even remember the partner’s face. In such a place, the other person is waiting with his trap laid down, she was sent off without being told. It’s likely that they think that she’s a common woman.

「While we’re at it I’ll tell you, it’s related to the surprise attack. Since Radom and Felix doesn’t like the alliance, they hindered it. Then they half succeeded as a result and half failed. Thanks to that, the coup is being planned now. This is the situation Seria is in」

Lululie’s body trembled in fright from the one-sided pressing of truth. Still, she didn’t miss every single word I said, she listened seriously.

「I cooperated with Cathy afterwards and examined what’s happening. Matifa found out that I’m sneaking in the castle. She sent Misha to incite」

Lululie had a strange look asking why Misha’s name came out. Lululie looks at her like an ordinary child.

「Yeah, Misha actually has the strength equal to a knights captain class. I turned tables on Misha who’s reason is flying away and was liked by Matifa that tie, she lent out various power. In exchange, had quite a hard time with her」
「Then, Misha-chan is…」
「She’s originally a slave bought by Mark Newt house for human experimentation. After Matifa liked her and remodeled her body, she came to me. For such a reason, she doesn’t have a friend」
「Human experimentation…!」

Lululie had received shock from Misha’s past. Since that girl remains calm, you won’t expect her past to be that much. But it’s definitely Matifa’s influence why she displays aggression occasionally and having a broken sense of virtue. If you observe Misha while paying attention, even if you don’t want it you’d realize.

「But, it’s not a bad thing. If not for Misha, I wouldn’t’ve noticed Lilith getting kidnapped. And you already know what’s after tha」
「But, was it by chance that you came into my house?」
「It’s genuine coincidence. But the guard offer was no coincidence. I pretended all this time that I’m a good man」
「Is that so…」

Lululie cast down her head and clenched the hem of her skirt. She’s probably recalling what’s after me coming.
There’s still some more I’d like to speak out but it’s not important for now. I waited for Lululie’s thoughts to settle. The room was wrapped in silence.
After a while, Lululie opened her mouth.

「Can I ask you a question?」
「Yeah, I’ll answer anything」
「When you had a meal, when you had a meal when you were down, you did cry. Is that acting?」

Lululie remembered the meal. Having the nostalgic feel of eating meal from Japan, the comfort of having a comfortable homeー.

「That’s…not a lie. I’m grateful to Lululie and Lilith. That house was warm. The things I lost three years ago is in that house. I wanted to stay longer if possible. …But, it doesn’t suit me. The real me is this worst man」

Whether my reply was received or not, new tears fell on Lululie’s cheeks. I’m sure that’s the sadness from being betrayed by me. She was tricked by the man whom she trusted the most after all.

「Can you stop attacking the princess?」
「Sorry but I can’t」
「By any means?」
「By any means. Kill me if you want me to stop. There’s no method other than that」

I decided to not let go of Seria. That’s why I won’t give her up until I die. Even if it’s a bad thing, I have not intention of stopping.

Hearing my answer, Lululie stopped looking at me.
Then, after hesitating, she changed the atmosphere she’s wearing. The unstable magical power has regained composure.

Did she decide on something?
What kind of answer will Lululie give me?
Will she kill me? Or would she call Lion on the other side of the door? Or would she give up?
I prayed ‘none of the above’. The scenario I desire isn’t that. I spent my time preparing just for this moment.

Both of us fell silent and silence visited the room again.
I patiently waited for Lululie’s next move.
Lululie peeks a glance at my face and she finally began to move as she prepared herself.

Lululie lifted her arm. That hand was holding the hem of her skirt.
The skirt gradually rolled up.
Her thin legs wrapped in white stockings came into view but she doesn’t stop her arm.
Her fresh thighs decorated with garter belt was exposed to the air and shone in the dim room.
Then further up, the pure white lace underwear has come to my sight.

Lululie bites her lip and endured the shyness. Her face is curved and her long ears are red to the top, she showed her own underwear to me.

「I’ll…be the substitute for the princess. I’ll service you, I’ll satisfy you. My body might not be as attractive as the princess but I’ll do my best. I’ll accept any kind of treatment. That’s why, please. Please don’t hurt the princess anymore」

Saying that, Lululie presented her body to me.


  1. あいつも呆れながらも興味があるのか、邪魔しない事を誓ってくれた。