FPD Chapter 185

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Dina vs Alan (1)


After humiliating my brother, I left the arena under the astonished gazes of the surroundings.

But although I did not mind using this opportunity to humiliate him, I have not forgotten about my true goals.

Humiliating my brother is easy, but in truth, I don’t get anything from it. After all, I don’t want to be the emperor.

That was the reason I did not defeat him, the reason I admitted defeat.

Someone else has that role.

As soon as I left the stage, I walked towards my team.

I ignored the looks of admirations of Andrea, Iris and Louise, and the eagerness in Rose’s face, and patted Dina’s shoulders.

“Go up, sister. It’s your turn.”

“Huh? Huh!? B-But…” Dina was startled. She looked at me and then at the destroyed stage while wondering what I was talking about.

“Did you forget our goal?” I asked her with a smile.

Dina was stunned, then, she understood.

“So, the reason you admitted defeat was…”

I just smiled without answering.

Dina’s eyes turned wet. Happy tears threatened to escape her eyes.

“… Thank you.” She hugged me tightly and put her head on my chest. “Thank you, Claus, and I love you.” Her voice was so soft that nobody else managed to hear it.

But it was enough if I could hear her.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and smiled. “I promised it to you, don’t I? I promised that I would support you. That I would make you the empress.”

Dina nodded. She then left my arms and took a deep breath.

“I’m going.”

“Good luck.”

Dina nodded and walked determinately towards the stage.

Alan, the headmistress, and the students were still thinking about my performance when they saw Dina appear in front of Alan.

“Alan, it’s my turn.”

Alan’s body shook. He ignored Dina completely and instead, looked towards me.


A cry of hatred filled the arena. Thinking about the despise I just showed him and the disdain in the students’ eyes, Alan only wanted to kill me.

How could he care about fighting with Dina now? He needed to repay this humiliation.

But before he could jump towards me, he was stopped by the headmistress.

“What do you think you are doing, Alan?” Evelyn’s cold voice froze the crown prince completely. “Do you think I’m not here?”

Alan shivered. He could feel Evelyn’s enormous power pressuring him.

“… I’m sorry, headmistress.” Alan took a deep breath and recovered his calm. However, he was being consumed by rage inwardly.

Evelyn grunted. “Claus gave up the last fight, so it was your victory. Now it’s Dina’s turn. Are you going to fight her, or will you give up?”

Alan fell silent. Now that he managed to calm down, he furrowed his brows in thoughts.

Although he wanted to leave right now and escape from this embarrassment, he knew well that it would only make things worse.

If he leaves, people will think that he is afraid of me and he doesn’t dare to stay. Furthermore, it means he will give up the fight with Dina and will lose the duels.

No, he had to fight. Fight and win beautifully. At least that way, he could recover a bit of face.

Plus, he needed to vent his rage towards me. And Dina, my sister, was a good substitute.

I must admit that Alan is truly a talent. To think he managed to suppress his anger so easily and think calmly about the situation.

“I will fight.” Alan said with gritted teeth.

“Very well.” Headmistress Evelyn nodded. “Dina, are you ready?”

“I am.” Dina’s mana surged around her, heating her surroundings.

The headmistress looked deeply at her.

Then, she raised her hand.

“Very well, start!”


Both of them moved at the same time.

Alan took out his sword and slashed forward, cutting towards Dina’s head, but Dina’s attack was not slower. She unleashed a burning ball of flames that turned the entire stage into a burning hell.


Alan’s eyes narrowed. He infused more mana into his sword and cut through the fireball, mowing down the flames and appearing in front of Dina.

But Dina was already gone. Fifteen meters away, she reappeared and unleashed a rain of fireballs towards Alan.

Seventh-Layer Fire Spell, [Fire Teleportation]!

Sixth-Layer Fire Spell, [Burning Rain]!

“Hah!” Alan bellowed. Sword intent surged out of his sword, extinguishing the flames and cutting the dust and wind. Then, the sword intent turned into a wave that surged towards Dina.

Dina quickly cast two new spells, one in each hand. Then, a wall of fire appeared in front of her, stopping the wave of sword intent completely.

Fifth-Layer Fire Spell, [Firewall]!

Not even a second later, her second spell had been unleashed.

“Go, [Burning End]!”

Then, a burning ray of plasma was shot from her hands.


Alan’s expression changed.


[Burning End] exploded, creating a sea of flames that spread to the already destroyed stage.

Nonetheless, Alan was the crown prince.

A peak sixth-layer swordsman.


With a shockwave that shook the entire stage, Alan was engulfed in a powerful sword intent. Bright red mana surrounded him, engulfing his body and giving him an image of authority.

It was one of the imperial family secret arts.

Imperial Swordsmanship, [Emperor’s Sword Body]!

Alan’s strength surged upwards. The flames of [Burning End] were extinguished every time they came into contact with him, and his blood-like mana pressured the entire stage.

Then, he kicked the ground.


Alan appeared instantly in front of Dina, bypassing her Firewall and unleashing a destructive blow of blood-like sword aura.

But Dina showed no fear. She took a step back and evaded narrowly Alan’s blow, then, a magic circle appeared below her and Alan.

With a smile, she clenched her hand. “Consume, [Hell’s Pillar].”

Before Alan could react, the magic circle lit up and exploded.


A pillar of burning flames rose to the sky, swallowing both of them.


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