Fourth Prince 107 & 108 + February’s Plans!

February is starting and this is the first announcement of the month!
Firstly, thanks to all my patreons! Guys, your support makes me very happy! I love each one of you and I hope you can accompany me for the rest of this journey!
January had some rocky days. My grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer, and as I am the only one that lives near her and can take her to the hospital, I have taken the duty of going with her. Fortunately, the tests said that the cancer is treatable, and we could start the treatments a few days ago.
Now, about the plans for this month. Fourth Prince will keep the same schedule, but I will start a new novel. Yes, I know I said it when January started, but my granma’s situation delayed the novel.
This novel will be more serious that Fourth Prince, although it will have also a bit of smut. I already have the ten first chapters done!
I plan to start with 5 chapters per week, but take the novel to 7 chapters per week before the month ends. Wish me luck.

Also, now is the best time to support me on patreon! If you like this novel, click here to support me and read until 20 chapters ahead!!!

Happy February, Aidka!


Chapter 107!

Chapter 108!