Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Princess Seria’s panties disappearance case.

「Princess, It’s Lululie. I’m coming in」

Without waiting for it’s lord to answer the knock, the door was opened. I hastily activated invisibility before I get noticed.
Coming in through the door was a maid called Lululie with spring colored hair Long ears and pale beautiful skin, she’s definitely an elf.
Lululie goes to toward the bathroom naturally. When she’s in front of the door, she knocked twice and said the same thing she said earlier.

「Princess, It’s Lululie I’m coming in」

She muttered the exact same lines, but still opened the door without waiting for the reply.
That’s right, it opened.

Across the door, the image of princess Seria taking a shower is…not seen.
As expected, there’s a device stationed so you wont see it from outside. That’s unnecessary!

While I was frustrated, I heard a voice from the bathroom.

「You came Lululie. I’m going out soon so wait for me」
「Understood. Please take your time」

Lululie’s manner is something like the servant of the mirror. 1 However, for her to open the door easily, they probably have a deep relationship.
As Lululie made a polite bow, She entered the dressing room. I also entered.

Then, I saw. I shut my eyes comfortably, it’s the princess Seria in whole taking a shower! 2
Her wet silver hair sticking on her back brings on sex appeal.
The first thing that caught my attention is her large twin hills. The balance of her body line is barely collapsing, growing up like that is foul play. Her small bud points out of her small areola. It’s colored beautiful pink.
When I looked down, her constricted waist and ass and her vagina can be seen. I’d like to touch her small soft ass by all means. Then, her beautiful slender legs stretch there. It’s probably because she’s always walking. It’s a good firm calf.

Princess Seria turned around when she noticed Lululie came in. Water droplets flick out of her chest that moment.

「Lululie, how’s the preparations for tomorrow?」

Princess Seria asks Lululie while taking a shower. It’s probably the business that she spoke about in the orphanage.

「It’s ready for departure. If you have something you need in hurry you can tell me」
「Then it’s okay, I trust you after all」
「Thank you very much. Please enjoy your travel princess」

Lululie speaks in a joyous tone. The relationship of this two must be intimate.

I stretched my hand to feel the chest, but I don’t have sense of touch. As expected, doing sexual harassment while invisible is impossible. 3 It’s this biggest drawback. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s fatal.

Feeling disappointed, I tried looking around the bathroom to shift my mood.
The inside was spacious, the bathtub and built-in shower is enough for you to extend your legs, there’s also an dressing area and a toilet installed. Talking about a private room, it’s made quite luxurious.
Lululie closed off the door, then began to fold the dress that was thrown.

「You’re right. I’m the only royalty traveling this time, the journey is with Lululie and two other. Somehow, it’s said that the escort knight changes from Lion too」
「It’s been decided that he has to remain as there might be some that might move to inflict domestic unrest」

Lion, you mean that Lion? That youngest knight, the genius knight, that Ikemen? 4
I’ve also seen him several times. I who thinks that Ikemen should die, but I don’t hate him for some reason. 5 He’s a guy with a mysterious charm that pulls people on him.
That genius is one of the few guards that can escort Princess Seria. Whenever he’s available, he’s the exclusive escort of Princess Seria, and so I often see him with Princess Seria.
The citizens think highly of the two to the extent that they call them as next king, but Princess Seria has two elder brothers so her succession in throne isn’t high as she was the third. Rasahairu kingdom isn’t a complete male lineage, but the possibility of men to be the successor is high, so the chance of princess to be the next King is hardly possible. That’s why the rivalry for the throne is relatively free.
So it’s quite suspicious for Lion to be separated to princess Seria.

「That’s right… There’s certainly some bar rumors recently. Have you asked who’s the replacement escort」
「No, but it would be one of the Imperial Guard Knight」
「Then it’s surely an unknown person. The itinerary for one way is 16 days…My buttocks would be in pain」

Her ass? It’s small, but it’s roundish, and I like the splendid ass of Seria. Where’s the best angle? Lower? No a bit on the right?
If this ass gets hurt, I will pat it gently.

「Please do not worry. There’s a special cushion prepared by elves for the princess」
「…By the way, what kind of design is it?」
「The motif is a forest cradle and it’s called randara flower. It will wrap up the princess’ cute ass」
「I-Is that so? Err, as expected of elves. Thanks」
「No don’t be, there’s no need for thanks. It’s my work after all.」

That’s unnecessary.

「True. Also, I can’t show an ungraceful appearance over there」
「Yes, if you said that your buttocks hurt, McClane-sama would come to touch it. Please be careful. Princess is still forbidden for those kind of things」
「What kind of person is McClane-sama」

Oh, mole found. 6

「Did you forget it already princess? We met him on the 300th year foundation anniversary three years ago. He’s the second prince of the Misumunto kingdom. Weren’t you aware of that he was ogling at you?」
「Eh, sorry. I don’t really recall him…」
「Please have an interest in politics a bit, princess」

The princess’ disheartened voice is heard. The relationship of these two, isn’t Lululie the stronger one?

Now then, speaking frankly, this situation is a bit dangerous.
Not my crotch, but the talk about life.
Lululie had finished folding the clothes, and she’s waiting for princess Seria to finish her bath while holding a bath towel.
In other words, I’m trapped in the bathroom
I was caught in the princess Seria shower scene bait, I completely became a pervert. It’s called self-destruct.

It’s impossible to move things when I’m invisible. It’s necessary to remove invisibility to open the door, when I released it, there’s a problem of being unable to use it again until the recoil subsides. It’s difficult to slip out without being found.
In other words, I have no choice but to stay until princess Seria leave.
I can say that Lululie didn’t take 30 minutes on waiting her take the shower, but when the time is prolonged, the recoil would also be prolonged.
When that happens, the location and the timing for cancel would be difficult. I will wait for the timing to go out and find a safe place somehow. It’s a difficult mission.

However, that chance will certainly come. I merely have to endure now.
It’s too late to appreciate the naked princess Seria while I was exhausting to keep myself calm, it’s becoming hard. 7 I don’t know how long will my invisibility weaken my desire. 8
But then, without it, I would have already attacked the princess.

Princess Seria, please come out immediately before I run out of energy. Ooh, but I want to look more at her naked body…

I don’t know how my prayer was heard, but Seria stopped the shower and received the towel from Lululie. Her cleavage, underboobs, armpits, and the most important place for a woman is being carefully wiped up from moisture. Then, she reached out on her panties.

At that time I saw.

Princess Seria widened the panties, then lifted one leg. I was trying so hard to see that place myself, then it exhibited itself finally.
The most important place doesn’t have a hair growing, and the slit is small, I burned the image to my memory. That’s already deliberate.

Before I noticed, princess Seria has left the shower room.
She left me frozen.
And, the door is closed.

ーーI failed!

「Lululie, do it like always」
「Yes, Princess」

I heard the conversation from the outside. Surely the two beautiful girls are giggling and chuckling and flirting outside.

「Princess’ hair is beautiful as always」
「That’s because Lululie is always taking care of it. Also, Lululie’s green hair is so calming, I like it」

It seems that they’re taking care of the hair outside.
Is it my chance?
Princess Seria’s hair is long, I guess it would take time for them to groom it. Furthermore, she’s a royalty. They can’t be negligent.
There’s no room for hesitation. I released my invisibility.


The recoil breaks my head in pain. I almost screamed unintentionally, but I grit my teeth and bear with it.
The elf in particular has good ears. I might be noticed if I make a noise. I have no choice but to endure it without making a move.

When my body returned and my head calm down, I remembered the conversation of Princess Seria and Lululie earlier.
The last words can’t be allowed to pass.

Misumunto Kingdom. It’s the neighboring country of Rasahairu Kingdom and is a nation with often territorial dispute, and they frequently fight. A large scale war happened two years ago.
Originally Misumunto Kingdowm was a small scale kingdom, but with the previous king’s excellency they swallowed small countries one by one and they were one step before reaching the summit.
The Raisaharu Kingdom had put a stop on it.

They were one step before they can be called the largest country when they chose the Rasuhairu Kingdom as the next target. At this point of time, Misumunto Kingdom is already at the top for national power, they believed that they had the advantage.
But, Rasuhairu Kingdom frequently displayed that they can repel the invasion of the Misumunto Kingdom.
Furthermore, with the agreement of the other surrounding nations, they began to restrain the Misumunto Kingdom, and because they’re surrounded in every direction, Misumunto can’t continue the aggressive war.
Since then, these two countries snarl at each other.
After the death of the previous king of Misumunto Kingdom 10 years ago, I heard that they began to have exchanges with each other, but it does not change the fact that they still have a dangerous relationship.

They’re sending a royalty along in such a place, it’s like they’re telling them to attack. Or to take her as hostage, or otherwise they intend her as sacrifice.
In any case, in the worst case, using princess Seria’s body, there’s no doubt that these two countries will rush to war again.
I wonder if the true meaning of Master’s request is to prevent this. In that case, that exceptional award is also convincing.

While I was thinking of that, My headache finally draw back.
First of all, let’s asses the situation. I mustn’t stay in the bathroom. Lululie would immediately come and collect the dress and panties that princess Seria took off. Her dress and underwear… Underwear?

The time of demon temptation hasn’t ended yet. In front of me is the politely folded dress and g-string of princess Seria. Furthermore, freshly undressed.
My hand extends on it’s own, ignoring my intention. I lift it carefully like a fragile object then opened it.
It’s definitely panties. Furthermore, it’s a panties that had been dyed and fermented for a whole day.
I probably worked hard just for this time of the day. I cut off Cathy’s temptations, then hold down my desire to press down princess Seria, I risked my life to hide from two people, and then, it finally arrived. This G-string panties.

I looked left, I looked right, I looked down, I looked in my front, I looked at my back, I confirmed that no one was around, then I brought the G-string panties close to my face.

ーーA sweet and stimulating fragrance.

It’s a dangerous smell that’s like a drug that rules the brain.
I must not lose this. I must keep and protect this with my life.

While doing a perverted behavior, I heard the happy voices of the two girls from the other side of the door.

「Okay, I’ve finished, princess. That dress looks good on you」
「Fufufu, I’m glad at your flattery」
「Then, please proceed to the dining room. The master chef is waiting. I will come after I collect the dress」
「Yes, thanks as always」

oh shit. The footsteps of Lululie is approaching.
It’s not the time to be sniffing panties!


  1. 従者の鏡のように慎み深い態度のLululie
  2. 気持ちよさそうに目を閉じて、頭からシャワーを浴びているSeria姫を!
  3. NOoooooooooooo
  4. Good Looking Guy
  5. Oh no, he’s gay
  6. KyoAni finds the mole
  7. すでにSeria姫の裸を鑑賞しながらどうでもいい事をグダグダと考えていなければ自分を保てない程にはきつくなってきている
  8. それだって透明化状態では欲求が薄まるためいつまで持つか分からない