Fourth Prince 321 & 322 | Science/Magic 165 & 166!


Hey guys, Aidka’s Here!

Sorry for the delay (again), but to be honest, this week has been a bit hard for me. I have been running around for several reasons (Even with the pandemic around) and have been unable to write as much I wanted.

Yesterday, especially, I was busy the entire day, and when I returned I was too tired to write. Fortunately, today is Sunday. I’m planning to post all the chapters I owe today. I’ll try to post another chapter of each novel tonight.

I would like to tell you that things will return to normal soon, but unfortunately, I’m not done yet. Next week will probably be the same. Of course, I’ll try to follow the schedule as much as I can, but I may miss one day or two.

Thank you for your understanding, Aidka.


Fourth Prince 321!

Fourth Prince 322!


Science/Magic 165!

Science/Magic 166!