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Better Man Than You


Hey Guys, Aidka’s here!

Several people in the comments wrote about inconsistencies about Claus’s injuries in his soul. I found it strange, so I decided to check in the previous chapters.

The first time the wound in his soul was mentioned was in chapter 83. When Claus said he should be able to heal it in a few hours and recover his cultivation in around one year. But later, in chapter 210, Claus mentions that the wound in his souls was much worse than he thought, and when he tried to heal it, the wound would come back due to the backlash of the Universe’s Laws. He also said that he would need a bit of time to heal it.

The events of chapter 210 happened a bit more than one month before the current chapter, thus, it’s normal he has been unable to heal the wound yet. It’s not a mistake.

However, I did commit a mistake. In chapter 210, I mentioned that the crack was the size of a hair, but now I mentioned it was enormous, so that is a mistake. Thanks to Ouroborous Gaming to noticing it. I’m correcting it.

If you notice another inconsistency, leave it in the comments, I appreciate your help.

Aidka :p



Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.

The sound of footsteps resounded in the silent Riea’s mansion.

Eventually, the footsteps stopped in front of a door. It was the door of Earl Riea’s office.

Mia stared at the door with a complicated expression. Her silver hair seemed a bit dimmer than before, and her beautiful white skin had lost its glow.

Even her green eyes looked much gloomier, evidence of how much she had been enduring lately.

After taking a deep breath, Mia Hera put on a determined expression and pushed the door open.

Almost instantly, the people inside directed their gazes towards her.

Besides Earl Riea, three other people were with him in the office. The three of them were important servants and confidants of the earl, and although Mia did not treat much with them, she knew of their existence. Normally, she would greet them politely.

This time, though, she was not in the mood to be polite.

“Get out.” She said without hiding the displeasure in her voice. The three servants looked at each other in confusion before looking at the earl.

But before the earl could say something, Mia spoke up again.

“I said, get out.”

The servants shivered. Mia’s ice-like ninth-layer mana engulfed the office, and her ice-cold voice paralyzed them. The three servants understood that if they dare to hesitate, they would end like popsicles.

Just like that, the office was emptied in seconds, leaving only Earl Riea and his wife inside.

“… What do you think you are doing, Mia?” Earl Carson Riea growled in displeasure. The fact that Mia dared to undermine his authority like this did not sit well with him.

But it seemed as though Mia did not hear his question. She just stared at her husband fixedly before shaking her head in disappointment.

“I can’t believe the virtuous man I once married has ended like this.”

“What is that supposed to mean!?” The earl snarled, barely suppressing his rage.

Mia, however, smiled coldly.

“I will ask you only one last time. Are you going to help my family or not!?”

Earl Riea was startled and fell silent. For an instant, his rage disappeared, and in its stead, he heaved a long sigh.

“… I told you already, Mia. I can do nothing about that.”

Mia’s lips curved in a mocking smile. “Nothing? Nothing!? Hahahahaha, go to hell, Carlson! This would not have happened if not for your ambitions!”

“… Mia, do you want to talk about this again?”

“Of course I want to talk about this again! Carlson, you destroyed my family! My father, my mother, my siblings! All of them are in prison and it’s your fault! And then what!? You are not even able to use your so-important influence to save them! What kind of garbage are you!?”

“Enough Lilia!” Earl Riea bellowed. “You don’t have any right to treat me like that!”

“I have the right!” Mia screamed in rage with tears flowing from her eyes. Then, she started to sob. “… I only asked you to care for our family, Carlson… I never asked you to gain more authority, or to become the strongest person in the empire… I only wanted a husband able to protect me and our family. But you… Heh, you did not hesitate to put the life of your daughter at risk! She could have died, Carlson! Raped by daemons while you pursued your so-called authority! But no. No no no no… That was not enough for you… Instead, when you failed, you did not hesitate to use my family as scapegoat…! You destroyed my family!”

Earl Carlson was silent. Watching the grief, disappointment, and despair in his wife’s eyes, he was unable to talk.

In the end, he only managed to spat out something.

“… I never intended for this… The daemons were not part of my plan… Perhaps, everything was part of Prince Claus’s plan.”

“Hahahahaha… Do you think I’m a fool!?” Mia laughed mockingly. “Everybody knows that Headmistress Evelyn killed a daemon saint (fourteenth-layer) and hundreds of daemons powerhouses. Are you telling me now that everything was a farse they orchestrated!? That the daemons even sacrificed a fourteenth-layer powerhouse just to mess with you!?”

“That is not what I me–”

“Enough, Carlson,” Mia said in an ice-cold tone. Her despair and disappointment from before turning into pure indifference. “Do you think I don’t know about your plans to kill prince Claus? Do you think I don’t know you ordered my family to help you with your plans? ”

Earl Carlson’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

“How did yo–”

“Heh.” Mia sneered, interrupting him. “In the end, Prince Claus was right. You are someone that doesn’t care about sacrificing your family just for the sake of your objectives.”

After saying that, Mia turned around to leave.


“Wait.” Earl Carlson stopped her, grabbing her arm. “You said Prince Claus, right? You…  Was Prince Claus the one that told you about the plan to kill him?”

Mia did not answer, just looking at him with a mocking expression.

“Answer me!” Earl Carlson shouted. “Was it Prince Claus!? Could it be that you don’t understand, Mia!? Prince Claus is our enemy! He just wants to separate us! How can you even think of hearing at h–”


Mia hit Carlson’s cheek.

Then, she shook off his hand and pushed him away.

“Our enemy? No, Carlson, he is just your enemy. Prince Claus warned me about this. He told me the kind of people you were! But I decided to believe in you! Heh… In the end, he had the reason.”

“Mia…” Earl Carlson held his cheek with a complicated expression. “Please, wake up! He is just using you to hurt me!”

“Do you think everybody is like you?” Mia mocked. “No, Carlson. Not everybody is so cold-blooded. Prince Claus protected my daughter, our daughter! And at the very least, he did not put her in danger… By the looks of it, he is a much better man than you.”


This time, it was Earl Carlson who slapped Mia.

“Don’t you dare to say that!”

Mia looked at her husband’s briefly and shook her head. Then, she turned around to leave the office.

“I will leave this mansion, Carlson, and I will take my children with me. As for you… I hope that one day, you return me the man I once fell in love with.”

After saying that, Mia left the office.

Earl Riea looked at the back of his wife with a complicated expression.

Then, he punched the wall.


“Dammit…! Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit!”

After cursing several times, Earl Carson took a deep breath and returned to his desk.

He could not understand how everything ended like this. Even now he did not know what went wrong.

It was as though a powerful hand was guiding everything against him. His plans, his strategies… They were useless.

Nevertheless, he had not lost yet.

No. The game was just starting.


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