FPD Chapter 143

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War Between Gangs (1)


“Is everybody here?” I asked while looking at the crowd in front of me.

“All the members in the third layer or higher are here.” Marana answered. “They are waiting for your orders.”

I nodded. Hundreds of gang members were looking at me nervously.

In fact, all the gang members nut the group that trained inside the space-time tunnel were wearing uncertain expressions. All of them had heard about the goal of tonight’s attack, and most of them thought it was suicide.

It was commendable that none of them shirked from the battle despite it. Once more, I realized how loyal the gang was to Marana. Even when they thought they were going on a suicide mission, they decided to follow her.

Behind me were Marana, Akilah, Raven, Cline, and Elene. All of them were waiting for my words to start the attack.

Looking at this group, I cleared my throat.

“I’m a man of few words, so I’ll be quick. Tonight, we will write the first page in the rise of the Red Skull Gang.

“I know that many of you are nervous and think we can’t win. I don’t blame you, it’s normal to be nervous. After all, the Blood Night Gang is a giant, one of the four strongest gangs in the capital, a powerful enemy that has always been a weight on your shoulders.

“But, I don’t care about your fears. Tonight, I declare that the Blood Night Gang shall be no more!

“I’ll ask only once. Are you afraid? If you are afraid, get lost now!”

Many of the gang members hesitated. They looked at each other to gauge their reactions.

But until the end, nobody left.

“Good!” I smile. Even if their loyalty was not towards me, I was content with this group. “Then, let’s go. Marana, you will command them tonight. Use them as you see fit.”

“Understood, Mr. Clark. What about the strategy?”

I smiled. “You decide. Consider tonight’s battle as my test for you. I want to see how you command the battle.”

Marana was startled, but she nodded confidently in the next second.

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you a good performance.”

“Perfect. Also, I forgot to tell you, but I will not interfere in the battle. I’ll only interfere if a very powerful enemy appears.”

“Huh?” Marana was stunned.

“As I told you, tonight will be a test for all of you. If you need to depend on me to win, what do I need you for?”

Marana took a deep breath and nodded.

“I understand.”

I nodded. “Very good. Let’s start then.”

Marana closed her eyes before opening them again with an expression of determination.

“Men, depart! Tonight we will crush the Blood Night Gang!”




Tonight, the eastern part of the capital was eerily silent.

Since a few days ago, rumors about the battle between the Red Skull Gang and the Blood Night Gang has spread through the citizens. Due to that, all the stalls had closed early, the brothels had not opened tonight, and the houses had turned off their lights.

Even the city guards had opted to avoid this place. Fights between gangs were common, and they were tacitly allowed while they did not harm ordinary citizens.

But tonight’s battle was going to be more bloody than anyone expected.

At midnight, the members of the Red Skull Gang appeared on the streets in the east of the capital.

More than one thousand gang members armed with swords and knives stood orderly. They wore fierce expressions while they walked towards the Blood Night Gang’s base.

The Red Night Gang had been divided into three units, one led by Marana, another led by Akilah, and the last unit led by Cline.

Elene had been left behind to guard the base and also to coordinate the healers and attend the injured.

Raven, on the other hand, had hidden herself in the shadows since they left the base.

When the Red Night Gang entered the territory of the Blood Night Gang, they were greeted by a group of armed men.

A man then stepped forward. He looked around until he found Marana. Then, he opened her mouth.

“Red Night’s leader, stop this foolishness! Will you destroy your gang with your stupid ambitions!? If you are unhappy with something, we can negotiate!”

“Shut up, Mauricio! You are a nobody to talk to me like that! Bring here your leader if you want to negotiate with me! If not, then be a man, put your pants on, and fight! Or are all the vice-leaders of the Blood Night Gang cowards!?”

Mauricio’s face turned ugly. “Marana, are you determined to face our Blood Night Gang tonight!?”

“Hahahahaha! Were you not the ones that ambushed my little brother one week ago!? Your gang has been trying to destroy my gang for years! Now that you finally have the opportunity to defeat us, are you chickening out!?”

Mauricio gritted his teeth. “Good good good!!! If you want a fight, then we shall fight!!! Tonight, we will wash the streets of the capital with your blood!!!”

“Hahahaha! Bring it on! Men, kill those bastards!”


With a cry of battle that woke up the entire capital, the Red Skull Gang’s men charged forward.

Seconds later, the two gangs clashed. Swords and Knives were swung and lives were taken. A festival of blood and steel started.

Marana was the first one to charge forward. She took the lead and charged towards the enemy’s lines, using her belt-like sword to reap tens of lives in one second.

But she did not stop there. She fixed her gaze in the vice-leader of the Blood Night Gang and charged towards him.

“Mauricio, come and meet your death!” Marana bellowed.

“Crazy bitch! Do you think I fear you!?”

Brandishing his spear, Mauricio pierced towards Marana’s chest, using all his strength since the first strike.

He had fought Marana before, and although he was a bit weaker than her, the difference was not big. He was confident that even if he could not defeat her, he could keep her busy.

But contrary to his expectations, when their weapons clashed, he was unable to hold on.

In an instant, an immense strength was transmitted through his spear to his body.

“You… Ninth layer!?”

“Hahaha, surprised? It’s too late to regret!”

Marana used her belt-like sword and wrapped it around Mauricio’s spear, then she used her greater strength to pull it out of his hands.

“Impossible!!!” Mauricio screamed. He hurriedly rotated his spear and threw it towards Marana, destroying her balance.

Making use of that distraction, Mauricio bolted backward. He knew that if he did not escape now, he would be sacrificed to Marana’s sword.

But at that moment, he felt something piercing his chest.

Looking down, a hairpin-like dagger was stabbed in his heart.

“W-When…” Mauricio looked at Marana and asked.

Marana curved her lips up. “You don’t need to know.”

She then brandished her sword and cut off his head.

Lifting the cut head, Marana roared.

“Men! Their leader is dead! Charge!”

Instantly, cries of victory surged from her men, overwhelming the Blood Night Gang.

With the death of one of Blood Night Gang’s vice-leaders. The war between gangs started.


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