FPD Chapter 223

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Adult Stuff (1)


After the meal, Susan took me to her room.

As soon as the door of her room was closed, Susan rushed towards me and hugged me tightly.

“Y-Your highness…”

Susan put her head on my chest and started to sob. She gripped my shirt as though she was afraid that everything was an illusion and cried while smiling.

“T-Thank you… Your highness… Thank you… I love you… I s-swear I’ll become someone befitting of being your woman…”

I combed her hair softly and smiled. “Silly fool, why are you surprised? I told you that you were my woman. The least I can do for you is giving you a position.”

Susan grinned with tears in her eyes and nodded. Today was the perhaps happiest day of her life.

She stealthily pinched her leg twice to confirm that this was not a dream before kissing my lips. Then, she hugged me again and remained like that for a while.

Seeing her excitement, I could not help but smile too.

Suddenly, I have an idea.

I took out a gold coin and called upon my powers. Then, I used my will to modify the gold coin into a ring shape.

Finally, I engraved a spell into the ring. It was just a simple barrier spell able to stop one attack of a twelfth-layer practitioner, but it can save her life in an emergency.

When the ring was done, I held Susan’s hand and put it on her ring finger.

Susan was surprised, but she did not stop me.

Actually, this world did not have the custom of gifting a ring as proof of engagement, however, I decided to do it. This was a kind of promise to her.

I think I will do this for my other women too.

When I explained to Susan the meaning of the ring, the tears that had stopped started to flow again.

“Y-Your highness…”

“Come on, stop crying. You will flood the entire house.” I said and wiped the tears off Susan’s cheeks. Susan smiled and cuddled her body on my arms lovingly.

I hugged her waist and sniffed her hair. Then, I sat down on her bed and put her on my lap.

“Y-Your highness…” Susan lowered her head shyly. I grinned and lifted her chin softly and kissed her lips.

Susan’s body twisted softly. She closed her eyes and searched my lips unhesitantly.

It was the second time I did this with Susan, so she was not very experience yet. Thus, I took charge and led the kiss, biting her lips and opening her white teeth. Finally, I moved my tongue inside her little mouth and searched for hers.

Susan gasped. She grabbed my shirt and moaned softly. Her short black hair fell behind her back, and her breathing turned heavy.

In the middle of the kiss, my hands started to move. I hugged her back and slowly started to undress her. Susan opened her eyes briefly before closing them again. Her hands, however, started to awkwardly try to take off my clothes.

Unfortunately for Susan, she did not have my experience in undressing the opposite sex. Thus, she quickly found herself stumped without knowing how to proceed.

I chuckled teasingly to her. “Is there a problem?”

Susan turned red and hid her face on my chest. “N-Nothing.”

“Hahahaha…” I laughed and pinched her nose. Damn it, this girl is too cute.

Actually, Susan was not a stunning beauty like Elene, Louise, or Dina. Her beauty was much humbler. Her hands were not soft but callous, and her skin was a bit tanned due to receiving too much sun.

However, watching her shy and embarrassed expressions was an enjoyment. Every time I saw her like that, I could not help but want to eat her whole.

I kissed Susan’s lips and stood up. Then, I looked at her with a smirk.

“Come on, take off my clothes.”

Susan flushed in embarrassment before humming in agreement. She walked towards me and started to take off my clothes devotedly.

Maybe because she was embarrassed but Susan’s hands were shaking during the process. Despite it, however, she managed to finish without a problem.

When she saw my sculpted naked body, Susan gasped and was unable to move her gaze away.

“Done looking?” I asked.

“N-No, I-I mean, yes. N-No, I mean… Your highness…” Susan’s ears turned red and her eyes turned teary. I laughed and hugged her tightly, kissing her lips.

Then, I undressed her completely and threw her on the bed.

My dragon was already up, it was ready to conquer the promised land. Its prey, Susan, was unable to defend against it.

When she saw my huge rod standing up, she was stunned with a mix of fear and anticipation.

I lay over her and kissed her lips. My hands roamed her body, playing with her nipples and vagina. Susan gasped and moaned in delight while twisting her body in the bed.

This time, however, I was planning something different.

I sat on the bed and caressed her head. My spear stood up as a pillar piercing the heavens, ready to start the oldest sacred ritual in existence.

But before that, I whispered something on Susan’s ear.

“Dear, have you heard about fellatio?”



At the same time, in the living room.

Sara was blushing deeply while hearing the moans of her daughter.

“This girl… Can’t she be quieter? Sigh… The walls of this house are too thin…”

Unconsciously, Sara moved her hands towards that place between her legs, but when she realized what she was doing, she pulled them back hurriedly.

Sara sighed and shook her head with a bitter smile.

“It looks like so many years without a man are taking a toll on me.”

Hearing again the moans of her daughter, Sara wondered how she was going to sleep.


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