Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Royal Palace’s first sneak

I went out to the town to look for princess Seria after I prepared my spy equipments.

The town I live in is the imperial capital of Rasuhairu Kingdom. On the northern part, there’s the magnificent Royal castle, then on the east and west are the noble district. The noble district is my main workplace.
On the south of the royal castle is the commoner area, which makes up 70% of the population and is surrounded in an outer wall. The farming area is beyond the outer wall, I don’t know to what scale it is. It seems that they keep enlarging the cultivation land.

The problem is Princess Seria often sneaks out the castle and goes to the commoner district. Her reason was to help people as royalty. Its words that I want some corrupt noble should follow, Only this time, it’s inconvenient.
Anyway, princess Seria’s scope of action is wide. She seems to have a quite strong magical power, thus her physical strength is higher than adults. Especially, her leg speed is outstanding, even a trained knight would be too slow.

Sometimes, princess Seria shows up on master’s place, unfortunately I was desperately training so I can’t meet her. I’m being beaten to pulp everyday, so I’m okay with it.

Anyway, I searched the whole town and I finally found her just when the sun was about to go down.
Her blue eyes and shining silver hair didn’t change. She grew a bit taller, but still lower than the norm. But, her breast had grown splendidly. It’s not like Cathy’s, but I can see that it’s big from the top of the robe. If I didn’t do Cathy just a while ago, I might be driven by the urge to push her down.

Princess Seria was bidding farewell on this children in the orphanage she frequently visits.
I invoked invisibility then tried to eavesdrop nearby.

「Sorry. I have to finish a business tomorrow, so I won’t be coming for a while. But after I finished my business I will definitely come, so don’t worry and please wait for me」

The children reaction were various, some were lonely, tries to not let her go in frustration, or making a tantrum. However, it was certain that everyone likes princess Seria.
I saw the children’s facial expressions getting cloudy while princess Seria was making an apologetic face.
Among them, there was a girl with a wide visor replied cheerfully.

「Seria-sama, please send us a lots of souveniers!」

Her bright voice blows away the gloomy atmosphere. Princess Seria returned a friendly smile naturally.

「Fufu, please wait patiently and expect a lot of it」

The children’s faces brightened up when they heard souvenirs. ‘I want this’ ‘I want that’, they were speaking their own wishes. There were children who were asking for cash.
While they laughed at each other, princess Seria began to turn back and walk.

I was interested on the business princess Seria mentioned. Is she going to leave the castle and go somewhere?
But, princess Seria shouldn’t be engaging in official business yet.
Even if I dig on my memories, I don’t have any idea in particular. Is this what master want me to be cautious of?

I cancelled my invisibility and continued to tail her, nothing happened until we arrived in the castle. Princess Seria entered castle walls from the side gate.
I still hadn’t entered the royal castle yet as expected. But, I’ve grasped some information in their security. This might be impossible for anyone else, but in my case, it’s expected that I would be able to intrude.

I was at loss, but for now, I want information. And, that information exists only in the castle.
I readied myself and invoked teleportation

There’s a limit in use for teleportation. I’m able to use it up to three times. And it takes 3 days to recover one use.
When I used it once, there’s still 2 remaining. After three days, the three uses are recovered. If I used it three times, the remaining will be zero. It recovers one per three days, so it recovers all three in nine days.

Considering I used it twice to go in and out of the castle, there will be six days where I can only use it once. I can’t use it that frequently.
By the way, the distance where I can teleport doesn’t matter, but I can’t go back to my world as expected.

The castle has a composite barrier of physical and magical barrier. In addition, to protect from intruders it’s also covered in detection barrier, they would be warned if someone entered without using normal means.
The barrier seems to made of high quality, but the shield can do nothing with my teleportation, and since I don’t have any magic power, the magical power sensor doesn’t respond. My teleportation ability, is basically a different magic that doesn’t use magic power, so I don’t have to worry about detection.
Other than this, I don’t know how many layers of security systems I was stepping on, fortunately, I was able to successfully invade the castle without getting caught.

When I entered, I first checked the movement of the guards. Nobody was approaching this place.
The inside of the castle was dotted with strong magic that they would understand it even if it’s away. There’s a monster in there. I stopped approaching.
Princess Seria entered the castle through the main entrance. She’s surrounded by a large number of guards. I used my superpower so I won’t be found out. I tailed princess Seria as I switch my invisibility as I fly and evading. I arrived at one room in the castle before long.
She opened the luxurious door idly, then Princess Seria goes inside. This is her room. I activated invisibility and entered the room together.

This invisibility didn’t just make me invisible. This is the ability where I can become a spirit body,
While I’m in this state, the sound, smell and heat is also invisible. Furthermore, since I originally don’t have any magical power, they won’t sense me through magic. Even if I’m in front of someone, they won’t notice me at all.
It’s an excellent stealth ability, but it also had a big flaw. It wears down my spirit. Continuous use wears my spirit away, and my ego is gradually fading. I’d disappear like haze in the end.
I was like that when I met princess Seria for the first time. If I didn’t meet her that time, It would’ve been game over for me.
The continuous usable time where my mental state is still in control has a roughly 30 minute limit. Any more use means death, even if you can return, your consciousness isn’t certain for a while and your spirit would become unstable. It’s fatal in the battlefield.
It’s such a risky ability, but if it’s just a short time use, there’s nothing as convenient as this ability. Thus, I successfully invaded princess Seria’s bedroom.

The room was spacious, there’s a big canopy on top of the bed, a gorgeous dresser, and then a sofa and table for the visitors. Furthermore there are two doors other than the hallway. It’s a room filled with royal-like luxury.

Princess Seria took off her robe, hmmm, a big thing stretched out.
The dress she wore is comparatively plain in design, but that’s why the beauty of her body stands out.
The bare line from her armpits to her breasts is very sexy. Her big and well shaped breasts sticks out defenselessly, it has an incredible destructive power.
Unfortunately, bra doesn’t exist in this world. There’s a sarashi like tube top, but only people who’s employed in combat movement is using that 1 A princess can’t possibly wear that kind of stuff, her big breasts is only supported by the cloth of her dress. The size are sewn to fit her size, but her dangerous growing speed causes it to spill for a short while. My eyes are glued to it instinctively.

However, I can’t just be engrossed forever. My invisibility has a risk, so I have to move to a blind spot in the corner of the room to remove this ability. From here, it’s a game of patience. I will observe princess Seria carefully so she won’t realize that I’m here.

Princess Seria headed towards the next room. When she opened the door, dress that were hanging on the door can be seen. Apparently, it’s the closet.
She intend to change the soiled dress from her outing.

Changing, CHANGING, C-H-A-N-G-I-N-G! 2

Oh shit. What’s in danger? My reason is in danger.
What do you mean by game of patience?! This is a game of reason and desire! If I new this would happen, I should’ve taken Cathy’s temptation and did her for two or three times. My sexual desire Is originally strong that I masturbate for five times a day. My son is still cheerful even I already did it twice. If I kept peeping at princess Seria changing, the guard would become the wolf. The princess might be stronger than me, but.
In addition for her not wearing anything but underwear, since she’s alone she’s struggling on choosing her dress. Her soft fair skin is exposed before my eyes, and she’s struggling slowly on the dress. You want me to watch without doing anything?

ーーThere’s no way I can. You bet I sure want to push her down on that seemingly soft bed the moment she took off her clothes off.

But it’s indeed bad as the other company is a royalty. It’s really bad.
Furthermore, she’s my benefactor. I mustn’t return favor with harm. Because I’m on a shady business of dirty work, the more I have to cherish her. That’s the line I must not cross.
In the first place, she’s younger. No matter how beautiful and cheeky her body is, I won’t dirty her easily. The gap of the incorruptible princess’ and her Loli big breast cheeky body is wonderful, if she became a bitch, her value would go down sharply.
Imagine princess Seria becoming like Cathy. ‘Princess loves penises!’ saying that while sucking, it’s really, really wonderーー


I came back to my senses as the door sounded. Wait, just what was I imagining? Me imagining Seria to become like Cathy you say!? I had some blasphemous idea. All is vanity, emptiness is form, calm down me

I was somehow able to send away my erotic delusion. The number of Cathy must not increase. My spirit won’t last long if there’s such a thing.
Apart from that, the problem is the current situation. When I peeked out, princess Seria brought a dress from the closet and casually put it on the bed. Then, she moved on the room on the left.

There was the bathroom.

In short, she’s thinking of removing the sweat before changing her clothes right? Yes, I understand. I understand it well.
That means to say that she’s stark naked from now on? We’re separated with just one door only. Full nude!
I fixed my ears patiently, then I heard the sound of rustling clothes. Then she put the clothes quickly. A paradise spreads beyond this door!

ーーDangerous, my consciousness was flying away again.
Worldly desires disappear Worldly desires disappear.

In the first place, why is this establishment have a personal bathroom attached? Aren’t they motivated?
This work is quite a bad idea if the royalty leaves it for their heir. What am I saying bad? My crotch is bad! It can’t go back from the war mode since a while ago. Since I’m wearing a spy tight leather pants, it’s quite painful.
I want to adjust it’s position, but when I set it free, my desire would also be freed just as is. My son has no choice but to give up If I release him now, I will never be able to go back.

If it’s my life, I’m still good. But the life of my benefactor, princess Seria’s life depends on this duty too. I wouldn’t ruin myself in this place.

「Haa, haa…」

I managed to calm down my rage somehow. What would a spy do if he can’t control himself? A high tension spy is a failure as a spy.

Meanwhile, the sound of water had began on the other side of the door.
She really did take shower. She’s likes cleanliness just like Shizu○chan. Speaking of Shi○ka, there was a bath scene, how about princess Seria? It’s fine if it’s just the Shower Scene right?
The smooth skin of princess Seria gets wet with water and is shining. Then the water running on her collarbone is being branched by the two abundant hills, then falls down. One passed through the deep valley then passing through her cutely small navel, and through her forbidden delta zone. The other traces a line on the outside, on the side, to her hipbone, then goes along small ass, then stretching through her beautiful legs…

*Kon Kon*

My body started jumping. The door to the hallway was knocked suddenly.


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  2.  着がえ、キガエ、K・I・G・A・E!