Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Princesss Seria Assault Incident

The first knight was attacked by a sword in arm and fell off the horse, the following were skewered. The red blood flows along with the rainwater. They can’t be saved.

「It’s an attack! Never let it pass through! Protect the princess at all cost!」

The knight commander gave instructions and began to counterattack. They pulled the swords then made a formation to block the way.
The sounds of metal clashing resounded and sparks fly. For the individual skill, the knight is above but, the number of the assailants is nearly double them, the knights are in a disadvantageous situation.
It’s good if they escape to the fort, but unfortunately the road is closed. Was that done for this purpose?

It would be troublesome if the knights lose, I’ll support them to the degree where I won’t be found out. A throne is thrown under the rain to disrupt the assailants. I’d like to throw a knife but, it’s troublesome if they searched it’s source so I have to bear with just stones. The knight’s sword entered the enemy who lost it’s attention.

However, the situation won’t change at this degree. As much as possible, I need to decrease their numbers before they were completely wiped out, so I throw the next stone.
Looking at the movements of the assailants, there’s only two people who can use magic decently. Others have some magic power, but the control isn’t decent.
With just this much of enemies, I would be able to handle them alone. When it comes to worst, I’d take princess Seria and fly to the sky. 1

The troupes of princess Seria was able to run away somehow, but they finally arrived at the landslide.

「Shit, why is the road blocked at the time like this!? Just a bit more and…!!」

The carriage stoped moving. Although they were cursing, the knights lined up so they can be a shield.
Inside the carriage, princess Seria and Lululie can be seen hugging each other, frightened. The fighting scene seems to be too intense for the princess.

The assailants surrounds the knights.
Both had been reduced by numbers, but the assailants are still 16 and the remaining knights are just 5. The match has been decided.

The assailants gradually narrows the circle. The color of despair can be seen on the knights.
One of the assailants invoked a magic. That’s a low-class wind magic. The freshly severed head of the coachman who was hit directly had rolled down in front of the knights.

Seeing that, the commander knight raised its voice.

「Wait! What’s your purpose?」

Are they going to say and beg for their lives this late? Well, if they can settle with negotiation it’s fine.

「Hand over princess Seria.」

As expected, their purpose is to kidnap princess Seria. This might be some noble’s move. But, what do you think will happen when they make that kind of request?

「Got it. We’ll comply on your demands. If you’d like we’d retreat. That’s why please! Please overlook us!」


I can’t believe my ears hearing the knight’s betrayal.

What are you saying?
Do you have no pride as a knight?
Are you selling the princess of your country?
Are you kidding me?

The questions and anger stirs up my head.
Soon enough, the commander’s hand was reaching on the door of the carriage. He dragged Lululie who decided to protect princess Seria from within. Princess Seria holds Lululie’s arms tightly and was resisting.

「Let go of Lululie!」
「Hihi, The princess came out! Hey, help me here!」

Hands were put on princess Seria continuously. Furthermore, the neighboring knights helped, thus the two were dragged outside the carriage completely. The 2 female knights mixed in, I do not feel hesitation from them at all. They only think of their own that they don’t mind sacrificing someone else.

「Stop this! What are you doing to the princess!」
「Shut up!!」

The moment I was going to jump in, a magic power swirled the surroundings of Lululie and the wind blew violently. It’s the spirit magic that elves can use. But before that magic was activated, the knight hit Lululie to shut her up.
The hit Lululie lies in the ground of muddy water.


Was she hit quite strong? Lululie lost her motion. Even princess Seria was calling her but she doesn’t move an inch lying on the mud.

「Let me go!! Lululie is! Lululie get your self together!」
「Don’t struggle!」

Princess Seria tries to shake off the knights restriction, but they outnumbered her. She’s been restricted in no time.
I and the assailants were surprised with their swift work.

「Hahahahaahaha, Knights? What a laugh. Is your life much more important than your lord? It’s fine. I’ll let you live. Be grateful.」

The assailants accepted the deed of the knights in good mood.
The betrayers laughed like mad men.
Princess Seria who was left alone was trembling in fear that it can be seen from her looking at a distance?

What’s this?
What are these guys?
Every one of them are rotten.
There’s no proper human being anywhere.

ーーDecided. Slaughter.

I jumped from the shade of the tree using flight ability. The enemies hadn’t noticed me yet.
The enemies are more than I expect. I’d like to reduce the number a bit in the start.
I can’t use poison nor explosives on the guard target.
I took out 5 throwing knives. My aim are those five knights that betrayed. The enemy thinks that the battle is over so they let their guard down. I’ll kill all the strongest knights in the start.
If their body isn’t reinforced by magical power consciously, the throwing knives can cause fatal injuries. I aimed from the sky and threw the knife. The high speed knife pierced and sticks accurately in the necks of the target
The knights fell down unable to raise a cry. They didn’t even understand what happened and how they died.

「What!? Enemy? Where!」

The assailant noticed the abnormal event. But they can’t grasp my position?
I took out a smoke ball from my pouch and scattered it on my surroundings. It exploded when it hit the ground and the surroundings was filled with smoke.
It’s the type usable in rain, but some fell in the puddle of water and doesn’t seem to have exploded. Still, it will be enough this time.

Of course, the enemy location can’t be seen in the smoke. However, I know where the enemy is.
Since I have no magical power, I’m unusually sensitive to other people’s magic power. Even if I close my eyes, there’s no problem locating my enemies. Furthermore, I’m someone who can easily distinguish the magical power’s trait easily.
On the contrary, it’s difficult for the other side to sense me because I don’t have magical power. They were caught in the trap of someone who’s used to fighting.
I remember the magical power of princess Seria and Lululie. What’s next is for me to kill those with unknown magical power’s owner one by one.

I hold two daggers, then entered the smoke. I pierced my sword on the men near princess Seria in order.
I run around while taking care not to make a footstep as much as possible, in addition, I threw knives on the places on the presence. There were cries all over the place, yet the enemies can’t pinpoint my location. I approached the confused enemies and cut off the heads of one, two people.
When they’re strengthened with magic, it’s not possible to cut them with sword as expected. But as long as I give them a fatal wound, there’s no problem. The dagger I have cuts off their arteries, their nerves and reliably cuts the trachea.
I pay attention so I won’t be bathed in the blood of the victim as much as possible. If I showered in it, with this body that has no resistance will be polluted with magic.

「What’s happening!?」

I want to reduce their number before the assailants calm down from the mayhem.
*Zaku* *Zaku*2 I had no problems until the fourth person. The fifth person noticed me immediately as he was next to the fourth.

「I saw him! The enemy!」

The moment he uttered a cry, I aimed at his left eye and stick out the dagger from my left hand. The man shook his head to avoid just as expected. At the same time, I brandished my left hand to pierce his neck.

Before another comes over, I moved. I flew to the sky and sneak around the back of the group.
I’m behind the the guys who gathered in the voice a while ago, further more I killed three more. With this, I got half. 8 people remaining.

Then, enemy magic was invoked, the wind blew the smoke away.
When the smoke cleared up, the assailants began to understand the situation.
The man called leader is already dead
With the situation where there’s no command, each of them began to look for the criminal who created this terrible sights. Then, they found me.

They threw a knife instead of a greeting, which I avoided easily. After all, I’m no match from someone with magical power and abilities.

「That guy! I don’t know what you did. But we’ll beat you up!」
「Wait! There may be someone else here. Don’t let your guard off!」

The enemy closing up ran back. They were being vigilant of the enemy from the far surroundings.
The trap I set while moving a while ago showed it’s effect.

「Damn! Wires were set up!」

When the battle started, I put on my knife and flew around while scattering wires. The wire barrier was completed before the smoke cleared up.
The wire set up weakened the feet of the assailants.
Because the wire I used was a durable anti-demon material, so it won’t be cut easily.

I avoid the wire casually, then killed the stupid persons that were caught on it in one by one.
My first target was the guy whose feet was caught up in the wire and was struggling to untie it. I sit down where the the dagger pierced. I can use one hand to fight, but the posture is bad. I changed the trajectory to horizontal lull, then I stabbed the arm with another dagger. I dropped the sword first to remove the cut off the defenseless head.

A man who was near passed through a wire. He waved his sword but the location is bad. When caught by the wire their movement became dull. I had plenty of room to avoid, and hit him. My aim was the gap in the sides of the leather armor.
Though it looks like average, but there’s a awfully serious response returned. Is the difference in the presence of magical power great as expected? It was shallow, but the attack entered.
When his movement became visibly dull, I passed and moved away the second person.

The third is the isolated bald man. Judging from the quantity of magical power I feel, it’s probably the rearguard magician. There’s nothing better than crushing him immediately through melee.
The man has thrown magic while avoiding a wire. The one he used is a low level magic wind blade air slash. The flying wind tear up the rain but it seems that it doesn’t have enough power to cut the wire. Twice, thrice, every time he uses it his power weakens. Thanks to the rain, I can understand it’s track so it’s easy to manage. I matched the timing and jumped then somersault.
While on it, I threw knives to jam his second incantation. The knife hit his shoulder, it’s far from fatal.
But, it was enough as restraint. While he was flinched, I closed the distance instantly and stuffed a dagger in his eye.

What’s left were the duo and trio that was separated.
The next target is the trio. The enemy’s strategy was to wait without moving badly, but that judgement was a fatal mistake.
I approached the trio, just before entering the suitable distance I made a sudden stop. And then, I pulled the red wire with all my strength.
This wire was the wire that was connected to the knife I threw to the knight. Several wires were tangled to this and they were drawn together when I pulled in.
The result, the trio became a single limp as the wire became like a casting net.

「You’re a nuisance!」
「Don’t come here! I can’t move!」
「Be quiet! It’s sharp!」

The trio that was entangled in the wire began to quarrel violently. With this, I can’t swing my sword well. After destroying their limbs so they won’t be able to move, I finished them off.

With this, there’s only two left. The reaction of the two was opposites. One headed here, and the other started escaping.
Let’s keep company of the one coming here first. It’s a man with well trained muscles.

「You did well. I’m a D-class adventurer Zaire Rustin. You who has no magical power NO MAGIC, what’s your name」

Does this man have a chivalry spirit? There’s no way a human would turn back after declaring it’s name.
I approached him ignoring the self introductions, the man prepared a two handed sword. A battle style that emphasize power, or so I call.
The man run straight then he swung his huge sword. I found his magical power rising and concentrates on the blade. The sword that’s swinging downwards is a sword that can’t be defended against. For example using this two short sword to defend, these daggers would be cut into half. But, It’s meaningless if it didn’t hit.
I throw one of my dagger right before the enemy entered a suitable distance. Evasion is impossible at this distance. Since he concentrates his magical power on the sword, his guard is weak. Therefore, the man has no choice but to intercept. He raised the sword against the dagger flying to him.
The dagger cuts into two. Some of the surrounding knives were also cut. The ground was split open and water flowed to the ground. But, that’s it.
The blade didn’t reach me. I didn’t miss the opportunity where the opponent missed and invaded his suitable distance, he immediately raised his sword. He didn’t put the magical power to the sword but relied on his muscle strength on using an ordinary sword. In other words, I succeeded.
As expected he can’t bend his body to evade the dagger thrown as he draws the sword. I picked up the broken dagger at the same time and cut the tendon of his foot deep. I heard a certain response after I took a suitable distance.

「Kuh, you did it. That’s the movement of a assassin. But, don’t think I’ll lose to something this level!」

When I looked, the man was dragging his right leg. It’s not possible to hold out with this. I can torture him to death afterwards, but I can’t take my time because of the one who ran away. I decided to run a risk once again.
I approached just like before. The man ignored his foot injury, took his sword and made a backswing. Since he’s just a D-class he doesn’t have talent.


The man gave a roar. But, no matter how much you raise your voice, you movement won’t change, it’s still the same.
I turned before he reached the suitable distance. When I sneaked around the back of the man, he tried to change his direction, but his injured foot doesn’t follow. I intruded his suitable distance now that he lost his balanceー I feign back step and withdraw.
The man swung his sword from an impossible posture, then fell down. I’m thankful that this muscle brain fell for the feint easily. On his final moment he was silent for no reason, so I finished him off without hesitation.

Last one.
I won’t permit escape.
The request was to guard unknown by everyone. I’ve been seen by princess Seria with this, but if we get the story straight, it’s fine. Master will overlook that much. But the enemy must be slaughtered.
The man who ran away just got out of the wire and rode a horse. It’s impossible to catch him on foot. Nevertheless, I have no intention of showing off my flight ability.
Then, what should I do?
The answer is easy. I use the supernatural ability not to understand that it is supernatural ability.
I boost every time I kick the ground using my flight ability.
The flight capacity releases every time I land, what I lose is the floating power. My horizontal speed doesn’t change.
I combine my leg power and my ability, I seem to run normally, but my speed rises rapidly.

「D-don’t come you monster! Why is someone who has no magic isー」

I caught up immediately and penetrated his neck with force.
The battle ended with this. Damage is one dagger and several wires. It’s my total victory.


  1. What about Lululie!?
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