Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Inside the skirt of the maid #

The appearance of Lululie seducing me by raising her skirt is beautiful.
Tears float on the corner of her eye as she endure the shame, she tries to force her delicate body at fullest, her mind tries to be the main substitute, all of it shine beautifully. 1
I want to defile that body right now.
But that’s no good. That’s not enough.

「Lululie, you’re misunderstanding it. Do you know why I hadn’t put my hand on you so far?」
「That’s…because my charm is insufficient?」

Lululie speaks unconfident. She doesn’t know her own charm because she’s always with Seria. Indeed, compared to Seria, the degree of plumpness is lower. She doesn’t have money nor power. But those don’t matter to me.

「That’s not true. You’re quite a beautiful woman, gentle, tolerant, a fine woman. Your thin body makes me want to protect and dominate you a bit. If I was a bit more decent, I would’ve ask to marry you」

Among the women I’ve met, Lululie is the one I want to marry the most. Good looking and nice personality, furthermore long lived elves don’t grow old. She would nurse me in her young appearance even if I’m an old man. Her lover can’t possibly desire more than that.
Hearing that, Lululie’s expression had some joy mixed in. The skirt is still rolled up and her face is still red but power entered her inner thighs and stirred a little. To gloss it over, Lululie enumerated wrong stuff.

「Then…it’s because I’m an elf? Or because I’m just a burden? Neither Lilith and I can be of use to you…」

The power of her self evaluating voice grows weaker. Just how low do you evaluate yourself?

「That doesn’t matter. Also, don’t belittle yourself. You and Lilith are attractive enough」
「I promised Seria. When I raped her while you’re sleeping, Seria presented her body to me reluctantly to protect you. It’s the same as you right now. But, right now you’re just betraying your master」

Being told the fact that Seria protected her, Lululie pondered. She wants to protect Seria. But, Seria also tries to protect her.
I blame further the troubled Lululie.

「I’ll say this while we’re at it, you don’t have the power to stop me. If I didn’t protect you, you would’ve been gang raped by those men in that mountain, you would’ve been kidnapped yesterday. I don’t know what would’ve happened to Lilith by now. That’s not all. I’m the one who gives the material for Lilith to buy the medicine cheaply, Seria is safe from the confusion in the country is also thanks to me. You get it?」

Lululie and Lilith are living by being protected by a lot of people. Not just me and Seria, even Capo, the old lady director at he orphanage too. Among them my existence is the largest, it’s not too much to say that I hold their lives.
I hold Lululie’s mind to get her out of the way, so she can’t decide to disturb my relation with Seria. In fact, it is to not let her disturb.
The elf sisters are dependent on me, just how much do you hate me? You can’t defy me anymore. If you do it’ll only be your own ruin.
Then, the wise Lululie understood it properly.

「…Yes. I know」
「Then what would you do?」

Lululie wants to help Seria. But, she can’t become Seria’s substitute, she can’t defy me either. Lululie can’t do anything.
If her mind breaks just like that, the talk would be easy.
『It’s a joke, I was testing whether Lululie could be trusted. Sorry』I can’t say that, if I speak sweet and nice words, then my obedient maid would be finished. Because the dependence was made, I can drown her with just gentle lies. Then, her mind and body would be mine.
Then, with Lululie completely dependent on me I won’t hold back on Seria anymore. ‘Remove the curse if you want Lululie back’
Lululie is a so-called hostage. Also, she’s the most submissive hostage of mine.
This is my plan.

However, it wasn’t done well.
Lululie’s response is ahead of my shallow thought.

Power entered the hand which grasps Lululie’s skirt. The downcast eyes looked straight at me.
I feel that eyes overwhelm me for a moment.
Then, Lululie spoke in a trembling voice.

「Ren-san, I love you. Please…make me your lover. I’ll do anything. That why…please make love with me2

ーーLover. It’s a relationship where a man and a woman love each other.
I’m the farthest existence that preys on many women and had killed lots of people without regard of gender. Knowing my true nature, there’s no way someone can be my lover.
But, Lululie indeed said that.

「Are you sure?」
「Yes, I’m serious. Whatever you did, I do love you」

What does this mean?

「Is Lululie sane? If you just want to be Seria’s substitute, then I won’t accept it」
「The princess is unrelated. If the princess says something, I’ll persuade her. It’s no good unless it’s you!」

Lululie shouted. The Lululie that’s more modest than Seria.
At that time, an Idea suddenly came into me.
It’s obvious that she’d try to monopolize me if she’s my lover. If I’m going towards Seria, she’d just attract me and have me go for her. Then, when I’m satisfied with Lululie, Seria would be safe.

In short, it’s that kind of thing. Just how long does she want to sacrifice herself until she gets satisfied. Taking care of Lilith and Seria by yourself, are you saying that you’ll accept my desires.

Right now I can see Lululie as the most noble existence.
Instead of my aim to break her heart and make her depend on me, being lovers isn’t bad either. With that said, this pure girl can be mine. There’s nothing more than this.

That’s why I answered the confession with a wicked smile.

「Then, prove it to me. Come here while lifting your skirt」

While still showing her underwear, Lululie walks in front of me and slowly sat on the bed. In the dim room, the scent of a female drifts. The underwear that’s soaked by sweat from all day’s work is right in front of me.
It’s a sexy lace underwear. I can speak how good it is from the elaborate design. It seems that she’s the type that cuts her food expense because she’s minding this stuff. Her important place is hidden but other parts of the skin can be seen. It’s clean and filled with sex appeal enough to arouse me.

「It’s beautiful. I got aroused」
「Please don’t say it…」

At first, my hand crawled on her smooth thighs, Lululie’s trembling is transmitted.

「Don’t lower your hand until I say so. If you really want to be loved then you can do it」
「Yes, Understood…」

I enjoyed the feeling of her thighs as I stroke it. The thin flesh isn’t bad, it’s still soft, the feeling of my finger sticking to her soft skin feels pleasant. The feeling of the white stockings wrapping her thin legs is silky and great.

「I massaged you before. How was that?」
「It felt really good that time. Thanks to you my fatigue came off」
「Right now?」
「it’s tickly, it feels a bit lewd」

Saying that, both her feet are glued together. It seems that she’s embarrassed to be stroked by a man. But, she can’t escape nor refuse my hand.

「Don’t be so nervous. Just relax like last time and accept it. Doing so will make you feel pleasant」
「I-I’ll try…」

Well, accepting it suddenly is difficult. Then, I’ll just make her gradually accept it.
I let my hand wedge in the closed thighs. While I stroke her sensitive inner thighs, I wait for her to lose strength little by little.


Lululie thought that her genitals would be touched immediately, a perplexed expression showed up in her. But, I’ll teasing that place would be in suspense. Right now I observe it carefully from the top of the underwear.
Despite Lululie’s embarrassment I stroke both feet alternately waiting intently on the place my hand is between to weaken. When my finger approached her genital, I understood that her body stiffened further. Still, I stroke her thighs with my hand obscenely.
To stir her unease, I slowly stroke the surroundings of her crotch, rubbing it harder occasionally, when I’m finally about to touch the genitals, I turn back.
I did it repeatedly, her skin had been growing redder and hotter.
If I stroke it all the time, the sensitivity rises up. The tension in her body has loosened a bit. Then, I asked Lululie again.

「How’s it? Does it still feel ticklish?」

Then, Lululie murmured bashfully.

「No, it…feels a bit good」

Even though she’s just being caressed she already feels good. It’s not her genital nor breast, it’s just her thighs. Feeling by just that must’ve felt embarrassing.
While satisfied by her innocent reaction, I further caressed her thighs. Gently stroking it in circles, touching her with a tickling soft touch, rubbing my cheeks on it, licking it to confirm the taste, a stain came up on Lululie’s underwear. It seems that she can feel it.
Before long, her body lost its strength and her expression loosens, I made my finger crawl on her wet genital.


Lululie raised a surprise voice to the sudden stimulation on her pussy. The skirt drops that moment.

「Oops, don’t release it」
「Y-Yes, I’m sorry」

Lululie grips her skirt firmly and returned her posture to receive the caress again.
I lightly caressed Lululie’s pussy on top of her adult underwear. It’s soft and tender, and it’s already filled with moisture. I must not get greedy, I’ll chat with her slowly and rub and tease her.

「It’s your first time with a man?」
「Y-Yes. It is.」
「Then, is this the first time a man touched you here?」
「Far from touched, it’s the first time it’s seen…」

She displayed it willingly despite it being her first time… That’s some courage.
I caressed it slowly from the top of the underwear, not trying to stimulate it strongly. It may not be enough for Lululie but that’s fine for now.

「Do you touch yourself?」
「Err, what do you…」
「Have you masturbated like this before?」
「That…yes, I did…」

Lululie made a small nod. Apparently she didn’t just rub her chest. This elf might actually be quite erotic.

「Oh? How frequent have you done it? Occasionally? Or is it on a regular basis?」

She didn’t do it while I stayed at least. If she did it’s impossible for it to not be caught by my sensor. That’s why I thought that she only did it several times but she gave an unepected answer.

「…Is it no good if I don’t say it?」
「Of course. If you want to become my lover then you’re going to tell me your secrets」
「…Understood. I’ll say it so please keep it as a secret」
「Don’t worry. I’ll protect your secret」
「That…it’s almost everyday before you came…」

Lululie answered awkwardly. She’s masturbating everyday.
It’s a bit unexpected for the serious Lululie to do it everyday. Lululie and Cathy, should the elves[erufu] in this world be called erofu?

「You did it everyday? But you haven’t done since I came?」
「I can’t do it when there’s a man」
「But, if I’m not you’re doing it?」
「By the way what’s your material?」
「There’s none…」

Lululie has boiled red in shame. The beautiful girl shamfully raising her skirt is arousing.
While stroking the embarrasing place of Lululie, I continue to ask her.

「How do you do it usually? Do you put in your finger? Or it’s just your clitoris?」
「…Please dont’ ask me those mean things」
「Just tell me」

Lululie is about to cry but I don’t intend to stop. I want to see more of her embarrassed face.
As I continue to stare at her, Lululie muttered it as she had given up.

「Oh, Clitoris? Like this?」

From the top of her underwear, I fiddled her swolen bean. She seems to be this sensitive despite it being on top of her clothes, Lululie’s waist jumped.

「It seems to be true judging from that reaction. You’ve already done this much」

From the top of her clothes, I can understand that her clitoris is hardening from the stimulation. I fiddled with it for a while and her underwear gradually become wet.


Lululie tries to escape by pulling her waist as she leaks out a sweet voice. But, I didn’t let her.

「Don’t run. If yo do then that’s the end」
「…Yes. Nn…」

Unable to run away, Lululie had tears floating in her eyes from enduring the stimulation.
While stroking her clitoris, I didn’t forget the entire pussy. On the top of the wet underwear, I strengthened rubbing her genitals. Her soft slit is eating the panties, the circumference is being stimulated by the finger’s pad.
Though I don’t give intense stimulation on her mucous membrane, Lululie is getting aroused from the slow and rising gentle pleasure. The love nectar increased gradually and sweet voice leaks from her mouth.
Only Lululie’s voice echoes on the quiet room.
When Lululie noticed the change in herself, her underwear is profusely wet and it started to shoot out an indecent aroma. Lululie was aware of the change in her body and before she’s aware she’s confused in her arousal.

「I wonder why」

Once she was aware, she can feel the weak stimulation stronger. Even if it was the same caress, it’s greater than how she satisfied herself up until now. Then, she got aroused again. Then, it was interesting to see Lululie gradually getting in disorder.


Even though I’m just stroking her pussy a bit strong from the top of her pussy, Lululie can’t stop the sweet voice from her mouth. I observe her from down looking up.
When the skirt comes down, Lululie lifts it again, when she tries to back off her waist, I threaten her. Then, the sticky sensitive place is tormented.
I repeated it endlessly, one hour has passed and Lululie is now completely in heat.

「Naa…ah…aaah…hyaaa…haa… Haa…haa…, you’re still going to touch me?」
「What’s wrong? You’re at your limit already? Are your feelings are just to that extent?」

Lululie breathes heavily with her half open mouth. It seems that she hadn’t noticed the saliva hanging down from her mouth. Her beautiful blue eyes have lost it’s focus, she’s looking above like she’s having a feverish dream. The beautiful face has completely turned to a charmed woman’s face, it was dyed in embarrassment more than expected.
Of course the below is flodding. The love nectar blowing a tide didn’t just make the underwear wet, the stocking in her thighs are also drenched, furthermore, it’s dripping on the floor. I can see her clitoris erect on top of the underwear, her pussy is perfectly loose, fluffy and piping hot.
And the arm supporting the skirt is already tired and approaching the limit. But, Lululuie doesn’t give up.

「N-No. I can still do it. I’ll do my best…」
「I see. But, tell me before you reach your limit. You’re going to hold out until you fall」

I continued to caress her while saying that. Her pussy is done that it doesn’t need stimulation anymore so I’m going to exploit other parts of her. While I rub her thighs, I made my tongue crawl on her pointed elf ears.3 Pushing aside the leaf colored hair makes her elf ear come out, I dropped her from behind to not let her ear run away from my lip. Chasing it, I put my tongue on her ears. Getting tickled by the licking , Lululie’s body trembled.

「You get aroused on your ear?」
「I don’t know. This is the first time…naaah~!」

A woman in heat seems to feel it anywhere in her body. For her to be this sensitive, Lululie still haven’t reached climax yet. It’s my fault for stopping when she’s about to cum. The apined expression of hers displayed at that time is irresistible.
Then, after her lust piling up, Lululie’s whole body has changed into an erogenous zone now. Making her learn the pleasure after touching, if I repeat it, it would be Pavlov’s dog training.
First would be the quite good sensitivity of her ears. I blew a breath and licked it again. Even Lululie is confused from the sensation due to inexperience, the nerves are definitely transmitting pleasure. Not knowing if its pleasure or something different, the brain of Lululie in heat definitely accepted it as pleasure. To prove that, embarrassment comes out of Lululie’s face as she get’s further charmed. When I stop stimulating her when her body begins to tremble, words leaked out from Lululie.

「Ah…don’t stop…」

She said it unconsciously perhaps. She looked at me with sad eyes, it turned into panic immediately.

「Ah, no…that…that’s not it…」

It’s not known how many times it stopped before climax. So she can’t help but feel quite unsatisfied. Luulie wants to cum. But I don’t allow her. I want to bully Lululie more.

「It felt good din’t it? Then don’t mind it. Hora, I’ll continue」

Next I grabbed her small ass and massaged it. I trained Lululie in such condition for another hour. 4

「P-please spare me already… My arms are on their limit…」5

Lululie’s arm that tucks the skirt all this time is already at its limit. Groping her whole body, her beautiful maid clothes are exposed to her shoulder6 Her face is wet with tears. I haven’t touched her chest and lips yet. I’ve stimulated her crotch on top of her underwear but I haven’t touched the skin yet. That said, Lululie’s body want to cum so much it can’t help but feel hot.
It’s about time for her to cum, I decided to make her cum as she wished.

「Then, this is the last. Do your best」

Saying that, I moved my face below the tucked up skirt.

「W-what are you going to do?」
「It’s your reward for enduring up until now」

Looking at her embarrasing place closely, Lululie writhed in shame again. But, it is she who lifted her skirt and displayed her underwear. No matter how shameful it is, Lululie has no choice but to accept.
Putting my face close, the scent of a mellow woman stimulates my nose. The source of that scent is the wet white lace underwear in front of my eyes. It’s too erotic for a girl that’s just growing up but it it mysteriously suits Lululie. Inhaling the fragrant female scent deeply, I sucked the panties.


Jururururu, I sucked in the love nectar, I licked her pussy from the cloth. The salty and the sweet honey taste spreads in my mouth. As I enjoy it, I stimulate her clitoris that’s sticks on her.

「Ah…Aaa! No~…it’s too strong! Aaaa…Aanaaaa!!」

The in heat body of Lululie is reaching climax from the cunnilingus on top of her panties. While feeling her twitching becoming more violent, I stick and lick her flattery flesh. Sucking it feels good it seems, Lululie shook her waist. I hold the small waist and continued.

「Aaaaaa! Amazing……Nuu!! My body is hot, no, don’t stop!!」

Lululie’s body trembles. Not just from the stimulation on her vagina, her body writhes from the chained lust collected in her body.
Then, she reached her limit immediately.

「Naaaaaa!! Hyaaa!! …N!! …Haua…aaaaaaa!!」

Lululie’s whole body convulsed and she reached climax. Even if she desperately hold her sweet voice, she can’t hide the trembling of her body that’s like it was shocked electrically. Her waist trembles, her pussy is forced hard on my fac.e While her love nectar is overflowing from her underwear, I didn’t mind and continued my cunnilingus.

「Aaa, not right now! Please stop! Again…nnnnnnnn!!」

Lululie’s body trembled bit by bit again. The wave of climax seems to have attacked her constantly.
Furthermore, I still suck her clitoris. It’s making a sucking sound, I played it with my tongue, bited it sweetly.


The pent up desire was released in a flash and Lululie was swallowed on the waves of pleasure. It’s a very long climax. Stlill, Lululie didn’t drop her skirt.7 As long as Lululie doesn’t drop it, I won’t stop cunnilingus.
I sucked Lululie’s pussy all this time while she was being attacked by climax. Her beautiful lace underwear was sticky with her love nectar and saliva, it now sticks to Lululie’s genital. I kept licking it like a dog, stimulating it all the time.

「Ah, nn…ha…fu, hafuu…」

Lululie’s gasping voice reached my ear. She’s not speaking a word since earlier, I’m not sure whether she’s still conscious. Even in this situation, this beautiful maid didn’t let go of the skirt. Maybe that’s how important Seria is.
I’ve continued cunnilingus for 10 minutes but Lululie hadn’t given up. Her foot becomes loose and she nearly fall from her knees but she never released her hand. In the end, I’m the one who gave up first.



  1.  目尻に涙を浮かべて羞恥に耐えるその顔も、華奢な体で精一杯無理をするその姿も、主の身代わりになろうとするその心も、その全てが美しく輝いて見えた。
  2. I’m grinning like crazy while typing this line
  3. Fucking yes!
  4. Bruh, that’s a bad case of Priapism, you need to see a doctor
  5. Wow, two hours of holding your skirt midair
  6. 体中をまさぐられて、綺麗なメイド服は肩まではだけた状態。
  7. Good girl