FPD Chapter 213

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Taking Care of a Hidden Danger


I stared at my hand with a complicated expression. As expected, it came to this.

Although I was expecting this, I can’t deny I’m a bit disappointed.

If there is a word that can describe immortals, it’s ‘crazy’. Each Immortal is crazy in his own way, and if he is not crazy, then it’s because he is not old enough yet.

However, being crazy is not the only thing immortals share.

Immortals are also a stubborn, cruel, prideful, and a heartless bunch.

Most immortals will not hesitate to destroy a world if it means to reach a goal, and some of them will do it just for entertainment.

And when they propose themselves to get something done, they will do everything in their might to accomplish it.

Thus, a stubborn and prideful immortal will never change his plans due to someone else, even if it’s another immortal.

Of course, there are a few exceptions. But most of the time, when the goals of two immortal clash, they will resolve it in a fight.

The word dialogue is not in an immortal dictionary.

Immortals don’t care if the enemy is strong. Every immortal is someone who has managed to find a way to immortality, so none of them can accept that they are worse than others.

Even the threat of death is useless against them. Most immortals have lived for so long that death becomes a kind of release, and some of them can easily resuscitate even after they are killed.

Hell, I’m the best example of that with a count of 707 deaths.

I shook my head. It looks like I will have to think of a way to destroy his plans. I have finally found the hope I have been searching for so long, and I’m not planning to lose it.

And speaking of that hope…

When I removed the barrier and left the room, a cat-eared petite girl was waiting for me.

“… Big brother!” Raven rushed to hug me. I hugged her tightly and patted her head.

“How are you, Rave?”

“… A bit sleepy.” Raven said while rubbing her eyes. “Big brother, why did you ask for me? Is it something urgent?”

“I’m sorry to wake you up, but this could not wait any longer.” I said with a serious face.

“Nn-nn.” Raven shook her head with a smile. “I don’t mind, big brother.”

I smiled softly seeing the black cat in my arms. For an instant, I only wanted to lie in a bed and cuddle her in my arms.

Unfortunately, there was something I needed to do before.

“Raven, it has been a long time since the last time we took a bath together, right?”

Raven blushed. “Pervert.”

I laughed happily and took Raven with me to the bathroom.

The bathroom of the Red Skull Gang was very big. It was located in an underground room and filled with water heated by magic.

Fortunately, it was early in the morning, so the bath was empty and we could enjoy it without concerns.

Raven and I took off our clothes. I quickly covered myself with a towel, but Raven managed to see my divine weapon and turned completely red.

As for me, I ogled Raven’s petite body shamelessly.

“… Is this the important thing that could not wait?” Raven said in shame and with a blaming tone. I could not help but chuckle amusedly seeing her embarrassed expression.

“Come one, let’s enter the water.”

Raven nodded and entered the bath after me.

But instead of sitting beside me, Raven seated on my lap.

Her small body rested against my back, and her firm buttocks were pressed on my lap. Almost instantly, my holy sword stood up ready for a battle.

Raven blushed when she felt the stiff rod hitting her back.

“… Pervert.” She muttered again.

I forced myself to count prime numbers to suppress the impulse to eat this little thing here and now. Instead, I decided to rub her ears as a distraction.

We stayed like that for a while, feeling each other’s heat and enjoying the bath.

“… So nice.” Raven whispered and lowered her head.

I put my chin on her head and hugged her body. “Yeah, how nice.”

“… Big brother, are we here only to take a bath?” Raven said. “I feel that you are a bit worried.”

I smiled wryly. As expected of someone whose soul is connected to mine.

“It’s nothing serious. I just met a very troublesome person just now.”

“A troublesome person?”

I nodded. “Raven, you trust me, right?”

Raven was stunned. “… Of course. You and I are one. You are the person I trust the most, big brother.”

I smiled. “Good. Raven, I need to check something inside your soul. Can I?”

Raven did not hesitate. She instantly opened her soul completely, without hiding anything. She lowered all her defenses, allowing me to see anything I want.

Of course, with our contract, I can do the same even if she doesn’t want, but the fact that she opened her soul completely shows how much she trusts me.

And I’m not going to betray that trust.

I send my soul inside Raven’s soul and repeated the usual procedure. This was the third time I did this, so it went much smoother than the last two times. I did not injure Raven in the slightest.

Last time, I had come to the conclusion that there was something hiding inside Raven’s soul but I did not know where to search and I did not want to hurt her, so I failed to find it.

But now, I think I know what is the thing hidden inside.

Yes, the dark cloud.

And soon, my speculations were proved.

In the depths of Raven’s soul, a small dark cloud was hovering silently.

Instantly, my gaze turned cold. A powerful killing intent left my body, drenching Raven completely.

For an instant, I was unable to control the killing intent. This enormous killing intent was so strong that every person in the capital felt it.

Fortunately, I regained control of myself almost instantly, so besides a slight scare, nobody was affected. Most people will probably think that everything was their imagination.

But Raven, who was in my arms, was different. She trembled in fright when she felt my killing intent. Her body tensed up and her face turned pale.

“… B-Big brother?”

“… Sorry.” I took a deep breath and got a handle of my emotions. “I just found something truly disgusting here. But don’t worry, I’ll take it out now.”

As soon as I spoke, my will acted.

It completely wrapped around the dark cloud in Raven’s soul, stopping any attempt of struggle or self-destruction. This time, I made sure Raven did not suffer any side-effects.

Before the dark cloud could respond to my actions, I took the dark cloud out of her soul.


The dark cloud screamed shrilly when it let Raven’s soul. It twisted on my hand in an attempt to self-destroy.

But I just snorted and clenched my fist.

The next second, the dark cloud turned into moths of light that vanished in the air.


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