FPD Chapter 285

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Girl, You Have Stolen My Heart


Bryan’s screams resounded in the forest as he was dragged towards the hole in space.

But his screams of fear and terror were unable to stop the chains that wanted to seal him.

Five seconds later, the hole in space closed up, and Bryan disappeared.

I turned around indifferently and dusted off my hands. Now, I have accomplished one of the things I planned for this travel.

The place where Bryan was sent was a space singularity I created. There, space is almost completely frozen. In other words, there is little to not interchange of energy, so Bryan will be able to survive without eating or drinking anything for years.

I made sure to keep his consciousness active, though. Thus, Bryan will be conscious the entire time, suffering the torture of solicitude in a place with nothing but pure darkness.

Of course, I’ll occasionally show him images of the outside world. But the things I’m going to show him are things that will only increase his suffering.

I wonder how long he will be able to endure.

I just hope that he last long enough so the next part of my plans can continue without a hiccup.

When I turned around, both Daisy and Iris were looking at me. For some reason, though, they seemed a bit disturbed.

Thinking about it, though, the image of Bryan being dragged into the darkness seemed just like something a devil would do.

And coincidentally–

“Y-Your Highness, c-could it be that your true identity is that of a devil?”

I had to hold myself back to not erupt in laughter. Iris and Daisy, on the other hand, were waiting for my answer nervously.

I decided to tease them for a bit and grinned.

“… Well, you discovered me. What are you going to do now, little lambs?” I said and licked my lips with an evil expression.

But to my surprise, Daisy tightened her fist and put on a determined expression.

“It doesn’t matter. Your highness is my master! Even if you are a devil, you are still my master! My everything belongs to you!”

… Girl, you have stolen my heart.

I laughed awkwardly and walked towards Daisy, hugging her waist and kissing her lips and forehead.

“It’s was just a joke, but still, I like what you said.”

Daisy blushed and lowered her head. “Your highness, Iris is looking at us.”

Just like Daisy said, Iris was looking at us stiffly. She seemed a bit awkward and… jealous?

I chuckled again and walked towards her, wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing her lips fiercely.

Iris opened her eyes wide, but quickly, she closed them and enjoyed the kiss.

Only one minute later were our lips separated.

“… Pervert.” Iris whispered with an embarrassed look.

I flirted with Daisy and Iris for a while more. Iris, especially, was very forward with her kisses. It seemed that now that she freed herself from the shadow of my brother, all her feelings she had kept suppressed erupted.

To be honest, if not that this was neither the right time nor the right place, I would have eaten her clean already.

“… By the way, your highness, where did you send Prince Bryan?” Daisy asked curiously.

“Oh, him? I sent him to a kind of prison. Don’t worry, there is no way he can escape from there.”

“… Are you not going to kill him?” Iris asked, but I shook my head. “Not yet. He is still useful.”

Iris seemed a bit displeased by my decision, but she understood.

Daisy, on the other hand, sighed in admiration.

“But, your highness. Although I knew you were strong, it’s the first time I see you showing so much power.”

I smiled smugly. “I told you, didn’t I? Your beloved man is very strong.”

“Yes, yes… Your highness is the best…”

“By the way, Iris, keep my strength a secret, okay?”

“Don’t worry, I know what to d–”

At that moment, Iris seemed to think about something. Then, she turned towards me with a stiff expression.

“By the way Claus, if you are so strong, how were you injured by the daemon last night?”

… Damn, she remembered?

“Well, accidents happen.” I shrugged trying to gloss about it.

… Unfortunately, it seemed that there was someone that was still mad with me.

“Your highness let himself to be injured to provoke you.” Daisy smiled happily and said.

Iris’s eyes opened wide. Then, her expression turned frosty.

“So that was a lie, huh.”

Seven hundred and eight lives of experience, show your use!

“I’m sorry about that. I will not do it again.” My apology sounded as honest and genuine as possible, and my face was the perfect definition of a wronged puppy.

Almost instantly, Iris’s expression softened.

As expected, my seven hundred and eight lives of experience did not let me down.

Mm, a sincere apology always works with women in love.

“I forgive you,” Iris said and smiled gently. “But as punishment, no more kisses until you reflect in your actions!”

… Or not?

I looked at Daisy asking for her.

Unfortunately for me, she ignored my gaze and grabbed Iris’s hand.

“Let’s go, sister Iris. His highness needs time to reflect.”

Girls, please.

I raised my hands in defeat while smiling helplessly. Fortunately, the girls returned to normal soon enough, so my suffering did not last long.

After a while, though, I excused myself.

There was still something I needed to do.



In the center of the forest, the fight between the fourteenth-layer powerhouse and the dragon was coming to an end.

The powerhouse was panting heavily while looking at the collapsed body of the dragon. Blood was dripping from his left arm, and his chest has a painful-looking burnt injury.

“Damn, dragons are truly hard to defeat.”

“You are right. They are after all, the rulers of the sky.” I said with a smile.

The fourteenth-layer powerhouse froze.

Instantly, he tried to jump away, but he suddenly realized his body could not move!

I walked slowly towards the dragon, ignoring the paralyzed and terrified man beside me.

When I arrived beside the dragon, I smiled.

“Well done, big guy. Thank you for your help.”

The dragon roared feebly and looked at me with sad eyes. I understood his meaning and nodded.

“Don’t worry, as I promised you, I’ll kill all the people that caused you harm.”

The dragon seemed relieved to hear my words, finally closing his eyes.

Just like that, the dragon breathed its last.

I looked at the dragon with a complicated expression before turning around to face the fourteenth-layer powerhouse.

“Now, it’s only the two of us.” I smiled.

“… Prince Claus.” The powerhouse spat out with a look of anger, surprise, and fear.

“You look surprised. You were not expecting this, right?”

“… How is it possible? Such strength should be impossible for someone of your age!”

I shrugged. “Well, I’m just a bit more powerful than normal. Is there any problem with that?”

“… The Riea family will avenge my death!”

I stared at the powerhouse briefly before smirking scornfully.

“Yeah, I don’t think so.”

Then, with a wave of my hand, I beheaded him.

… Now that I’m done here, should I return with my sister?



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