FPD Chapter 337

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Akilah’s Fall (3)


Akilah’s eyes were opened wide in disbelief. It was as though she could not understand my words.


“Of course.” I grinned. “Unless you have a better idea. It is obvious your hands were not good enough.”

Akilah paled. For an instant, a complicated expression appeared on her face.

She then bit her lips and stared at me with upturned eyes.

“A-After this, c-can I leave?”

“Maybe. If you do a good job.”

Akilah was dazed before nodding.

“… Okay.”

Then, she moved her mouth towards my penis.

First were her lips. She timidly touched my weapon with her lips before moving away with a disgusted expression.

But when she saw my displeased expression, Akilah forced herself to kiss my weapon again.

“That is it… Start with a kiss,” I said.

“I-I know.”

Akilah first kissed the head of my penis, then, she moved towards the rod, kissing it softly.

Each kiss made me shiver with excitement. The scene before my eyes was incredibly satisfying.

Akilah’s kisses were pretty awkward, and to be honest, she took longer than necessary between each kiss. But I did not care.

The pleasure of watching someone inexperienced trying her best to pleasure me was good in its own way.

“L-Like this?” Akilah asked timidly.

I nodded. “You are doing well. Now, lick it. Softly, as though it’s a candy.”

“… I understand.”

Akilah was disgusted, but she knew she could not back out now. Thus, she gritted her teeth and started to work.

Her little tongue left her mouth, slowly approaching my member. Then, she started the process of licking.

I hissed. Feeling the warmth of her tongue was very great.

Slowly, Akilah used her tongue as though she was licking a candy.

Up and down, her tongue moved through my penis. Despite her reluctant expression, Akilah did her best to please me.

Unfortunately, she soon realized that just licking it was not enough.

“W-Why are you not cumming?” She said on the verge of tears.

I grinned and grabbed her chin.

“Swallow it.”


“Yes, swallow,” I smirked evilly. “But don’t use your teeth. The rest is easy.”

Akilah nodded. She then gritted her teeth and swallowed it in one go.

Then, she started to move up and down.

Her beautiful brown hair waved slowly while her lips swallowed my member.

Under my instructions, she started to use her tongue, licking and sucking it to increase my pleasure.

Her saliva drenched my rod completely. The feeling of her tongue against my head, and her teeth occasionally rubbing my rod, was exhilarating.

“Good.” I groaned. “Continue like that.”

“Hmm.” Akilah hummed and continued moving up and down, trying her best to pleasure my penis.

I could feel the walls of the entrance of her throat occasionally hitting my tip. To be honest, each time that happened, I had the urge to thrust forward and violate her throat.

However, when I looked at her aggrieved expression, I held back these urges.

There was enough time in the future for a deep throat. For now, I should enjoy her first blowjob.

For five minutes, Akilah moved up and down. Threads of saliva slid down her lips, falling to the ground, and the gurgling sounds caused each time she swallowed my penis were music to my ears.

But eventually, Akilah was getting tired.

She threw me a gaze of pleading mixed with fear. I could feel she was afraid of failing to satisfy me and then having to use her body.

Such a gaze doubled my excitement immediately.

But after thinking for a brief instant, I sighed and decided to be a bit kind.

Thus, I stopped suppressing my urges to cum.

Instantly, a feeling of pleasure rushed to my abdomen. The burning feeling signaling the start of an ejaculation attacked me.

I grunted. Without hesitation, I grabbed Akilah’s head and pushed forward.

Akilah opened her eyes wide in fear. But when she realized what was happening, her fear was replaced by relief.

The next second, white-hot semen was shot into her throat.

“Swallow it!” I ordered before pulling back my penis. Akilah nodded and tried to follow my orders, but when she tried to swallow the viscous liquid, she gagged.

Then, she coughed and vomited the semen.

“Cough… Ugh… Cough…”

Semen mixed with saliva fell on the ground. Akilah put on a bitter face and glared at me with rage.

“I-I can’t do something like that…!”

I sighed. “Are are, what should I do with you then?”

Should I stop here…? But–

Moving my gaze through Akilah’s sexy toned body, I truly didn’t want to stop.

I hesitated for a moment, but in the end, I made up my mind.

If I don’t want to stop, why should I stop?

Thus, I walked behind Akilah and hugged her waist.

“Are you alright?”

Akilah shivered, but unfortunately for her, she was too tired to do more than a symbolic struggle.

“P-Please, l-let me go already.” Akilah pleaded.

I smiled and used mana in my fingers, rubbing her skin softly.

Then, my fingers touched her slit.

When I felt the lewd juices flowing out of her cave, I snickered.

“Do you know, I truly want to eat you now.”

Akilah turned pale. “N-No, please not…”

“Are you sure? Such a beautiful girl like you… Mm, but your sister Marana is not worse. To be honest, I also want to eat her. I want to eat the two of you together.”

Akilah bit her lips without answering.

Meanwhile, I positioned myself to invade her at any moment.

When Akilah felt the huge monster rubbing against her below, her pale face became even paler.

She tried desperately struggle, but her body was without strength. She could not escape from my embrace no matter how much she tried.

I grinned and carried her like that, putting her against a wall.

Then, I rubbed my penis against her entrance. Once, twice, thrice.

Each time, Akilah shivered involuntarily.

Her eyes had become wet with tears. The gaze she was using to look at me did not have even a little bit of the arrogance and pride of before.

Instead, it was filled with pleading.

With a smile, I kissed her cheek.

“… Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

Then, I thrust towards her secret place.


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