FPD Chapter 29

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Aunt Dayana’s Lust


When I looked at Aunt Dayana’s unfocused expression, I kissed her again.

This time, the kiss was deeper and longer. Our tongues entangled with each other and struggled to subdue each other. Seductive slurping sounds filled the room.

Aunt Dayana’s expression was completely red. She closed her eyes and her eyelashes shook gently. I tightened my arms around her waist and invaded her mouth fiercely. Our saliva mixed up and I felt the sweet taste of my aunt’s saliva mixed with the slightly bitter fragrance of wine.

Aunt Dayana’s nose breathed heavily. Her body gave up completely to my advances and she did not bother to struggle.

Finally, we both separated while panting heavily. A charming expression appeared on her face while she looked at me. For a moment, she showed a hesitating look, but when she looked at my deep gaze, her hesitation slowly faded.

“Aunt, I love you.” I whispered sweetly on her ear. My slightly heavy breath hit her neck, causing her to moan.

Aunt Dayana blushed deeply, she looked at me trying to hold the last bit of reason on her mind. “Claus, we can’t do it…”

“Why, Aunt? I love you very much! Don’t you like me too?”

“I do, it’s just the we–”

“Stop, aunt.” I interrupted her with a small bite on her neck. My aunt shuddered and lost strength on her legs, but I held her and carried her inside the room. “If you like me, then it’s enough…”

Aunt Dayana’s entire face turned hot. She put her face on my chest and refused to look at me, but she did not struggle when I brought her to the bed.

Once we both were on the bed, I kissed her lips again.

Aunt Dayana heaved a sigh of joy and answered to my kisses. I then filled her entire body with kisses and bites while slowly taking off her clothes.

As of now, Aunt Dayana knew that if she did not stop me, then the results would be irreversible, but although she knew that what we were going to do was wrong, she also was anticipating it.

Actually, the last time she did it with her husband was very long ago. From the day their relationship strained, he refused to sleep with her.

Moreover, she suspected that he slept with other women outside. After all, he sometimes returns with his body filled with the smell of cheap fragrances.

So, now that she was faced with my advances, she found it hard to stop me.

Furthermore, aunt Dayana’s feelings toward me were not so pure. Normally, she fooled herself treating me as a son or a slightly mischievous younger brother, but now that she faced my confession and her lust had been ignited, she could only see me as a man.

In the end, Aunt Dayana simply sighed and resigned herself to her fate. She decided not to think about complicated things now and simply enjoy my caress.

In a few minutes, her entire body was naked. I sighed in admiration looking at aunt Dayana’s beautiful body. Her petite body and pitch-black hair made her look like a beautiful doll, and her shapely breasts were perfect to grab in a hand.

Aunt Dayana exhaled deeply and looked at me. She then unbuttoned my clothes shyly.

I simply smiled mischievously while she undressed me. Aunt Dayana blushed and spoke in a mosquito-like voice.

“… What?”

“Nothing, I just thought that aunt is truly beautiful.”

Aunt Dayana smiled sweetly and kissed my chest. “Don’t you think I’m old?”

“Impossible!” I denied instantly. “Aunt is the most beautiful woman I know!” I then brought my hand to her breasts and pressed them strongly.

Aunt Dayana moaned and lifted her face. I took advantage of that moment to steal her lips and muffled her moans.

Like that, we continued teasing and touching each other. Our hands moved passionately and our bodies were glued to each other. I could feel the sweet scent coming from aunt’s body, making me incredibly excited.

Aunt, on the other hand, was completely wet. Her love juice was sliding through her leg and falling into the bed.

At that moment, Aunt Dayana smiled seductively to me.

“Claus, let me teach you something…”

I nodded and relaxed my body. Aunt then narrowed her eyes and grabbed my rod, before starting to play with it.

“Ugh!” I suppressed a groan and looked at aunt. She curved up her lips in a charming smile and lowered her mouth towards my rod.

In the next instant, my lower body was enveloped in a wonderful sensation.

Aunt Dayana’s lips engulfed my penis completely. She swallowed it all while looking at me with upturned eyes.

I suppressed my desire to shot everything out immediately and stroked her head gently. Aunt seemed to like it because she snorted and began to move her head.

Her tongue licked and sucked my rod, and the walls of her throat brought me a supreme pleasure. At the same time, her hands stroked and pinched my scrotum, adding even more at my pleasure.

I could not believe that aunt Dayana was so good at this. To think that her useless husband enjoyed it all these years.

But now, I was the one enjoying my aunt’s lips.

Aunt’s black eyes were focused on my expression. I could feel her joy when she noticed my expression of pleasure. Little by little, her movements became faster and her tongue stimulated my entire sword.

After five minutes, I began to feel something building up inside me. I just gritted my teeth and endure the desire to cum, enjoying the blowjob at the fullest.

Unfortunately, I could see that aunt was beginning to tire. Her breathing had become slightly ragged, and her tongue was a bit stiffer than before.

So, I ceased stopping the flood from breaking.

“I’m cumming!” I warned my aunt and pressed her head down. She realized my intention and began to move quickly. Her mouth moved up and down repeatedly while waiting for my attack.

Finally, my semen flew out.

My rod twitched a pair of times and shot everything inside.

Aunt Dayana simply looked at me without changing her expression. I could see her swallowing once, two, and three times, and finally, she let go of my penis.

Looking at me, she licked her lips charmingly and blushed.

I stared at her entranced. Although my aunt was always beautiful, I never thought she could be so seductive.


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