Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation 60

Chapter 60: Lululie’s first time ##

「Okay, you can lower your hand. You did well」

When Lululie released the hand that’s holding her skirt this whole time, she fell towards me. I catch her and checked her state immediately.
She’s conscious but she’s tired. She really overdid it.

「Lululie, are you okay?」
「Haa…haa…, yes, I’m fine」

Her voice doesn’t sound okay at all.
It seems that she’s unable to stand since a while ago. Hugging her from the back, I mad her sit down on Seria’s bed.
Seria’s having a strange smile in sleep, I chased her on the edge of the bed.

「It’s not yet the real thing」
「Yes, please do me as you like. N…」

I took her soft lips from behind. I pecked and kissed her a lot. Her soft lips jiggled, I pushed my tongue in, Lululie doesn’t dislike it and responed. While exchanging saliva though tongue, we exchanged a deep kiss.
At the same time, I groped Lululie’s delicate body. The small breast of Lululie I hadn’t touched yet. I gently caressed it on top of her clothes.

「Nn! …Nu…」

Her body jumped up. She had a different reaction when she was sleeping before.
I didn’t mind it and caressed her on top of the maid clothes.
The size of Lululie’s breast fits to my entire hand. It’s no doubt that it’s smaller than the standard. But, I know that it’s filled with Lululie’s condensed love more than anyone. It musn’t be despised even though it’s small.
I knead it with my palm, enjoying the feeling of her breast. It’s small yet it’s soft and elastic, the tip is hard, telling that that she’s aroused. The heat which welled up from the caress a while ago seems to be still remain in her chest.
I slowly separate my mouth and Lululie’s eyes are wavering.

「What’s wrong?」
「That…, my chest is small so it’s not interesting to touch…」

It seems that she’s uneasy from her small chest complex. There’s no doubt because she’s been sending fluttering glances on the breast of Seria who is sleeping like a log. It’s the worst comparison to her.

「Could you show it to me?」

Lululie put her hand on her clothes when I asked her. Unbuttoning her clothes that’s a bit stretched, she slowly opened. The white and smooth skin had a small swell in display.
I moved next to Lululie to see it carefully.
Though she’s embarrassed, Lululie didn’t stop her hands. Contrary to earlier, her clothes are opened slowly to tease me.
‘Just a bit more, just a bit more’, as I stare at her fixatedly, Lululie looked at my face in a moment and embarrassingly removed her hand from her clothes.
Her white shirt fell of quickly and her small chest is revealed.
The size of Lululie’s breast is modest but the overall shape swells out well. Her nipples and areola are colored beautiful pink and the small hill is vividly colored. It’s a waste to have it just be called small chest, it’s a beautiful balanced breast. It seems that Lululie self-asserts too much that turned her into modest.

「It’s beautiful, Lululie. Don’t worry about the size. You’re beautiful enough as you are now」
「Thank you very much…nchuu…」

I draw Lululie’s small body close while we exchanged a kiss again. I’ll personally enjoy this small chest. I fit it in my hand and massaged it, the feeling is quite good. I massaged it in a circular motion, pushing it, raising it, I tried various ways, searching for Lululie’s reaction.
I thought that she’s used to it because she’s usually going bust up and massage herself regularly but instead she’s a sensitive one. I sweet sigh leaks whenever I move my finger. I haven’t rubbed to squeeze it in particular, I made the scarce meat assemble, voice leaks out from the mouth stacked. I want to massage it like this forever.
I gently pinched her nipple and her body had jumped greatly. I roll over my finger and her body shivers like it’s being shocked by electric current. Seria and Lululie, both of them are sensitive with their breasts.
When I separate our mouths, her gasping voice grows larger.

「Nah~…Han~… Please don’t play with my breast too much. Ahn~! I’m going crazy」

Lululie petitioned with a keen expression. Showing that face makes me want to tease you more.

「Your nipples seems to be sensitive. Did you play with it everyday?」
「When you touch my breasts, nn…I can’t endure it no matter what…Hyan!」
「I see, then I’ll tease you more」

Burying my face on Lululie’s chest, I held her beautiful nipple in my mouth. Sucking it, I bent her body for her chest to stand out. Holding her body with both of my hands, her small bust were clutched.


Like a vampire sucking a virgin’s blood, I accepted Lululie’s passivity. Her body lost power from the sweet pleasure.
Naturally, no matter how much I suck it it won’t produce breastmilk but it still had a sweet taste. I rolled my tongue on her sensitive nipples, her entire breast was licked evenly. While defiling the two hills with my saliva, I suck it with my lips and carve a red mark. When I separate my mouth while sucking, it trembled like a jelly even though it’s small. I confirmed the softness with the tip of my tongue again and I thoroughly enjoyed all of it.
Brining my ear close, I can hear her heart thumping from her thin chest. Even though she’s being raped, Lululie’s heart has a gentle warm beat. It seems that her feelings and curiosity are relieved. Looking at Lululie’s face, I can see that she’s feeling good.

「You look happy. Do you love being touched by that much?」
「Yes. Also, I’m glad that you’re pleased with my breasts」

Saying that, Lululie glanced on my crotch understanding that I’m erect.
It seems that Lululie’s small chest complex is quite substantial. She might’ve thought that nobody would take notice such a chest. As expected it’s no good looking at Seria’s chest. Lululie should learn that she has a different charm from that outrageous tits.

「You humble yourself too much. You’re beautiful so be more confident. 」
「…Err, that…thank you very much」

Using it mostly for chopping1, Lululie had embarrassment wrapped in her face again. That naïve reaction is lovely. If it was Seria or Matifa, they’d send a cold gaze and return a jeer. That’s good on it’s own.

Thinking that it should be fine by now, I put my hand on her skirt. After stroking her thighs, I gently patted the area of her womb in the abdomen.

「I’ll touch you」

Did she guess the intention already? Lululie nodded silently.
I made my hand slip on her underwear through her stomach. Her soft fluffy pubic hair and her drenched pussy. I gently stroke it.

「Hau…u, n…na…」

Unable to resist the feeling, voice leaked out from Lululie. I wriggle and coil my finger around her twitching petal. When I rubbed there, a stimulation different from earlier attacked her body. Lululie’s hot genital has it’s sensitivity after being touched. The viscous sticky love nectar overflows from deep and soiled my finger.


I slowly caressed Lululie to not make her cum and I enjoyed her breasts again.
There was no composure left for Lululie anymore. I teasingly stimulate her as she wants to cum but I don’t let her, her body shivers as she leaks out a gasping voice. The lust must’ve collected inside her body again. It itches so much that it can’t be helped.
I inserted a finger on Lululie’s vagina. The entrance easily accepted the foreign body and in fact it sticks so fast that it doesn’t want to let go

「Aaa…something, entered. …Nuu!」
「It’s just a finger. If it hurts then tell me」
「It doesn’t…hurt. Hauu…But, it’s too slow…ah…」

Lululie indirectly told me that she wants more stimulation. Similarly, her vaginal folds twines my finger as if pleading, it’s squeaking, tightening, pleading for it. Her waist raised to push against my hand.
The desperate looking Lululie can’t hold back her arousal. ‘More, more, tease more, tease more’, I want to see more of the bewitched Lululie.
Being careful not to damage her hymen, I slowly piston my finger. I intentionally avoid her sensitive part and I train her vagina to be accustomed from the foreign object. Lululie’s face became stiff from the foreign object going deeper. Closing to her face to distract her through kiss, I met eyes with Lululie. I stared at her pupil that’s in heat enough that it’s likely to show a heart mark. Then, Lululie coiled her arms on my neck and kissed me on her own.


Lululie sticks her mouth desperately. Perhaps her reason starts to melt too. It’s painful for her that it can’t be helped.
She thrust her tongue hard and invaded my mouth. Twining her tongue and taking away the saliva, still, she kept on sucking as it wasn’t enough. She wants it soon, she begs as she wants it to be inserted sooner.
I took of my clothes while exchanging a kiss with Lululie. Half naked, Lululie who saw my skin now sucks the chest. While making a kiss mark, her thin fingers stroke my muscles. After she was satisfied, she stick her tongue out and licked my body. The stimulation that runs though isn’t bad at all.
While combing her leaf colored hair, I asked Lululie.

「Do you love muscles?」
「…Yes, I’m fond of sturdy ones. N…but, a big one, is scary…han~!」

Lululie’s saying that she likes about this much. Though I’m surprised for her muscle fetish, it’s cute so it’s fine.
I’ll let her touch it until she’s satisfied while I fiddle with her pussy. Breathing heavily, Lululie grappled in ecstasy. Pressing her small chest, the obscenity of her breathing out a sweet breath is irresistible. I’m already at my limit.

「Lululie, I’m about to go it. What position do you want?」

Saying that, Lululie showed a color of delight.

「Ah…in front, please. Please embrace me in your arms like yesterday」
「Got it」

I put down Lululie on the bed and took off my pants. The rock hard erect penis has come into Lululie’s view. Of course, it’s still wrapped in pink ribbon. Then Lululie asked when she saw it.

「That ribbon isー」
「I’ll tell you, it’s not my hobby. It’s a cursed ribbon that Seria applied so I can’t rape. I can’t take it off by myself. That’s why, if Lululie doesn’t want it, I have no choice but to stop, what would you do?」

That was a nasty question. With the body feeling hot and reason melting, It’s impossible for Lululie to refuse as she was waiting for the moment it goes inside her.
Sure enough, Lululie shook her head and answered.

「Please don’t stop… Please make me cum with your sturdy dick」

My penis elevated further hearing those words. Even after seeing my penis increase in ferociousness, Lululie didn’t change and looked at me with greedy eyes. If I leave her alone, she’d put it in on her own.
I might try to take off the ribbon in this case but as expected, it didn’t come loose. The condition of loving each other doesn’t seem to be met.

「I’ll make you cum lots and pregnant. Would you bear my child?」

Lululie nodded though she hesitated.
I turned up Lululie’s skirt, removed her panties and and left it on the other leg. Opening her legs wrapped in garterbelt stockings, a beautiful intimate place comes into view. From the hallow of the roof of her thighs opened wide and the swelling of her pubis, I feel a touch of Eros.2 A thin flattery flesh and petal at the center, under it is a light colored anus that shuts tightly comes into view.
Inside her slit is a pink colored small meat that greedily sticks while drooling. Above it is an erect clitoris that only shows up her foreskin.
I applied my glans there and it got wet eventually.

「Naa…please don’t tease me…」

Lululie begged as she can’t bear the stimulation from making contact with the mucous membrane. She’s been teased completely that she can’t endure it anymore.
Lululie showing me this erotic makes me reach my limit. While I adjust my waist position, I covered Lululie.
I embraced the half naked Lululie and I pushed in my waist a bit. I pushed open her unused hole buried the tip then it was covered with a pleasurable heat.


Lululie leaks out a small groan. Having a penis that’s bigger than a finger spread her entrance is a bit painful. At the same time, her body that’s driven into climax several times is rampaging from expecting pleasure and began to convulse.
But the pain has just began.

「Lululie, I’ll take your first time」
「Yes…Ahn…please, take it…nnn~!!」

Lululie gave permission without hesitation.
It’s unexpected that this would really be her first experience. But, if it’s for Seria that’s important for her, she’s going to accept it.
Before I take her virginity, I whispered to Lululie’s ear.

「The meal you made was delicious. I’m thankful that you nursed me. I want to stay with you forever if possible. ーーI love you, Luluie. Best regards from now on」
「What do youーーNaaaaaa!!」

I just said what I want to and thrust my waist. I just want to make a lover and have my confession accepted.
Tearing off her hymen, I go forward her narrow vagina. I went though the tightening vagina of hers and I thrust in my penis until I reached her womb inside.

「Naaaaaa!! Nhaaa, I! Nnaaaaaa!!」

At the same time Lululie lost her virginity, her back curved and she convulsed intensely. Feeling pleasure from her first time having man’s penis penetrate her, that’s how much her lust is puled up, Lululie was swallowed in the sea of climax once again.
While shouting a pleasant cry, Lululie’s arm went out of order. While taking in my thing again, her body had bent back and forth and trembled again and again.

「Aaaa! Amazing…ngu, my body is going crazy! Naa…I can’t stop this!」

Her vagina tries to squeeze out my semen intensely. It’s tightening my rod that even if I don’t move it still feels good. I can ejaculate with this alone.
I hugged Lululie tightly to suppress my raging waist.
Then, Lululie put her hands on my back. She dig in her claws to endure the climax, my back feels painful but I accepted it without complains.

「Naa…A, my head Is breaking, I can’t think of anything else…Ah…this is my first time…Aaa!!」

She reached climax higher than the cunnilingus before. It’s something that she can’t feel from the usual masturbation.
Lululie’s intoxicated in pleasure shows a charmed face.

「What is it?」
「Aah, Ren-san…nchu……」

She kissed me as soon as she saw my face. In response to the joyous face, I accepted it.
Twining her tongue and clinging makes Lululie look like a lonely child and it’s cute. I patted Lululie’s head until she settled down.


  1. ほぼ当てるだけのチョップをしたら
  2. 大きく開かれた太もも付け根の窪みと恥骨の膨らみから、そこはかとないエロスを感じる。