Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Seria’s punishment #

Midnight, I came to Seria’s room as usual.
The norm today is to make her cum 10 times with her breast. In addition, I’m not just going to exploit Seria’s sensitive breast but I will remind her of my terror.
…That was the plan.

「Hey, Seria! What’s with this barrier!」
「Fufuun, how’s it? I did my best learning it so I won’t be attacked by you. Isn’t it amazing?」

Seria sticks out her chest.
Even though her breasts shakes in front of me, I can’t touch it as the unseen wall is stopping me. This is just torture!

「Hey what’s your plan! Do you think I’d forgive you for doing this?」
「Who’s the unforgivable here!? Attacking a sleeping person, there’s a limit for irrationality. I was really surprised when I woke up!」
「It’s your fault for having such a defenseless and slutty face while sleeping! It’s a problem if I don’t attack you」
「I don’t have a slutty face!」

She did, then Seria ignored me and lied down on the bed. Then, she let out half of her face and said.

「Anyway, you’re forbidden to approach me. If you want to, then sign this pledge1

Saying that, Seria pointed to the written pledge that I can’t do sexual mischief. Don’t joke with me.

「Who the hell would sign that thing! Hurry up and remove this barrier! Or you’re going to experience worse」
「If you can then do it. I’m not scared at you who’s cursed. Then, good night」

Leaving that, Seria turned her back and slept.
No matter how I struggle the barrier won’t be torn off, I can enter with teleportation but it still needs a day recovery.
I literally wasn’t able to do anything.

「Dammit, how should I…That’s right!」

I came up with a nice idea. If I can’t tear it of then I should just bring those who can.
Thinking that, I moved to Matifa’s room.

「Hey, why are you spreading out your barrier!?」

Surprisingly, Matifa is also sleeping with a barrier on.
It seems that the slave doesn’t want to accept the order of her master. Just how far will you defy me?

「Remember this! You’ll definitely regret this!」

In the end, I break away without being able to do anything.

Then, the next day, I sneaked inside Seria’s room for revenge.
The me today is different. I’m on stealth mode with my invisible gentleman tie.
Of course, I’m wearing nothing but the necktie. It’s a wonderful sense of freedom.

…But, there was a preceding visitor today.

「Seria, we should stop Radom nii-san’s violence! It’s unforgivable to instigate coup d’état!」

It’s the second prince Desire speaking in front of Seria that’s studying in her desk. Though he’s saying something reasonable, it’s just wrong for the person who instigate itself is speaking.
Naturally, Seria doesn’t yield to the invitation.

「Nii-sama, please don’t tell me that but father. Also, if you gathered hard evidence properly then a proper action would be done. At least, I don’t have a problem with my elder brother. Also, you’re hindering my study. Please leave」

Seria refuses Desire’s proposal with a resolute manner.
Does she not want to hear it from her foolish brother, it’s rare for Seria to ooze out an angry voice.
But, it didn’t seem to reach Desire and he continued his childish appeal. He’s really a clown.

That farce is a trivial thing for me so I approached Seria from behind.
Seria is desperate to drive away the hindrance, she won’t notice me who’s creeping up to her.
Usually, I restrain myself when there’s a visitor but I won’t allow it today. I’ll never allow it.
Then, I grabbed her breast from behind mercilessly.

「Nii-sama should hurry up and get oUUt!」

Seria jumped and looked around. But she can’t find me today.
I massage and stroke her soft breast without mercy.
Guessing what’s going on with Seria, She squat and hid her breast so Desire won’t see it.

「What’s wrong, Seria? Does your stomach hurt?」
「Y-yes. I don’t feel good for a moment. That’s why nii-sama should hurry up and go backyaaa」
「Uun, it can’t be helped then. Though you’re my sister, I must be kind to a lady. I’ll come back again. Think about what I told you earlier」

If it was me, I would’ve tormented her mercilessly but it seems that Desire doesn’t have such hobby. He went out quickly.
Though he has good points on some places he’s just a foolish man.
Seria silently sent off desire and then she made an uproar energetically.

「This is Ren-san! Even I don’t see you I know from the dirty way you’re using your hand! What are you doing with people in here? Stop it , hyaaaa!!」

Seria grabbed my unseen hand but when I pinched her nipples, she lost power in her hands.
She’s really a breast weak princess.

「You did well finding me out Seria. I came here to punish you today. I’ll do this until you remove the curse so prepare yourself!」
「Ah, hau, hii! Wait, stop this! don’t pull my breasts!」

I embraced her from the rear and locked Seria’s body. The nice aroma from her loosely wavy hair drifts.
Seria wriggles to struggle for a while then it gradually weakened. A sweet sigh leaks from her mouth and I entrusted her to a chair as she’s tired.

「Hey, Hey! How’s it Seria? I guess it feels good since your nipples are standing?」
「N, there’s no way. ah, I’m feeling good. That’s the truth!」
「Then it’s alright for me to be even more violent」
「Wai, noo, fuaaaaaaaa!!」

Seriously tormenting her for a moment, Seria raised her jaw as she began to feel it. If it comes to this, it’s my win.

「What’s wrong? You won’t resist?」
「Hyaa, it’s no-ahn~! No, stop this!」
「What should I do?~」
「Please stop this! I’m going to get angryyyyyyy!」
「What? I didn’t hear it well」

I thrust my hand on the dress and massaged her breasts. I pulled out her nipples and Seria can’t speak anymore. Her body just kept on twitching.

「Hey, hey! it’s just your breast and you’re going to cum already?」
「Hauu, not my nipples. Cumming! I’m cumming!」

Seria’s saying no yet you don’t resist in particular. As she rubs her thighs, my hand reached out there. She’s a complete prisoner of pleasure.

「Seria, it’s about time you’d want a penis right? If you remove the curse it would feel even better~」
「No way. If I remove that, ah, you’d attack another woman I don’t know don’t you? uun, I decided to leave your hand from Lululie or other women. That’s why it’s absolutely no good」

I already did though.

「I see. Then, I’m going to massage you all day long until yo desire for a penis. I can insert it anytime. 」
「Ich…! Wai, noo, you can’t do that, aaaaaaa!」
「Oh, you already came once?」

Seria’s body trembled finely. It seems that she came lightly. It’s an attraction when you see it in here.2

「Hauu…I’ll never allow you anymore! I’ll curse you for the rest of your life…hyowa, wait, wait before you massage my cheeeest!」
「No way」

I ignored Seria’s plea and I continued massaging her breast afterwards.

「Haa, haa…Aghn, Hahii, uu…na!」
「Hey, you should just give up and have a penis insert inside you. 」

Seria has already climaxed 9 times.
She’s intoxicated in pleasure that she can’t resist anymore. In contrary, she thrust in her hand on her skirt and she’s making a lewd sound as a result.

I thought that she should just obediently accept me rather than doing it by herself but she stubbornly refused my penis.
Seria’s a foolish child that spoiled when climax approaches. That’s why I thought of doing it during the confusion but it wasn’t that easy.
I tried it several times but the hindrance of the curse is strong.
Just what kind of play you do by masturbating and making me endure by just watching? I’m not fond of being teased.
I was thinking of how to vent out the raging of my lower half, the door of the room was knocked.

「Princess, It’s Lululie. Excuse me」
「Hahii! Wai, wait a minute!」

Seria stopped her hand from masturbating and corrected her disordered clothes in panic. She brushed off my hand and her exposed breast has been stored in her dress.

「You, you can resist normally. As expected, the refusing is just from your mouth?」
「You should shut up. Lululie would notice」3

Seria suppressed me without denying or objecting my question.
At the same time, the room of the door opened and Lululie carrying cleaning supply went in.

「Oh my? Princess, your face is red. Are you feeling feverish?」
「W-welcome, Lululie. It’s nothing. It’s just that the room is a bit hot」
「Is that so? Certainly, it’s warm today…」
「Also, recently the movement of my body has become dull」

Lululie inclined her head but she can’t be too idle. She began to work like she was told.
Seria thought that she deceived her well, she breathed out and pretended to study.
But, I won’t allow it. Rather, I’m a man who gets excited when seen.
I began to massage Seria’s breasts again.

「Is there something wrong?」

Lululie turned back when she heard a sweet voice leak out from Seria’s mouth. But what’s there is Seria looking down with her body trembling.
Seria gripped my hand hard and spoke.

「I-It’s nothing. Please don’t worry about me」
「Is that so? …Understood」

Though Lululie resumed her work silently, her elf ears moves searching around. Even if she’s told not to worry, she still curious as expected.
I continued massaging her breast without minding and Seria began to speak with a low voice.

「Stop this already. You’ll be exposed」4
「At that time, your foolishness will too. If you want to cum in front of the whole country, then try it」
「There’s no wayーHyaa! Hauun, nnnn!!」
「There’s no way what? Look, Lululie is looking this way. Do you want to cum in front of your close friend?」

Seria trembles on her desk as with her unseen face.
She’s excreting effort to not let out her voice to not be noticed by Lululie but it was futile effort.
Lululie noticed the voice and her expression turned complex.

「Princess, if you’re not feeling well then please take a rest on the bed. Since it’s bad to raise dust, I’ll postpone today’s cleaning」
「T-That’s right. I should do itー」

Then, Seria stopped speaking.
She’s worried about the place around her ass.
Thinking what’s wrong, she noticed that there’s a huge stain on her dress even she’s still sitting. With this, she can’t get up anymore.


Lululie felt suspicious from the sudden silence.
Seria forcibly smiled and answered.

「I-I’m okay, I’m okay so! It’s notghiiinng! Itsh nyothing!」

I rolled her nipples in high-speed, matching her speech, she fumbled interestingly.
Her cheeks twitched and it’s transmitted that she’s quite angry.
Still, Seria doesn’t move as she’s being seen by Lululie.
In short, I can do all I want right now.
I’ll make her cum.
I’m going to make Lululie see Seria’s cumming face by all means. Let’s do that, that’s good.

I stopped playing with Seria and seriously caressed her tits.
My hand felt the usual sweaty skin and the softness of her breast meat. I moved my finger and her body trembled.
If I get serious Seria would cum immediately, she’d expose her embarrassing cumming face.
But, that’s not enough.
There’s a spectator today. I must do my best to make the best disordered show.

I concentrated my nerves on the tip of my finger. 5
If it’s the usual, I’ll ignore this trivial information but I gathered it without anything to spare.
The disturbance in her breathing and blood flow, muscle contraction and movement of the magical power.
I perceive and analyze them all, comprehend, and exposed the hidden pleasure nerve in her ripe bust.

「Na! What!? Hyaa! Aaah!」

There’s an illusion of the hand and the breast becoming one together.
How should I move my finger? How strong should I do It? Those came up to my head naturally.
I moved my hand according to it.
Stirring up Seria’s sensitivity, lewdly, obscenely, I massaged Seria’s chest.

「Hyaaau! Ah, fua, hyaaaaaaaaaa!!」

Even though she’s being seen by Lululie, Seria raised her voice and goes mad.
She can’t endure it no matter what.
Caressing her nerve directly sends pleasure without a pause so it can’t be helped.

「Nooo~, Don’t look! Hau! I don’t want to be seen!」

She shook her head but her expression is only enchanted and there’s no hate seen.
As I massage and scoop out her breast, the sensation is sharpened and it carved pleasure deeper and deeper.
Seria’s body gradually convulsed. The numbness of pleasure is transmitted through my finger.

Lululie looked at Seria with an astonished expression.
It’s her first time seeing Seria in agony I guess. Seria having a completely in heat expression is fucking lewd.
Swallowing saliva, she watched intently. As if Seria’s lust is contagious, she began to touch her own chest.

「Princess…that’s amazing…」
「Noo~ Aaaa! fuwaaaaaa!!」

Seria lewdly opened her mouth and released a lovely voice in huge volume.
Seria’s body is being done as my finger please. Having her cum, satisfying herself just like that, I can do that. 6

「Seria, this is the last. Cum loudly while Lululie is looking at you」
「Fuaa, Hyaa! Ah, Ah, Aaaaaaa!」

Seria seems to be unable to understand speech. She’s being played around with the surging pleasure, she doesn’t even know what’s happening to herself.
As I pick up her nipples, I grasped her breast with my finger deeply.
Condensing the erogenous zone of her breast, to finish it I pinched her nipples hard.

「Aaaaa, cummiiiiiiiiiiiinggg!! Fuaaaaaaaaaaa!!」

Seria reached climax with her body twitching and her jaw raising up.
Because she moved intensely, her breast had fallen from my hand and spilled out her dress. Without noticing that Lululuie saw her pink colored nipples sticking out, Seria’s charmed face trembles in pleasure.
It’s one of the best cum I’ve seen so far.
It seems that I’ve ascended the stairs. If this continues then aiming to be a breast master isn’t that bad.


Lululie who saw everything played with her feverish body.
Massaging her breast on top of her maid clothes, rubbing the broom handle that she brought against her groin.
It seems that watching the disordered Seria’s appearance flipped her switch. Was the stimulation of Seria’s climaxing show too strong for our masturbation lover elf maid?

But, I’m not satisfied yet.
Because I haven’t ejaculated even once yet.
Also, it’s against my principle to cherish only one. I must make Lululie feel good.
Even so, the real thing has just began. I don’t want to reveal to Seria my relationship with Lululie yet.

Worrying what to do, Lululie came to her senses earlier than Seria.

「…Ha! I-I’m sorry princess.  Since you don’t feel well, I’ll cancel today’s cleaning」

Putting away her cleaning tools, Lululie starts to run away in order to get out of the room.
Then, she stopped before the door is opened and she spoke to someone.

「…Also, please do your pranks in moderation. If you want something just tell me anytime. I’m always ready for it」

It’s probably a message for me. Even if she doesn’t see me, she knows that I’m the cause of Seria’s disorder.
My feelings has decided after hearing those words.
Rushing to the Lululie that’s about to go out, I whispered in her ear so Seria won’t hear.

「I’m going to meet you after this business ends」

I sent of Lululie with a kiss.

Lululie left the room and Seria’s body is trembling as she entrust herself to the desk. It seems that she’s being attacked by the lingering of climax.

「Seria, Lululie went out already. You should get up already」
「………That’s the worst. Lululie saw me…uu…」

Seria muttered as I approach her.

「Isn’t that fine? Don’t mind that you’re seen cumming. Even you saw Matifa and Misha cum and they saw you too」
「That’s no good! Lululie doesn’t know that you’re here!? She’ll definitely think of me as a perverted woman! I’m sure that she’d think of me a lewd slutty woman! I’m sure that Lululie doesn’t want to meet me anymore! That’s your fault! Fuwaaaaaan!!」

Seria puts her face down the desk and cries magnificently.
She thought she’d be hated by Lululie. Even though Luluie won’t hate Seria with just that.
But, Seria won’t listen to whatever I say.
In the end, I gave up calming down the crying Seria and I made her cum lightly again so she can talk.


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  2. この調子でどこまで持つのか見ものである。
  3. That sounds like an NTR line! Seria stop stealing Lululie’s boyfriend! Hahaha
  4. Because Seria cares
  5. The art of massaging breasts
  6. イかせることも、このままよがらせることも、どうだってできる。