FPD Chapter 316

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The Empress’s Fall (1)


The room on the second floor was very luxurious. The roof of the room was a giant mirror that showed everything below with a golden chandelier filled with aromatic candles that lit up the room.

But the first thing you would notice when you entered the room was not the roof nor the chandelier. Instead, it was the giant double bed occupying half of the room.

It was so big and luxurious that even the beds of the palace paled in comparison.

However, Lilia could not pay attention to any of that. As soon as we entered the room, I sealed her lips and supported her body with my two hands.

One of my palms clasped her breasts, making Lilia moan softly. Meanwhile, my other hand started to slowly move down, touching her hips, then her plump ass, and slowly scratching her tailbone.

Lilia took a deep breath. Although she was a bit dizzy due to the alcohol, in some part of her mind, she knew that this was wrong.

In fact, several times she was close to pushing me away and running from the room.

However, her logical side was suppressed by the pain and rage she was feeling. At the same time, the feeling of someone other than her husband caressing her body was like poison to her.

The feeling of revenge was too great. It was like a powerful drug that made her mind hazy.

I hugged her waist and pressed her body against mine. My lips savored her lips fiercely, sucking and licking them as though they were the tastiest dessert in the world.

When I moved my lips away, Lilia was panting heavily.

“How is it?” I asked with a smile.

Lilia bit her lips. “… It felts different than my husband’s kisses.”

“Is it so? Well, I’m sure I’m better.”

Without giving Lilia’s time to answer, her mouth was sealed again. Lilia moaned and opened her mouth, leaving my tongue to go inside her and sucking a bit of my saliva.

Lilia’s gesture was so lewd that I could not believe she was a married woman. Her eyes, however, were filled with struggle. Even when she was kissing me, I could see in her eyes that she knew she should stop this.

Perhaps if she stopped now, she could still go back. She could forget tonight’s kiss and tomorrow everything would be like before.

These thoughts were like a spark that woke her up. Suddenly, Lilia pushed me away and looked at the ground.

“… Sorry, I… I can’t betray my husband… Even if he is in the wrong, I can’t do it.”

Immediately afterward, Lilia struggled out of my arms and rushed towards the door.

But I instantly hugged her waist and pressed my body against her back.

“… Are you sure?” I breathed softly in her ear. “Mmm… If you want to stop, I’ll stop. It’s just that you are so beautiful, and sexy… Your husband sure is fortunate. I don’t understand why he went after another woman when he has such a charming wife.”

Lilia’s shivered and her eyes turned hazy. Feeling my breath against her ear, she felt her whole body becoming weak.

As a woman, Lilia was weak against sweet works. Moreover, she was currently enraged with her husband. Therefore, in front of the sweet nothings of a handsome young man, her resolution wavered.

I did not give her time to think. With my right hand, I pulled her face towards me and kissed her lips again.

Lilia was unable to resist. She involuntarily opened her thirsty lips and stretched out her tongue tenderly. The next second, our tongues were entangled again, and Lilia’s body was shivering softly in my arms.

While my mouth sucked Lilia’s lips, my two hands continued working. One of them was rubbing Lilia’s breasts, pinching her nipples over her clothes, and playing with her two huge mountains.

My other hand was caressing the rest of her body, slowly sliding down her clothes and caressing her most intimate parts.

I could feel Lilia’s body turning hot. Her breathing grew ragged, and her beautiful green eyes had turned misty.

In the end, Lilia was a noblewoman. Although she had experienced sex with the emperor, she knew nothing about this kind of foreplay. For her, sex was only sleeping in a bed, inserting the weapon, and the end.

Now, though, her entire body was under the stimulation of my two hands. I caressed her body gently, using my mana to stimulate her nerves and make her moan each time my fingers stroked her skin.

Eventually, Lilia’s last bit of reason started to disappear. She became unable to control her body and could only follow my movements, moaning softly in pleasure.

“… God, what am I doing…” Lilia whispered softly after our lips separated. I grinned and kissed her shoulders, licked her neck, and kissed her earlobes.

“Don’t worry. Nobody will know about this. Besides, your husband was in the wrong first…”

“… Yeah… He was in the wrong first…”

As though these words had a special magic power, Lilia hugged my back and groaned. Her mouth let out a soft moan and her eyelashes trembled gently.

Each time I licked her neck or breasts, Lilia’s curved her body and shivered, letting out moans and grunts of pleasure that stimulated our minds.

While I savored her body, my hands finished taking off her clothes. Finally, the naked body of my father’s wife was in front of my eyes.

The excitement I was feeling was incredible. I wanted just to throw her to the bed and pierce her brains out.

However, Lilia’s excitement was not less than mine. The feeling of betraying her husband filled her with so much guilty as pleasure; plus, the fact that she was taking revenge against him made the experience much more thrilling.

Unconsciously, both Lilia and I fell on the bed in each other arms. Lilia felt my palms groping her breasts. The soft caress made her feel good, and my gentleness made her unable to refuse. She did not stop me from touching further.

Under my constant caresses, Lilia’s body was breathless. Her beautiful white skin was glistening with sweat and her wavy blond hair fell on the bed in disorder.

My greedy mouth kissed her body again. Each part of Lilia’s body where my lips and tongue passed trembled in expectation. I kissed her soft belly, her beautiful belly button, and finally, I reached the sacred place between her legs.

At this point, I removed my clothes. To my surprise, Lilia herself took the initiative to help me. In fact, she seemed even more rushed than me.

“… Hurry up…” Lilia’s panted and whispered. I grinned and kissed her neck, pressing her against the bed and positioning myself over her.

Then, My hands gently separated her legs, while my strong body pressed her body firmly, pinning her down.

“… You are truly a slut, huh. Even although you are betraying your husband, you are like this…” I said and used my finger to scoop a bit of the abundant love juice flowing out of Lilia’s cave.

Lilia blushed in embarrassment and put on an enraged expression. “… Stop that…”

“Yes, yes, let’s start…”



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