FPD Chapter 332

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New Training Grounds


After separating from Marana, I asked Raven to take me to a place.

Just like before, Ysnay followed after me as though she was my shadow. It seemed she was planning to stay beside me for as much time as she could.

I was alright with that. I prefer to keep someone as dangerous as her as close to me as possible.

… On the other hand, though, it was not nice having a third wheel around.

And when the third wheel is your ex, the feeling is even worse.

Fortunately, Raven did not seem to mind it, or perhaps she was actively ignoring Ysnay’s presence. She held my hand intimately and intertwined her fingers with mine while putting a bashful expression.

She was so cute that I wanted to take her to a room nearby and push her down.

… Of course, that is impossible with this third wheel around.

I definitively need to find a way to get rid of her, at least temporally.

Glancing at Ysnay, I could see she had an amused expression… Yeah, she was definitively doing it in purpose.

Sigh… What a headache.

Guided by Raven, we arrived at the training hall of the Red Skull Gang.

But as soon as we passed through the door, the scenery in front of us changed completely.

Instead of a normal hall, we appeared in a dark and gloomy forest filled with destroyed trees and a chilling atmosphere that seemed to froze our bones.

Moreover, I could feel several powerful and hostile auras around us. Such auras belonged to wraith-like creatures that attacked us as soon as we entered.

I waved my hand, clearing all the wraiths nearby in a go, and looked at the depths of this array.

Yes, this place is an array.

After the space-time tunnel was destroyed, [Eternity’s Fang] lost the place where they trained, so I had to search for a replacement.

Unfortunately, places like that space-time tunnel are very rare, and the probability of finding another one is extremely close to zero.

Thus, I had to find another solution.

My answer was this training hall.

I modified it personally, transforming the space inside into a forest with an area of several square kilometers. Moreover, I filled it with several magical arrays to increase the density of mana and create the wraiths.

These wraiths are magical constructs, golems controlled by the array to attack the people inside the forest. Moreover, the strength of the constructs changes according to the strength of the people inside, making this place the perfect training environment.

I wasted almost an entire day making this and extracted energy from this world’s core to keep it working. This is a wonder that combines magic engineering, arrays, and the laws of space to create an independent space.

Just in terms of training effectiveness, it’s almost comparable to the space-time tunnel.

After looking around the forest for a few minutes, I found the person I was searching for.

With a smile, I stepped across space with Raven while Ysnay followed us.

Then, I greeted the red-haired girl that appeared in front of me.


Lina opened her eyes wide. Perhaps due to my disguise as Clark, Lina failed to recognize immediately.

But she only needed a few seconds to recognize me. Well, I had already told her about this alter identity.

As soon as she confirmed it was me, Lina’s expression brightened and jumped towards me.


I curved my lips up and hugged the petite body of Lina. I could feel her warm body and the salty smell of her sweat assaulting my nostrils.

Lina hugged me tightly, so tightly that she failed to notice the two people that came with me. Instead, she raised her face and kissed my lips happily.

“Cousin, are you here to visit me?” Lina asked coyly.

I nodded. “Of course. I also came to see how your training is going.”

Lina smiled bashfully. She grabbed my hand and put on a proud expression.

“It’s going great! I’m much stronger than the last time we met!”

I smiled. That is good.

Lina was one of my cousins. She was Andrea’s little sister and aunt Sera’s second daughter.

A few weeks ago, she had been affected by a plot of Saintess Safelia and almost loses her life. Fortunately, I was there to save her and turned the situation around, using Safelia’s plot to improve Lina’s strength.

However, Lina had to pay a cost for this. The cost came in the shape of constant training to dominate the foreign combustion laws in her body and shorts bouts of terrifying pain that occasionally attacked her.

Since then, she had been training in the headquarters of the Red Skull Gang. Besides the day where she goes to visit her mother, she spends the rest of the time training.

And the results of her training were clear.

“Middle fifth layer, huh. You are advancing very fast.” I said with an approving expression.

Lina nodded shyly.

“… Well, I have been training a lot.”

I grinned and tussled her hair, gaining a resentful stare from my little cousin. Quickly, though, Lina grabbed my hand and put on her most adorable expression.

Puppy eyes.

“Cousin, I have been training a lot recently, right?”

“You have.”

“Then, don’t you think I deserve a reward?”

I was amused. “And what reward my little cousin wants?”

Lina’s eyes then flashed with a cunning glow. “How about a date?”

Just this? Of course, I’m happy to oblige.

When Lina saw me nod, her expression turned incredibly excited. She stared at me as though I was her favorite person in the world (I was) and kissed my lips repeatedly.

“I knew cousin is the best!”

But at the same time, I felt someone pulling my right arm.

“… Big brother, I also want a date.” The cat-eared girl beside me said with a pout.

I smiled wryly and nodded, making Raven stare at Lina with a smug expression.

… I’m sure I saw sparks clashing from their gazes.

“… Cousin, why do you and Miss Raven seem so close?” Lina asked suspiciously.

“He is my big brother,” Raven replied before I could, as though marking her territory.

I could hear Ysnay laughing beside me. Judging by her expression, I knew what she was trying to say.

‘How fortunate. Two lolis fighting for you, huh. That is the peak of your life.’

… To be honest, it felt great.

After stopping Lina and Raven’s confrontation and avoiding their questions about who I loved the most, I tell Lina the second reason I was here for.

“I’m planning to take you to tonight’s battle, Lina. It’s is a good opportunity for you to gain combat experience.”

Lina nodded with a determined expression.

“Don’t worry, cousin. I’ll show you my abilities.”

I smiled and patted her head.

“I’m waiting for that.”


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