Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Unexpected Travel Stopover 1

I’m cornered in the bathroom, my last resort was the teleportation which made the princess Seria’s panties disappearance case unsolved. The recoil from a while ago was still remaining, so I can’t use invisibility. I have one more use of teleportation before it becomes unusable for a while. I really have to leave this one on life or death situations.

I finished the preparations for travel immediately, then I returned the workroom to share information with Cathy after that.

「I’ll be going there. I will be absent for a while starting tomorrow」

I told Cathy that I will stick to Seria and will go to Misumunto Kingdom.
Meanwhile Cathy will stay in the imperial capital and undertake information gathering. I thought of bringing her because she’s my assistant, but if by any chance I have to run away, I decided to do it alone because it’s easier.

「Roger. I’ll be gathering useful information on this side. There’s no change in market research that would make worry about war. However, I’ve heard that there’s a slave dealer that bought all the beast slaves. What’s left are just baseless rumors The prince’s having trouble on the next king’s seat. The church had placed an order for a new stained glass. Will Gantt and Mark Newt house were quarreling. The beheader appeared again. The color of princess Seria’s panties were light blue today」
「The slave dealer doesn’t discriminate on his replenishment of his merchandise. The problem on the king is just he’s indecisive and doesn’t try to announce it, his tentative decision is supposed to be the first prince, Radom. The church prefer a holy woman as the stain glass, and the quarrel of the two big marquises didn’t just start now. The beheader is unrelated. Therefore there’s no decisive problem that can be found」

I have no comment on the panties of princess Seria.

「Yes, I agree with that, in relation to the two big marquises there’s actual death of people coming out. There were several people who seem related to to both families dying in the slum recently」
「Did you examine it there already?」

You wouldn’t expect them to investigate it in just half a day. It’s very different from the peeping and underwear thief that I have just done.
Still, fatalities?…

「When they start a genuine fight it’s troublesome. But it doesn’t lead to princess Seria’s danger…I can’t make a connection」
「True. She’s cut off from the power struggle after all. If a civil war developed it would be different」2
「When it comes to it, the suspicious is the Misumunto Kingdom. The reason for princess Seria’s visit is unknown. If this country is steady, then did the other side set it?」
「I wonder. When it comes to national power, the other side is on top. In fact it would be this side who will want to posses interaction instead of Misumunto Kingdom. Considering princess Seria’s age, that might be the case」

What do you mean by ‘that might be the case’ Cathy-san? No, it’s not that I didn’t consider that possibility.
In short they will make the princess that’s useless in domestic function as a diplomatic card of the country?
Misumunto Kingdom will avoid waging a war if they married her, and if things go well after marriage, there will also be a military alliance, something like that?
There’s the risk of the other side taking her as hostage, but conversely, the countries behind would dominate them. Furthermore, princess Seria has two elder brothers, and they’re intelligent, you would expect princess Seria to do something good for her country.
About this upcoming visit, it can be expected to be a personal meeting due to the absence of other royalty and the small number of people to accompany her. When it comes to it, the implication of this meeting is powerful.
The age of marriage in this world is 15 as the earliest. If the social position is high, then commonly around 20 years old. Princess Seria is currently 14 years old. It’s just perfect for starting laying the groundwork.
The most like possible candidate is the strongest knight, Lion, it’s unfavorably low in comparison to the royalty of Misumunto Kingdom. Even if a Misumunto Kingdom’s prince surfaced as a candidate, it’s not strange.

But the person who drew this scenario made a fatal mistake. Princess Seria’s character can’t be dirtied. Even if you say it’s for the country, it’s not done to entrap the other country. It’s likely that the other side became popular, hoping to increase the other party’s prince’s value.
Her body is the meal for the nation at the day, and in night, devoting herself for the prince. What kind of girl is that?
Oh, somehow, I got angry just by thinking about it.

「Okay, let’s make this visit fail no matter what. I’ll even cut off the dick of the partner」
「That’s sudden. However, I think it’s okay. If they can’t make a child, Misumunto Kingdom will end. What next is the division of power and they will disappear. If it’s Ren, it’s possible that no one finds out」
「That’s right! It’s fine! Wait for me! Misumunto Kingdom!」

Although I came out in that kind of mood, the travel to Misumunto Kingdom itself is boring. The tension is falling.
It’s been two days since they left the imperial capital. Lululie and the princess shut themselves in the wagon so I can’t see their face, most of the guards are men so it’s boring. There were women other than the two, but compared to the two inside the carriage they’re quite unfavorable.
Furthermore, these guys are Imperial Guard Knights, but their skill level is low. Even I was tailing them without using my abilities, nobody noticed my in particular. If it’s an excellent guard, he would use his ability and fly through the sky, I’m completely disappointed as I was determined to overwork myself in the forest.
I’ve also cut down demons. I tormented a goblin for enjoyment purpose.
We still hadn’t reached out of the territory of Rasuhairu kingdom yet. The demons infesting are weak so there’s hardly any attention required, considering the merit of these guards, there’s no good reason to lose focus.

Besides, that’s not all. They believe that they’re being followed by a spy colleague, surprisingly those were eaten by a demon.
Late at knight where they’re the weakest, a poisonous snake blew poison on them, since they can’t move, it’s friends in the forest devoured them. There’s a limit on being useless. If you’re lurking in the forest you’ll want to make countermeasures.

It was such a dull trip, but right now, I’m very excited.
The cause is pee.
Not my urine of course. It’s princess Seria’s pee.

Surprisingly, flush toilet exists in this world. There’s no way but to use a magic tool to make water but, since it’s running water, it’s no doubt that it’s a flush toilet.
However, you won’t expect for a toilet to be attached in the carriage, basically peeing must be endured on the roadway until they reach a village. On the first day, it’s close to the imperial capital, I was glad that there’s relatively frequent towns and villages. However, on the second day, it finally came at last.

Thin trees are growing along the way, when she confirmed it’s safe around the bushes, princess Seria crouched on the dug hallow dent.
Right now, she’s trying *notion* 3
*notion* is revealing the most shameful part for a human being, which is the lower body and exposing it to the nature, it’s a noble ceremony which unifies nature with excrement.
Right now, princess Seria is tackling that ceremony.

She probably endured it well. It looked like princess Seria came out of the carriage like she was in a desperate situation. Her face is distorted in pain while she holds her skirt with one hand, the princess Seria who’s waist is closed and her feet shaky is erotic. Surely she can’t endure it anc unable to stand it, then she told Lululie 「It’s going to leak…」then the carriage stopped.

The knights immediately selected a location to ensure the safety of the surroundings, then were driven out by Lululie after. Only two female knights remained and are accompanying her as guard. The knights that were sent away desperately try to listen with their ears attentively, they tried to restrain each other trying to approach the downwind as much as possible. There’s a person with bloodshot eyes too. I understand that feeling, but have some self-restraint.

However. The knights can’t approach, but I’m different. I was given a power by God to become invisible. I slip through the knights, and approaching princess Seria is like a mere child’s play.

Thus, it came.
My positioning is perfect. I brought my face close and rubbed it against the ground, rather I thrust my face on the dent with vigor and peeped inside her skirt.
The important place of princess Seria who’s squatting is completely exposed. The white string panties hanging on her knee is stained faintly, but I guess it’s just my imagination. She expanded her her legs that her thighs and her slippery pussy is exposed defenselessly. Her small slit has a slightly pink color peeking out and it trembled.


The next moment, a golden colored fired out. Princess Seria draws a beautiful parabola from her impure hole and it’s flying to the ground. The holy water that fell into the hallow with her aim accumulates in the bottom and gives off a mellow fragrance. The water sprays straight into my face, but I don’t mind getting soiled as I was invisible. In face, even if I remove invisibility and bathe on it directly, I don’t mind!

「Ha, a…」

The expression of princess Seria was relaxing happily. It’s a completely off guard face. If she knew that I was looking she would be surprised.


The princess Seria who let out everything exhaled with a refreshing face. She tasted the feeling of freedom and becoming one with the nature. With this, princess Seria is now a part of the wonderful clan of *notion*

「Princess, please」
「Okay, thanks」

She received the towel from Lululie, wiped her most important place then stood up. She pulled back her g-string panties, and the service time today ended.

「Then, I will be going too」

When I thought it already ended, it seems it was just my imagination. They switched places and Lululie put her panties down while crouching.
In addition, afterwards the two knights urinated too.
Lululie can be said that there’s a white lace sprouting out of her. That was a supreme thing too.

They filled out the dent after then resumed the journey. I released my invisibility and waited for my headache to settle. The time it took for my invisibility was too long. I’m almost fainting. I put the tranquilizer I got on the castle yesterday on my mouth and I took a deep breath 4 When I thought that this was taken from that hole that let it out, my consciousness was refreshed.

Despite of this and that, the journey advanced smoothly.

But the incident has occurred faster than expected.
It’s just past noon on the seventh day of travel, we’re in the middle of crossing the last mountain of Rasuhairu Kingdom.

It began to rain when the carriage where princess Seria rode crossed the line. The rained strengthened instantly, and it became heavy rain.
If they go on for a while longer, the fort of the border in the mountain comes into view. It’s possible to shelter if you go there.
The troupe made the horse hurry in order to arrive at the fort rather early. I cut down the distance to not lose sight of them.
That moment, a hint of magic rose from a direction of movement suddenly. I’m sure that someone used strong magic. Something happened somewhere far away.

The knights doesn’t look like they noticed it.
I was worried so I went ahead to check it.
I soar to the stormy sky using my flight ability. The training was worth as I can now fly faster than birds now. While being shot by intense raindrops, I passed through the troupe of princess Seria and moved to the place where I felt the magical power a while ago.
The surface of the mountain was deformed because of the landslide there and the road was buried in sand. The carriage can’t go through this.
I examined where the landslide happened just to make sure, but there was no particular evidence. They probably used magic of the soil system. I tried to look for signs of people, but I didn’t feel anyone around. The culprit seems to have escaped already.

Is their purpose to keep them out? If it’s a bandit they would be putting a trap here. However, there was no one in the area. Then it would be an act of those who don’t want princess Seria to go to the Misumunto Kingdom?

I extend my investigation to the fort of the border. What’s there was an awfully gorgeous cavalry, and there was a young tall man in there. His face is familiar with the VIP list.
Misumunto Kingdom’s second prince, McClane. The blond eloquent lineage Ikemen.
The knight platoon were taken as attendant.

I approached them unnoticed, then I heard a voice.

「Is princess Seria not there yet?」
「Yes, if things go as scheduled, it should be tonight」
「I came to meet you, but to make me wait, aren’t you a bad girl Seria? I need to punish you in bed tonight. Whatever happens, never let anyone through my room」
「Hey, what kind of voice would Seria cry?」
「A woman who isn’t glad to be embraced by McClane」
「Haha, true. Ah, I wonder if they’re coming yet?」

It’s settled. This man is my and mankind’s enemy. 5 I can kill him right now but I endured it. It’s not yet time. I’ll seize him the moment he showed his true character in front of them. Furthermore, it’s impossible to resurrect a man that’s minced in to pieces with magic, If I’m not a man I would do it 6
I continued eavesdropping but they didn’t talk anything big. Enumerating the unpleasant words of McClane that gave me goosebumps, it doesn’t seem that they noticed the landslide a while ago.
They wouldn’t be able to leave the entrance of the country while leading knight troupes, even if they entered, the road is divided by the sediment. It seems that they’re unrelated to the landslide.

In the end, there’s nothing else notable so I didn’t get any results. After I confirmed that nothing else while I was flying along the way, but there’s something I don’t understand. If he’s unrelated, the narcissist pervert would think of it as waste of time and would decide to go back.

While flying over the mountain, I saw the troupe of princess Seria. There’s no particular accident that can be seen.
But further ahead, I saw a group coming towards here.
The number was around 20 people, and their equipment looks like from some noble’s private army. All members were riding a horse and is running at tops speed in this rain. It doesn’t look ordinary.
When they catch up with the troupe of princess Seria, they will attack the knights with no questions asked


  1. “(Pee)” ーI didn’t add this on the title because it’s fun if you don’t see it
  2. “Ren is my sex friend”, “So am I” CIVIL WAR
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  4. Yes, it’s the panties.
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