FPD Chapter 109

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Returning to the Palace


A few days passed, and it was already weekend.

The last few days were pretty relaxed. In the day, I attended classes and helped Dina in the student council. At night, I would send [Eternity’s Fangs] to train inside the space-time tunnel while I meditated to recover my injuries.

Sometimes, I would go to Mrs. Lluvia’s house to show my face. I also went inside the space-time tunnel a pair of times to accelerate the recovery of my injuries.

Like that, the week passed.

Although I could live in the dormitory permanently, as a prince, I had to return to the palace regularly. Moreover, I had certain plans in the palace, so I decided to return each weekend.

Dina, on the other hand, decided to remain in the institute and try to create opportunities to talk with the other students. She wanted to create a strong image in the students’ hearts so they can accept her as the emperor more easily.

Many of the students in the institute were the future lords of the empire, so gaining their loyalty was the same as gaining the future lords’ loyalty.

Of course, gaining their loyalty was not something she could do right away, but with Dina’s charisma, starting with a few students would not be a problem

Thus, I agreed to her idea.

The palace was the same as when I left. The same tall walls, the same cold atmosphere, the same guards, and the same servants. Well, nothing much could change in a week.

When the carriage entered the palace, I saw someone familiar.

One of the guards meet my gaze and trembled in fear.

Sir Raul, the imperial guards’ captain, shook visibly when he felt my gaze. His face turned pale, and his hands trembled involuntarily.

“P-Prince C-Claus, you are back.” He stuttered.

I descended off the carriage followed by Daisy and smiled at him.

“Oh? If it’s Sir Raul. Have you been well?”

“Y-Yes. T-Thank you for your concern.”

I nodded with a malicious smile. “Is it so? You look pale though.”

Sir Raul started to sweat cold. The seed of fear in his mind made him terrified of my presence.

Seeing the situation, some of the guards put on startled expressions. Sir Raul usually treated me with disdain, so they could not understand why he was so respectful today.

I just smiled at them and walked inside. I made a mental note to visit Elene soon. I wonder how is she doing after not seeing me for one week.

Before I could reach my room, a petite shadow suddenly rushed towards me.

“Big bro!” Lena jumped towards my chest excitedly.

I caught her gently and stroked her head. “Lena.”

“… Big brother, I missed you.” She whispered softly on my chest.

“Me too. I was starting to miss seeing my cute little sister each day.”

Lena blushed hearing my words, and behind me, Daisy pinched my waist. I was slightly amused seeing their reactions.

“Brother, what are you going to do today? Do you want to accompany me outside?” Lena asked me timidly.

I looked into her eyes and smiled. Actually, I did not have any plans today. I came back to the palace mostly to keep an eye on Elene and Hope. If I wanted to conquer them, I could not let much time pass without seeing them.

“Okay, I’ll go with you.” After thinking for a moment, I agreed. It had been a long time since the last time I played with my little sister after all.

“Yay!” Lena jumped excitedly and pulled my hand. “Let’s go, let’s go! Hurry up!”

“Calm down. I just returned, remember? At least let me put my things in my room.”

“Don’t worry, your highness.” Daisy suddenly interrupted me with a smile. “Go and accompany the princess, I’ll take care of the rest.”

God, Daisy sure is an angel.

“Thanks, Daisy. But don’t you want to go with us?”

“Unfortunately, I have to take care of some things in the palace. It will have to be another day.”

“Is it so? Sorry. I’ll make up for today later.”

“It’s a promise.” Daisy smiled once more and proceeded to take my things away.

I looked at her with a gentle smile. Daisy was becoming more and more beautiful and understanding each day.

Suddenly, Lena stepped on my foot.


“Hmph!” Lena pouted.

I looked at her in amusement. “Is something the matter?”

“… Brother, you seem awfully close to your servant, don’t you think so?”

“Is it so? Why, are you jealous?”

“… Who is jealous!!?” Lena exclaimed embarrassed and walked away.

Little girl, I can feel your jealousy from meters away.

Shaking my head helplessly, I caught up with Lena and grabbed her hand.

Lena tried to shake my hand off, but after trying for a few seconds without a result, she shot me a displeased look and looked away.

Despite it, her steps became gentle, and her face turned slightly red.


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