FPD Chapter 224

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Adult Stuff (2)


“… Y-Your highness, y-your thing…”

“What is wrong, Susan?”

“T-This… I-I don’t k-know how to do it…”

Susan’s face was red. She was holding my rod timidly while looking at me with upturned eyes.

I lifted the corner of my lips and patted her head. “Don’t worry, I can teach you.

“First, hold my penis softly and move your hands up and down.”

Susan tilted her head. “L-Like this?”

“Yes.” I closed my eyes and enjoyed the handjob. Although Susan’s hands were not the softest hands and she was not very experienced, the pleasure gotten from having this innocent girl masturbating me was great.

I savored the feeling of her hands rubbing my root and my glans and continued guiding her.

“Now, use a hand to caress my scrotum.”

Susan nodded and followed my instructions. Her fingers moved slowly through my balls as Susan tried her best to satisfy me.

Perhaps because she was curious about a man’s body, but Susan was very enthusiastic about her movements. Moreover, she seemed to be studying the parts where I felt the most pleasure.

Her eyes were completely focused on my thing. Each time my glans twitched, Susan took a deep breath and watched curiously.

“I-It’s twitching.”

“Of course. It’s feeling good.”

Susan blushed. “Am I doing it well?”

“Yes, but it’s time to start the second part. Susan, lick it.”

“… Huh???”

I did not repeat my words and just stared at Susan with a deep gaze. Soon, Susan was unable to endure my stare and lowered her head.


Then, she timidly extended her tongue and licked it slightly.

Once she realized that nothing strange happened, Susan licked it again.

I brushed her hair softly and continued instructing her. “Lick everything, as though it is a candy.”


Susan’s soft and slippery tongue started to roam through my member. She started on the tip and slowly descended until she reached the scrotum. Her movements were unskillful, but it was pleasant watching her serving me with such a devoutness.

Soon, Susan had licked my spear entirely and filled it with saliva. She then looked up as though asking me for the next step.

I complied with an evil smile and lifted her chin.

“Now, swallow it.”


“Yes, swallow.”

Susan stared nervously at my member and gulped down a mouthful of saliva. “I-It’s too big.”

“Don’t worry, I guarantee you can swallow it.”

Susan was not sure. She stared at my member again while wondering how was something like this possible.

Even if she tried, at most half of it could fit in her mouth. She could not think of a way to swallow the other half.

But when she saw my encouraging expression, she did not have more options but nod and attempt it.

Thus, she moved her mouth towards my member and opened her lips timidly.

Maybe due to instinct, Susan started kissing it. She kissed it softly before moving her mouth down. I felt her teeth slightly rubbing my member and then, my member entered in the wetness of her mouth.

I sucked a breath of cold air and suppressed the urge to deepthroat her right now. “Be careful with your teeth.” I said.

Susan did not reply. Instead, she moved her head awkwardly trying to find a way to fit it in. A few seconds later, she moved her head back and gasped-

“Y-Your Highness, I can’t…”

I caressed her head and shook my head. “Shhh, you can. Come, try again.”

Susan was unable to say no. Less than five seconds later, she nodded hesitantly under my expectant gaze and tried again.

Once more, my glans was swallowed by her little mouth.

When half of my glans was swallowed, Susan reached her limit. I patted her head to calm her down and breathed on her ear.

“Breathe in. Now, breathe out. See? It’s alright. Now start moving your mouth up and down.”

Susan obeyed my words. Her head started to nod continuously to pleasure my stick. Meanwhile, I continued caressing her hair and enjoying her service.

Susan’s mouth felt hot and pleasant, and I enjoyed each bit of it. I could see that she was a bit uncomfortable with this, but the fact that she forced herself to continue the blowjob despite feeling uncomfortable excited me even more.

Susan also seemed happy when she saw my satisfied expression. She started to move faster and faster, and at some point, she had started to use her tongue.

Her slippery tongue moved through my member like a little fish, stimulating it incredibly. I took a deep breath and once more fought off the urge to thrust my rod into her throat.

However, each time I saw her innocent and happy expression while she sucked my penis, I wanted to deepthroat her even more.

I had the feeling that my inner devil was slowly awakening.

So, when Susan started to show signs of tiredness and slowed down, I snapped.

Suddenly, I held her head in place and moved my waist.

“Mm?” Susan was startled. She looked up at me as though asking me what was happening, but when she saw my evil expression, a chill went down her spine.

However, it was too late to escape my clutches.

I moved my waist again, thrusting inside her mouth. I started slow, but my speed quickly picked up.

Finally, I trusted deeper than before.

“!!!” Susan opened her eyes wide. She struggled briefly and looked at me in fear, but I just smirked and prepared myself to trust again.

At the same time, I made sure to send a bit of mana inside Susan’s body to not injure her.

All of a sudden, I was sliding my dick deep in her throat.

Susan’s struggles were futile. She stared at me in panic and tried to say something, but my thrust made it for her to speak. Instead, she was forced to watch how my huge member messed her throat completely.

“Susan!” I grunted deeply and moved faster and faster while my rod was wrapped by the muscles of her throat.

Susan could not breathe and her consciousness became blurry. At some point, her body had become weak and her eyes were upturned and blank.

Seeing that, I decided to stop torturing her. Thrusting a few times more, I felt the coming of my orgasm.

Then, I thrust her deep one last time and deposited my semen on her throat. Furthermore, I keep my rod inside until I was sure she had drunk everything.

“Good…” With a grunt, I finally released the pitiful girl.

Instantly, Susan started to cough.

“Cough cough… ugh, cough cough…”

Susan coughed a few times and her eyes turned teary. She looked at me with a look of grievance as though asking me why I did it.

I smiled guiltily and kissed her cheek. “Sorry sorry, it’s just you were too cute.”

Susan’s grievance seemed to overflow. Suddenly, she started to hit my chest with her tiny fist.

I smiled amusedly and grabbed her hands before throwing her on the bed. Then, I lay over her and started to kiss her neck.

“Okay, now it’s your turn.”


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