FPD Chapter 30

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Aunt Dayana’s Lust (2)


“Did you like it?” She asked. I nodded with a smile. I then sealed her lips with mine and kissed her deeply.

Aunt Dayana struggled a little at the beginning, but in the end, she just gave up and accepted my tongue.

When we separated our lips, she put on a reproachful expression. “It’s dirty…”

“I don’t mind.” I replied instantly and kissed her again. My hands roamed her body and touched her thighs. Aunt Dayana groaned softly and surrendered her body at me.

But then, she put on a slightly worried expression.

“Hey Claus, don’t you think it’s enough? We can still stop.” Aunt Dayana suddenly said.

“What do you mean, aunt?” I said and stared right into her eyes. “Why would I stop?”

“But, I don’t want to do something you will regret later.” For an instant, aunt Dayana’s expression turned sad. “If someone learns about this, then you…”

“Shh…” I put my finger on her lips. “I’ll not regret it, and even if someone learns about it later, I’ll make sure that nothing bad happens to aunt.”

Aunt Dayana stared at me foolishly. Her eyes turned moist and her expression turned sweet. She then hugged me and kissed my lips with more passion than never.

I could feel the deep love of aunt towards me. Holding her soft body on my arms, I put her on the bed. My right hand stroked her already wet cave and my other hand caressed her lips. Aunt Dayana only looked at me with a nervous expression.

Slowly, I opened her legs and put my rod on her entrance. Aunt moaned slightly and bit her lips, putting a pitiful expression.

With a grin, I moved forward.

“Ahhh~” Aunt Dayana moaned loudly and hugged my back. I enjoyed the feeling of her moist cave surrounding my penis and kissed her shoulders. Then, without giving her time to get used to the new feeling, I began to move.

In the beginning, my movements were a bit slow, but before long, they became deeper and faster. Aunt Dayana’s body shook and shuddered under the violent pleasure, making her best to accommodate to my movements.

I grinned and bit her nipples. Aunt Dayana shuddered deeply and let out a loud scream of pleasure while putting her legs around my waist. I just smirked and continued pistoning.

The feeling of aunt Dayana’s cave was heavenly. The layers of soft flesh combined with the pressure caused by the narrow walls filled my entire mind. A great amount of love juice lubricated our two parts and caused my movements to be smoother.

“Claus~ anh…~ Please…” Aunt Dayana groaned.

I hugged her petite body and pressed her below me. Aunt Dayana could only accept my movements passively, enjoying the pleasure brought each time I slammed into her.

“So tight, aunt…” I whispered in her ear and exhaled deeply. My tongue licked her earlobe causing her to twist her body strangely.

Knowing that the person below was my aunt, I could not help but feel a strange feeling of accomplishment. The mental pleasure caused by the taboo feeling was incredible.

Aunt panted and moaned repeatedly. Her body twisted around, trying to find the most pleasurable position, and her breasts pressed against my chest, changing of shape every time our bodies moved.

Before long, aunt’s body twitched.

“No…~” She screamed, and a great amount of love juice flowed from her cave. I slowed momentarily my movements, but when I noticed she finished cumming, I intensified them again.

“Ahmmm…” Aunt groaned in pain and pleasure. She wanted to ask me to stop, but when she was my teasing gaze, she was unable to form the words

I moved faster and faster, deeper and deeper. My rod touched her womb exciting me completely. I could not help but press my aunt below and move even faster.

“Anhh… So pleasurable~ anh anh anh…”

Hearing aunt’s Dayana’s loud moans, I put even more strength on my waist and pierced forward. Aunt’s Dayana was unable to endure the torture and bit my shoulders.

With that as the signal, she orgasmed for the second time.

I put on an excited expression and pierced again. A flood of white liquid flowed from my rod and filled aunt womb, making her moan incoherently. She had completely drowned in pleasure.

Under my relentless attacks, aunt Dayana could only groan.

For a few seconds, none of us said anything. Both of us enjoyed the remaining pleasure while hugging each other’s bodies.

Finally, aunt Dayana sighed.

“So pleasurable…”

I smiled mischievously. “Yeah, aunt is definitively delicious. I want to continue eating you forever.”

Aunt blushed completely. “What are you saying, bad boy? Are you not satisfied yet?”

I grinned evilly and moved my still hard penis. “Guess.”

Before she could answer, I turned her body around.

Aunt Dayana’s face flushed and she looked at me panickily. “Claus, stop! Wait a moment! I still–”

But without waiting for her words, I thrusted forward.

“Aghnmmm…” Aunt Dayana’s eyes opened wide, and her mind blanked. Her face turned completely lewd under my movements.

I licked my lips and savored the feeling of piercing her from behind. My huge rod moved inside and outside repeatedly, while slapping sounds came from my body slamming on her ass.

“Fuhm…” Aunt Dayana snorted unable to speak. She could feel my holy sword moving fiercely inside her, hitting her womb and causing her unbearable bursts of pleasure.

She put her mouth on the bed and grabbed the sheets. Her body shook repeatedly under my assault, and the muffled moans provoked me a pleasurable feeling of conquest.

I hugged her waist while piercing forward. One of my hands grabbed her breasts and teased it repeatedly.

Our breathing turned ragged and our bodies became sweaty. Love juice was being constantly created from the place where our two bodies were joined, and slurping sounds escaped with each movement.

The feeling of piercing aunt Dayana’s womb was so wonderful that I could not endure it and bit her back, causing her to lift her face with a scream and tighten the walls of her moist cave.

The increased pressure provoked my animal’s instincts even more. I moved faster and faster, slamming my body against her and drowning in her incredible cave.

Aunt Dayana’s was completely drunk in pleasure. She had become unable to speak and could only moan, groan and scream repeatedly. She had to bit the sheets to avoid waking up her child who was sleeping in the room beside it.

Finally, I feel something hot forming on my abdomen.

Without hesitation, I accelerated my pistoning. My breath became quicker and my rod moved constantly inside her.

“Aunt, I’m going to shot!” I shouted and held her ass. Aunt just moaned in consent, unable to speak, while feeling her own climax approaching.

Finally, I was unable to endure.

My penis pierced her cave completely, hitting the entrance of her womb and shooting all the semen inside it.

Aunt Dayana was unable to endure the sudden pleasure and screamed. Her body shuddered completely and a flood of love juice mixed with my cum. Her vagina wrapped tightly around my rod, sucking the last bit of my semen and making me groan in delight.

Finally, I fell on her body and kissed her back.

“So good~” Aunt Dayana was still shuddering. She groaned and moaned constantly while twisting her body dreamily.

I continued kissing her back and shoulders, then her neck. My hands roamed around her waist excitedly. I could feel my excitement building again.

But then, I discovered that my aunt had fainted.

Smiling wryly, I stroked her head and kissed her cheeks lovingly. I then lied beside her and hugged her body.

Like that, we both fell asleep.


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