Fourth Prince 117 & 118 + Science/Magic is out!

Firstly, the chapters:

Chapter 117!

Chapter 118!


Okay, I’m happy to announce that Science/Magic is now!

Science/Magic WILL have smut, but it WON’T be focused in the smut, so I won’t post it in this site, although I’ll post the links of each chapter together with Fourth Prince.


Anyway, If you want, give it a try HERE! and tell me if you like it. The cover is not ready yet, but I’m working to have it ready this weekend or the next week.



Glenn (Bloed) was abandoned by his family in the Exiled Lands, one of the most dangerous places of the world; where his inability to use magic means that only death awaits him.

However, an encounter with the remains of a completely different civilization was going to change his life.

When science and magic meet, the fate of the world started to unfold.