Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Seriously, Lululie is strange ##

The bath was warmed and I submerged my shoulder to heal my shoulder.
The bath after a tiring day is the best. ‘Haaaaa’, as I leak out my breath, my tiredness, even my motivation and soul is coming out. Ah, paradise, paradise…
While feeling absentminded, there’s a presence appearing in front of the bathroom. I stood for an instant but removed my vigilance immediately. The source of the presence is someone I know.
Thinking what’s wrong the door opened.

「Ren-san, can we go together?」1
「Of course」

Lululie appeared wearing nothing.
「I’m going to scrub your back」
「Oh, thanks」

I who decided that we take bath together had my back washed immediately.
Lululie gently scrubbing my body with a towel feels good.

「This wound…could this be from yesterday?」

Lululie noticed my injury while washing my back.

「Well, yeah. It happened last night」
「I’m sorry, I’m such… Does it hurt?」
「Don’t mind a wound of this degree. Rather, it’s an honor wound」

The wound on the back is a man’s medal. That’s why I told her that it doesn’t need any treatment but Lululie said ‘that’s no good’.
Lululie traced the wound with her fingers and my back felt chilly.

「Even if you’re used to it, a wound is still a wound. There’s no way it doesn’t hurt…」2

Lululuie muttered.

「No, nothing. Rather than that, I’m going to wash your back faster」

Lululie began to wash my body again to distract me.

「You seem used to it. You do this on your work?」
「Yes, recently the princess washes herself but before I’m the one washing her」

Though Lululie washes my body with experienced hand, I think the distance is awfully short Especially her chest and thighs are hitting my body. Or rather she’s intentionally rubbing it. The service is very splendid.

「That princess having too much free time must be great」3
「That’s true. When washing, she’s disregarding hot water4 It’s quite mischievous」

That spectacle is easily imaginable. Seria can’t probably mimic a squirt gun so she probably scoops the water and splashing it. While intensely shaking that outrageous breast…

「That’s, how should I say it…unfortunate」
「Ah, you imagined something strange didn’t you?」

Lululie sharply pointed out. Is this women’s intuition?

「No. Nothing, nothing」
「Is that so? Then I’ll believe you」

She had widthrawn when I declined. In a way her mood is bad.

「Next would be your front then」
「Yeah, thanks」

Without hesitation, Lululie went into my front. Various places has come into view. Thinking that, even my son got energetic.

「Fufu, this one is naughty too」

Luluie pokes my penis with the tip of her finger.

「It can’t be helped. Can you clean it?」
「Yes, of course」

Saying that, Lululie caught my penis and move her grasp up and down. It seems that she’s going to service it properly.
I thought that it’s her first handjob but she had quite a good power adjustment.

「Ah, it feels good. Still, you’re quite assertive」
「I’m your lover after all」

Lululie emphasizes the word as if she’s hinting or something. As expected, I still don’t understand what she thinks.

「I agreed on it yesterday but I really don’t understand it. Why are you doing that much?」
「It’s because I want to do it. Or is it that you hate such a woman?」

Lululie asks from between my legs. If you’re asking whether I like or hate you then the answer is obvious.

「I love it. Do it more」

Her hand moved faster. The feeling of the bubble making a pleasant lubricant is great. I might cum immediately.
Looking at Lululie, she’s staring at the erect penis with an entranced face. Her breathing turned feverish somehow.

「What’s wrong with you staring at my penis so much? You want it inside?」
「Eh, ah…yes. That…it itches a bit…」

Lululie answered hesitantly while scrubbing her thighs. That gesture is too erotic that I can’t resist.

「Then let’s confirm it」
「Ah, waitーhyaa!」

I stretched my hand on the trembling groins of Lululie, I felt it slippery even without water nor bubbles. It seems that she’s wet.

「What, did you get wet from the handjob? Were you really that glad from yesterday’s sex?」
「N…because, it’s my first time cumming until I lost consciousness…I won’t forget something that amazing…ah」

Lululie seems to be feeling good while I caress her pussy. It seems that she’s completely addicted to the pleasure of sex. Well, she went mad cumming. I’ll paint her without rushing.
I stopped the handjob for a moment and had Lululie stand up. Then, I rub her ass from the back.

「Should we wash here this time?」

Saying that, I rub my penis on her drenched pussy.

「Yes, please. Please do what you want with my body」

Saying that, Lululie opened her legs and thrust out her ass. In addition, her flattery flesh is opened and on display. The honey dropping from her petal is really lewd.


Unable to resist, I put my tip, and thrust in my penis.

「Naaaa! Ren-san’s penis, inside me again!」
「Haha, aren’t you drenched till the inside? You really wanted this so much?」

I barely touched Lulululie yet she’s already wet to the depths. My penis is held with quite good resistance and it tightens moderately.

「ah…because…this, feels really good. I’m just glad that there’s someone like me can accept love, Ahn~!」

As usual Lululie is saying something masochistic, I gave her a piston.
The folds twining every time I move feels good. The handjob from a while ago seems to be far away.

「Are you still saying that. You are, without a doubt a beautiful and a good woman. This breast, pussy, all of it are mine so don’t say ‘Someone Like me’」

I fiddled with Lululie’s small breast and clitoris from the back while speaking.
As I massage hold her small breast, when I crushed the foreskin on her bean, her vagina shut tightly.

「AUaa…ah, ah, that’s too strong! My voice will leak out, nnnn!!」

Lululie is gasping hard from feeling good but since there are two children sleeping on the second floor, she can’t let out her voice.
I won’t be troubled at all even if they wake up but it would be unpleasant to Lululie. She desperately holds her voice.

「Sorry, I won’t go easy. It’s your fault for having such a good body」
「No buts. You tempted me. I’m going to violate you until you become sloppy like yesterday」
「Ah…yes…I’m glad」

Gyuuu, her vagina tightens around my penis. The hot folds holding my penis and my waist that’s about to melt feels really good.
Lululie had an enchanted face and she happily shake her waist. Lululie’s inclined to be an M too.
I understood from the various stuff we did yesterday, Lululie prefers to be done a bit forcibly. It’s said that she’s wishing for it to be stronger.
That’s why I nailed my waist according to my desires.
Bangbang, the sound of meat banging each other.

「Ah…un…ah, ah…nu…」

Matching the wave of the small ass, lovely voice leaks out from Lululie’s mouth.
Her vagina twitches, it’s rejoicing from the stimulation.
My penis is on the verge of exploding.6 I accelerated my waist further to finish it.

「Haahaa, Lululie, I’m about to cum. I’m going to release it inside your vagina」
「Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! …inside, nuu, please!」

Lululie pleads while feeling good as her vagina is being stirred up. It’s telling my penis that it’s about to cum.
We might as well cum together.
Thinking that, I peeled her clitoris and rubbed it with my finger.
With just that, Lululie’s body jumped greatly and bubbles clinging on her body scattrered.

「Aaaaaaaaaaaa!! you can’t do that! I’m cumming! Cummingcummiiiiiiiing!」
「Uooooooo, it’s tightening!!」

Her vagina constricts my penis, it’s sucking strongly. The swelling folds follow my sensitive glans and stroked it.

「Kuuu, no good! Cumming!」

Receiving such a sudden violent stimulation, my penis rages. Then, the tip overflowed with semen.
The unexpected accidental discharge didn’t stop. While striking my waist, I poured semen inside her vagina.

「Fuaaaa!! Something hot, is coming out, inside my stromach, ah, Aaaaaaa!!」

Lululie climaxed at the same time. Her body convulsed violently as she shake her waist.
Was it from the surprise attack on the clitoris? Her eyes opened wide in surprise.
Finally when I strongly poked and inserted, after Lululie’s body leaping out, her body lost strength.
When I thought I overdid it, warm liquid poured down over my hand when I fiddled with her clitoris. Looking at it, golden water had been leaking out from Lululie’s crotch.

「Ah…I-I’m sorry. I…can’t stop…no…embarrassing… Uuuu」

Lululie who noticed herself peeing covered her face with both hands and began to weep
Lululie that cries while peeing looks good too…

「If it felt good then it’s normal for it to leak out. I overdid it. This is a bathroom so don’t worry about it」
「But…I…might be hated for doing this…」

Lululie looks so innocent. Showing me that face makes me want to torment you more.

「I won’t hate you with this so don’t worry. Apart from that, let’s continue」

It seems that Lululie has noticed that my son that remain connected at her got hard again.
I renewed my piston while her pussy is being muddied by semen and pee.

「Ahn, Nn…again, the penis is, nah!」

Lululie’s pussy made a lewd sound again.
Lululie who just came screamed as she’s sensitive.

「P-please wait, naaah! At least let me wash it with water!」
「Not needed. Get used to it already because this thing will enter you」
「That’s my ass!」

Playing with her anus makes her pussy tight. It seems that exploiting this would be fun.
Getting caught up with the moment as I piston, Lululie already got drowned in pleasure.

「Sorry about earlier. I overdid it」
「Ah…no, it’s fine. It felt good for me too」

I soaked in the bathtub while hugging Lululie from the back. My penis is inserted and her small chest is being played with.
I came inside Lululie three times until I was satisfied just like yesterday, after we washed each other’s body again we used the bathtub. But, my penis reacts by all means when there’s a woman body close. Then, Lululie who noticed my penis hitting her ass, she inserted it by herself.
Then, she slowly moved her waist and we immersed ourselves in pleasure.

「Really, it’s not my duty to say it but you’re really erotic」
「N…do you hate lewd women?」
「I love it so don’t worry. I’m going to massage this chest everyday and pour enough semen in your womb too. You won’t have time to think about masturbating」
「Yes. It’s a promise」
「Yeah, I promise you」

When I make a perverted promise with this lewd elf, Lululie faced my way.

「I’m sorry about yesterday. I lost consciousness…ahn~」
「No no, I’m reflecting as it was my bad for doing it forcefully. Lululie doesn’t have to worry about it」
「But it wasn’t enough didn’t it? After that you played with the princess」

Oh my. She knows.

「T-that was, you see, how should I say it, it’s my revenge on this curse. Also for me to do nothing as she sleeps defenselessly is…」

As I mumble my excuse, Lululie smiled.

「It’s not that I’m angry. I just thought that the princess is really better than me」
「No, that’s not true. The correct answer is I love you both. There’s no way Lululie is inferior to Seria」
「Fufu, thank you very much」

Saying that, Lululie laughs masochistically. Her face doesn’t believe that she can win against Seria.

「You don’t believe me. Your minus is your masochistic tendencies. It’s good that you’re modest but don’t become a masochist. Have some confidence in yourself」
「You saying that doesn’t make it convincing but…that’s true. I must have confidence as a woman」

Saying that, Lululie strokes her stomach adorably. I really don’t get it.

「I asked you yesterday but what’s so good about me? I deceived and threatened you. You don’t feel grudge against me?」
「I don’t feel any grudge. I want you to not lay down your hands on the princess but I don’t have complains on the other things. Having sex with me makes me happy」

Saying that, Lululie really had a joyous face. I instinctively faltered.

「I-I see. Yup, got it」

Seriously, Lululie is strange.


  1. Kyaaaaa, Luluie is so devoted
  2. Then why did you ask?
  3. 「あのお姫様は自由過ぎて大変だろ」
  4. 洗ってたらお湯かけてきたりしてきましたよ。
  5. LULUIE!