FPD Chapter 218

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Flirting with Susan


After that, I left the Red Skull Gang.

Raven was a bit reluctant to let me go, and Elene pouted and looked at me with enticing eyes, however, I decided to leave in the end.

I had already missed classes today, so there was no difference if I skipped the entire day. Anyway, headmistress Evelyn knew that I left to investigate about the seed.

While I was thinking about where to go, I remembered that it had been a while since the last time I visited the Reincarnation Auction Hall.

Mm… Yeah, this was a good idea.

But to my surprise, aunt Dayana was not there.

“… M-Mrs. Dayana had a meeting with an important client today, so I was left in charge of the auction hall.”

“Is it so?” I nodded in understanding. I then looked at the timid young girl in front of me.

Susan had not changed much since the last time we met. The only difference was that her black hair had become a bit longer, and her brown eyes had gained a bit of a confident glow.

Moreover, Susan’s aura had become different. Although she still seemed a bit timid and insecure, she was starting to acquire the demeanor of someone with authority.

It seemed that my aunt’s teachings were rather good.

“Susan, we have not spoken in a long time, right? How have you been?” I asked her softly.

“F-Fine.” Susan stuttered slightly. “M-Mrs. Dayana has taken good care of me. And the people here are very nice. A-Also, your highness, I-I have trained the technique you gave me. I-I’m already in the third layer.”

I was slightly taken aback. With a thought, I scanned Susan’s body.

As Susan told me, she was already in the third layer. To be exact, she had broken through two or three days ago.

How surprising. To think Susan’s talent was this high.

Even although the technique I gave her is very outstanding, the fact she managed to reach the third layer in such a short time and without help was proof of how hard she worked.

“Susan, you are incredible.” I praised her happily. “To think your talent is so good.”

“… It’s nothing great.” Susan blushed and spoke with a mosquito-like voice. She then grabbed the hem of her skirt and bowed slightly.

“Y-Your Highness, I wanted to thank you for this opportunity. I-I know that there are better people for this position, b-but you gave it to me. So, t-thank you.”

This girl.

I chuckled softly and took a step forward. Then, I opened my arms and pulled Susan into a hug.

“Silly girl, you are my woman. What is wrong with giving you the good things?”

Susan turned red and looked at the ground.

I kissed her head and heaved a soft sigh. “Sorry, Susan. I have not visited you in a long time. Are you angry with me?”

“N-No!” Susan raised her voice and looked at me hurriedly. When she saw my amused smile, she blushed and tears appeared on her eyes. “Y-Your highness, I don’t dare to be angry with you… I know you must be very busy.”

“Fool.” I pinched her nose and kissed her lips.

Susan’s body trembled. Just a kiss was enough for her body to lose strength.

Since the day I took her first time, I had neglected her. In truth, Susan felt a bit resentful inwardly.

Not only I stole her first time, but I did not come to see her since then. Susan wondered briefly if I was only playing with her.

She knew that, as a commoner, it was impossible to marry a prince. Fairy tales were that, fairy tales. She did not have any hope of marrying me one day.

However, she hoped at least to become one of my concubines.

That was the reason she worked so hard in cultivation and the auction hall. Every day, after she finished working, she spent five hours at home training her cultivation.

Just to have the opportunity to get my recognition.

I combed her hair with my fingers and hugged her waist. Feeling the faint trembling of her fragile body, my member was once more ready for action.

When we separated our lips again, Susan’s body was already a bit out-of-sorts.

“Your highness…” Susan’s voice was sweet and flirty. I could see the desire in her eyes.


*Knock Knock*

Someone knocked on the door at that moment.

Susan was stunned. The next instant, she jumped away like a startled rabbit and tidied her clothes. She then called out in a high-pitched voice.


“Miss Susan, someone of the Carmell family is here. He says that the young master of the Carmell family wants to talk with the person in charge.

“B-But Mrs. Dayana is not here. Tell him to come later.”

“… The thing is, he said that it’s very urgent and he can’t wait.”

Susan was surprised. She instinctively turned towards me as though asking me for my opinion.

I smiled amusedly and nodded while mouthing something.

‘Don’t worry.’

Susan was relieved. She then coughed twice and spoke in a business-like tone.

“Okay, I will go to see him.”


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