Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Lululie’s first time Part 2 ##

Patting her head while we’re connected for a while, Lululie’s climax has finally settled. I decided to separate our mouths.

「Puhaa…A, I…. Sorry, Nm I came first…」

Lululie who came back to her senses apologized.

「It’s fine. Rather than that, how was your loss of virginity? It doesn’t hurt anymore?」
「Yes. It feels extremely good, what is what…」

Saying that, Lululie glanced at the belly I’m going through right now.

「Ah…it’s in… Ren-san’s, inside me…」

Since her consciousness was blown away when inserting, she finally realized it this late. Her vagina shuts in cutely, it’s transmitting a pleasant feeling.

「I’m moving」
「Yes, Please. …Na!」

I puled my penis out slowly, Lululie bent with just that. She just came so she’s still sensitive I guess.
When I’m about to pull it all out, I slowly pushed in. She was a virgin just a while ago so I finish it with inserting gently. I have to properly loosen her.
Stirring her vagina, blood and love nectar from the inside mixed and overflowed. That’s quite a ratio of juice being mixed.

「Ah…nu…n, n…na!」

Whenever I rub her vaginal wall, A seeminly pleasured panting voice leaks out from Lululie’s mouth. Lululie’s panting voice is as clear as a bell, hearing it pleases me. Having her purr with a caress is fine but making her cry with my penis es exceptional.
Her vagina shuts my penis moderately and strokes it. Especially the feeling of the entrance sucking my glans is irresistible.

「Ua…n…ahn, ah!」

It’s good that Lululie doesn’t feel pain. It’s no mistake that she’s a virgin but, the pleasure seems to win over the pain. She clings into me, making our skins touch as she feels pleasure.
Her entrance is loose and I deepen the insertion little by little. I move my waist in a relaxed manner to not burden her too much. Still, was it enough for Lululie? Her body began to twitch again.

「Lululie, does it feel good?」
「Ah…yes, it’s hot deep inside my stomach…n…I’m cumming again」
「Very well. I’m going do make you cum as much as you like」
「Ah…I’m cumming. Nnnn…If you’re so gentle then I’m going to cum right away…naaaa! Ren-san…nuuu…」

It seems that Lululie is enjoying her first sexual intercourse. The appearance of her clinging into me and calling out my name is irresistible.
Normally I would’ve done it on a high speed piston without mercy but I thought of doing Lululie gently, as expected she wants to devote herself to me. We kissed multiple times to confirm our feelings.
Then, her vagina got loose in the middle and Lululie began to writhe intensely further.

「na…hau! N…that place, ah…ah…aa!」
「You like it here?」
「Un…Yes, when you rub it there, it’s like an electric shock…nah!」

I seem to have found out her G-spot. When I rub the heavens with my glans, her vagina sticks and an electric shock runs through my crotch. The feeling of ejaculation rises fast.
Lululie unable to bear it clings into my arm. She’s on the verge of cumming I guess.

「You’re about to cum again. Don’t endure it」
「Yes, ah…naaaaa!!」

Whenever I rub the G-spot with my glans Lululie’s convulsions grow more violent that her eyes aren’t focused anymore. Her entrance shuts thight and her entire vagina is sticking intensely. The pleasure is too much that my waist is coming of, Lululie seems to received climax a bit earlier while I rub.

「ua…ah, cuming,! I’m cumming again!」
「Then cum! Cum from my penis!」
「Ahii…cumming, n,! Ren-san’s penis, again! Nnnnn!!!」

Her body jumped up. Sticking out her small chest, Lululie’s body shakes as she reached the climax. Her body that’s completely in heat to the core seems to have been swallowed in pleasure easily. For her to cum this easy, this is fun on itself.
Feeling joyous pleasure from my penis, I endured as I can’t ejaculate yet. I want to pour on the deepest, on her womb directly first.
Though I want to move there immediately, but thinking that her first experience of orgasm attack be painful, I restrained myself.
I bury my face on her silky leaf colored hair to calm down. Taking a deep breath, I smelled the forest.
Lululie anxiously asked as I endure ejaculating.

「Ah…I’m sorry, I did it earlier again… Does my body not feel good?」
「What’s wrong? Asking me that suddenly」
「Somehow, I’m the only one cumming…as expected I don’t feel good…」

It seems that she’s anxious as I don’t cum.

「It feels really good so don’t worry. You can’t understand from the penis trembling inside you?」
「N…dokun, dokun, it’s throbbing」
「That’s the proof. Honestly, just being connected can already make me release it. But I’m going to release it on the deepest part」

It seems that Lululie isn’t confident yet. I should better change the subject.

「Rather than that, are you already used to sex?」
「Yes…. But I’m scared that I might go crazy. …Can you embrace me harder?」

Lululie looked at me with pleading eyes. What’s this? It’s fucking cute!

「Very well. I’ll embrace you more! We’ll never separate anymore!」
「Yes…Ah, it got bigger again! Au…a!!」

Lululie’s words were interrupted by the resume of piston.
Her vagina is almost loose. Finding the remainder, I nailed in my waist

「Nah~!… It’s deeper than earlier!」
「I’m about to reach your deepest place. It may be tiring but do your best」
「Yes, Ah! …Nn, Aaa!」

Lululie must be tired from the long caress and cumming twice after she lost her virginity. Still, she doesn’t look like she doesn’t want it. Once I decided to carry it out, my will won’t waver anymore. Spreading her legs wide, I thrust my penis with my best on the thin waist.
As I endure the rise of the urge to ejaculate, I aimed to the deepest part of Lululie and made my glans ran in to the wall. At the same time, Luluie’s body jumped up. It seems that I’ve reached her uterus.

「Lululie, can you feel it? It’s your baby room」
「Naa…Yes, it’s making a knocking sound, Ah, It’s tingling」
「I’ll firmly develop this place. Afterwards, I’ll release a lot of semen」
「Ah, yes, please, give your semen in my stomach」

Saying that, Lululie surrendered herself.
Pushing against my penis, it stimulated her womb. \
Unable to endure the stimulation, Lululie’s body writhed.


Lovely voice leaked out from Lululie’s mouth.

「Lululie, how’s it? It doesn’t hurt?」
「I don’t know. My insides are so hot, painful… I want more」
「What? You want me to be intense?」
「Yes~! more, stronger」

Lululie finally began to beg. It seems that she’s not satisfied from climaxing again and again from weak stimulation At any rate I can finally move to satisfy myself.
Thrusting my waist strongly, Lululie shouted.


Lululie’s body is filled with sweat. Then I suddenly thrust in my waist harder continuously.

「Naaaaah! Amazing, it’s amazing!! Aaa!!」
「Lululie likes it this way?」
「I love both! …Ahn, but, I’m going to cum instantly with this. Aaa!!」
「Me too, I’m about to cum. Let’s cum together. 」
「Ah! Yes! At the same time! Naah!!」

Love nectar is overflowing from the connecting part, it helps me move well. Piercing the interior of Lululie’s stomach, her face looks like charmed again. Her womb must’ve ached all this time. Pushing my glans strongly, her uterus seems to stick to it.
I make a fast piston to ejaculate. The vagina that got loose feels great that you’d never think it was a virgin hole. It shuts tightly yet the soft folds are twining with the penis as if it’s melting it.

「Lululie, your insides are the best! I’m going to cum soon. I’m going to cum inside your vagina!」
「Nnn…! I feel good too… You can let it out anytime…」

I bang Lululie’s waist while we’re embracing each other.
Lululie holds my penis to the root, the pleasure thrust her womb.
We no longer have room to spare. I did my last spurt.

「Naaa! Too intense…! Aaa… I’m about to…naaa…cumming, cumming, cumming, cumming, cumming!!」
「Haahaa, cumming, Lululie, cumming!」

Embracing Lululie tightly, I thrust my waist deeply that we can’t move in this state. I’m also the same as I’ve piled it up from the caress. My penis want to release the semen sooner. Sticking my penis on the deepest place of Lululie, I push against her aroused womb. Her vaginal opening, is tightening the root, the moment the vagina surge violently to squeeze out my semen, I reached my limit.


ーーByurururururu Dopyu dopyu.
A large amount of semen overflowed. The concentrated semen that was endured all this time made a mess of Lululie’s womb.

「Naaaa! Hot! Something hot is coming in. 」 Inside my stomach…A, aaa!! …What’s this!? It’s strange…Ren-san, my body, Cumming, I’m, cumming!!…naaaaaaaaa!」

Accepting the semen with her womb, Lululie climaxed intensely. Her thin foot made a point and her whole body is convulsing. Opening and closing her mouth, she raised a sweet voice that’s not a scream. Pleasure and astonishment were mixed in her eyes.
Her vagina surged intensely and squeezed my sperm. While pouring additional semen, Lululie’s waist gladly trembled. It seems that my ejaculation is going endlessly.

I pulled out my penis after the last drop inside, then my muddy semen has overflowed from her vaginal entrance. It has some red blood mixed in too.
Lululie who had her first experience lies down on the bed tired. Her charmed face looks satisfied, it wasn’t my misunderstanding. Putting my hand on Lululie’s abdomen, I gently rubbed her stomach from the top of her maid clothes. Her appearance is of a pregnant woman.

「How was your first sex? You look awfully happy. 」
「…I never knew that sex feels this pleasant. It’s strange. My stomach is happy and my head is feeling light. It was painful my body being filled in…」

Lululie’s voice seems to be genuinely happy.

「I’m just saying this but though you said that you’re satisfied, the man who deceived you came inside you, are you fine with that?」
「It’s fine. Didn’t I tell you? I love you. There’s no woman who wouldn’t feel glad being held by the person she loves」

What a wonderful thing to say. Did my gained favorability still remain? Or is she trying to draw my attention?…
Well, I don’t think Lululie has an ulterior motive. I have sex with Seria who has a cute face but I don’t need to worry about Lululie.

「Okay, second round then. We’re changing positions」

Afterwards, Lululie fainted when I came inside for the second time. It seems that she reached her limit after the long caress and continuous play. While I came one time, she had cum a lot of times.
Lululie is too lovely that I got enthusiastic carelessly. I must reflect on this.
Looking at the after math, Seria’s bed is drenched with the mix of love nectar and semen, there are traces of blood in places. Luulie who has her crotch filled with semen and love nectar, Seria on her side is sleeping happily.
Now then, what to do?