FPD Chapter 192

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Louise’s Determination


Somewhere in the capital, in the mansion of one of the most powerful families of the empire.

Five people were seated around a table. Dinner had been served, but strangely, nobody seemed interested in the food.

The atmosphere was tense, and the air seemed frozen. Instead of a dinner, it seemed like someone’s execution.

In the head of the table, Earl Carson Riea was looking at his eldest son and daughter with a completely calm look. His eyes, however, were incredibly cold.

Finally, after almost an eternity, he opened his mouth.

“Can someone explain to me what happened today?”

Nobody replied to his question.

Earl Riea sighed. He looked at his children with a disappointed look and closed his eyes.

“I will start with you, Al. I remember that one month ago, you fought against prince Claus, right? Tell me, what happened back then?”

“… I lost.”

“Yeah, you lost.” Earl Riea nodded. “You lost badly after one move and were embarrassed in public. I remember you ordered an assassination against the prince after that and caused me a lot of problems.”

Al fell silent. Back then, he was scolded and slapped by his father due to that. Since then, he hated Claus to death.

“I was not angry when you lost to the prince. After all, nobody could have expected that the prince was so strong. No, I was angry because you foolishly tried to kill a prince without thinking about the consequences of your actions.

“But today, you already knew about the prince’s strength. You knew you couldn’t win. Then, what was that farce?”

“Father, I–”

“Silence!” Earl Riea bellowed furiously. “Not only you lost and embarrassed yourself, but you almost threatened a prince of the empire with death! Are you crazy!?”

“… I’m sorry.”

“I’m disappointed in you, Al. Is it like a noble behaves? You are even worse than a commoner!”

None of the people in the table dared to interrupt the earl.

However, the earl quickly finished with Al.

Then, he glared at Louise.

If Earl Riea’s gaze towards Al was filled with rage, his gaze towards Louise was full of disappointment.

“And you, Louise.”

“Yes, father.” Louise replied calmly with her head held high.

“Is there something you want to explain to me?”

“There is nothing.” Louise shrugged. “You already know the entire story.”


Earl Riea slapped the table furiously. Louise felt as though a savage beast was staring at her, ready to devour her whole.

However, she suppressed her fear and remained firm. Now that she made her choice, she was going to follow it to the end.

“You kissed the prince in public, Louise!” Earl Riea shouted. “In front of thousands of people, and when he was about to fight your brother! What is the meaning of that!?”

“I love him, father. That is the answer.”

“You love him!? Hahahaha, what a joke. Let’s not talk about the fact that your fiancée died a few days ago while he was recovering from a beating the prince gave him. Just for the fact that he is the son of that woman, he is our family’s enemy!” Earl Riea was very angry. “Louise, I will not allow you to continue with him!”

“I don’t need your permission, father.” Louise’s face was cold. “Besides, I already slept with him. There is nothing you can do.”

Instantly, the atmosphere in the dining room froze.

Not only Earl Riea and Al were frozen, but even Louise’s mother, Mia, and her little sister, Claire were stunned. Claire, especially, had turned pale.

But nobody in the table was in the mood to pay attention to her.

For a few seconds, the dining room was silent.

Finally, Earl Riea heaved a tired sigh.

“Sigh… To think I gave you the mission to get close to him. Who would have known that I was sending you to his bed.” He then shook his head in disappointment. “Pack you things, tomorrow I’ll send you to the temple of the goddess to serve as a nun.”

“Father!” Louise’s face changed. “I will not go there!”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion! You are my daughter, Louise! And I will not let you shame our family like this!”

“Father, if you do it, I swear I’ll kill myself!”

“Then kill yourself!” Earl Riea was thoroughly angry. “Kill yourself and stop shaming this house!”

“Enough!” Suddenly, Mia stood up with a face filled with rage. “You two, stop fighting!”

Both Louise and Earl Riea looked at Mia in surprise.

Mia was usually a gentle woman. It was at the point where Louise could count on one hand the number of times she had seen her mother angered.

In fact, she had never seen her so enraged like today.

“Carlson, how do you dare to tell my daughter to die!? Are you crazy!? And you, Louise. Show respect to your father!”

“Mother, I will not accept this! I love Claus, and I will marry him!”

“I know, my daughter.” Mia sighed. “Don’t worry, I support you.”


“Shut up, Carlson. You know I never agreed to hurt prince Claus and princess Dina. I have long been dissatisfied with the way you are going about this. Is your ambition more important than your family?”

Earl Carlson wanted to say something, but in the end, he shook his head in frustration.

“Stubborn mother, and stubborn daughter. Sigh…” He then stood up and left the dining room without touching his food.

Mia frowned briefly, but when she noticed Louise’s worried look, she put on a smile.

“Don’t worry, my daughter, you can marry who you want. Mmm, why don’t you invite prince Claus for a meal, I want to talk with my son-in-law.”

Louise turned red in embarrassment, but her lips curved in a smile.

“Mm. I will.”

“… Congratulations, sister.” Claire said to Louise with a strained smile.

Louise looked at her little sister deeply and then nodded. “Thanks.”


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