Flight, Invisiblity, Teleportation Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Lululie is slightly strange

Next morning, I thought about Lululie on the way sending the children to the orphanage.
We did it on the momentum yesterday but was that really okay?
In the first place, I could never have a lover. Because I’m a criminal. Women come to me for money, power or revenge purposes.
Then, which is Lululie?
Thinking that, the three would apply. In short, Lululie is filled with ulterior motives.
I derived it as so but I might be mistaken.
I don’t think she’d threaten only for money and power, the choice of being a lover came out of her head. That’s why, Lululie saying that she wants to become lovers caused distrubance.
Still, I thought of using Lululie to threaten Seria but It’s entangled anyway.
Was I caught? I don’t know.

「…Isa…oni…n, Onii-san!」

I came to my senses when my sleeve was pulled.

「Oh, sorry, sorry. What is it, Lilith?」
「We already arrived. What’s wrong? You’re absentminded」
「Ahー, I’m just thinking about something」

Perhaps because I was thinking while walking, I didn’t notice that we arrived at the orphanage. I must get my grip because I’m a bodyguard.

「Onii-san, are you okay? Do you still feel bad? Or is it because of the curse?」

Lilith asked anxiously.

「It’s not that so don’t worry. I was just thinking of the schedule after this」
「Is that so? Then okay…」

It seems that I convinced Lilith somehow. Thinking what happened, Misha has come to help.

「Lilith-chi, there’s no problem. He’s just thinking about sex」
「Thinking about sex? to me?」

As expected, it’s lewd pink. You’re the one thinking about sex.

「No. Since this place is filled with children, he’s imagining a little girl harem」1
「I don’t!」

I light sound of ‘Supaーn’ echoed in the orphanage this morning.

After sending the children, I went to receive Misha’s clothes I requested before. I never forgot it. I was busy so I put it off.
The clothing shop I’m going at is lying deep in the back alley and is doing business quietly. Because it’s main visitors are those like me.
As long as you have money, any kind of dress can be made. Not just customized spy clothes but also perverted underwear and cosplay costumes. Cathy’s suit was also made here.
A young woman with thick heavy makeup is the one managing it. Her real name is unknown and she’s referred to as ‘Madam’
When I opened the door, Madam looked at me with suspicious eyes.

「Welcome. A-class head-san」
「Please stop calling me that. What would you do if someone heard that?」

Madam knows that I’m the assassin in the rumors. She’s an underground person after all.

「Have some restraint with yourself. I’ve heard rumors about you here and there」

Saying that, Madam took out the wanted poster sticking on the wall.

「I heard that you infiltrated the castle. You did well coming back alive.」
「It’s an easy thing for me. Rather than that, have you finished what I requested?」
「It’s already done. But I won’t give it that easily. You, do you intend to involve a child in a dangerous thing?」

‘A child’ must be Misha. Since she came with me when I ordered it before, Madam knows.

「She’s far stronger than me. That’s why you should stop complaining and give it to me already「」
「She might be stronger but that’s not the problem. You don’t think that it’s bad dragging such a child in this road?」

She’s really troublesome. Misha is already dragged in before she’s with me. Rather, I’m the one scooped in.

「I don’t need your preaching. Just give it already」

‘Hurry up’, as I demand her, Madam sighed.

「There’s still one thing. Is it true that you’re living with Lululie?」
「Why do you know that?」

Cathy is the only one that should know it. Why did such an information leak in here?

「It’s easy. There’s a rumor that Lululie begin to keep a trash man with no magic. There’s a useless man that’s loitering on the city during daytime. Furthermore, there’s an evidence that he took a dark-elf woman during daytime. That’s you and Cathy」

That’s definitely me. But, why does Madam know such rumors?

「Hey, where did you hear that from? And do you know Lululie?」
「The royal castle is my dear customer. King’s clothing or the Queen’s dress, even the maid’s lace underwear. I’m allowed to sell a lot of things. I occasionally meet with Lululie. I taught her how to make clothes」
「Then you heard the rumor in the castle?」
「That’s right. The hardworking Lululie having a man. But they’re having an opinion that the lover is such a pimp guy so she’s pitiful」

What the hell. Was I well known in the castle? It’s only a matter of time before they know that I’m the assassin. Especially that Lion is suspecting me so I must make countermeasures.

「Well, don’t worry too much. Even it’s a rumor, it’s only on those maids that like love stories. The aristocrats doesn’t seem to listen to that kind of story」
「I can’t be that optimistic. But, thanks for the information」
「Then, how far have you done with Lululie?」

Madam sticks out her body asking that. This is a serious face. She wants the juicy story.

「That doesn’t matter. Aside from that, give me the clothes already」
「That’s suspicious… You already have Cathy and a cute slave and you even laid your hand on Lululie?」

She asked with a frightful spirit.
I’ve already laid my hands on the princess, the witch, Lululie and her sisterーーI can’t say that.

「That, what…that doesn’t matter anyway! Just give me the clothes already」
「That’s no good. Cathy is another case but Lululie is really a good girl.2 I won’t forgive you if you make her cry」
「Ugu…No, you see…」

I’m embarrassed to reply, Madam’s face turned even more grim. Before long, she begin to shoot out an intimidating aura.

「Tell it. What’s your relationship with that child?」

The thick make up looks like Hannya3 It seems that I can never return if I don’t answer. She’s not someone that would make a lie pass either. I have no choice but to give up here.

「That…you see, for we’re…lovers, that’s how it is」

When I whispered it, Madam opened her eyes wide in surprise.

「Lover!? Then the rumors were true then?」
「No, we just became yesterday so the rumors are wrong. Also I’m reluctant because of the circumstances of my work.4 That’s why stop with your strange suspicions」
「Saying that as an excuse makes it look like that Lululie is just being played with. You will die alone」

The moment she said that, my head received an impact and my vision blurred. I was lying on the floor when I noticed it.
It seems that Madam beat me up. I really didn’t notice it at all.

「What the hell are you doing to your guest?」
「I chose my guest. You hear? Luluie is a normal girl unknown to conflicts. Furthermore, she’s looking after her little sister, she’s a good girl that works from morning to night. If that girl turned unhappy. Even if Lululie forgives you I won’t!」
「Who the hell would make her unhappy! I’m her lover just right now. Don’t underestimate me!」

I instinctively shouted. Taken aback, she shut her mouth.
Madam looked down on me in an disgusted manner.

「Then let’s start from the beginning. Hey, this are your ordered goods. Get it and go out already」

Then, I was kicked out.

In the end, night came without me understanding what happened in morning.
I went to the plaza and faced the gate to wait for meet with Lululie.
Lululie worked her usual maid job during daytime. I occasionally looked around the surroundings absentmindedly, acting suspiciously but it’s not to the degree that it would influence work either. It seems that Matifa did a good follow-up.
I thought of greeting her but in the end I didn’t talk to her.
It’s because I don’t know what lovers should speak about.

But, I can’t abandon the guard duty.
Just what kind of face does she see in me?
Lover? or is it a Criminal?…
While I was worrying, Lululie came out of the castle gate.
…Well, can’t we do it like always

「Y-Yo. Good work」
「Yes. Thank you. Should we go back?」

I greeted her clumsily and Lululie returned like it’s nothing. We even did that much yesterday but she’s like the usual as if she forgot about it.
When I thought it was strange, my hand was wrapped in warmth. When I looked at it, I can see Lululie’s hand.
Furthermore, not the usual hand pattern, it’s a lover hold where the finger twines. Lululie bashfully averted her face.
What’s this? What does this mean? My heard throbs so hard!?5

We walked in the town of the night without conversations.
For some reason Lululie doesn’t look straight to my face. I know that it’s unnecessary but strangely she does. I don’t know what Lululie is thinking. However, I can’t keep quiet.

「Ahー, that…what? Sorry that I left you yesterday. Is there any problems with your body?」

I was able to speak somehow while scratching my cheek.
Did Lululie loosen after seeing my foolish appearance? She answered bashfully.

「Yes. I was allowed to rest peacefully in Matifa-sama’s place. Was Ren-san hurt today?」
「I’m fine. I didn’t fight anything today」
「Then that’s good」

It’s strange. I can’t see Lululie disliking me. Knowing my true identity should make me an enemy of women.
Yet, I don’t feel disgust towards me from Lululie. Even though she showed so much hostility when she doubted Lion…why?

「H-Hey. Why can you make that kind of face? Did you forget what I told you yesterday?」
「No, I remember everything precisely」
「It’s fine. I decided. I will be your ally and your lover no matter what. That’s why please be at ease. 」

…Lululie is really strange.
In the end, we reached the house without knowing what Lululie is thinking about. There were presence of remodeled beast men along the way but the traffic wasn’t interrupted and they disappeared when we arrived at the house. I examined the surroundings just in case but they disappeared. It seems that they returned.
Coming back home, Lululie happily talked with the children as they haven’t met for several days.

「Onee-chan look, look. Mi-chan’s new clothes was brought in」

Misha is wearing a sleeveless hooded sweatshirt and miniskirt with a casual appearance. It seems that she immediately wore the clothes I received from Madam’s store.
She’s wearing casual clothes right now and the clothes for spy work is for the next time.
Misha turns around cheerfully and show off the clothes to Lululie.

「It suits you well. But, I haven’t seen this design before…」

Lululie observes Misha curiously. Seeing that, Lululie intervened.

「Can onee-chan understand it’s cuteness?」

It’s a pure question.
But, that was too much.
Lululie asked back, pulling the discomfort on her face.

「What do you mean by that Lilith?」
「Because Onee-chan likes disgusting things」6

Air froze and a ping was heard.

「LIlith, should we talk inside my room for a moment?」
「Wait, wait, that place is no good. I’m going crazy!」

Lilith waved her hand in rejection and Lululie cornered her with just her eyes.
As usual, I don’t know whether these sisters are getting along or not.
The tag of two people fell when Lilith used Misha as a shield.

「Give up, Lilith」
「Noooo! In the first place, does onee-chan understand the goodness of this clothes?」

Lilith pushed Misha’s back and showed it off to Lululie.
Luluie catches her breath for a moment and answered.

「I-I do That, what to day…its easy to move!」

Lululie, is that a praise?

「Look! You don’t get it at all!」
「N-Not yet! The pocked is big so there’s a lot of thing to enter, there’s also a hood so you won’t have to worry about rain」
「……Just that?」

Lilith turned her seriously tired face on her elder sister.
It seems that Lululie can’t understand the cuteness of Misha. That’s regrettable.

「Even if you say that, it’s my first time seeing it. This cloth was well done」

Lululie finally began to avert the topic. It seems that the sibling fight today is Lilith’s win.
In exchange of Lilith making a winning pose, Misha answered the question.

「It’s master’s perverted hobby」
「Wait a minute, Misha. What do you mean by perverted?」

That’s a cruel thing to say. Didn’t I just reproduced a clothing according to Japan? What’s wrong with dressing up your own slave?

「Pervert is a pervert. Because master was making a 1hour speech when this clothes were made」
「No no, I just explained the design of that cloth. Also it took some time because I’m not a pro. You get it?」

Hearing my excuse, Misha shook her head.

「Uun. Master is a pervert. That time you said 『If the armpit doesn’t show up it’s no good!』or『The length of the skirt must make a pantyshot』 or 『Hood for the cat-ears and miniskirt is needed for her cattail』you shouted. There’s anotherー」
「Hey, don’t say anything more than that. It’s the truth but don’t speak anymore」
「Got it」

Hearing my order, Misha finally shut her mouth. But, the elf-sisters have heard everything already.
Looking at them, Lilith run into me and followed-up.

「It’s fine for me even Onii-san is a pervert! Also, Mi-chan’s clothes are cute!」
「Lilith, I don’t need that kind of follow up. But, I won’t deny that Misha is cute」
「Un, Mi-chan is cute. That’s why I want it too」

Lilith pleads with a wet lovely round eyes. The answer is obvious.

「Okay, I will. I’ll prepare a cute clothes for Lilith so wait for it」

WhenI promised to give Lilith a dress as present, Misha muttered.

「Master is easy」
「Hey Misha. I ban you from talking too much unnecessary things」
「Misha doesn’t know」

Misha looked the other way and feigned ignorance. This bitch7
I seriously thought whether it was necessary to give a punishment to Misha but I heard a laughing voice from my back. Looking back, I saw Lululie laughing.

「Lululie what wrong?」
「No, I just thought that it’s fine even Ren-san is a pervert」
「Hey, what are you saying Lululie?」
「Because, I finally was able to see the usual you」

Lululie laughed while saying that. Furthermore, it’s not just Lululie but Misha and Lilith too.

「Onii-san was absent minded since this morning」
「Un, his thoughts of sex grows bigger」

Could it be that these guys are worrying about me?
I thought that they’re just as usual but it seems that I’m acting strange.

「…Okay, Misha won’t have a side dish for breakfast tomorrow」
「!? Master, that’s no good. Misha’s cool master won’t do that」
「Since I’ll make Lilith’s clothes this time so put it on」
「!? I-I don’t need! I don’t need those waste of clothes!」

Lululie, are you okay with that?


  2. Yes, she’s a good girl that loves the MC no matter what he is
  3. Horned demoness
  4. それにこれは仕事の都合上仕方なくってのもあるんだよ。
  5. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  7. She’s a cat yet a bitch