FPD Chapter 220

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The Carmell Family’s Intentions (2)


“… Do you want to sell us military gear?” Susan was taken aback.

“Yes, two thousand units to be exact.” Replied Albert.

Susan wrinkled her brows. To be honest, the offer was tempting, but–

“Young master Albert, you know that the emperor forbids buying and selling weapons in big quantities. Besides, even if we buy the weapons, where are we going to sell them when the Carmell family failed to find a buyer?”

Albert smiled confidently. “I understand your worries, miss Susan. And don’t worry, I have a solution.”


“In truth, we already have a buyer for the weapons. The problem is just like you said, the emperor prohibits this kind of high-scale sale of weapons. So, we decided to cooperate with other merchant companies in the process.

“In truth, the Reincarnation Auction Hall will actually work as an intermediary. You will receive the weapons from us and transport them to the customers and then receive a part of the earnings.”

Susan did not reply immediately. Although she had not been working with Aunt Dayana for long, she could see that something was fishy here.

Well, it was obvious. To be honest, just these few words were enough to give me a clear idea of the situation.

If I’m not wrong, these weapons are part of the Carmell family’s preparations.

It looks like they are not satisfied with the status of subjects of the emperor anymore.

After a few seconds, Susan shook her head.

“… Even so, it’s too risky. If something goes wrong, our Reincarnation Auction Hall will be unable to bear the consequences.”

Albert drank a sip of tea before taking something out of a pocket and passing it to us.

“Miss Susan, these are the numbers we are speaking about.”

Susan received the paper with a frown. But when she read the amount written, her eyes opened wide.

“This is…!”

“Yeah, this is what the Reincarnation Auction Hall will earn if our cooperation is successful.”

I could not help but take a glance at the paper and I was slightly surprised. Man, the Carmell family sure is staking a lot in this.

This amount of money is equivalent to the money my businesses earn in one year!

However, to my surprise, Susan was not blinded by the money.

Instead, she took a deep breath and calmed down.

“… I’m sorry, but it’s too risky. Besides, Mrs. Dayana is not here. I think it’s better if you discuss with her something so important.”

Albert frowned. This was not the answer he was expecting.

The reason he came here with this timing was that he knew Dayana was not here!

Through some sources, he learned that Susan, Dayana’s secretary, had the authority to agree to most deals. Thus, his plan was to have her agree to the contract while Dayana was not here. Once she signed the contract, even if Dayana or I are unhappy with it, we will be already on this ship. Our only option will be to cooperate.

Furthermore, due to my relationship with the emperor or the empress, he was sure I won’t bring this matter to the emperor. After all, that was the same as giving the emperor the sword he will use to behead me.

To his surprise, though, Susan was calmer than he expected.

Albert then looked at me as though asking for my opinion.

I shrugged indifferently. “I will leave the decision in Susan’s hands.”

“I see.” Albert closed his eyes to think for a moment.

He then narrowed his eyes and looked at us.

“One million gold coins.”


“I will give you one million gold coins if you agree to cooperate with us. Don’t worry, nobody else will know about it.

Susan was surprised. The next second, though, she shook her head with a cold gaze.

“Don’t joke with me, young master Albert.”

“Two million.”

This time, even Susan took a sharp breath.

A strange silence filled the room. Albert was looking at us as though waiting for our reaction.

To be honest, his offer was very tempting. Normally, such an offer would make anyone agree.

Unfortunately for him, my presence here meant that his attempts were useless.

Susan’s expression turned incredibly cold. “Young master, what is the meaning of this?”

“Nothing, I’m just offering you a deal.”

“A deal that will harm Mrs. Dayana and his highness prince Claus. I’m sorry, but I will never agree to such a deal.”

“… Are you not going to reconsider it?”

“Leave, now.” Susan’s voice was firm.

Albert’s expression turned unsightly. He could not believe that a commoner was talking to him this way.

“Are you sure you will not reconsider it?”

Instantly, the woman behind him hmphed.

A powerful ice-cold pressure assaulted us. Susan paled immediately and her body shivered.

But I held her hand with a smile.


As though it was a magic spell, my voice dispersed the pressure instantly.

Then, I shot at the woman a mocking glare.

“Young master Albert, is this your way to make business?” I smiled.

Albert snorted. Seeing that he could not do anything, he stood up directly.

“Let’s go.”

The ice-cold woman nodded. She stared at me for a brief moment before leaving with Albert.

But strangely, the servant-like young man stayed behind.

He looked at Susan with a complicated expression before finally heaving a sigh.

“… Susan, can we talk for a bit? In private.”

Susan seemed to be expecting it. She looked as though asking for my consent.

When I nodded, she nodded too.

“Very well, come with me.”


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